Counter-Currents: American Renaissance 2022

I attended the Amren conference.

I saw Zman’s speech and mostly disagreed with it.


“But my fears were unfounded — and I should have realized this from the get-go — for our people are far too savvy to believe that the Republicans are going to save us. And many of us believe that working within the present political system at all is futile. This was the view taken by the conference’s first speaker, Christopher Zeeman, popularly known as “The Zman.” The title of his talk, “What is to be Done?” was borrowed from Lenin (who himself borrowed it from elsewhere). None of us, The Zman asserted, will get what we want from the current system. We should not think of ourselves as “conservatives,” because there is nothing in this society left to conserve. We are not, he said, part of a “great silent majority.” Instead, we are a minority of dissidents, of revolutionaries who need to sweep the present system away. In preparation for this, he advised us to engage in “networking” — not virtual networking, online, but networking in person and locally. However, he also cautioned that one of the Right’s major problems is with presentation; we very often present ourselves badly.

The Zman was not the only speaker to talk of revolution and of the futility of reforming the present system. Nor was he the only speaker to insist that white people must form racially conscious, local communities. Such sentiments were expressed again and again, and I got the distinct impression that these were, in fact, the views of the majority of attendees. In what follows I am going to focus primarily on the presentations that contained some common themes, the variations on which were very interesting. …

Hood’s own conception of what “binding together” would mean was not unlike The Zman’s: forming real ties in real, local communities. “We are citizens of this unknown ideal,” he said. But Hood also stressed a vision of the white race’s mission that is at least as old as Fichte’s Addresses to the German Nation: the idea that it is principally whites that make possible civilization, and the other nations depend upon us. This idea was happily endorsed in a question period later in the conference by an attendee whose ancestors came from the Indian subcontinent. …”

Are we a tiny minority of dissidents and revolutionaries?

While I agree that we are not part of a “great silent majority,” I don’t believe the “Alt-Right” or “Dissident Right” really makes sense anymore and that we should move on from that way of thinking. Is there really a huge difference between the “Dissident Right” and “Populist Right” in 2022?

If so, what is the difference? Is it opposing American support for the war in Ukraine? Is it supporting immigration restriction, mass deportations, an immigration moratorium and other draconian immigration policies? Is it opposing COVID restrictions? Is it a sense that White people are besieged on all sides and being dispossessed in their own country? Is it a sense that the system is rigged in favor of non-Whites? Is it male resentment of feminism? Is it supporting, say, an industrial policy or a nationalist trade policy? Is it supporting secession or a National Divorce? Is it identifying as a “nationalist” instead of a “conservative”? Is it supporting even a violent revolution to overthrow the existing system and government?

What’s the difference between Zman’s speech at Amren and a recent article in The Federalist by John Daniel Davison? The only thing that comes to mind is that conservatives are still gun shy when it comes to talking candidly about Jews, but so is Zman and Amren and much of the Dissident Right. There are also more Christian nationalists bugging out to places like Moscow, ID than White Nationalists. Conservatives also migrated en masse to Florida to escape the COVID tyranny.

Is the GOP going to save us? Are we going to reform the system? Probably not, but millions of conservatives feel the same way and have lost faith in the system and continue voting anyway. Most still believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Americans overwhelmingly believe the system is rigged against them. 44% of Americans and over half of Republicans believe a secret cabal controls the government. We’re hardly the only people in the country who don’t trust the GOP.

I think we are clinging to this self image that we have of ourselves as being underground radicals and revolutionaries which is out of date. It was still true a decade ago. Normal people have radicalized over the past several years though. It was normal White people who were behind the “January 6th insurrection” while White Nationalists mostly stayed at home that day to avoid FBI entrapment.

We don’t need to form intentional communities because our views are now popular and widespread in large swathes of the country especially here in the South. Instead of identifying as “radicals” and “dissidents” and drawing distinctions where there is no substantive difference anymore between our views and radicalized conservatives, it makes more sense to downplay those differences and stress what we have in common now. Those differences are fading away under the Joe Biden presidency.

The trajectory of Antifa is a good example of this. They used to be our enemy. At the time of Charlottesville, the vast majority of conservatives were confused and had never heard of these people. Now, pretty much everyone on the Right agrees that Antifa are their enemy. “Journalists” are also seen as the enemy. They used to be our enemy, but now “The Free Press” is banned from ordinary campaign stops.

I probably have a different sense of this because I live in Alabama and the most sweeping change has been among White evangelical Protestants. It has only gotten worse in Libtard Country. Those people have only gotten more lost and delusional over the past decade. If you live among the GoodWhites, I can understand why you are so pessimistic and if I lived there I would be too.


  1. Ron DeSantis accused of taking part in torture of prisoners when he was a young US military legal officer at Guantanamo, circa 2006

    testimony by former Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi

  2. The dissident right? Bwahaha!
    Thanks I needed a good laugh.
    Jonny Blog speaks for himself just like Depeche Mode fanboy Richard Spencer.
    Wotan has no sympathy for any who cannot stand alone.

  3. I agree. I see more discussion about everything, even the Jewish question, online, and locally than I ever saw before. Their We’re I live, southern Mo. watching what happens in blue states is like watching a news report about some far away land. People who live in blue states must really feel frustrated.

  4. Has Twitter restored Jared Taylor’s account?

    When it comes to freedom of speech Twitter 2.0 has been poor. No Alex Jones**

    Where is Taylor and David Duke?

    Amren conferences were actually aired in CSPAN back in the 1990s but dude can not get back in Twitter 2.0

    With Duke he was an elected official so should obviously have his 1at amendment rights restored. They let Farrakhan & Supreme Leader Khanemei on there talking about Israel all the time.

    **Convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal used to do a radio broadcast from his prison cell, but Alex ‘Bull Dog’ Jones, whose case is in appeal, is still censored.

  5. As good as a guy like Desantis is compared to Joe Biden or Jeb Bush, he’s not a white or even a Christian nationalist but a civic and economic nationalist, at best, he’s not gonna restrict nonwhites or even nonChristians from migrating to America, just tighten border security a bit and deport a few illegals.
    He’s not gonna do much, if anything culturally and socioeconomically to reverse the white birthrate either so we’re having at least 2.1 kids per woman.
    The bottom line is the genocide of whites will continue under his rule.

    Desantis represents the contemporary mainstream American right, and he and the rest of the republicans aren’t nearly enough.
    We need someone at least as good as Viktor Orban, and we may never get them.
    And to make matters worse, dems have gone in the opposite direction, they’re outright globalists now, and they appear to be just as popular as ever.

    White Christian nationalists are still a fringe minority, what happened was the republican establishment moved away from neoconservatism/neoliberalism, a bit, to national conservatism, a bit, it’s a step in the right direction, but still nowhere near what we need from the republican party, the genocide of whites and our civilization will continue.
    A lukewarm, multiethnic national conservatism, while better than globalism, is still insufficient.

  6. At the end of the day, guys like Dump, Desantis and co are still neoliberal Zionists who mostly care about corporate profits and tax cuts, they are marginally better than your Bushs, Cheynes, McCains and Romneys, but that ain’t saying much, we still have a long way to go.
    The best you can say about them is they’re staunchly opposed to more woke social engineering, whereas the old neoliberal establishment were mostly content to let the woke left run amok.

  7. If would be funny to watch Dump and DeSantis debate one another over Israel and which one will do the most for them.

    • One might as well travel to Greg Johnson’s hometown of San Franshitsco and attend a fellation contest betwixt drag-queens. Maybe they could toss in John Hagee for a trifecta schlomo-schlong BJ.

  8. The west has two religions.
    On the left, we have the religion of woke/neoMarxism, which’s a suicide/death cult, on the right, we have the religion of the market, the sacred market, which’s a religion of materialism and greed.
    It’s neoliberal crony capitalism as opposed to classical liberalism.
    You cannot build a sustainable civilization on either of these two religions, really it’s amazing we’ve done as well as we have for as long, it’s only a matter of time before our civilization implodes.

    What’s my religion?
    I believe in two things.
    One, forbid nonwhites from migrating to white countries.
    Two, do WHATEVER it takes to get the white birthrate to 2.1+ children per woman, markets and individual liberty be damned.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fascist, I think markets and individual liberty are both intrinsically and extrinsically valuable, just not more valuable than the preservation of our race.
    Insofar as markets and individual liberty conflict with the preservation of our race they need to be jettisoned, where they’re compatible, they can continue to exist.

    Until our civilization adopts my religion it will inevitably go the way of the dinosaur, a civilization cannot put corporate profits on the one hand or anti-racism/feminism/LGBT/climate worship on the other ahead of its very survival, it’s elementary, and speaks to how decadent we’ve become.
    Both the left, and the right are two forms of extreme decadence.
    Until the right does away with this market fetishism, it has no long-term future, it is committing suicide.

  9. We have to have a real-world presence. We have groups that are producing fantastic videos, podcasts, websites, and books. But few, if any, have any brick-and-mortar headquarters in the real world. (I can think of two groups that do have a real offline presence including meetings hall, one is in Tenn., the other is in Alabama.) We do need meeting halls where we can have social and political get togethers and build the racial community in real time, not just on the internet. There will be a time in which hotels will not rent to us. We may even be banned from the internet in its entirety.

    • Whitewash Revolutionary, “meeting hall’s”, Better too be mobile, large tenting, like the kind used in outdoor revival services, Drone patrol’s, security provided, think lean, tactical, outdoor oratory, Southern Holy Ghost Army, in the field, you are on the right track, whitewash my man, just needs a little Tactical tweaking, We need too keep talking about this,”Babylon” is soon too fall, we must acknowledge that…

  10. I was pleased to read of Hunter’s trip to the Amren conference. I always wanted to go to them, but just haven’t. I discovered Amren in the midninesies and subscribed to their journal in the days before we lacked the Internet. I feel Amren is a good starter for WN. You get to hear of race discussed in a frank way it never is in society, and there were lots of historical articles and first hand accounts of race. I think a deficiency in Amren is that it never talks about jews. I believe there used to a rabbi on the staff. However, in recent years even Amren talks about Jews, much more so than it did when I first knew it.
    Amren is informative and gives you the sense of organization, but then, as is usually the case, you sense nothing happens except to “educate” people, and it becomes circular.
    Then, I discovered William Pierce and others, and after getting a more frank discussion of the situation, race, Jews, and deep state, it makes Amren seem a little rinkydink…one of those complaining clubs Dr. Pierce wrote about. One WN, before he died, said he met Jared Taylor, got along with him and liked him, but said Taylor was on the CIA payroll. True or not? As I said, Amren does a service, but it seems to only go so far.

    I also wanted to submit pieces, but seem to get stonewalled by them. I sense Amren is a tight little group that wants to keep it that way. I’m not really bothered by this, but think it’s a shame Amren doesn’t become more aggressive in publicity, but they do what they can.
    I am glad Hunter got to meet Gregory Hood and others. Years ago, Sam Francis was a big attendee at their conventions.
    I also think Nashville would be a conducive place to meet, as would much of the South. The themes Hunter keeps repeating about southern unity strike a familiar third. I live in Missouri, in St. Louis to be exact. It’s so damned blue and corrupt. I do social dancing, but here it’s still banned unless you have proof of vaccination and wear a mask. When I drive 100 miles south to Rolla, no one cares about that. You might as well be in a different country. I look at Hunter’s recent maps of evangelicals and the south, and see it as the possible place of refuge for the last Americans.

    As for the Estonian’s appearance, I’m reminded what Bill O’Reilly said that hate is the true, basic, prime emotion guiding anyone. There are so many people who simply hate Russia and despise it that they’ll do anything to do that, and to hell with the consequences. Perfect molding ground for the CIA and other fingers of our state to take root.

    A growing number of people seem more aware of this than a few years ago, and that gives us hope.

  11. In preparation for a meeting, I interviewed my mother about her experiences trying to fight explicit, perverse and explicit sexual material. This was about thirty years ago, in a Catholic school. They had the police, newspapers involved. It didn’t work out.
    The teachers continues giving “humorous” sexually themed quiz games in the late 80, and shown shown illustrated depictions of an orgasm. Now those kids will soon be training their student’s pupils. Count on it: This is only going to get worse without push-back. LGBT is inevitably coming after the children. Intercepting sexuality at its early stages is important for inducing gender dysphoria etc.

    Simply accreting around like-minded souls is self-limiting. Even if one can’t see eye to eye with the populists. Noticing is happening at a level I’ve never seen before. I believe that comes from the mainstream populists.

  12. Meeting hall’s sounds.stuffy country clubish, outdoors, tactical, sportsmen friendly, presentation, good presentation is everything, our “Soldiery”would be drawn too this, leadership, idea’s, organization, planning is required……Shall we get started? ……..
    It requires the Lord’s guidance………it begins with prayer, on this American day of Thanksgiving………

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