#BringThemBack Trends On Twitter


E. Michael Jones is back.

Elon Musk appears to be changing his mind … again.


  1. My gut tells me that he’s not talking about resurrecting every banned sock account from here to eternity. Most likely he’s limiting this moritorium to verified accounts that were blocked/banned.

    I doubt they have a database on each individual banned account…also, he’s running a skeleton crew now, so I doubt he’d assign resources to making those determinations on an individual basis.

    Most likely he’s only talking about high profile “verified” accounts that have been banned.

    BTW, be careful what you wish for. A broad, wide sweeping “unbanning” would include a lot of antifa and other enemy accounts too. I know of several accounts that are better off in the trash bin.

  2. Those uptight, no-sense-of-humor phaggs at Twitter®”suspended” over a dozen of my accounts so like a PUTZ I had no choice but to SCHLEP over to Gab®. Having anything to do with Derbo and his VERKAKTE website makes me feel dirty, like going to a peepshow or something. Perhaps someday soon that problem will be rectified and I can once again follow HW, diejewdie and “Edgar Ray Killen”!

    • I enjoy Gab and plan to continue posting there. It wouldn’t surprise me if Elon opened the floodgates tomorrow though on another whim to spite Greenblatt

      • >opened the floodgates

        The thing is, Musk reinstating all the accounts ‘suspended’ due to nothing more than having been determined to be in violation of Twitter’s absurd, arbitrary, subjective, biased, etc ToS would count as ‘opening the floodgates’ — there are huge numbers of such accounts that never used slurs, harassed others, posted pejoratively about non-whites (including Jews), etc.

        The only specific thing I’ve heard Musk say is that he won’t let Alex Jones back on Twitter (at least for now) — and actually I don’t really understand that, since Jim Fetzer, who is back (Twitter/James H. Fetzer), is a far more vehement ‘Sandy Hook denier’ than Jones ever was.

        Musk has only generally said that he sees Twitter as a kind of ‘digital town square’, but it cannot fulfill that function in good faith as long its ‘moderation’ policies are so arbitrary and biased.

        You can continue on Gab if you want; like I said, you’ll have almost total freedom there to say whatever you want.

        But you ought to jump back on Twitter and post content similar (also in tone) to what you post here — I don’t see why you would have a problem if you did that — just don’t use or retweet slurs, and don’t post pejoratively about groups generally regarded as protected — I see no reason to do that, and you can easily get your message out without doing it.

        Probably the most effective account on the JQ I ever saw was Twitter/cursedsalad, who unfortunately left Twitter some time ago (he was not banned, and I never saw him put in Twitter jail) — he never had slurs on his timeline, and never posted invective aimed at Jews — he posted factually well supported, hard-hitting exposés of what Jews and organized Jewry say and do, including long threads — I found him to be very effective, and he lasted for years.

        • there are huge numbers of such accounts that never used slurs, harassed others, posted pejoratively about non-whites (including Jews), etc.

          I am still banned. Pretty sure I never used a slur, or if I did it was the sanitized version – writing “nword” instead of the real thing – and only as part of an observation, not viciously directed at someone. Definitely never “harassed” anyone. I’m not sure I ever even addressed a tweet of any sort to a leftie (or someone similar, who would hate me no matter what the content of my tweet).

        • IMO, Alex Jones is pretty much a harmless, perennial bigmouth. I never took him too seriously. His “punishment” for Sandy Hook is way out of proportion to his “crime”.

      • linkAlex Jones is the litmus test, @elonmusk Not just on the issue of freedom of speech, but on the issue of not bending the knee to political and judicial intimidation. If this is a hard “no”, your Twitter will never be any more trustworthy than @paraga or @Jack’s twitter.

        Personally, I see Jared Taylor as more of a ‘litmus test’ for Musk and Twitter — Jones is rather extreme in anyone’s reckoning, so it’s not a good idea to use him as a ‘litmus test’, let alone the ‘litmus test’ — I’m more or less a free speech absolutist, so I think Jones ought to be allowed to use Twitter if he wants to — but with Musk there, Twitter has changed for the better, and since it can obviously be a useful tool for the Right (with or without Alex Jones), it’s best not to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’.

  3. I like Musk’s little poll questions about whether he should do this or that – as if he’s actually going to use the data to help him decide anything.

    • Hey, the Demoncrats have been raving about , DEMOCRACY , DEMOCRACY , DEMOCRACY , DEMOCRACY, now musk is implementing it.
      This could be a very effective ploy.

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