Elon Musk Reveals #StayWoke Merch At Twitter HQ

I will try to say something positive about Elon Musk’s Twitter.

If he has done nothing else, Elon Musk has at least succeeded in tearing off the veil on how Big Tech censorship worked at Twitter and has brought those responsible for it into the sunlight.

1. Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL are leading a coalition of progressive activist groups who are pressuring corporate advertisers to cut ties with Twitter to starve the platform of revenue. Financial blackmail is how they succeeded in imposing the censorship on Twitter in the first place.

2. As a “trusted flagger,” the ADL’s Center for Tech & Society has been directly censoring and banning Twitter accounts for years. It opened in late 2017.

3. Twitter was infested with activist employees like Yoel Roth who were committed to censorship and who are currently pressuring Apple and Google to deplatform Twitter from their app stores. Twitter engineers rigged the platform to deboost and suppress rightwing speech.

4. Finally, the Twitter rules were changed to empower armies of GoodWhite SJWs who have no lives and who volunteer as hall monitors and spend all their time tracking and reporting accounts to censor rightwing accounts and speech on the platform. A classic example of this is some loser named Reggie who lives in Nottingham, England who stalks my wife on the platform and reports her accounts.


  1. After November 8th, 2016 an army of leftist censorship destroyed the entire internet. Even Musk’s tepid libertarianism probably won’t survive.

  2. Elon is a 4D chess genius and on our side. (honk,honk)
    Maybe he can be the running mate with AOC or Fetterman.
    Send eight dollars for a lithium battery powered Zil Trabant that you can use to fly to Mars.
    How many eight dollar comrades will it take for him to recoup?
    A blogger using napkin/back of envelope says 20 million.


  3. For whatever it’s worth, since Elon cleaned house I’ve gained more followers in a matter of days which used to take months. Of course, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. My account is Pro White, very Politically Incorrect.

  4. let me know when these filthy kikes are being rounded up and forced to wear star patches on their jail uniforms ..

  5. “I will try to say something positive about Elon Musk’s Twitter”:

    Some very good pro-Russian Twitter accounts are still being hidden by algorithms in Twitter search, so you must spell them out perfectly to reach them. Key words are not enough. A proper nation would have a completely free (no cost, no advertising) PUBLIC internet social medium, with only some moral censorship such as blocking pornography. The current “social” (private profit) web collects rent at every key stroke. Even listed phone numbers are hidden by algorithms and cost money to find.

    A great article on Elon Musk today: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2022/11/23/strategic-culture-141/

    • You can hate on musk all you want but be advised that the hate being drummed up so far is fake. It’s character assignation. Look at this twitter link where they say Musk has faked degrees and they use a bunch of weasel word gas-lighting but…if you look at all the documentation they have linked it does not actually say what they are gas-lighting you to believe. It actually says he does have the degrees. I think they had to add this, hidden in the additional documents, so he couldn’t sue them until their eyes bleed.


      All of the hate I’ve seen directed at him is much the same. The character of it is very Jewish. Over time you get to recognize this sort of fake bullshjit the Jews blather out in truck loads. Make big “pronouncement” backed by nothing at all. Argue continuously while saying nothing nor adding any factual truth and when caught they change the subject or go quiet. All this is going on about Musk.

      I’ve said and maintain until I see different that with Musk the glass is at least over half full and we should wait and see. So far all he has done has strengthened US national security per his rockets, increased national security due to electric cars and increased personal autonomy due to his electric cars, satellite internet, and solar power for houses. None of these are objectionable to reasonable people. You might not like them but they don’t hurt you. All the subsidies he has received were based on decisions made before he got into any of these businesses and were based on national security in the rocket case and national security and environmentalist in the electric car and solar power case.

      For all I know he may be a baby raping Molak worshiper but I see no sign of this and that’s likely not the case.

      Unless I see different to me he is a serious hero in the mint of Henry Ford and other great builders. This doesn’t mean morally he is some paradigm of virtue but his actions so far have a positive effect on the whole planet. A lot of it, just showing what can be done.

      • The article I linked didn’t claim or imply that he doesn’t have the degrees. The article I linked is not part of the woke hate campaign going on against Musk. The article is concerned with the malign infuences of superwealthy celebrities such as Musk, and Gates, and Soros. You seem to believe the myth of great capitalist heroes and their “philanthropy.” You call him a “serious hero in the mint of Henry Ford and other great builders.” He does seem to be in the same mint.

        • “…The article I linked didn’t claim or imply that he doesn’t have the degrees….”

          Straw man. I was the one that linked the article that said that and never said you did or the article.

          “…woke hate campaign going on against Musk….”

          Could have fooled me in how they linked him to the vile and evil Gates and Soros. How are they linked???

          And if David Icke can talk about aliens, why can’t Musk? Musk was there invited because of SpaceX and them wanting a space port. That he talked about space and possible things we could find in space is not odd. The paper took him out of context, as if he just blurted this out in the middle of nothing. No. He also talked about tunnels so…

          My take is this guy is your typical intellectual that believes everyone else sucks and we should give him billions of dollars so he can do what he wants. Of course, he doesn’t want to learn physics or go to business school and work 100 hour weeks to get it.

          The article links all wealth together. I never said all billionaires were good and I never said Elon was someone we should worship and hang on his every word. As a FACT I specifically listed the things I feel he has done that have changed the world to be a better place. I also believe Ford made the world a better place. That he made a pile of money doing so is irrelevant to the fact that he made great gains in industrial production and made cars affordable for all. Andrew Carnegie did much the same by making steel so cheap that it could be used for a vast amount of uses that before were impossible. Skyscrapers, bridges, all sorts of stuff. All the low cost steel you see today got started with him. And because he made it so cheap, he made a huge fortune. And God forbid, I know I’ll catch hell for this, but do you know how Rockefeller made all his money? Rockefeller owned the patent for railroad tank cars. Imagine moving oil without them. Before, they used barrels. Actual wooden barrels. No one could complete with his steel tank cars. That’s why the railroads gave him better rates. They could move so much more oil and their profits were higher with his tank cars.

          I think many people confuse moral virtue with technological benefits and the opposite, that all fortunes are immoral. I don’t. Someone can do good things for humanity and be a serious asshole and a vile person.

          From what Musk said, and more importantly where he put his money, all of it, and all his stupendous work hours in, he is doing good things. It’s wrong not to give him credit for what good he has done instead of attacking about things that no one can prove, that I’ve seen anyway.

          Even spell check hates him now. Used to be when I misspelled his name it would correct it now it doesn’t. You know you’re doing something right when spell check hates you.

      • “his actions so far have a positive effect on the whole planet”:

        The article I linked argues that they haven’t, or mostly haven’t.

        • Oh by the way tell me the article you linked is not a hatchet job. It says,”…Musk…prompted by no apparent motive related to the gathering, he declared that “maybe we will find alien civilisations or discover civilisations that existed millions of years ago.” The bizarre announcement was delivered in a suitably mystical atmosphere, including an occult crystal bowl situated in the forefront, with Musk sitting in the dark, wearing a traditional Indonesian batik shirt and surrounded by candles as he offered a “vision” for the future…”

          In fact the power went out where he was so he had to use candles for lighting and I see no crystal ball at all. Read the article that he spoofed up into some nonsense and see if it reads the same.


          Musk,”…”We had a power outage three minutes before this call. That’s why I’m entirely in the dark,” he told Indonesian tycoon-cum-moderator Anindya Bakrie….”

          Most all the criticism I see about him is much the same bullshit, fake word salad, gas-lighting.

  6. “A proper nation would have a completely free (no cost, no advertising) PUBLIC internet social medium,”

    Yes it would, but show me a nation that has free speech, aside Denmark, Iceland and the US ?

    • I don’t think there shouldn’t be ANY censorship. That’s not what I meant by “free.” Moral censorship (blocking and removing pornography for example) is always needed. But the censorship that private-profit “social” media businesses do is mostly wrong and harmful. Social web should be a public service, publicly owned, available to all citizens equally at no charge and of course, free of advertising.

  7. I think this is a far better way to expose the truth of jewish power and piss away a fortune than what Kanye did lol.

    I don’t give a flying fuck about elon either, but at least its apparent he isn’t a total retard.

      • Aren’t you a Lutheran? Lol he hasn’t broken the ice. Martin Luther said more about the Jews hundreds of years ago and gave no fux then and would give no fux now even though they slander him for it still.

        Kanye is just a johnny coon lately.

        White men have thrown Jews out of a hundred countries in the last couple thousand years, and here is hoping for a few more.

        Make memes about kanye and stuff, but don’t try to set him up as some blue gummed golden calf of antisemitism. He’s just another rapper. Former rapper probably lol.

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