White Christian Nationalism Is Great

These are great numbers from Professor Samuel Perry.

If you look only at the numbers, you can see that White Christian Nationalism draws most of its strength from White evangelical Protestants. These people are far more focused on winning and wielding power than other groups who are more inclined to purity spiraling and losing. White Christian Nationalists are more opposed to gay marriage and feminism. They are far more ethnocentric.

Back in 2016, the Alt-Right used to accuse conservatives of being beautiful losers and cuckservatives, but we have come full circle. Now, it is White evangelical Protestant conservatives who want to win and wield power at all costs and it is Alt-MSNBC who have become the preening cucks and losers!


  1. WM is and could be great is it weren’t for all the grifters that weren’t WN to begin with. I will not mention their names but some of them were well heard of.

    When it comes to WN , it shouldn’t be about the grift but what you’re going to do for your race. Fortunately, those conman and race grifters were exposed.

  2. Right up there with libertarianism for glorious victories.

    “Guys, this isn’t your country anymore, it’s ours.”

    Chrissy Wallace, 2012.

  3. yes, yes, yes !! White Christian Nationalism !!!

    Remember me of another brilliant Hick – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  4. Suburban moms of all colors but especially white suburban moms, who increasingly are barren and woke, are actually waiting to birth the Ubermensch. The nonwhite suburban moms are waiting for “aryan sexual colonization” to quote one of the Apollonians. That’s why they moved 20 minutes away from downtown. That is what those “Hate has No Home Here” signs really mean; they’re referring to all the incels in the online right holding us back from Galactic Lebensraum, if only suburban moms weren’t unjustly caught between a rock and a hard place.

    The main reason why I dislike Fuentes and his ever dwindling following is because his excesses enabled these kinds of morons. Every single one of those Euro accounts is an apartment dwelling “incel,” no offense to apartment guys in general, but they talk like the Ubermensch. It’s performance art.

    Hopefully the crisis reaches a tipping point with Zoomers, and they begin to see the light and discover God. Millennials did not skew as Woke as I expected in the midterms.

  5. Neoliberal left with a bit of cultural Marxism versus neoliberal right with a smidgeon of cultural conservatism, take your pick, even with Dump and Desantis at the helm, it’s the same ol’ neoliberalism repackaged, mass immigration permitted, white birthrates plummeting, not only is our culture sick and getting sicker, but working people can barely fend for themselves let alone raise a family, but Dump and Desantis don’t care about that, they just care about money, it’s going to take another depression for things to change, and it’s coming, the fiat petrodollar + US hegemony is on its last legs.
    Neoliberalism is not conservatism, it’s materialism, just as social liberalism is hedonism.
    It’s crony crapitalism casino civilization, the house (big business & big pharma + paid shills) always wins, and Israel, and the military.

    • Sicut Judaes Non

      Dont molest the jews, so said “based church” for literal centuries (its still their official policy regarding jews)

      christians literally didnt even know about the talmud for centuries, till a disgruntled jew told them.

      Dripping “magic water” on jews/negroes will never change who/what they are, and (((any-thing))) that suggests otherwise (like christ-madness) is pure cancer to white people.

      If jews truly fear christianity, they’d have given it the )))National Socialist((( treatment a long long time ago.

      Instead, it still pervades all aspects of culture (boo hoo, not the strain of christianity this blog prefers…but still very sympathetic & positive towards christianity). You all might insist films like “The Conjuring” are somehow “offensive” towards christianity, but that’s total bullshit.

      Jew film after jew film portrays ex christians who “lost their faith” as the most miserable losers imaginable. And jew film after jew film portrays these ex christians as only finding “redemption” via re-embracing “their ‘faith'”

      A pro-xtian message is allowed all over television, films, radio (unlike N.S., unlike mere cadet concentration camp guards who – unlike any christian activists – still get hunted down to be sent to the torture chambers of christian occupied Germany), & online.

      Almost the entire (((German resistance))) who lost WWII for all Aryans were explicitly motivated by their christian “faith.” They lost the war for Germany. Fanatical christians were responsible for abolitionism & whamin’s rights.

      And some chump selling you books saying exactly what you want to hear who says women cannot attain power in “christian nationalism” is overtly lying, just like many of you lie that Ancient Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, & Rome weren’t built by pre-christian Aryans when you know they were.

      whamin’s rights happened in a deeply christian Amerikwa. Amerikwa is still deeply christian. Antifa are just the modern monks, but they’re motivated by the first universalist mind-virus, christian ethics. Nothing you say or do will change that.

      The dividing line between genuine pro Aryan racialists & schizo’s incapable of thinking straight is christianity. Your (almost entirely non-white) christian forefathers burned +95% of Aryan knowledge.

      The only early christians that were actually white were females, who sided with non-white hordes who were invading the crumbling Roman Empire. christ-madness preaches soul equality.

      You going to do away with “god’s word” to try & make it “pro white” (like many others have tried)??? Nope. Good job though assholes, dragging more of the Aryan herd over a cliff & embracing pure cancer.

      If y’all get your way, jews WILL permanently defeat whites, they will exterminate us, & you all will be partly to blame.

      • Dripping “magic water” on jews/negroes will never change who/what they are, and (((any-thing))) that suggests otherwise (like christ-madness) is pure cancer to white people.

        That’s a fact. They hate us and want Whites dead because we are White, and they are not. Simple as that. It’s racial hatred. Allowing other races to gain a foothold in White homelands has been our primary downfall. Not knowing it’s a fact, and rejecting it in favor of altruism, love of the other, will be the death of our race.

      • Anon

        Ok we understand your point of view .

        But if you walk away from most /all forms of ajudei Christianity please embrace some other Whiter faith /world view .

        If you/we believe in nothing we’ ll have nothing lose to those like Islam that believe in their thing like making us their slaves .

        Happy Thanksgiving brother

        And remember …

        Mighty Thor doesn’t turn the other cheek

    • What you got is the tranny world around you now! JudeoChristianity is anti-ethno-national and therefor communistic in its very nature and the mother of bolshevik Marxism both culturally and politici-economic…

      For them nationhood is a derogatory slur… Goy…https://biblehub.com/hebrew/1471.htm

      Are you a communist Mr. Wallace?

        • Orange- Having been an RC, and then a creedal Prot, and finally embracing my own Ethnic Orthodoxy (W.hite, A.nglo-S.axon P.ravoslavniye) I concur with the Byzantines: “ROME was the first Protestant.”

          CN can succeed, and just may, even in spite of/among all the fear-mongering naysayers on this post (My God, Brad, how do you deal with this current crop of misfits?)- because GAB is having a far more active dialogue about the reality of it all, over there. And no censoring. Here, Doug Wilson’s comments were the most apropos.

          I’m not waiting for some Postmil Calvinist to do the job the Catholic/Orthodox Church once did, and what Russian Orthodoxy is DOING ACTIVELY at this very moment- rebuilding Christendom one action at a time…. I’ve been reading a lot more Orthodox theology on Platonism, and the Real vs. the Nominal.

          And I can honestly say, that the Lutheran Nominalism that bore the seeds of the current Protestant demise, are due to ALL Protestants (and thus, Rome- in all her current post-Vatican Ewww crypto-Pachamama phase) abandoning Platonism for a this-worldly construct.

          I’m all for restoring biblical law, public stoning of adulterers, sodomites, and other trash. And I’m not afraid to say so… unlike some caveats on certain fora….
          But we are going to have to redefine what is REAL. And return to a Platonistic understanding of Christendom as WHITE RACIAL HUMANITY, ALONE.

          Even more so now, because the J-Left has made their satanism clear: from Disney’s Jewry, to Balenziaga’s Pedolust. It all needs to be destroyed. And from the ashes…. well, you know.

          Christus Vincit
          Christus Regnat
          Christus Imperator.

    • Spencer is straight up boring now. The real malicious tweets come from a clique of small timers. I’m just gonna go ahead and link them since I keep talking about them

      The ring leader:


      The bitter simps for said ring leader:



      A likely half-Jew who has been around these spaces for years:


      A groupie who makes Samantha feel charming:


      Some AWFL who keeps liking Pat’s tweets:


      I thought this was a parody account at first


      I’m not linking to the various Appolonian and Ukrainian shill accounts because half of them are shitty gheyops and the other half are from retarded Europeans with illegitimate axes to grind against Russia or Nazis or whoever. The above accounts are all legit though. I’ve been stalking them for months.

      Its important to pay attention to these small timers, because the horrific values and morals of The Enemy are on full display. They are the kind of mentally ill waste who destroyed the world that their own race created. All because they were losers in it, or were alienated by it, or were otherwise spiritually and genetically unfit to occupy it.

      Right Wingers/Chuds/Rural Retards did not create Leftists as Vickey said in another thread, and as Eh keeps blabbering about in his incessant defenses of the indefensible.

      The archetypes for these cretins are June Osbourn of “Handmaid’s Tale” and Rose Dewitbukater of “Titanic.” They are unworthy of love, respect, or attention. They cannot balance their own impulses, wishes, and desires with whats good for society. While proclaiming the virtues of collectivism and helping each other out, they are in fact parasites who dont, or wont, have the honesty to reveal their true motives for the insurmountable fear of being eternally discredited and outcasted.

      Our ancestors biggest mistake was negotiating with these people and letting them live as free individuals. They must be ruthlessly identified and subordinated, at all costs. The White Race will sink into a miserable, subsistence existence if they are allowed to rule and do anything more important than slave work. June Osbourne richly deserved to have her mulatto daughter taken away from her. Rose Dewitbukater richly deserved to get slut slapped by Cal Hockley.

      I’m done fucking around. Its time for these people to find out. Right Wingers will rule the North American continent – and everything in it! – or we will be reduced to a slave caste ourselves. Our values are the righteous values and will reign supreme over God’s Earth. There is no place for unions, socialism, free women, or free love.

      Fitzhugh Was Right.

      Under His Eye!

  6. Let them bleat! They’re Christians, so being White is only incidental. If there message becomes pro-White or even address the many, many, legitimate White grievances, I’ll be shocked. More than likely, they just want to get out their bible messages.

    • The people who value their racial identity, who oppose the Great Replacement, who dislike gay marriage and miscegenation and who have rightwing, nationalist politics tend to be White evangelical Protestants. The people who are the least supportive of these things are atheists. It is funny because the conventional wisdom among lots of WNs has this backwards

      • White evangelical Protestants are silly minded. If they’re pro-White like you say, let them preach it to their congregations relentlessly. That’s not happening. Like I said before, there is no atheist movement. Nobody is going around and trying to convert people to atheism. The atheists you speak of are leftists. Their religion is communism. They don’t reject God’s existence because they’re leftists. They’re leftists because they hate Whites.

      • “value their racial identity”

        The catch is that their racial identity is more rooted in their particular idea of religion and mid-late 20th century American patriotard culture than it is in biology. Their racial consciousness is ironically more similar to the CRT concept of “whiteness” than it is to the biological racial categorization of WNs.

      • @Hunter, Evangelical Protestantism is akin to an Atheist factory. The solution is Orthodox Christianity the only true Christianity. The Protestant Reformation is the root cause of the Enlightenment that caused the secularization of the West.

  7. Capitalism is just as detrimental to the white race as woke, and the Dump/Desantis GOP establishment still loves capitalism.

      • Yep and Dump/Desantis aren’t going to do anything about it, they’re not going to give us a purer, less corrupt capitalism, and they’re not going to give us living wages, affordable postsecondary education, healthcare or housing either, they’re gonna let this rigged economy continue, until it implodes, after it implodes is when real changes will be made because there’ll be riots otherwise, and various factions will compete, some violently over what sort of dramatic changes will be implemented.

  8. If Christian nationalists won’t think about or do anything about mass 3rd world immigration invasions or even dare think about the JQ, m’thinks it’s just drowning men grasping at straws.

    One of my favorite writers in the Dissident Right is British Ex Pat John Derbyshire “The Derb” back before hs got purged by the Neo Conservative hate White people Js at National Review, the Derb had the job of interviewing GOP presidential candidates and The Derb had to interview the empty suit that was/is Mittens Romney – wholesome, clean LDS Christians who aren’t racists anymore (they’ll tell you that right up front).

    The Derb asked Mittens Romney what he thought about mass 3rd world immigration to the USA and to what remains of the West, what he thought about places like Haiti, Islam etc.

    Mittens Romney admitted that he just hadn’t thought about this subject and then just moved on to talking about….

    nothing, nothing that matters.

    That’s how it seems with so so many “Christian GOP” “Leaders” like Mike Pence. They just don’t think about this subject, they sense what happened to the likes of Pat Buchanan and Iowa Rep. Steve King.

    Christian nationalism seems like a combination of a club of nicer dressed White people who just don’t like violent movies and porn, and anything goes LGBT, Trannies – they might even notice some Islamic terrorist slaughter in Europe, but don’t want to reference 9/11/01.

    This club is also very nostalgic for the wholesome 1950s, even though most of them, us weren’t alive back then.

    And M’thinks most would rather get caught in bed with small boy or a dead girl than every say or think anything bad about any and I do mean ANY js not even Harvey Weinstein or George Soros.

    Hey Christian Nationalists – how are the Christians doing these days in places like Algeria, Alexandria Egypt, Constantinople or Jerusalem the city of Jesus Christ. Have these Christian Nationalists just noticed that we don’t get many wholesome Christmas Movies like “It’s a Wonderful life” or “Bells of St. Marry’s” in the Christmas season or more like…

    The war against Christmas.

    • @jaye ryan- “If Christian nationalists won’t think about or do anything about mass 3rd world immigration invasions or even dare think about the JQ, m’thinks it’s just drowning men grasping at straws.”

      Very well said. And, yes, Mike Pence is truly like a Mittens Romney, right down to the Mormon-style “morality” (and funny underwear, no doubt!); just without the preening, attention-whore presentation.

  9. Well, the numbers suggest this coalition is way too small to obtain national power through a popular election. These policies are bitter pills you impose on a populace only after you have Xi level power. You have to weasel your way in by tricking, or lying about your true intentions. Bill Clinton pretended to be a “Christian”, that’s how Caesars win.

  10. If our OD readers, folks in the South and Midwest want to go the Christian Nationalism route (with implicit White Identity activism) than they must use radical Islam as The Enemy or one of the main enemies. It works everywhere in European Christian societies like Switzerland, Poland, Serbia. But understand when Christian Nationalist in Serbia actually went to war to liberate The Serbia Christian province of Kosovo from Albanian and Turkish Muslim occupation ZOG and American Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists led by the likes of J USA Secretary of State Madeline Albright bombed the hell out of the Serbian Christian Nationalists. It didn’t matter that Serbia was supposedly on good terms with Israel or that the enemy was neighboring Muslims same as Israel has hostile neighbor Muslims or that Serbia fought on the Allied, Soviet Russian side against NS Germany. It didn’t matter.

    ZOG won’t tolerate any White European Nationalist in any form – Christian, Pagan, Secular, Socialists or even pro Gay, Pro Israel like Milo and the English Defense League.

    Invading, occupying Muslims in London/Londonstan, Barack Hussein Obama/Rahm Emanuel ADL, David Axelrod, Neo Conservative ZOG/BLM vote and act the same on all issues that matter.

    Occasionally the Muslims, ADL, BLM, ZOG will have some falling outs, but in mostly just talk except for something like the 1993 Crown Heights Black Anti Jewish Pogrom. That does have serious ramifications.

    These groups are all anti White – that’s the key to everything.

  11. Try to look at some bright sides of a rather dark, bleak situation.

    With rising Christian nationalism there is way less Libertarianism. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are true believer Libertarian cult leaders and cult members simply not tolerated in small town, rural, Southern, Midwest America – don’t they get shouted down and thrown out of public meetings with chants of “Go to San Francisco or Mogadishu Somalia you idiots”.

  12. I agree Hunter!

    Problem is….”White Christian Nationalism” is not defined as “White” anywhere but here

    It´s more inclusive “Americanism” wrapped in the Bible

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