1. It’s going to take a lot to make the vax true believers admit they were wrong. I’m sure some of them never will.

  2. There’s a real surprise. Two in my family alone were affected. One dead and the other in a nursing home from blood clots. The shot did what it was supposed to do, main and kill off the gullible.

    • @John – Some medical journal is now purporting that the reason people died from blood clots after getting the shot (they now admit that part anyway), is because of the stress and strain put on their cardiovascular system, which was caused by the mental stress created by all those evil people who spread “misinformation” and fear-mongering about the COVID shot — not the shot itself! You see, it caused their blood vessels to constrict as they were getting the injection — and thus, the blood clots.

      You just can’t make this stuff up!

  3. “Most COVID Deaths Are Now Vaccinated”

    That tells nearly nothing, without knowing the total numbers of vaxed and unvaxed and the age distributions.

    • @Arrian…

      No one will EVER know the real number of what has happened to who.

      Too much corruption and subterfuge.

    • You don’t have to be anti-vaxxer to be against Jewish owned pharmaceutical companies. I stopped talking any sort of vaccines many years ago after they were caught contaminating the swine flu vaccine with bird flu;. And they were caught. A big batch went to eastern Europe and by chance a tech tested them on test ferrets and they all died. Confirmed contamination with bird flu that can kill you.



      According to the regulations, it should be 100% impossible for these to be mixed. Not even remotely possible. Professor Joseph Moshe Microbiologist called in to a live radio show by Dr. A. True Ott broadcast on Republic Broadcasting claiming to be a microbiologist who wanted to supply evidence to a States Attorney regarding tainted H1N1 Swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma Solutions. He said that Baxter’s Ukrainian lab was in fact producing a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine contained an adjuvant (additive) designed to weaken the immune system, and replicated RNA from the virus responsible for the 1918 pandemic Spanish flu, causing global sickness and mass death. The next day (August 14 2009), he was arrested by a SWAT team, hit with tear gas and EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) and Microwave gun, which disabled all his electronics in his car, as well as cellphone. Then they had a robot tear off his car window and then they tasered him. The media reported him as “a man suspected of making threats against the White House”. You can find plenty of live videos from swat attacking his car. I haven’t heard one word about him since.

      Joseph Moshe arrested for predicting Baxter bioweapon outbreak mutated H1N1 flu in Ukraine


      They said, get this, the threatened President Obama and I have not heard a single word about him since. MY belief is that they have been spiking the vaccines for a long time.

      “…Medics in Congo treating Ebola attacked and driven out of a village…”

      Maybe these people are perfectly rational. I saw a video where an African Dr. said that Ebola was starting from the areas where “Western” vaccine testers were. That they were the ones starting the plagues. Now just one African saying this I would pay attention but…maybe it’s not true.

      Evidence shows they did several different trials of spiking in Africa. The Africans said some of them caused sterility. African leaders who made this public were disposed or killed. Now Africans tend to be idiots but not all of them are. Some are and the ones saying these things were doctors and public health officials who appeared to not be fools.


      There’s also a very long video about this by a Nun who was a doctor who explains the whole contaminated swine flu vax deal and how it had to have been purposely contaminated due to the rules and regulations.

      First video in series. Make sure you follow the series by the same poster, as I think some have the same name but different content as you go through the series. So two different posters with different timelines on their identical videos.


      The type vaccine they are using, it really isn’t a vaccine in the traditional sense at all, has been used before for chickens. On chickens it causes the virus to become MORE dangerous instead of stopping it.


      “Pathogenic Priming” This has already happened before. Apparently there a problem with certain viruses that if you take a small portion of it for a vaccine when you get the same illness again it’s actually worse and kills you. Search “Pathogenic priming”. This happened in the Philippines. This says to me that their vaccine they are pushing is frighteningly dangerous to take.




      A vaccine can make a second exposure to a virus very deadly. Much more than the original.



      “…Bill Gate’s former doctor says the billionaire refuses to vaccinate his children…”


      Why are they so obsessed with vaccinating everyone? If your kids are vaccinated they shouldn’t get anything from the ones not vaccinated.

      The real shame of this is I believe in vaccines. Vaccines are excellent health measures. If they are spread out and they use less of the immune system boosters and more of the virus they can be effective without over loading the immune system. I don’t think they can be 100% safe but I bet it could be greatly improved. The problem is the companies and individuals making and promoting these can’t be trusted to make a reasonably safe, effective vaccine. Some of them are downright nefarious and it’s extremely likely that in one case that can be strongly documented they set out to murder people with influenza viruses.

  4. Lost my brother in law two weeks ago because of the vax, he was only 53. His daughter told me he started going downhill right after the shot. Prior to that he was just fine, didn’t drink or smoke, nothing.

  5. If the TV didn’t tell you there was a ‘pandemic’, would’ve you suspected there was one?
    I wouldn’t’ve.
    If the TV didn’t tell you there were more than two genders, would the thought have ever crossed your mind?
    If the TV didn’t tell you about climate change, would you have suspected the climate was alarmingly changing?

    Most of what the MSM reports on is make believe, it is mind control, and nothing more.
    But inflation?
    The shrinking standard of living, the shrinking list of rights and freedoms?
    That I can see.

    And while I can’t see what’s happening in Ukraine, I presume something is happening, but if we didn’t get involved, it wouldn’t affect us.
    Most of the things the ruling class wants us to care about, either don’t exist, or don’t matter.
    They may as well be another species, their interests and values are so alien to ours.

    They did a study on how often politicians listen to the people and the study concluded they do not listen to the people at all, so ‘our democracy’ is mostly, if not wholly illusory.

    • Yes, that totally true. And who is it who controls the content that’s broadcast on the TV. It’s the jews, constantly sowing lies and dysfuntion. By the late 1930s, jews were completing their stranglehold on American culture and communications. Migrating to America and owning film studios, newspapers, and radio networks are what served jewish interests most. Today, every mode of communication, every newspaper, every publishing company, every government official and politician, every TV network, every phony conservative talk show host, every journal, magazine and periodical, every movie on the Silver Screen, every tel-evangelist, every university, every major nation and every word that is allowed to be consumed by the public has been bought and paid for by the highest bidder and the highest bidder is always the jew.

      The antiwhite US government in full collusion with the mainstream media has proven by demonstrating that they can change entirely their reporting from one crisis hoax to the next, in a matter of hours, by their transition from months of stories about the coronavirus hoax to overnight covering the Ukraine war in which they claim that the Ukraine military forces are winning, when in fact they are and have been from the beginning of the conflict, been no competition to the Russians. In the course of a few hours, the fake news media switches the entire public conversation and get the docile and stupid American population to go along with it. These people are so mired in their own lies that they need to compile lies on top of lies in order to justify previous lies.

      Perhaps we could excuse those who came before us due to the difficulty of finding the truth, but today, there are limitless volumes of evidence readily available on the internet so the truth can easily be found and discerned. You only have to seek the truth. Instead, people allow the jews who consciously and deliberately control all information, to do their thinking for them through the endless lies they disseminate, not just on TV, but through their control of government, social media, newpapers, book publishing, Hollywood productions and education, and massive disinformation all across the internet.

    • “If the TV didn’t tell you there was….”

      The cultural and racial decline of America has a direct correlation with the rise of TV. The worst of ppl took control of TV, an amazing invention.


  6. Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country! Get your covid vax and die. It’s the least you can do for your country.

  7. Two of my aunts and uncles have been vaccinated twice and caught Covid. I had a relative die of Covid last year and he had been vaccinated. None of my unvaccinated family/friends have yet caught Covid. I hardly even think about it.

    • I was vaxxed and I got covid earlier this year. It was only bad for a day and a half or so, then more like an average flu. I made a full recovery in a week. I never think about it other than that. Don’t even bother checking covid stats updates anymore.

      It will be very ironic if the anti-vaxxers turn out to be right about this. They were, of course, anti-vaxx way before covid ever became a thing. The effect of their ridiculous pre-covid arguments made me dismiss them as crying wolf yet again when the covid vax came along. (Though we should recall, the wolf in that fable does eventually come….)

      • Silver,

        Glad to hear from you. I keep thinking this Covid thing will die out.

        I am glad you have a good immune system. Being healthy, eating good foods etc. is always beneficial.

      • I suppose that is true for some people, but a lot of us just did a little reading and understood that this “vax” is quite different from actual vaccines. I have no problem with vaccines that use dead or deactivated virus to activate the immune system. They have been proven to work and have essentially eliminated some diseases. The vax does not do that. It manipulates your own RNA which causes your body to produce a protein that it is not supposed to produce, which then causes your immune system to fight against a protein which your own body has been fooled into producing. That is why vaxxer’s immune systems have become weaker, among other problems….their systems are essentially fighting against their own body.

        • @Tikkun…

          I totally agree- the traditional vaccine that produces sleeper cell is a laudable method – the new MRNA is the polar opposite.

    • @Cristina…

      We were not vaccinated and my wife and I have both had it several times, each.

      We treat it with Garlic, Zinc, Oregon Grape, Rose Hips, and Elderberry tea and or capsules, along with a plenty of Vitamin C.

      Cheap and relatively effective treatments long proven by millenia of field experience – with no side effects.

      People are so cut off from tradition that, in many respects, they are helpless in the face of industrial wolves.

  8. The diagnosis of COVID requires use of a test, either the PCR test or e.g. one of the later antigen tests — it’s clear both are inaccurate, delivering a significant number of false positives — in a fairly well-known video, Kary Mullis noted this characteristic of PCR: if you run enough cycles, you will find something — Elon Musk famously tweeted how he was given an antigen test 4x on the same day by a nurse: 2x positive, 2x negative.

    The medical establishment seemed aware of this, which is probably one reason e.g. right in the middle of ‘pandemic’, on the NHS website (UK health system) it said a third of those ‘infected’ with COVID had no symptoms (!).

    The COVID pandemic narrative was held together by testing literally tens of millions of healthy people, many of them repeatedly and regularly (another kind of mandate), then counting every positive result, including the large number of false positives, as a ‘case’.

    For this reason, all of the official data about COVID is suspect — as are all anecdotal claims about having COVID.

  9. I really don’t understand the continuous wu-flu nonsense. It’s over, done, dead. I haven’t had a cold, flu or sniffle since January, 2019 and am a pure blood. Granted, part of it might be due to living in a rural, unpopulated area. But if I came done with something, I wouldn’t go running off to the clinic to get tested. For what reason? I wouldn’t do anything different. So what’s the point of being tested with a very inaccurate test? Just some hot toddies and rest takes care of most anything. Obviously, if it got worse, I’d seek treatment, but just getting tested to see if I have wu-flu? Who cares?

  10. It’s funny how Vladimir was able to suddenly take daily Covid headlines off our screens when he invaded Ukraine, ironically another issue the left and right are predictably divided on.
    Down here, we barely hear of it now, and I don’t think I ever knowingly had it.

  11. My wife and I have spoken out against the vaccine right from the start.

    It was not put through proper trials, and, as this wholesale experimentation on a whole populace shows, it is neither hale nor salutory.

    Okay, many were blustered and panicked into taking one or two of the shots, but, by now, only fools are still choosing to be boosted.

  12. It´s very simple! the vaccine give you the virus!

    You start the virus epedemic and then introduce a shot that will infect the so far uninfected!

    It´s even more evil considering it´s simplicity

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