Kanye and Nick Fuentes Eat Dinner With Trump

UPDATE: Breitbart is freaking out about Trump eating dinner with Fuentes who is a “Holocaust denier.”

I have given Kanye credit for drawing attention to the Jewish Question. I think anything that helps to undermine that taboo by exposing Jewish power and influence is positive. We need to keep trying to move the Overton Window on that issue like we have with other issues.


“Ye said that he thinks Trump was “most perturbed” by him asking the former president to be his VP, but that the former president was “really impressed with Nick Fuentes — and Nick Fuentes, unlike so many of the lawyers and people that he was left with on his 2020 campaign, he’s actually a loyalist.” …

“Nick attended the dinner and sat across from the president. I sat to the president’s right and Ye to his left,” Giorno said. “The president was by himself for dinner but invited Ye to meet some people on the patio.” …

By this point, the whole meeting was becoming a disaster.

“Trump starts getting edgy, antsy, fidgety — and angry. He can’t get them out of there fast enough,” the source said.

“When they get up to leave, there is an enormous line of people who want photos with Ye, and not a single one of them asked for one with Trump alone,” the source said. “Trump was just kind of allowed to join in some of them. By the end, Trump was like, ‘is the car here? Is the car here? Where’s their car?’” …”

At the same time, Kanye is apparently running for president in 2024 and MILO is going to be his campaign manager. He is hanging out with Nick Fuentes in public. He brought Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago to meet Trump who was impressed with him because he is a Trump loyalist.

A few thoughts:

1. Kanye’s presidential campaign isn’t going anywhere. It will just be MILO and Alt-Lite ecelebs grifting off Kanye like maggots as he goes broke.

2. The problem with Trump is that everything he does including running for president in 2024 has always been about Trump. He is a narcissist who surrounds himself with sycophants and flatterers. Trump expects loyalty from others. He isn’t loyal to anyone else. This character flaw derailed his presidency. Trump wants to lockdown influencers like Fuentes to be his cheerleaders in the 2024 primary.

3. The fact that this even happened makes everyone involved look less serious and less likely to defeat Joe Biden in 2024 which is all that really matters.

4. Finally, this is a good career move from Nick. It will elevate him and bring him a larger audience by being associated with Kanye and Trump. I doubt that this will translate into anything beyond that though.

Note: We haven’t seen much winning from the Trump camp in the last three election cycles.


  1. Pardon my French.

    This shit was cute, until it wasn’t.

    And it’s not anymore.

    It totally stopped being cute sixteen days ago.

    I’m starting to think that more and more people are really getting ready and really do want boring.

  2. I do have some sympathy for Trump though. He does have a huge ego, and doesn’t like competition. But all the constant harassment, and attacks by his enemies has left him somewhat paranoid about who’s potentially a rival. The guy has learned he can only trust himself. Everybody, and I mean everybody but his MAGA supporters has tried to bring him down. So I have some empathy for him. I’m not sure he should run again though.

    • I’m not sure he should run again though.

      Do you know of any viable to alternatives to the right of him though? Seems to me, if not Trump, then it’ll be some cuck in MAGA clothing, which is what DeSantis is shaping up to be. I mean, there’s got to be a reason the RINO establishment has okayed DeSantis, and that reason cannot be anything good.

    • Trump interjecting himself at all in politics was a big mistake in the first place. Better for Trump to lay low and let even McConnell/McCarthy approved Republicans win. Yeah, the winners would have to elect the two McMajority Leaders, but only for two years and, in the meantime, he could have quietly recruited those who shared his MAGA philosophy to run in 2024 where many more seats were opening.

      Yes, thanks for the Orange Attention Whore being unable to keep himself out of it long enough for the voters to concentrate on Joe Biden’s disastrous administration, assess the damage and do what they could to remedy it, it definitely looks like this year’s election took us two steps forward, one step backward, BUT…

      Trump did shift the Overton Window enough for regular Normie Conservatives to push back against CRT and the :LBGT grooming agenda and there is growing pushback against the open borders and growing upset over the growing lawlessness. Lee Zeldin may have lost to Kathy Hochul, but had long enough coattails to make many House seats switch to Republican.

      I do think that, much as they would like Ryan, McCarthy and McConnell will not be able to turn the clock back to Bush/McCain Republicanism; there is a growing consensus with the Republicans that they will need to appropriate and run on many of Trump’s ideas if they want their base to show up, i.e. Trumpism Without Trump represented in Ron DeSantis.

      In any case, if Trump could have been reined in by handlers other than Jarvanka, they could have made him see that as a President whose defeat had been widely perceived to be engineered by massive fraud by Dem-E and GOP-E wings, he was in a better position to enforce the Trump-Maga doctrine by making sure a bunch of Trumpian puppets were elected to office. Be the King-Maker he attempted to be with Mitch Romney before he ran for office himself.

      For one thing, I believe that any attempts to prosecute Trump for whatever nonsense they make up would evaporate and he could go back to his businesses. They’d all be too busy trying to keep their grip on power by holding on to their offices.

      Trump’s candidacy would be counterproductive and end in defeat, because he can’t ambush everyone like last time and with the way he threw his own supporters under the bus and even minor members of his administration are up to their eyeballs in debt fending off lawfare suits, it would not only be a waste of time but diminish him completely even among the most diehard of his supporters.

  3. 3. The fact that this even happened makes everyone involved look less serious and less likely to defeat Joe Biden in 2024 which is all that really matters.

    And we thought having Kushner around was bad, lol. Not only is it difficult to discern what the point of this meeting was – what did he think would be gained? – it’s even harder to imagine how anyone could have thought it would go well. Surely there wasn’t any chance that Trump was going to go “death con 3” on the yidz, even if (big if) he secretly harbors “anti-semitic” resentments. If that were the case, why not keep your presidential wannabe hands clean and let Ye and Fuentes do the rabble rousing?

    About the best that can be said is that at least it happened now rather than a year from now.

    • Sheeny, sheeny run for your life! Here comes a nigga with butcher knife!

      Schlomo’s favorite zombie-golem turning upon their owners could be highly entertaining. If the “real jews” go after the “fake jews”, the latter can locate my sympathy under “S” in the dictionary, just under “Schadenfreude”.

      • Just disgraceful the way these fake Jews refuse to listen when POC are trying to talk. My advice: be less Jewish.

    • If I didn’t already know for 6 years that Trump is a self-centered idiot, his overall bewilderment and disorientation would make me believe he’s suffering from oncoming dementia. Judging by all of Trump’s statements praising jews and other nonwhites while President, it seems in hindsight, the guy has no clue Whites have interests and has never personally looked into any matters important to Whites himself.

      • Dump never cared about Whites, he just used them and told them what they wanted to hear to get elected. I’m using the word “them” because I was never one of them. I saw though his con in 2016 when everyone was promoting him.

        How many times after he was selected did he condemn “White” supremacy? Over 100 on all the news channels. Not once did he disavow or condemn the jews that stabbed him in the back, including his daughter and son in law.

        • @John…

          I definitely did not ‘see through’ President Trump in 2016.

          I stand on my principle of trusting any man at his word the first time around.

          That said, I believe you must be careful here, for not only was Candidate Trump somewhat insincere, he faced the greatest resistance any president has faced since Jefferson Davis.

          The United States’ Government tried to destroy his candidacy and presidency – repeatedly!

          Moreover, never forget that any politician on The Right, nowadays, must engage in double-speak, because of the system the Southerners have allowed the New Englanders to allow Jewry to erect.

          (Yes, we in The south are ultimately to blame, because we have known better, and we have known what to do, but, we have lost our spines)

          That said, Trump completely blew open the door on political correctness, and, in so doing, ushered in a new time in history.

          Yes, I remain very disappointed with Trump’s presidency, BUT, it still did more for us than any man’s presidency in many a decade.

          Just his judicial picks, alone, are providing a bulwark against Jew England Yankee World Order insanity.

          All the best to you, Dear John!

  4. Are you not wildly entertained by this wrestling kabuki in third world turd Chiquitastan or FUSA?

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