• We can kill corporate money and large bundled PACS. The courts ruled corporations were people so they could give campaign funds but there’s a glitch in their ruling. Tax laws and liability. Corporations have better tax laws than people and they have limited liability. So get the President and/or Congress to sign a decree that corporations that wish to give money will now be taxed as people and have the same liability as people or they can not give money and continue as corporations. This would end corporate campaign funds immediately. None of these guys want to go to jail when they kill people to save a few bucks. I expect that if they called themselves people, we could also tax the various “tax free gifts” that States give to attract corporations. No person can write off “gifts” at the amounts they are getting.

      I cover how we can take over the whole country in a few years time, if we could get some politicians with balls, in a few years time by controlling voting and changing illegal court decisions.


  1. That’s actually a fairly significant slide, if the figures are accurate. If some of the conservative normie types are willing to start acting on this (like not taking your kids to Disney to be leered at by groomers), like at least seriously curtailing TV and media exposure – there could be some actual things start to happen as a result. As with Elon Musk, we’ll see if it actually amounts to anything.

  2. For all their condemnation of fascism the collusion between government and corporations couldn’t be any more indicative of it.

  3. Let them stop watching sportsball, every iteration from college ball on up. And especially college ball. Boycott the SEC and burn all college regalia.

  4. For the life of me, I do not know how anyone ‘Conservative’ or ‘Right’ could be remotely pro-corporate.

    The Far Left gets something that most on The Right still fail to grasp – that The United States’ Government and the Globalist Corporations are one and the same thing.

  5. Conservatism needs to reject neoliberal crony capitalism.
    Neoliberalism isn’t conservatism but a form of liberalism.
    It needs to stand up to the banking and corporate cartels.

    Government shouldn’t be reliant on the private federal reserve, which has no reserves and is a cartel, government should be able to print money when it needs to debt free.
    Of course this won’t be easy, but it has to be done, everyone who’s ever worked for the fed needs to be put behind bars.

    Corporate welfare, tax and regulation loopholes need to be dramatically reduced and vulture capitalism made a crime.
    Immigration, offshoring and outsourcing need to be dramatically reduced and all illegals deported.
    Foreigners shouldn’t be able to buy our land, infrastructure or real estate.

    And we need to look after workers, ensure they have living wages and access to affordable housing, healthcare, postsecondary education and maternity leave.

    Of course we are so very far from achieving any of these objectives.
    It will probably take nothing short of total economic collapse the likes of the great depression for us to dramatically change course, and one appears to be coming by the end of the decade.

    The bottom line is capitalism isn’t bad, the economy cannot be micromanaged by the state, but capitalism needs to be heavily regulated to ensure it benefits the working people of a nation, that’s what real conservatism is.
    Instead what we have today is a capitalism that’s heavily regulated to protect banksters and multinational corporations/globalists.

    Unfortunately both parties are controlled by neoliberals, not fiscal conservatives, nor fiscal progressives.
    The difference between fiscal conservatives and fiscal progressives is the former would take much better care of working citizens as well as orphans, widows, veterans and the elderly, whereas the latter would prop up deadbeats and migrants at society’s expense.

    Conservatives need to realize there’s such a thing as good fiscal intervention, and bad fiscal intervention.

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