• if I get unbanned I’ll be surprised but as you said, it won’t last long, especially if you mention the protected races and that’s without code words.

      • >rebanned

        Why would you be banned? — are you unable to muster and exercise enough self-discipline to be a strategic user of social media in the same way you are a strategic voter?

        Here’s a screen cap of a tweet from the (now deleted but not ‘suspended’) account I mentioned before (I saw it on Gab again recently):

        linkJews have two labels for you: ‘White supremacist’ if they notice your in-group favoritism — ‘anti-Semite’ if you notice their in-group favoritism’

        Again: this account was not banned, and I never saw it put into Twitter jail.

        This kind of thing can be very effective in getting others to notice the double standard.

        You can stay within the rules and still post effectively: no slurs on your timeline, no invective, be careful of pejorative rhetoric when talking about a protected group.

        It’s not difficult.

        • It has nothing to do with the rules. Half the accounts I have created there were banned before I posted anything at all

          • >banned before I posted anything at all

            Maybe that was due to the rule about attempting to evade a permanent ‘suspension’ — ?

            >It has nothing to do with the rules.

            Before, yes — as I’ve said, the ToS were absurd, subjective, biased as hell, and arbitrarily enforced — perhaps that’s not so anymore — anyway, the point is that if you were a strategic user of social media it would increase your reach.

            I concede Musk seems unpredictable and clownish at times, someone who does not appear to be completely trustworthy:

            Twitter/Ian Miles CheongTwitter now has a new policy against Holocaust denial, 9/11 denial, or Sandy Hook denial. Thanks for adding this

            Another ‘conservative’ who’s in favor of censorship as long as the things he wants to censor are censored.

            Oddly, pre-Musk I saw ‘Holocaust’ skepticism on Twitter — it did not seem to result in a ban, or even a Twitter jail sentence — undermining the ‘Holocaust’ extermination narrative is important to undermining Jewish power and influence — perhaps it will still be OK to point out how wallowing in their (alleged) ‘Holocaust’ victimhood is one way Jews attempt to control the goyim.

          • Once again, you can’t be a “strategic user of social media” when the ADL has you on a black list and your accounts are automatically suspended. It has nothing to do with what I was posting. I never used YouTube for anything but watching recipe videos. I didn’t produce content. I was banned from there. I was also banned from Facebook which I hadn’t used for years. I have had dozens of Twitter accounts banned before I tweeted anything. It has nothing to do with TOS. They just ban people who are on the list.

          • @ Hunter Wallace NOVEMBER 25, 2022 AT 11:32 AM

            >Once again, you can’t be a “strategic user of social media” …

            Wait, what? — you mean you can’t be a strategic user of Twitter if you’re not on Twitter?! — I never thought of that.

            If there’s going to be an ‘amnesty’, presumably Musk will get rid of any list, and/or stop paying attention to the ADL’s little list — I hear he and the ADL are not best buddies.

            And not being a White Nationalist anymore has got to be worth a few brownie points — you’ve seen the error or your ways, and are now reformed — a selling point is that you could then join the Ramzpauls of the world by fighting the good fight against White Nationalists and Nazis.

          • We shall see.

            As for not identifying as a White Nationalist, you know my opinion on that subject. White libtards aren’t getting any better. Those people have only gotten worse and more hostile to White Nationalism over the past twenty years. Creating a White ethnostate that incorporates those people is a non-starter. It is also undesirable. In order to entertain this notion, you have to ignore what these people actually believe about race and focus solely on the fact that they happen to be White and ignore their animosity toward you

  1. Lots of criticism of Elon but ask yourself, is 50% of something with Elon better than 100% of nothing without him?

    • If he follows through on unbanning everyone, I will be pleasantly surprised. You never know what Elon is going to do

  2. You might be interested in knowing that currently there are several high profile Antifa accounts which have been suspended in the last two days. Antifa is equating Musk’s Twitter to Gab and seem to be panicked. They’re accusing Andy Ngo of collaborating with Musk to ban Chad Loder.

    Interesting days ahead.

      • The problem with Loder and many others like him is that he hasn’t had the fucking shit kicked out of him — that kind of deserved male corrective justice used to be common, causing a lot of guys to think twice or three times about what they were about to say or do, but is now largely absent in today’s feminized culture of ‘microagressions’, tolerance for all kinds of malign behavior and sexual perversion, etc.

        One reason I talk about women, the influence of them and their sensibilities on society, how they are temperamentally unsuitable for leadership, etc, is that yielding to them and granting them authority has far-reaching consequences.

        The declining rate of male participation in HS sports is one proxy for the general and generally harmful decline of manliness in American society:

        Examining the Decade-Long Trends in High School Sports Participation

        Title IX, which diverted a lot of money from male to female sports programs, has also played a role.

  3. Yes, even if he only goes 3/4 off the way to what we would like, it’s still an enormous improvement. I’d rather have half a loaf, than no life at all.

  4. OT

    Note this tweet from the tweeter known as Ramzpaul (I always found him to be a dork):

    Twitter/RamzpaulSadly, it is almost impossible to sue for defamation. Else I would sue you and the SPLC. For years I have created videos opposing White nationalism and Nazism. But if you think White people have the right to life, you are forever defamed as a “Nazi.”

    I’ve seen some of his videos, the last time probably a couple of years ago now, but I never saw him say anything against White Nationalism (or Nazis for that matter) — I know he appeared and spoke at e.g. conferences organized by Frodi Midjord — so what was and is the point of all his ‘activism’ if he’s just going to disavow White Nationalism? — if he is willing to acquiesce in the demographic dispossession of white countries, and the political subjugation of white people? — all of that is OK as long as the optics on the Right are good?

    He’s apparently too stupid to realize that they’re going to treat you like a Nazi anyway; he seems surprised about it.

    I never went in for the ‘white genocide’ rhetoric — lately however I see their point: viewed metaphorically (or politically) rather than literally, it is the destruction of Whites as an intact, generationally coherent, self-governing racial population group.

  5. Yeah, but you won’t be able to say “nigger” though. 🙁 Being a hater and a nazi, White privileged and White supremacist, in the supremacist slave owner antisemitic sort of way, Nigger is part of my everyday speech pattern and I say nigger at least a thousand times a day, if I’m not saying porch monkey, chimp, silverback, dindu, or sheboon. I won’t be able to correct myself because my backspace key doesn’t work on my PC, and Elon will ban me in no time for sure. I’ll look for yall’s comments though. You can be sure of that!

  6. Here’s how the UN defines genocide:

    Killing members of the group;

    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Seems to me that White Nationalists or pro-White activists who refer to the destruction of Whites as White genocide are 100% correct.

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