New York Times: Earth Now Has 8 Billion Humans. This Man Wishes There Were None

GoodWhites vs. BadWhites.

This distinction popped into my head at the Amren conference. It obviously isn’t how I see the world, but it is how these people see the world. Whereas I feel warmth and solidarity toward other White people who I want to see flourish for ideological reasons, these people feel cold, hostile and judgmental toward other White people. They believe most White people are the wicked outgroup … the BadWhites who are responsible for everything that is wrong in the world from systemic racism to “gun violence” to climate change to the death of Our Democracy which is “in peril” from their speech and votes.

White people are bitterly polarized. We don’t share the same identity, worldview, culture, morals or values. American politics has devolved into trench warfare with suburban yard signs separating the two camps. Millions of normies and non-Whites who are less ideological are caught in the middle between the two poles. These people can be swayed by millions of dollars of negative campaign advertising.

As Jared Taylor pointed out at the conference, there are dozens of different sects of White leftists, but the one thing that unites them from the nudists to the “trans” activists to the climate change doomers is their shared belief in antiracism. They all have a negative sense of White identity. They have a negative attitude toward their country and its traditional culture. They want to distinguish themselves and disassociate themselves from other White people who they believe suffer from various moral pathologies. They also get off on surveilling and punishing other White people who they see as morally rotten deplorables.

Anyway, this was still fresh on my mind this morning when I saw that the New York Times was promoting Les Knight who is a nudist and the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

New York Times:

“PORTLAND, Ore. — For someone who wants his own species to go extinct, Les Knight is a remarkably happy-go-lucky human.

He has regularly hosted meteor shower parties with rooftop fireworks. He organized a long-running game of nude croquet in his backyard, which, it should be mentioned, is ringed by 20-foot-tall laurel hedges. Even Tucker Carlson proved no match for Mr. Knight’s ebullience. During a 2005 interview with Mr. Knight on MSNBC, Mr. Carlson criticized him for espousing “the sickest” of beliefs but then added, “You are one of the cheeriest guests we’ve ever had.”

Mr. Knight, 75, is the founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction movement, which is less a movement than a loose consortium of people who believe that the best thing humans can do to help the Earth is to stop having children. …

But it is rare to find anyone who publicly goes as far as Mr. Knight, who never had children and got a vasectomy in 1973 at the age of 25. Beyond advocating for universal access to birth control and opposing what he calls reproductive fascism, or “the lack of freedom to not procreate,” Mr. Knight says that despite our many achievements, humans are a net detriment to the Earth.

“Look what we did to this planet,” Mr. Knight said during a chat in his sunlit backyard one warm morning this fall. “We’re not a good species.” …

“People mention music and art and literature and the great things that we have done — it’s funny they don’t ever mention the bad things we’ve done,” he continued. “I don’t think the whales will miss our songs.”

During the Amren conference, I remember having a conversation with one of our readers about these people. Specifically, we were talking about the sort of GoodWhite who is into progressive causes like “saving the whales,” but who believes it is immoral to apply the same logic to his own race. Les Knight is one of these people who is on the extreme end of the spectrum of pathological altruism. He believes the human race is so awful that we should go extinct for the sake of all other species on the planet. Parasites deserve to live and flourish, but we are so evil that we have to go.

At first glance, it would seem that subjects like COVID policy, gun control, free speech on the internet, the war in Ukraine and climate change have nothing to do with White identity and antiracism. Every single one of these issues though is just a tug of war between the GoodWhites and BadWhites.

Note: Les Miles lives in Portland which is fertile ground for recruiting fellow lunatics.


  1. I really do need to extend these thoughts into something of longer form. But one really clear lesson coming from the midterms in America is that all my previous speculation that the current year left has been “fooled” or “bamboozled” or is doing some sort of extremely clever triple bankshot to some ulterior agenda but really don’t want what the current year left is visibly selling…time to give all that speculation a retirement home next to Trump himself. I think the empirical electoral evidence combined with the eye test and the common sense test and also Occam’s Razor, is proving that nobody has been fooled or bamboozled, and this is not some sort of genius jitz to something else. It’s what they want, straight up, plain as the nose on your face, as advertised, no subterfuge. They really do believe and want this ish.

  2. I know Good Whites and have a few in my family. At least among the ones that I know, they have fewer children than Bad Whites, if they have any at all, which is a good thing.

    • Until the media and education system are cleansed, there will always be more to replace them.

      • “Until the media and education system are cleanse”

        I think digital media is pulling people away from the conventional corporate media. The public schools are too toxic, they should be replaced by tutors and e-learning.

  3. Even though it has the post about race traitors from yesterday, just who elected these eugenicists that would make Margaret Sanger proud?
    Their omnicide wet dreams have grown megalomaniacal and threaten us all, even the diversity pet mud races.

  4. Well, one thing thing is working for us. These bubbleheads don’t have much children. While the “bad whites” do. Just the Amish alone double their population every 20 years. Religious whites have many more children than Leftists too. We aren’t going extinct. But I’ll bet his bunch of losers does, eventually. He can live up to his own ideology.

  5. If all the whites in the world were to go extinct the Orientals would gradually withdraw into their feudal kingdoms and revert to a 14th century mode of living; the Negro population would be decimated because with no white medical and agricultural technology to support them they would simply eat each other; The Turks and Pakis would be forced to return to their respective homelands because there wouldn’t be any more Europeans around to give them welfare, white girls to rape and subsidized housing; the Hindoos would go back to India to worship rats, starving cows and monkeys; And North America would quickly revert to the primeval wilderness it was 1000 years ago. The Earth’s human population would drop to around 500 – 700 million within a few decades. And most of those people would be living in abject squalor and savagery. But in their primitive, superstitious ignorance they would be happy and free.

    • Spahnranch1970

      That’s a NOPE, NOPE and NOPE

      All people want access to fresh water, even low IQ peoples. Most all those people would want to live by the North American Great Lakes instead of deserts in the Sudan.

  6. Les knight, good example of how depraved men, even educated men, affluent men, without any faith, can be, so he want’s those whom we love too die, we will see Mr.knight, who receive’s life Eternal and who doesn’t, ……

    • My actual view:

      White people who are anti-White are the biggest obstacle to White Nationalism. It is impractical, impossible and undesirable to create a White ethnostate that includes those people

      • >White people who are anti-White are the biggest obstacle to White Nationalism.

        You’re innumerate — they are a distinct minority — also see my previous comment (link) about their ‘anti-whiteness’ being a recently induced phenomenon, and hence remediable, as opposed to racial differences and animosity, which are natural products of human evolution, and therefore irremediable; they have been present throughout human social existence, hence the tribal and racial struggle to acquire and defend living space.

        At this point, I think you’d say just about anything, no matter how ludicrous, in an attempt to justify your own indefensible political compromises.

        And the character you profile here belongs to the freakish fringe — he is so fringe he’s not even at all representative of ‘badwhites’

        • Unfortunately, this distinct minority is powerful enough and outright controls enough states to make reforming the system nearly impossible. I’m innumerate. I’m unable to count the 50 Democrats that represent these people in the Senate. That’s only a small problem. Oh, and this guy belongs to only a small freakish fringe. It is not like he represents the sort of people who dominate the entire state of Oregon.

          • @eah anti-whiteness of “good whites or woke whites” is NOT a remediable phenomenon. This people are in istitutions, universities, in any sort of power. They destroy culture, they destroy family, they destroy traditions and also (with gender) they destroy biology. They can be white, but of they’re woke they are trash.

          • Don’t double-down when you’re wrong. The NW corner of Oregon is blue…the rest of the state is red.

          • You’re innumerate and dishonest.

            Let’s review what you wrote, which is what I excerpted and responded to: ‘White people who are anti-White …’ — however you might detect or measure ‘anti-whiteness’ among them, Whites who are anti-white are a distinct minority — or are you actually going to tell me that a majority of Whites are anti-white?

            I do not recall anti-whiteness being on the ballot in e.g. Oregon — there are Whites in Oregon who vote for Democrats, they don’t vote for anti-whiteness — in fact, when Whites have a chance to explicitly vote on policies that negatively impact Whites, like affirmative action, they typically reject it — e.g. voters in California banned affirmative action by a large margin, and in 2020 upheld that ban, also by a large margin (2020 California Proposition 16) — note polling indicated Whites were the only racial group where a majority clearly opposed lifting the ban.

            As someone who generally prefers Republicans, you ought to think more about why Whites in Oregon (and elsewhere) vote for Democrats — because I do not think it is due to those white voters being anti-white.

            You not infrequently state here that you are ‘pro-white’ — several times I have asked you to explain exactly how you are ‘pro-white’, but I do not recall ever getting an answer — of course the point of the question is to point out that rejecting White Nationalism is about as anti-white as you can get, and anything ‘pro-white’ about you (as you see it) cannot compensate for your rejection of White Nationalism.

            Finally, I notice that you don’t dispute my assertion that e.g. anti-racist behavior on the part of Whites, which while not explicitly anti-white is definitely harmful to the group self-interest of Whites, was relatively recently induced and is clearly contrary to evolutionary norms, and therefore should be seen as remediable — in fact, you yourself point to recent progress among white voters in facing and talking about difficult topics like race etc.

            So evidence indicates that what you see as anti-whiteness among Whites can definitely be remediated, whereas racial differences and animosity are both natural, evolutionary norms, and cannot be remediated.

          • I’m pro-White, a race realist, a Southern nationalist and a populist. I have a positive sense of White identity. I like White people. I want to see White people succeed. I just don’t assume *all* White people are somehow on my side or that we all belong in the same nation.

            The difference is that I don’t lose my sense of realism when it comes to my own race. There are millions of White people who have a negative sense of White identity. They hate their own race. They don’t support White Nationalism. In fact, they hate people like you and think you are evil. They support anti-White policies and the Great Replacement and vote for Democrats.

            As you have stated many times, those people are a “distinct minority” (who nevertheless are represented by half the Senate) and a small problem and you would include them in your White ethnostate. You never explain how you are going to do this or why that would be desirable to create an ethnostate with people who are hostile to the idea and who support “racial justice.”

            That’s why I don’t support White Nationalism. It is because you have a romanticized image of these people and a hopelessly impractical way of dealing with them that is simply oblivious to their actual beliefs. Those people aren’t getting better. They have gotten worse over the past ten years.

            I honestly don’t wake up on Thanksgiving and think to myself … how can I separate from the United States to live in a paradise with White shitlibs?

        • eah anti-whiteness of “good whites or woke whites” is NOT a remediable phenomenon. This people are in istitutions, universities, in any sort of power. They destroy culture, they destroy family, they destroy traditions and also (with gender) they destroy biology. They can be white, but of they’re woke they are trash.

          • >anti-whiteness … is NOT a remediable phenomenon

            Yes it is — even OD has called himself a ‘neo normie’ because so many ‘normie’ Whites are adopting, or at least considering, views similar to his — have you not seen him say that? — doesn’t that mean ‘normie’ behavior among Whites is remediable? — yes, it does.

            Any phenomenon as recent and contrary to their own individual and group self-interest as anti-racism among Whites, behavior which OD for his own rhetorical reasons likes to call ‘anti-White’, although as I point out here it really isn’t (there are probably a very small number of Whites whose views might be described as ‘anti-White’), is definitely remediable — that should be obvious.

            WLP used to often say it was all being driven by Jewish control of the media, and that is definitely part of the problem — Kevin MacDonald has also written about the nature of this problem.

          • By recent, you mean steadily getting worse over the last two centuries and rapidly accelerating after WW2 before going vertical in the last three years. The problem has been around for as long as this country has existed

        • @eah a lot of whites (leftists white) refuse to celebrate christmas on the schools because It ‘s a bigotry fest according to them. A lot of white were around the monuments, kicking those monuments. A lot of whites continue to push the gender theory, even on the children. You said that now a lot of whites are flipping on our side but i can tell you that others (i mean the former “white suprematists”) are flipping on the other side.

  7. That sort of reminded me of the Zero Growth Population movement in the severities. think it originated with Paul Ehrlich. It also remined me of the World Without People series the History channel (I think it was them) did where it surveyed how long cities would exist without people, what monuments would be left 1000 years later, what would happen to our pets, and so forth. Apparently, Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore would endure the longest.

  8. I’d rather consciously improve ourselves to the point we are high enough beings to be able to preserve this planet and eventually expand beyond it.

  9. This guy is just a clown seeking attention and apparently someone in clownworld has given it to him. It’s certainly true that people who are destructive to society, and cause chaos, should be eliminated.

  10. The ‘whites’ who should voluntarily Extinguish themselves have last names that end in ‘-berg, -witz, and -stein.’

    I’m sure we could all agree that they should be the first go to.
    If you disagree, then you take their place.
    Either way, the Final Solution must happen….

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