1. The liberals hate Thanksgiving because of Charlie Brown skit type impressions of it being 1st graders sitting down with construction paper pilgrim hats and construction paper Indian feather headdresses in a 50s type feel good harmless national holiday. Everything the left so hates about America.

  2. Thanksgiving turned into another money making enterprise. Restaurants used to be closed on that day so families could be together but not anymore. They’re raking in the profits.

  3. This is fucking gay. He may as well do Fash the Nation tier “Jewish origins of X” podcasts and let Mike Enoch break into the discussion ever 5 minutes to ramble about poorly fitted doors, incinerator theory, and prussian blue in tge walls of the shower rooms at aushwitz or other dumb shit nobody cares about.

    White people like thanksgiving. Fuck this guy. I’m gonna have some pie.

    • Yep. Pretty weak sauce to denigrate a holiday that brings families together. It’s the best feast of the year. Who gives a damn about how it started. As was pointed out above, you guys gonna stop celebrating Christmas and Easter because they are pagan in origin?

      • “Who gives a damn about how it started.”

        It does if Southerners desire to be free from the chains of the Judeo-Yankee Empire. If we are to be free, we must first root out all forms of Northernisms. And modern Thanksgiving is just that along with the star-spangled Yankee Rag and “Pledge of Allegiance.”

        • Yeah, stop celebrating a holiday where you gather with your family and have a wonderful meal. I’m sure that will free us all.

    • The amount of Yankees butthurt over this video proves an undeniable fact that they are almost, if not worse than heebs themselves.

      • @Joe Rebel – Your post is a perfect example of anti-White pathology in White people. Do you live in the Antebellum South? No, you don’t — because it doesn’t exist any longer. You are an honorary “Yankee” yourself. (As for the “heeb” part of you, who can say?)

  4. Here’s a different perspective. I don’t care if jewish Eskimos invented Thanksgiving. My family and I have taken it over and made it our own. To what end? I’ll answer that question with another question – the same question I used to rub people’s nose in when I was still working – Whom are we thanking at Thanksgiving? Obama? Bush? Trump? Oprah? Any other celebrity you’d care to name? Our men who serve in the military? Healthcare professionals? Any other hero? No, we are thanking God for the numerous blessings He’s bestowed on all of us, especially if we live in the USA, whether it’s for food, clothing or shelter. And one more important thing to be thankful for – God’s displayed His infinite patience with the citizens of the USA even though our nation has abortion, with over 40+ million killed, and a nation that bombs and destroys so many peoples around the world. We can all blame the Jews for that but, sorry, it’s mainly White men in the military who do the dirty work. But God is also just; there will eventually be a chastisement.
    As I understand, Thanksgiving is becoming yet even more secularized. Since the 20 and 30 somethings apparently are more likely to spend time with friends than relatives, it’s now being called “Friendsgiving”, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. No, for me and mine, it’s Thanksgiving – to give thanks to God and to celebrate all the blessings He has bestowed on us.

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