Politico: Conservative States Are Blocking Trans Medical Care. Families Are Fleeing

Alabama has banned abortion and “gender-affirming care” for minors.


“Over the last few years, multiple GOP-controlled state legislatures have advanced bills that would strip access for children and teens to undergo a gender transition. These pieces of legislation have largely been framed by their sponsors as efforts to protect children from “groomers,” pedophiles and doctors intent on doing irreversible harm to their bodies. Though the bills are focused on minors, they have also created fear and uncertainty among trans adults about whether their care, too, could soon be threatened, since many of the sponsors have rejected the idea that people’s gender identity can be anything other than the sex assigned at birth.

Arkansas, Arizona and Alabama have passed laws limiting or outright banning gender-affirming care for minors, while states including Texas and Florida are using executive actions to pursue similar goals. The Arkansas, Texas and Alabama measures have been blocked or partly blocked in court while legal battles continue. Advocates have also vowed to challenge Arizona’s less sweeping law.

Tennessee has a much narrower state law, enacted in 2021, which bars hormonal treatment for “prepubertal minors.” But since young children generally don’t receive that care, experts said, it doesn’t actually have an impact — although some lawmakers have pushed for more comprehensive legislation blocking gender-affirming care …

“I believe very strongly that if the Good Lord made you a boy, you are a boy, and if he made you a girl, you are a girl,” Alabama’s Republican Gov. Kay Ivey said in a statement when she signed her state’s ban on care into law.

At least 15 other state legislatures are considering proposals for similar restrictions. At the federal level, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has introduced the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act” which would ban federal funding for health plans that cover gender-affirming treatment, prohibit U.S. academia from training doctors in how to provide such care and make it a felony for a doctor to give such care to a minor. It has 49 co-sponsors. It has not yet been heard in the House, but that could change as Republicans take control in that chamber next year. …”

I agree with Gov. Kay Ivey

White Christian Nationalism is strong in my state. I’m not some “extremist” weirdo. Most people here are delighted that we banned it. Obviously, we need to go further and we have the power here to do so.

As I noted earlier this month, most Southern states have Republican trifectas in state governments. Many of those states now have supermajorities like Florida or near supermajorities like North Carolina. Republican-controlled state governments in the South have been wielding power to tackle a wide range of cultural issues from “trans” to abortion to immigration to censorship to BLM riots which are blocked in Congress. These state laws are being challenged in federal court. This is how we got the Dobbs decision which ended Roe and allowed Southern states to ban and restrict abortion.

Note: I decided to vote in the midterms because I really didn’t have any reason to be angry with the Alabama Republicans. The national party is the problem.


  1. This is encouraging news, and it reflects how the country is separating into separate entities. Perhaps the real break-up won’t be over Trump or elections or abortion, but this heinous attempt to geld children. In his analysis of the election, Victor Davis Hanson noted how regions of the country are simply breaking up; how many people are fleeing NY, CA, etc., so it means there will be less chance of a red comeback there. He was astounded a loser like Hechel (?) was elected in NY, but only the faithful are left, so why not?
    It confirms Hunter’s chart of red state blocs coinciding with evangelical strongholds, mostly in the south.
    The question is not how “we” can retake the White House, but how “we” can remain a united bloc that can, eventually, defy federal dictates. Like many, I feel someone like DeSantis is more effective being that then running for president, where the MSM and deep state would eat him alive.

    We jest at Majorie Taylor Greene, but she is on the right side. It’s becoming apparent that there is going to be no compromise on Trans issues. The goals are so much more apparent here than they were in abortion choice. Its mission creep is out in the open.

  2. This issue gets a lot of media attention on the Right because it is so profoundly disturbing not only in and of itself, but also because of how the elites have seemingly gone all-in on it, something that is incomprehensibly bizarre and evil to decent people — having learned the slippery slope lesson from homosexual marriage, concern is justified.

    At the same time it is still a numerically minuscule problem that has been hyped by the media and supported by politicians as part of their campaign to show moral superiority — support for ‘trans rights’, including hormonal and surgical mutilation, is now more or less part of the secular moral canon.

    Even Matt Walsh wildly overestimates the size of the problem:

    linkThis clip is really embarrassing. Walsh has made an intense focus on Trans issues his life’s work, did a whole documentary on the topic, and admits he’s totally clueless about basic data at the core of his entire argument. Resorts to “guessing,” and is off by something like 4000%

  3. Interesting. I disagree with Marjorie Greene on some issues but she has courage. Without backbone no person or cause is worth a peso.

    • “this Irish women”

      Well, since you aren’t man enough to attack Irish men anymore you stoop to attacking Irish women.

      Okay, hibernophobe, just how many non-Irish men/women are involved with this doomer-groomer racket?

      You are the only one to ever to come on this site linking to child porn.

      • @Banned For Life——I told you sexual deviancy like mental illness is a product of inbreeding. And the two groups in America who breed and produce children within their own bloodline are the Jews and the Irish. So it is not hard to ascertain from said reasoning that their are a disproportionate quantity of Jewish and Irish sexual deviants, ie homosexuals, tranny, and pedo types. Sidhbh Gallagher just wants to help her own kind live happier lives. Who could begrudge her for that? You misunderstand me, my remarks are not meant as a slight to the Irish I just want to let people know why things are the way they are. Are we not supposed to see Gods hand in how things are?

        • @RB

          No, incest is not marrying within your own race. The Bible has rules on what is incest and you are smearing entire racial groups with your false religion. You have provided no stats at all to confirm your assertions. In fact one poster pointed out that the English were more prone to engage in homosexual acts in prison than the Irish. You just make “sins” up and condemn the innocent because you obviously have a mental illness.

          You could have condemned a sin without attaching a specific race as if you trying to make that race the “poster child” for the sin you are pointing out. We all condemn the sin but you want to condemn an entire race for that sin. Christ did not come for peace but division not between the races but between members of every individual household. You are singling out the races you hate when all races are guilty of these same sins you are condemning.

          HW allows for free-speech on this site. This is not Twitter. You are free to post whatever you feel is right. And I am free to disagree and counter attack your attacks on the Irish people. Welcome to free-speech “hell”.

          • @Banned For Life—–Are you saying the Irish are a race unto themselves? No more hiding behind your white skin? Your white skin, the shield that allows you to blame your own faults and short coming on an entire group of innocent people who are nothing like you? It is going to take a lot for you to step up and be a man, maybe someday Christ killer. Beg, get down on your knees and beg HW to to make it stop, please make it stop HW, I can not take the slanderous truth one second longer.

          • @RB: “…You misunderstand me, my remarks are not meant as a slight to the Irish…”

            You are a mentally disturbed liar working out of the ADL/SPLC/etc. You can’t even keep your act straight long enough to know whether you are trying to wipe the Irish off the face of the earth or be their ally. Technically we are all Christ killers in that we have sinned which required that Christ come in the flesh and live a sinless life and be slain in our stead so we can be free of our sins. You are accusing me and others of sins based on your wokeism / anti-White hatred / communism / etc. You are not even a male. Pull the beam out of your own eye!

  4. Good, good, GTFO and don’t look back.
    We hate you spiteful mutants to the point of intoxication.
    Your precious mommygov won’t be there but we will be.

  5. More and more we are forced to live in a profoundly evil and abnormal society. When someone is driven over the top by it and goes on a murderous shooting spree, we’re told it’s the fault of “the right” and the NRA.

  6. Did you ever think that we would live in this type of society when you could have this type of surgery in the 1st place? The Drs. that perform these types of surgery’s should lose their medical licenses and parents that let their kids get them should lose them.

    • What type of surgery? Masectomies? Hysterectomies? Testicle removal? Cisgender people forced these surgeries onto trans people in order for them to be accepted as the gender they are. Some trans people want them, others don’t, but for decades they were the only option for trans adults.

      They literally are not giving these surgeries to children. Also, cis people also get surgeries like masectomies and hysterectomies by choice, should doctors performing those have their licenses taken away or should it only be not okay to perform these surgeries on patients providing informed consent if those patients are trans? If the latter, why? What is functionally different from a cis woman removing her uterus because she doesn’t need it and a trans man removing his uterus because he doesn’t need it? Cis people also get those surgeries or have one or both testicles removed as a treatment for cancer. Should cis people not be allowed to be treated for cancer if that treatment aligns with surgeries trans people might get? If a trans person has cancer can they now have the surgery they already wanted to remove it or do they just get to die?

  7. “gender-affirming treatment”

    I despise the Orwellian terms generated by the media. They are designed to corrupt and derail logical thinking.
    Firstly, it’s sex, not gender. Gender is a grammatical attribute.
    Secondly, it is not affirmation it is the renunciation of natures process.

    • Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, expressions and identities of girls, women, boys, men, and gender diverse people. It influences how people perceive themselves and each other, how they act and interact, and the distribution of power and resources in society. Sex refers to biological characteristics. This is not a new thing. The term gender has been used to describe these social constructions since the 1950s at least, but the socially constructed categories the term refers to have existed in a variety of forms throughout the existence of human society. The ancient Egyptians had 3 gender categories, the Hebrews had 6, the Maori have 4. It’s not only trans people who access gender-affirming care, either. Biological men who go on Androgel because they have low T or viagra because they have ED and biological women who get breast implants because they have flat chests are undergoing gender-affirming care because they are taking steps to feel more/be perceived to be more masculine/feminine. Gender roles are not based in nature’s processes, as evidenced by the fact that different cultures throughout history have had different numbers of genders and those genders have had different expectations and roles within their cultures. Just because you don’t know about a thing doesn’t mean it’s illogical. It’s not even all that complicated.

      • That’s a lot of words for “I’m mentally ill, but my mental illness needs to be celebrated by everybody.”

        • @Silver…

          “That’s a lot of words for “I’m mentally ill, but my mental illness needs to be celebrated by everybody.””

          Wow is trying to find the deepest fulfillment in a life without Chryst – a life in which he/she is his/her own highest ideal, and, thus, spends his/her whole life obsessing on transforming himself/herself, for herself/himself’s sake.

          That’s the genius of the dæmonic delusion – to fixate you on a path that will, in the end, be utterly barren, because it is built on man-made constructs.

          That´s what this culture does – promote webs of Satan to permanently entrap the lost.

          It’s very very say, to say the least.

  8. Just contrast the gender policy with how kids are treated should they seek something mundane like a nose job, liposuction, or a tattoo. You can’t do this if you’re under 18 and no ethical person would go ahead and preform the procedure. Even more jarring is the fact that 80% of these gender issues are now coming from neurotic teenage girls with absolutely no prior history of gender dysphoria or masculine behavior. It’s a social contagion for mentally troubled girls who previously would have indulged in other self destructive behaviors like anorexia or becoming “goths.” They will realize they were duped into doing something awful to themselves and will be filing lawsuits in the future against the quacks who led them on in this direction rather than tried to bring them back to reality the way a school councilor would do as recently as a decade back. The fact the schools are harping on such a rare condition as gender dysphoria has put it foremost into the minds of adolescent girls who never would have entertained this delusion in the past. Now they have a self diagnosis for their typical female hysteria, if they harped on intestinal parasites or Variant CJD the way they do with this transgender hobbyhorse, all the 8th grade girls would be self diagnosing themselves with those afflictions as well.

    • Correct.

      The kike has always known that females especially are incredibly naive & malleable; a herd of heifers susceptible to hysterical crazes & whatever the (((Current Thing))) is culturally & politically.

      That’s why the minors must be protected from their innate faddish stupidity, and the jew/commie medical mutilators who profit from it.

    • I see someone read Irreversible Damage, a book written about “Sudden Onset Gender Dysphoria,” a term for a condition that does not exist that was coined by a researcher who has been thoroughly discredited in a “study” that has not only been debunked extensively, but doesn’t qualify as a study at all due to its terrible methodology and extreme bias when choosing it’s sample population.

      You can’t get gender-affirming surgeries under 18 either, the only surgeries performed younger are masectomies and only on afab people who have severe dysphoria exacerbated by the formation of breasts and still only as a last option. This usually only occurs when the dysphoria is causing our increasing suicidal ideation and this is then life-saving medical care. Comparatively, my friend Kelly had a double mastectomy at age 17 because she was already, at that time, a 2-time survivor of breast cancer and if she had another relapse before she turned 18, she wouldn’t have been able to safely receive treatment. So, they prevented that potential outcome by just removing the issue entirely.

      Gender-affirming surgeries, the real big ones, were recently found in a 50 year study to have a regret rate of less than 3%, with the majority of that regret being caused by factors other than the person realizing they weren’t trans, a factor accounting for less than 1% of regret. Elective rhinoplasty has a regret rate of 17% on average. Knee replacement has an extremely high regret rate as well. Tonsillectomies have a higher regret rate than 3%, for christ’s sake, not to mention the less than 1% of regret that aligns with what you’re worried about.

      It is not easy to get transgender health care of any kind. If you manage to make it through all the hoops and hurdles and years of bullshit and out of pocket costs and hassle and opposition at every turn that it takes to get a letter of recommendation from a therapist for hormones (usually a year), do 1-2 years of HRT, get top surgery at 1 year (can be $10,000), bottom surgery (most trans men only get bc it’s REQUIRED BY THE STATE to change your gender legally) around 2 years, all while still going to therapy, if you make it through all of that without either you or your therapist figuring out you aren’t trans, then you lying to yourself and/or the therapist. Exponentially more trans people die every year, whether that’s as a result of trans panic violence, homelessness, or by their own hand, just trying to access this desperately needed care (that gets harder to access every day) than are at risk of getting a phalloplasty and then realizing they were never trans.

  9. “Conservative States Are Blocking Trans Medical Care. Families Are Fleeing .”

    For those who want to live a post-Christian, post gender, post Common Sense, post-European traditional lifestyle, I say :LET THEM FLEE.

    I wish them all the very best – somewhere away from us in Dixie

  10. Just as the invention of air-conditioning and the destruction of the Jim Crow South brought a bevy of the wrong people to us, new judicial decisions and new state laws are going to send them packing, whilst bringing the right people to us.

    I never thought I would live to see the day – but, things are slowly but surely working in favour of Dixie.

    • I wonder if Dr. Willis Carrier ever considered the possibility that bringing AC to the Deep South/Desert Southwest would attract millions of less than desirable people to those formerly inhospitable regions? No sooner does a miraculous new technology become available then it’s put to some ignoble use.

      • Very true, Dear Spahn.

        That said, there are two sides to every coin, and now it can be said that home computer technology, or more precisely, the Internet, is doing much to reverse some very unpleasant trends of the 219th and 20th centuries.

        No, of course an inventor cannot possibly envisage what will come of his brainchild.

        ‘Tis enough for him to go through the long struggles and despair to make it.

        Thank you for your comment. Always appreciated!

    • Trans people can be born in Alabama to Southern racists who come from long lines of other southern racists. Trans people can have grandparents who were in the klan. I am proof of this, and I’m not leaving. This is and always has been my home, and I’m not going to be ran out of my home just because my interests and the societal roles I want to fill don’t align with the ones my genitalia are supposed to relegate me to. You can’t even see my genitals, it makes way more sense for me to define myself than for you to do so.

      • it makes way more sense for me to define myself than for you to do so.

        Not necessarily. Can I define myself as the king of England and realistically expect to be treated as anything but a complete nut? Obviously, nothing I inherited would entitle me to define myself in that way. Some of our inheritances preclude defining ourselves in certain ways, no matter how much we might wish we could. Just deal with it – and stop inflicting your insanity on the rest of us. There’s nothing to “celebrate” about trans lunacy. Nothing at all, and I won’t have a bar of it.

        • @Silver…

          Thank you for your reply to Wow’s reply to me.

          Yes, though I defend Wow’s right to see himself/herself/itself as he/she/it wishes, I agree with you that Wow’s having usurped/seduced into a life of physical mutilation, this ostensibly to find a happiness in a reality he/she can never have, is certainly nothing to celebrate.

          That said, as a community, we, Southerners, must take a lot of blame for this, because we refuse to protect the Wows of our lands from being preyed upon by the sci-fi egalitarianism of Jew England Yankee lunatics.

      • @Wow…

        I have no problem with you remaining here with us, your kin, or, for that matter, however you wish to view yourself.

        I, too, wish to define myself as I wish, though, perhaps unlike you, I realize that other people are entitled to think what they wish of me, and, if necessary, to collude on some community thoughtwave about me – for I am not an island unto myself.

        That said, the special statuses that those from the UNSouth have forced upon us, for those of your ilk, will soon be revoked.

        So, if you wish to stay here, then you will have to stay as your Klansmen forefathers would have insisted : as just a plain normal Southern weirdo, one whose peculiar quirks will not be feted in our society or portrayed to our schoolchildren as some kind of heroic deeds to be aped.

        Thank you for your reply.

  11. No families are “fleeing” red states because their screwed-up kid isn’t receiving “gender affirming healthcare” (profit-driven physical and psychological mutilation of minors). I despise everyone who works in the enemy-controlled press.

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, Dear Spahn, at the basis of practically every problem we have finds its foundation in Der Lügenpresse.

      I have come to the view that, when TVs were invented, Mankind was not ready for it.

      No, though 3-4 of a century have gone by since the screen became a common feature in people’s homes, most television watchers have still yet to comprehend that they are being lied to by those nicely dressed and nice people on the tube.

      Some of the very best people I have ever known watch CNN every day and actually give credence to what is being told to them by that network.

      Over and over I have gone through this, their shocked faces when I disabuse them of the endless balderdash with which they have been filled.

      Of course, there are many Southerners who will not watch CNN, they thinking that, in watching Fox News, they are safe from the spin & the canards.

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