Joe Biden Vows To Get Rid of Sick Assault Weapons

This is why divided government and gridlock was preferable to Dark Brandon having a Democratic Congress to work with for the next two years. It is far from the only reason. It is nice though to have a major roadblock standing in the way of these people and their agenda.

Even if House Republicans do nothing but suck air and bloviate about Hunter Biden’s laptop for the next two years, that is preferable to having Nancy Pelosi moving an “assault weapons ban” through the House. The only thing Republicans are good for is blocking the ambitions of Democrats.


  1. “Even if House Republicans do nothing but suck air and bloviate about Hunter Biden’s laptop for the next two years, . . . ”

    That is exactly what the useless Republicans will do with Hunter’s laptop. They no more want to turn over rocks to see what slithers out than do the Democrats. Both sides have been taking bribes by the bushel from the same loathsome characters. The Republicans already know what is on Hunter’s laptop and the other two laptops the corrupt FBI also confiscated but haven’t publicly acknowledged.

    The Republicans will focus on the salacious aspects of Hunter’s laptop for shock value and to embarrass the Big Guy, Dementia Joe. They will distract the public with stories (all true) about whores, drugs, burning through millions and dick pics. The part that could topple the whole rotten edifice, the money laundering through Ukraine, Chinese influence peddling and blackmail from The Usual Suspects will go untouched in any serious way.

    The Hunter Biden saga will be: ” . . . a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”

    • Yes. Far too many Repukes like Mittens (and many others) getting kickbacks from the giant self-licking ice-cream cone. Don’t rule out full cooperation with the retarded ventriloquist dummy “administration” on important issues like gun control. One thing about Repukes which is very consistent is that they don’t give a rat’s ass about what their hapless supporters want. They dance solely to their (((donors))) tune, whether its Sam Bankman-Fraud of FTX or Blackrock. As for folks like “Christian Nationalists”, how many billionaires to they have? There’s a reason for that. Despite all retarded boasts about the “free market”, most seem utterly incapable of grasping that there is nothing free about a rigged market.

  2. ” It is nice though to have a major roadblock standing in the way of these people and their agenda.”

    Isn’t that a pathetic state of affairs ?

    We should have a government that is hurling us forward to ever higher forms of civilization. Instead, the best we have is a roadblock to further degeneracy.

    The Framers at least gave us a system to block some of the evil designs of the powerful.


    • True.

      I just think it is important to highlight that there are times when they come in handy. They are useless most of the time due to their lack of a positive agenda, but not completely useless. They block the Democrats from getting their way on their awful agenda simply by physically occupying House and Senate seats.

    • Arrest biden and his puppeteers for sedition and treason for they have invited, facilitated the invasion of FUSA by nearly 6,000,000 enemy invaders !

      FJB and his puppeteers.

  3. Dear Dopey Joe

    The great bulk of gun crimes come from cheap pistols.

    PS. Are you afraid of ‘asault rifles’ because the give the people ‘reach’ ?


  4. Best scenario for our people is gridlock. The GOPe – which still controls the party – will not be allowing that to happen much. Too many retards still listen to (((gaslight media)))’s lie-machine.

    • “Best scenario for our people is gridlock”

      Isn’t that a kick in the face, after millennias of racial struggle to reach this high level of sci/tech to get a leaderless stalemate with the constant anxiety that we’re going retrograde ?


  5. Mexico has a Right to Keep and Bear Arms that was derived from the USA. It is very strictly enforced. There is one gun store run by the Army in Mexico City. It is hard for the average Mexican to get a legal firearm. They can however with perseverance.

    My family has a nice gun collection. I have shot pistols and some rifles for fun. My grandmother remembers quite clearly that before the 1968 gun laws Mexican men in the country openly carrying pistols in small towns and the country. The problem was not with them but in the large cities.

    I support strict gun laws for Mexico. The murder rate went down overall. By the late 1980’s the murder rate was around 8 per 100,000. It had been around 47 per 100k people in the 1940’s without gun control. The cartels then kicked in and it is around 22 murders per 100k.

    I cannot write definitely for the USA but for Mexico? Yes our gun laws have saved many lives overall.

  6. In some all WHITE areas of America the gun murder rate is below 1 per 100,000. Many areas with Constitutional Carry have very low rates of gun murders.


  7. Next on the agenda will be those 30 round magazines I have for my Beretta’s.
    Deer season now. While I don’t hunt, run into a lot of White guys with rifles. Oh, and Michigan has open carry and I’ve got my concealed carry card. Would drive the libtards insane.

  8. There are 3143 counties & parishes in America.
    I read somewhere once that of these 3143 counties, 109 are responsible for 92% of all of Americas gun violence.

    Hey white man, can you guess where those 109 counties/parishes are?

    Well, they are in places like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Oakland, California, and Houston, Texas .. Atlanta, Georgia, or Miami, Florida …..places where white people are very small minorities and have been for decades!!

    Will the Democrats speak about their Negro golem who have created all this violence in our country with ‘evil’ guns?

  9. It’s kinda funny but I don’t hear Joe Biden calling for a ban on “assault” rifles; I hear him calling for the top personnel of the Democratic Party to be outlawed and proscribed.

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