1. It is time for … the most powerful nukes this world can produce to wipe this wicked nation — the Yankee Empire — off the face of the earth! That’s what time it is.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  2. I doubt that Musk really cares what the ADL thinks. Musk actually created and makes things. The ADL, not so much. I’ve even begun seeing articles by Jews that point out that the ADL is doing more damage to the Jewish cause than helping. You should see how black Twitter, and other places reacted to the ADL. The noticing is becoming, rather epic. Greenblatt should probably shut up. Kayne was fairly easy to knock off. But a lot of the worlds space delivery, internet delivery, and electric car technology depends on Musk And he knows it. He just fired thousands of woke Twitter employees. Didn’t shed a tear about it either. He’s not us, but he IS his own man.

  3. This is the Jewish mind set in spades. If the Jews can control it or own it then it must be destroyed. And I am telling you folks America will be subject to the same Jew treatment should it too decide to rebel from Jewish rule.

  4. “Is It Time For Twitter To Go?”

    No, Mr. Greenblatt, Sir, but, it is time for you to leave the public square.

    Over half the country is tired of your relentless and unjustifiable bullying.

    You are the EXACT reason why Hitler came into being, and why his Germany was supported by many in this country and throughout Europe.

    If there is another Hitler, as there likely will be, we can thank people like you for it.

    • You just can’t live with some people. There is no doubt that there are lots of lies and exaggerations about the events of WWII, but whatever the truth is, it was rational for Germans to revolt against Jewish power, just as it would be rational for Americans to do the same today.

      If an independent nation were to be established in the South, what would be done with the Good Whites and Ugly Yankee transplants? There is no living with them, either.

      • @Todd…

        One of the complexities of human life is that many individuals of a group may be quite easy to live with, but, their group not.

        Though many many Jews in this country prove to be good friends, excellent neighbours, and workmates, the sad reality is that Jewry, as a whole, most especially the organized political wing of it, is absolutely hellbent on bullying and exploiting Gentiles until either…

        A. Gentiles openly agree to be permanent slaves of Jewry OR …

        B. Gentiles become hostile not only to Jewry, but, in many cases, to even kind individual Jews.

        For a group of people who show themselves to be so very very capable in many fields of endeavour, this is a COLLOSAL mistake of judgement.

        Yes, Hitler was right to stand up for Germany, or, perhaps better put, Central Europe was right to fight International Jewry – starting with the Rothschild banking racket.

        Hitler was absolutely right in this, in a Saint Georgian vein, and, in case you do not know, many ultra-Orthodox rabbis have pissed off their fellow Jews by pointing out that Hitler (the Central European reaction to tyrannical Jewry) was the result of God acting as He always does, when Jewry insists on being out of line.

        Obviously Americans, and, in particular, White Southerners, are right to revolt against the current tyranny, and, as well, any kind of it in the future from anyone else.

        As to your final question, I think the answer is always underway, right in front of you – Traditional Yankees are moving South and bolstering us, and, the more this demographic shift sways our governments, the more we pass legislation that sets off a sympathetic reaction – White Southerners, who hate any kind of South that ever was or is, will start moving elsewhere.

        Irrespective of however we arrive at the year 2040, The South and The North will have returned to the very different countries that we once were in the early 19th century.

        The current union we enjoyed (if that is the right word) in the 20th century was the product of mass censorship and misinformation, something which cannot be repeated in The Internet Age.

        These processes are well underway and no one in this world has the power to sway, hurry, or delay them.

        It will be.

        Thank you for your interesting comment and inquiry.

        • @Ivan

          I know Jews that I like, and I know that certain sects of Judaism oppose mainstream Jewry and Zionism. Still, I have to consider myself to be anti-Jewish, in that I would be an idiot not to oppose Jewish power, Jewish institutions, Jewish politics, the Jewish religion in most forms, Jewish culture, the Jewish collective……

          Generally, it is Germany and Hitler that are given credit for opposing Judaism, but the opposition was everywhere, which is why men from every corner of Europe fought with Germany, and formed similar political movements in their own countries. Historical grievances aside, the Holodomar did not go unnoticed.

          • Yes, Dear Todd, the reality is that most people do not know that Hitler is merely a figurehead for umpteen Zillion central and Eastern Europeans who opposed the Jew England Yankee World Order, in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

            It is not an accident that over a million of these Europeans fought in the Waffen SS – 100,000 of them from Hungary alone.

            To my mind the idealogical basis for the problems currently in The West are the following…

            #1. That all people, and peoples, are equal, and, as such, are equally interchangeable.

            #2. That Christianity has been a 2,000 year placebo for the mentally feeble.

            #3. That we, currently living, are the first ones to really see what life, and, indeed, Humanity is, and, thus, we are qualified to dismantle every aspect of civilization that came before us.

            Until those of European Blood stop entertaining these toxic notions, there will be no peace, nor will there be much good.

            All the best to you and yours over this Thanksgiving!

    • @Afterthought…

      Mr. Musk’s brief tenure at Twitter reminds me of President Trump in The White House – he is unwittingly blowing it up, whether he knows it or not.

  5. Mush should ban those hateful jews at the adl for a few weeks just to let them know they are not in charge and they have to follow the same rules as everyone else. I know Mush won’t dare suspend them but someone has to start sending a message up these hatemongers sooner or later.

    jewblatt even defamed Mush and pretty much threaten him by saying “maybe it’s time for twitter to go” If Mush suspended him and the adl he would get so much support and it would probably help Twitter also. The comments on the adls site proves everyone is getting tired of these hypocrites.


  6. Musk tweeted back to Greenblatt –

    “Hey stop defaming me!”

    Of 8000 employees formerly at Twitter before takeover, apparently about 1800 now

    Site still functioning apparently ok … a lot of those employees obviously useless except for censorship mafia

    World is chuckling that a lot of those employees gone are women … young shitelib women
    photo of Twitter staff, now with Musk vs before Musk

    • I love my wife and daughters, but God help any organization where the estrogen level gets too high.

      (Sorry, ladies. With great respect, I speak the truth.)

  7. Careful Hymie Greensplatt or normies will awaken.
    Some of us already knew about WEF technocratic huckster Elon and the alphabet soup free intel dossier build known as social media.
    How about Roadrunner DJT sticking with Truth Social for the first winning move since he was ran out of office.
    Nothing is made for our convenience and nothing is what it seems in Clown World.

  8. > Is it time for the ADL to go?

    > It’s ironic, Jonathan, but I suspect more than a few irrational, hate-filled Americans are thinking exactly the same thing about you and your defamation league. For absolutely no reason at all.

    Where’s that damned Austrian painter when you need him? It will be interesting to see how fast Musk bows to the demands of Pope Noseferatu.

      • @Goose…

        I do agree with you that, the more Mr. Greenblatt, and,indeed, his entire ilk, spew unsympathetically forth, the better of we all are in the longrun.

        That said, I am so sick of it I could scream.

        How did Jews go from thinking they had a right to expect to pursue their individual happinesses here to thinking that they could overthrow the entire nation and spend eternity bullying it’s citizens.

        As one of Viktor Orban’s favourite Hungarian pundits (Zsolt Bayer) said last year about Organized Jewry : ‘We are so nice with them, too nice, in fact.’

        • Ivan,

          jews have been destroying countries long before we were a nation. For 2000 years they were thrown out of 109 countries for doing what they’re doing to our society today. They don’t come here to assimilate and fit it, they come to White societies to destroy and subvert the host nation. I know you know that.

          • Yes, Dear John, I unfortunately do know it well.

            Unfortunately, most Whites Gentiles are still unaware that there are only 3 choices on the menu –

            #1. Submit permanently to Jewish tyranny – and be turned upside down forever.

            #2. Insist everyone move to Israel.

            #3. Return to the former age old stance of putting some limits on Jewry in White Gentile Society.

            Because I know #2 is, and will always be unacceptable to most White Gentiles, for many reasons which I know you know, and #1 is going to get tired soon enough, (has already grown very tiresome and noxious), I suspect that #3 is what it eventually will be.

            Not just will Jews voluntarily self-deport, however, for, just as many White Southern Gentiles will wind up leaving the South, and Yankees the North.

            I feel this coming, because things that have been for many centuries have a tendency of returning – because reality cannot be shirkt.

            As you know, I am of both White-Anglo blood, from the earliest settlers of The South, and Hungarian Jewish blood, that came here in the mid 19th century.

            Getting on in years, I have to say that I sad to see that people cannot treat each other better, and that most of the time patterns cannot be broken.

            In any case – have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

            P.S. We will be down here making merry – with pineapple lime seafoam salad, string bean casserole, candied cinnamon sweet potatoes, my wife’s special celery corn bread stuffing, fresh homemade cranberry salad, and, yes, a slow-cookt turkey with all the juices and gravies.

        • @Ivan,
          Your second paragraph highlights exactly why we just need to let them do our work for us(as hard as it is). The biggest promoters of anti Semitism…….are Jews!

          • @Goose…

            I have told Jews many times that, knowing many anti-Semites as I do, ansd having many friends among them, that the overwhelming majority of anti-Semites have NO hate hate in their heart for Jews having been born Jews, but, have been driven to it by the behavior or Organized Jewry, and the seeming carte blanche that normal Jews give to it.

            Always my admonitions fall on deaf ears – to say the least.

            Most Jews, unfortunately, are addicted to thinking that the dislike of them is irrational, or indicative of mental illness, for, in their opinion, they, The Jews, are the very best – and so it stands to reason that any negative feeling about them is either mental illness, diabolical usurpation, or just plain jealousy at having been outachieved.

            A tragic error, though, I understand why they, Jews, are this way – because if they credit White Gentile anti-Semites with being thinking feeling human beings, it would mean that they, Jews, would have to examine themselves, and their own behavior in Gentile lands

            As you know : most humans, and human groups, as well, are totally disinterested in a sober reflection.

            Sad, but, true.

            Always easier to think your critic is unfounded.

            As always, thank you for your comment!

  9. Jews are portrayed as a powerless, persecuted, victimized group (oy vey, the Holocaust!). Yet, if you criticize them, they have the power to ruin your life. If there was any truth to “White supremacy” we’d have the same power.

  10. OT (but speaking of Jews/ADL/HIAS)

    linkA Win for Migrants: The ADL and the HIAS, two of the biggest Jewish humanitarian organizations, united to strike blow to anti-migration groups. … “A milestone ruling was reached yesterday barring the use Title 42 to expel migrants entering from Mexico”

    For the slow set: if Trump had forced Mexico to sign a ‘safe third country’ agreement (Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement) when the migrant ‘caravans’ started back in 2017, use of Title 42 would be unnecessary — it would be moot in this context — any migrant applying for asylum at the southern border could be told to turn around and apply in Mexico.

    In my opinion the biggest failing of the Trump administration.

  11. “In my opinion the biggest failing of the Trump administration.”

    I don’t think Trump was sincere about anything. He walked back much of what he said about birthright citizenship, “sending them back,” and just about everything else before the debates were over. He knew how to get attention, and he knew what most white Americans wanted to hear.

    I’m still not sure if Trump helped by raising the issues, or if he damaged the cause by being an insincere idiot. He sure didn’t do much for the people who voted for him while he was in office. There wasn’t much for Biden to tear down. Still, I will give Trump credit for staying out of Syria and not getting involved in a war with Russia, though, I’m not sure that he did much to harm the forces that are still pushing for war today.

    • >I don’t think Trump was sincere about anything.

      Tell me about it — I despise the dumb orange mother fucker.

      >Still, I will give Trump credit for staying out of Syria

      After years of anti-interventionist rhetoric, including during his 2016 campaign, he was only in office a few weeks when he fired dozens of cruise missiles into Syria in response to yet another one of those asinine ‘Assad gassed his own people’ claims — later he gave the OK for the extra-judicial murder/assassination of an Iranian general.

      Not to mention the way he worships Jews, and his great Platinum Plan™ for our valuable Platinum Americans™.

      So fuck him and all Trumptards.

      • Completely with you. All of the swamp opposed him only because he was giving sociopathy a bad name.
        OT, eah: do you know if Modern Heretic has resurfaced anywhere?

        • >All of the swamp opposed him

          Yes — I should acknowledge that Trump was persecuted by the political and media establishments like no other president in my lifetime — a president needs at least a modicum of moral authority to be effective, and they robbed him of that — but his stupidity and weakness encouraged them.

          I also blame Stephen Miller for failing to push through a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico.

          >you know if Modern Heretic has resurfaced anywhere?

          Not that I know of — I believe he was invited to publish on National Vanguard, but I only occasionally visit that site so I’m not sure if he does or not — if you check Douglas Mercer on Gab (link) now and then you might see something about it.

        • “All of the swamp opposed him only because he was giving sociopathy a bad name?”

          And he keeps on giving! He’ll wind up in jail eventually. He too dumb not to.

          I wonder what pissed Trump off enough for him to take his mask off and run for president? It’s obviously not love of country and a sense of loyalty to actual Americans.

    • I still hear people say “he was a good President and he did a lot of good things”. Can someone clue me in as to what these people are talking about?

      • More than anything Trumptardism is a personality cult — while I can understand the attraction in terms of the apparent/possible alternatives at the moment, for people like me Trump does more harm than good to the Right because he’s not enough of an alternative.

        In his broadcasts (RevRadio, Bitchute), James Fetzer has said hundreds of times that ‘Trump made America energy independent’, which is ridiculous — so some time ago, in a comment on his blog (link), I asked him to define ‘energy independence’, and to tell me specifically how Trump achieved that — when he didn’t answer, I politely reminded him of my question — instead of answering, he deleted the entire blog post with my comments.

        What is true is that after more than a decade of heavy investment in fracking, which happened mostly under Bush and Obama, early in 2017 the US again became the world’s largest producer of crude oil, a position I think it still holds today; but that had nothing to do with Trump — international oil markets are complex (different grades etc), and the percentage of US consumption coming from imports is still about 30%, as it has been for a long time — the US also exports oil.

  12. Free speech is a “threat to America’s democracy.” Who would have thought it? We’re fortunate to have Mr. Greenblatt to set us straight on this matter.

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