1. Well, I just clicked on their big NYC parade and was treated to drag queens as they really double down on that agenda. Along with blacks in every commercial. Now came a float with Indians on it with some silly narration as the right kind of white people who run things project their own utopian delusions onto Indians being “one with nature.” Really, they were stone age people, of course they couldn’t clear cut the forests or drill for oil. But when they did form Sumerian type agricultural kingdoms they did manage to wear out the soil and engage in Canaanite type Moloch human sacrifice which the liberals never mention. What happened to Cahokia? It vanished centuries before Columbus so wasn’t caused by any Old World epidemics. I noticed all the archaeologists completely avoid the possibility that the pyramid they built there outside of Saint Louis was for human sacrifice just like the pyramids in Meso-America were. It’s pretty clear they had contact with Meso-America and imitated their culture. But to the white over privileged ding-a-lings on the coasts the Indians were all contemporary environmentalists as weak and passive as the drivel that passes for modern western thought.

  2. Mr. Wallace,

    Happy Thanksgiving back to you. My family is back in Texas to celebrate this holiday with my grandmother who holds American citizenship. I love turkey. We are having 2 large turkeys since there is a lot of us.

      • Padre John,

        Thank you. I am glad you are still here. Any special plans for Thanksgiving?

        Even though I am not pro-Protestant I think that the English invasion was more good than bad. It gave the Indians a chance to be baptized and ultimately meant a better way of life for them. The main event is that it gave them a chance to save their souls. Their ingratitude is amazing.

        My brothers and sisters are about to go outside and play soccer. We have several dogs so they will play also. Then we come in so we can help cook and set the table while the males watch football or something.

      • Father John,

        I did find an old American song about Indians that I like.
        Running Bear.

        There are not a lot of American movies about Thanksgiving or the 17th century in the colonies. Plymouth Adventure with Spencer Tracy is a semi exception.
        Yes. Americans are ashamed of their history.

        I hope Running Bear comes out right.

        • Plaines, Trains, and Automobiles is the big Thanksgiving themed movie we remember. One of the 80s best, it’s a comedy, but also has a serious tone about humanity at the end. Steve Martin and John Candy’s best performances.

    • Happy Thanksgiving. I’m away from home visiting another dissident friend for Thanksgiving. I would normally be with my children but circumstances prevented it this year.

      God bless everyone who perseveres in resistance to the Yankee empire. Enjoy the one rare holiday that hasn’t been blemished by globohomo.

    • Happy thanksgiving to you miss Christiana

      Any marital news for you .

      Can you match make with older Latinas for me.

      I think the great American cowboy actor married 3 Latinas and his granddaughters are drop dead gorgeous ,
      God bless you

      • Mr. Ryan,

        When you write great American cowboy do you mean John Wayne? My older sister is 19 but she has a boy friend who was picked for her.

        Pat Wayne is a great looking guy. At least from the movies of 50 years ago.

        As for me getting married? Well I was always younger than I pretended and I was afraid my immaturity was obvious. Still my main desires and thoughts are to be married and live happily ever after.

        I think I would make a good wife someday for I want children and I bow before the authority of man.

        • Yes I was referencing John Wayne

          I wish you the best Miss Christiana and I m sure you will make a great wife and mom

  3. I feel sorry for White children today because of the lies the Jews and Catholics are telling them on TV, and over other screens about America and White Americans.

    • FWIW, Orange. Today’s Catholics…. aren’t. They’re just liturgical pagans, like all the Liberals…. and almost every Protestant sect out there. I read that the UMC is now teaching Unitarian Universalism in their seminaries. John Wesley would puke…. And don’t even get me started on the ELCA!

      • You just don’t get it. Protestants don’t have an infallible Pope. The only one who speaks for a Protestant is the Protestant himself. John Wesley had opinions, just like anyone else. Then or now.

  4. I was listening to Grace Curley Show on Boston, and she had a survey question on whether your family talks politics at Thanksgiving, and most say not. with wokesters it’s a waste of time. I remember last year after a Christmas party I spoke to this one woman who seemed very intelligent, artistic, etc., and when we discussed meeting somewhere, the subject of my not being vaccinated came up, and she screamed at me…literally…over the phone. “Fauci has saved millions!” she ranted, “send me scientific data PROVING he hasn’t! I am a mathematician. I BELIEVE in science! Biden has saved millions of lives and rescued our economy!” I laughed, saying “you take Biden seriously?” A large click came at the other end of the line.
    Funny how the women are the real fanatics for all the covid masking, vaxx, etc.
    So, watch out for politics. A better question is, will you fight over the drumstick?

    I’m alone, so as a writer it’s a working day. I wrote, took a nice walk in a park; a chilly but dry day, overcast…good thinking weather, and I’ll go to a restaurant for a T-dinner.

    Cristina Romana, good to hear from you again, and your family. I thought of you when I saw a recent movie, Bardo, by the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Inarritu, the same man who made the film Birdman. It deals with a Mexican journalist who lives in LA, returns to Mexico to accept an award, and is looked down by many for not having stayed in Mexico…he’s called a Malinche. His family lives in LA and Boston, but they feel they should return to Mexico…and not. Lots of Latin American magical realism.There is a fantasy sequence where he interviews Cortez atop a mound of corpses in the central square in Mexico City by the cathedral, and the film asks a lot of questions about Mexico, America, about what is a racial heritage and what is family. Always funny how Mexicans hate Cortez, but can they really be all in with the Aztecs as ancestors? It’s a contrast to how we Americans deal with the Indians. We honor them on Thanksgiving, and yet some see us as being colonialist/racist doing this. But if the Indians here were, like Mexico, 30 percent of our population, how would we deal with that? We seem to have solved the problem, where Mexico has a yes/no feeling about colonization. As you said, Cortez was cruel but he civilized the Aztecs. In terrible ways, yes, but is Mexico better or worse not being Christian? Much like America. Many enlightened Americans think we should never have stayed, but that’s absurd. I am “thankful” for Thanksgiving, and consider how we nations (red and white) deal with this. I’d say that on Thanksgiving, we celebrate the better aspects of our two peoples, and that western civilization, with its faults, was a blessing to the new world. In the end we celebrate our families on this day…our own, our race, and our culture.
    Hunter is a strong believer in family, and that is a contrast to many people on these websites…he really has a life and once in a while lets the site go because he has to do things. It’s good that we have families and remember. Time for more writing before I eat, and my best to all readers.

  5. The local Golden Corral had a line a mile long, and it was an hour wait at the Cracker Barrel. Had to settle for pork chops at the Waffle House.

    Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

  6. Worked all night … made 690$ cc tips and 180$ in cash
    I’ve never made 870$ in one night before!
    Happy thanksgiving to Brad and everyone on the site!

  7. Spent Thanksgiving with a sweet young White professional couple in their twenties who are relatives of mine.

    I’m pretty outspoken so they know how I roll and I have even let’er rip with several non-Woke jokes and remarks when we are alone that make them gasp and laugh in spite of themselves. As long as I keep it light and humorous and don’t rant and rave and get on my soapbox, they humor me.

    With them, though, I see an interesting paradox. They lean left politically, but I suspect that’s a job requirement for White PMCs in particular. However, they live right, i.e. neither one of them sport any piercings or tattoos. He bought a house (which his fiancee helped him pick out) in a good neighborhood , they got married and they are waiting until they are both a little better established and have paid off their vehicles to have children.

    So, it isn’t all doom and gloom. Besides making enough money to insulate them and their children from the more idiotic ideas of self-loathing White Woke twits, they are both into getting proficient into other languages, and they are positioning themselves to work cross-nationally, so they can be in a position to travel more freely.

    I confess I am much more worried about young Working class White Americans and their children who would tend to vote for Trump and the Republicans, falling hook, line and sinker for their dog whistles at election time only to be abandoned by them in the name of Civic Nationalism after they win office, cause the Republicans look down on them even more than the Democrats do. If any group of Whites end up being swallowed by Blacks and Asians and the “Latinx,” it’s going to be them.

    For all their constant White-bashing and noise-making about actively discriminating against Whites, the Democrats are pretty good about finding ingenious ways of making Blacks feel oppressed by Whites and seek “safe spaces” away from them.

    Yeah the Usual Suspects are shipping in so-called “people of color” from the Third World and moving them into White areas, but those tend to be areas where the Whites trend Republican even in the Blue states.

    Again, more and more I am thinking that the Republican Party more than the Democrats present a greater threat to the future security of White people and their children. If there were One-Party Democrat Rule, IMNSHO, we’d see Whites much more openly working for their interests like the Latinx do than with the TruCons who are more about cutting taxes and tone-policing than anything else.

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