Chris Hayes: Why I Want Twitter To Live

It has been five years since I was banned from Twitter.

For those with long memories, it has been five years since the ADL’s Center for Technology & Society opened in November 2017. It has been five years since the ADL seized control of Twitter, the rules were changed and the purges began a month later. My account was one of the first to go.

New York Times:

“If Twitter survives — and I fervently hope it does — its near-death experience has revealed something fundamental about our online lives: the digital spaces of civic life, the “public town square” as Mr. Musk deemed Twitter, have been privatized, to our collective detriment. Before Mr. Musk bought Twitter, its co-founder and former C.E.O. Jack Dorsey said of the platform that no one should own it, that it “wants to be a public good at a protocol level.” …

Suddenly, post-sale, the site felt like a family saying its goodbyes to a beloved but deeply problematic uncle. For a time, the endless fights and insults and conflict seemed to be replaced by warm memories of the funniest, most memorable moments together. Snark gave way to earnestness as people realized that something titanically important had been happening for years on the site that could never quite be replaced. “Say what you will about Elon’s management style,” the writer and podcast host Sam Adler-Bell joked, “but before he took over all you guys posted was ‘ugh another day on this hell site’ and now you’re all like ‘ah twitter the extraordinary place where I met all my best friends, started my career, had sex for the first time.’”

Whatever happens to Twitter, watching Mr. Musk’s reign over it should force us to rebuild the dream of the internet’s founders of a digital commons. Because we’ve had it before, we know we can make a place to connect and learn and argue that no one person owns. We can create a collective digital life that doesn’t depend on mining every nanosecond of our attention for profit.

The world’s most successful capitalist, by at least one measure, has made the most definitive case for rejecting private ownership of the public sphere that we’ve seen in a very long time.

Let that sink in.”

Chris Hayes and his whole class of East Coast PMCs are in mourning.

For five years, these people worked with the ADL and Twitter’s activist employees to censor the internet, silence their opposition and rig the national conversation. They rail against “the billionaire class” above them. They rail against the BadWhites in the Heartland who they see as below them. They were all fine with private ownership of the public sphere a year ago when they were lording over the place.

Nothing has changed at Twitter except Elon now seems bent on bursting their bubble. God forbid … the Democracy Defenders might have to share the public square with the public.


  1. Dorsey still owns around $850 million of the Twit hiveborg.

    “Oh foolish man what can you be made not to believe.”

    Adam Weishaupt, 1776.

  2. As the opposition to The End of History grew, they temporarily suppressed it by burning their institutional power (covid, stolen elections, censorship). It worked for a few years, at a fatal price to both liberalism and democracy.

    Now we are back to a 2015 scenario but much more clearly defined as needing to confront and contain the vile New Religion.

    Let’s put Trump on the general election ballot and further polarization en route to the New Nation.

  3. When you’re receiving this much flak you must be over the target. These MSNBC faggots can’t stand it when they don’t have %100 control of the megaphone %100 of the time. Even %98 control isn’t enough for them.

    They are petrified the Truth will get loose and spread, maybe even wake up the woke idiots who aren’t True Believers, just followers. That is their real fear, the dam starting to crack and they can’t stop it. The vicious anti-White hatred, incredibly dangerous war mongering combined with The Usual Suspects tide of destruction becoming widely known and openly discussed is their nightmare.

    When the economy starts to really fail, probably starting next year the whole Left Wing Establishment/GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire will crumble. It’s too late to stop it now, the destructive policies of the last 90 years or so are finally coming to their natural conclusion. Dementia Joe and his buds will get to be the bag holders for this failure too.

    • 12AX7 I normally agree with most of your astute and well-reasoned arguments but predicting when the final collapse of the GAE is going to take place is impossible, IMO. The ZOG Leviathan might have its head cut off yet continue to live on for decades, in somewhat the same way that the Western Empire limped on long after Odacer proclaimed himself King of Italy in 476.

  4. Re: the homo on MSNBC in the video clip

    These people willfully and knowingly lie. He absolutely knows that he’s not “defending democracy”. He knows that Musk is giving a voice to people who otherwise have no voice. (White people who push against the system). He knows that those voices were being suppressed. He simply doesn’t believe those voices deserve to breathe the same air as him

    These people want to exist in an echo chamber where the most impassioned arguments are centered around the “flat tax” vs “income tax”.

    • The homo you mentioned also doesn’t seem to understand the connection between “democracy” and billionaires having monopolistic control. Democracy is a euphemism for Oligarchy. But perhaps he was being disingenuous?

      That guy is a Real Boomer™ with his Grateful Dead posters on display. I like the Dead’s first three albums but they got less interesting to listen to after the Woodstock/Haight-Ashbury thing was over.

  5. I would love to confront arrogant Establishment assholes like Chrissy Hayes, Mike Pompeo, Bill Krystal and Max Boot on Twitter, a place where they have gone unchallenged for far too long. Maybe they’ll eventually become too uncomfortable and leave for some other platform.

    • They’ll always be welcome on Trump and Jared’s Troof Social. No criticism of the master race allowed there, just as on Twatter.

  6. For whatever it is worth, to all those frustrated as hell with MSNBC, they used to be influential on the political spectrum, but, now they are just a small echo-chamber for the already convinced.

    In my community I cannot think of a single person who watches them.

  7. I am telling you, death threats are constitutionally protected speech, “I will kill you, you miserable dirty______ bastard”, is protected under the constitution. Only actions are punishable under our laws. It was not that long ago when we could say, ” I will kill you” to anybody and everybody including the president, without any sort of repercussions. Not that long ago. It is allowed under our laws. There is no yelling fire in a crowded movie theater acception in the constitution. That is allowed too.

    • >That is allowed too.

      Suggestion: go find a law firm or a lawyer to file suit against §230 of the Communications Decency Act (1996), specifically 230(c)(2), because that’s the law that currently allows social media companies to moderate content:


      Section 230(c)(2) provides ‘Good Samaritan’ protection from civil liability for operators of interactive computer services in the removal or moderation of third-party material they deem obscene or offensive, even of constitutionally protected speech, as long as it is done in good faith.

      If you look into it, you’ll find that the ACLU already won a case against the CDA — they sued because they felt certain aspects of that law related to indecency (pornography etc) were unconstitutional vis-a-vis the First Amendment — SCOTUS agreed.

      Despite complaining for years about content moderation/censorship, no conservative organization has bothered to seriously challenge §230 in an attempt to change the situation — this is why I say liberals and liberal organizations know how to get their way/things done, whereas all conservatives do is whine and ask for donations.

      (Get a Jewish lawyer, not an Irish lawyer.)

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