Jonathan Greenblatt: Elon Musk Is Poised To Open “Gates of Hell”

Sounds good to me.


  1. If this jerk would just shut his big mouth, he would be better off. Not that I want him to. He’s doing yeoman work proving Kaynes point. There must be smarter Jews somewhere who also wish he would shut up….

  2. No one is buying his hate that he turns around on others anymore. He’s being ratioed and it get worse for him and his ilk everyday.

    The jew will always cry about being hated but will never tell you why. He will call you antisemitic and cry in pain as he tries to censor you.

  3. The noticing intensifies.
    The chosenites always step in it.
    Let’s stand back while they compound mistakes.

    • And what is the chosenites’ solution to people recognizing who instigated the conflicts of the mid-East of the last 30 years, instigated the conflict in Ukraine and is now working overtime to make sure there’s no end to it? Shut down the internet! Ban free speech!

  4. Looks like the gates are already ajar — Greenblatt getting heavily trolled in the replies to his tweet.


    If you haven’t yet, instead of MSNBC you ought to watch Keith Woods’ latest video about the asylum driven demographic destruction of Ireland:

    East Wall & The Betrayal of Ireland

    However it appears YT is censoring comments — I made 3 comments on his video, all respectful with no profanity or slurs, and none of them survived — in one I pointed out how Americans complain about not having a wall, but a wall will not help against asylum-seekers; being an island is not protecting Ireland — in another I simply said the 1951 refugee and related treaties were the ultimate cause of this, and for white countries to survive they will have to repudiate all such treaties and refuse asylum seekers.

    Innocuous comments I made earlier today on uncontroversial videos are all still there.

    It has been clear for some time that not only does YT delete videos (and give creators strikes), YT also detects when a video addresses a sensitive topic, and algorithms scan comments for keywords etc in order to automatically delete them — several content creators confirmed to me that they absolutely do not delete comments on their videos; nevertheless, comments on their videos disappeared.

    I’ve never had a Twitter account so I have no personal experience — but censorship on Twitter cannot be much worse than what YT does.

    • >However it appears YT is censoring comments

      Here is the verbatim text of two comments YT auto-deleted:

      It’s a legal question arising from the 1951 refugee convention and related treaties — Hungary refuses migrants and is sued by the EU — Hungary then ignores court rulings against their policy — obviously, right now Ireland is not going to refuse migrants — but if they did, is Ireland prepared to ignore EU court rulings?

      The following comment was referring to economic migrants, as opposed to economic migrants posing as asylum-seekers:

      You don’t want them either — very few non-European migrants in Europe are a net benefit — Denmark did a study and the result clearly showed migrants, including ones who work, are a significant financial burden to Danes

  5. Jews have too much power is a “conspiracy theory”, then ADL proves it’s true, LOL. Are we in the midst of an historical cycle which has occurred 109 times already?

    • Yeah, LOL, but the White normies are too stupid to see the connection. Hell, they don’t even know who Greenblatt is, or what the ADL is about.

  6. Jews neither possess an inordinate amount of power nor do Jews act in any concerted way which should alarm anyone. Thus criticizing Jews is tatamount to ignorance, irrationality, jealousy, and, in many cases, as well, a diabolical psychotically addled misanthropy.

    These are Mr. Greenblatt’s central premises.

    Clearly he is in possession of a knowledge that I am not, because, to my way of thinking, you cannot succeed in selling yarns to the masses UNLESS you can control the actual fabric they seek to usurp from showing up.

    Is it true that in The Internet Age, when a full panoply of real fabrics are instantaneously at one’s fingertip, that people will continue to choose to opt for yarns?

  7. Jews have to make themselves ugly and repulsive in order to avoid being swallowed up by the gentile majority. But if they take things too far the gentiles will annihilate them anyway. No wonder they are so neurotic!

    “Jews have too much power”. Who can deny this?

  8. Katie Phang is a Korean woman who is married to a Jew living in Miami. Jonathan is not going to talk to a Chinese, the Jews hate the Chinese along with the Muslims, the Iranians, the Russians and the good ole boys down home. If you are not a whore, if you are unwilling to sell yourself out for the Jew dime, you are a hated enemy of the Jews. By said reasoning then we know all the friends of the Jews are friends because they have a financial interests at stake, and if there were no financial interests they would be enemies of the Jews too. What kind of people sell there morality their common human decency to the highest bidder……Bannedforlife it is you and your kind by insinuation. How many times has Greenblatt been on the Chris Hayes show for pete sake? Greenblatt had to break it up with the korean otherwise people might have started wondering weather or not Hayes and Greenblatt were lovers. The Jew Irish homosexual pairing is a real thing. Ronan Farrow is married to a Jew.

    • No, you don’t hate the Jews. You use fake hatred against the Jews as a Trojan horse to make others think you are one of them to play your fake religion games on conservative sites. I am a SOUTHERN nationalist. If the Yankee Empire and all the players in it get nuked tomorrow — that will not be soon enough. I want a world where liars like you, Jews in control of everything, etc are no more!

      The Irish I know are not homosexuals. You must be a sexual pervert yourself if all the Irish you know are perverts. Go to hell!!!

      • @Banned,
        Brownie is a repugnant piece of work. It’s people like him who keep the Right from being a united, cohesive force to be reckoned with.
        I try to laugh it off on my good days…….but it truly offends me.

        • Is Chrisy Hayes Irish? Yes he is, but you have nothing bad to say about the Irishmen who is always attacking whites. Why is that? It is because your loyalty is to your own kind not to whites, and I hate you for it you miserable two faced fuzxck.

      • @Sertorius——75,000 out of a half a million, you take out the very old and the very young and 20-25 percent of the Irish of Dublin are faggotts. Tell me how proud you are to be Irish, while I laugh in your ugly fzxcking face.

        • Although significantly fewer Irish lived in the Confederate States of America, six Confederate generals were Irish-born, of whom Patrick Cleburne was the highest ranking. Units such as the Charleston Irish Volunteers attracted Confederate Irish-Americans in South Carolina, the 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry followed General Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb, while Irish Tennesseans could join the 10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. A company of the Washington Blues regiment of the Missouri Volunteer Militia (later the Missouri State Guard), commanded by Colonel Joseph Kelly, was the subject of a Confederate song, “Kelly’s Irish Brigade”. The Louisiana Tigers, first raised by Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat, had a large number of Irish American members. Company E, Emerald Guard, 33rd Virginia Infantry of the Stonewall Brigade composed of Irish immigrant volunteers may have been first to make the infamous “rebel yell” at 1st Bull Run, attacking 14th New York guns on Henry Hill. The Davis Guard, a company of mostly Irish-American men from the Houston and Galveston area, won a lopsided victory Second Battle of Sabine Pass in 1863. They received the only physical medals awarded by the CSA, made from polished Mexican silver coins and hung from green ribbons to honor their Irish heritage.
          — Wikipedia: “Irish-Americans in Confederate service”

        • @RB

          My mother and her father or any of my other Irish relatives that I know of were/are not sexual perverts. You are a satanic damnable liar.

          I am witness to the whole world against your ungodly lying words against the Irish and the Irish members of my family. I expect a full apology from you so in the future should you ever fall into my hands I will show you mercy.

          G O T O H E L L!!!

  9. The jews are the foremost practitioners of genocidal hatred throughout history. They brag about it in their own writings!!!!!! From the Old Testament, through the Talmud, into modern times, these lying, hypocritical haters have murdered more people than the Black Plagues, yellow fever, cholera and small pox combined. Just as in Russia alone, the jews murdered 65 million White Russians. These were all unarmed, defenseless, White men, women and children.

    • Just as in Russia alone, the jews murdered 65 million White Russians.

      Wasn’t it 75 million or 85 million? Might even have been 95 million. Let’s just round it up to 100 million.

      Mindless exaggeration like this isn’t the sole reason “anti-semitism” has such a bad name, but I’ll be damned if it’s not a large piece of the puzzle.

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you with the truth, silverstein. The Bolsheviks were funded by wealthy Jewish illuminati Wall Street bankers such as Jacob Schiff. Trotsky and company infiltrated the Russian government under Russian surnames and started the Western- backed Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, which ultimately ushered in Communism and killed upwards of 60 million plus Orthodox Christians and Nationalists throughout Slavic lands.

        You have to be willfully ignorant to ignore the fact that the communist leadership, for several decades, was mostly jews, as were many of the leading NKVD and Cheka people. They basically indulged their age-old grudge against Whites for existing with their endless massacres of Russians and Ukrainians. Communism was a monstrous jewish menace.

        Jewish CHEKA: ecstatic sadism, carnival of mass murder, fiendish torture, orgy of brutality and fantasy of purges; the strangling of victims with their intestines; the disembowelling of pregnant women; the skinning of hands; the rat trap that forced rats to eat their way through a living victim; forcing of victims to eat to eat other victims brains; the boiling of victims;the rivers of blood; the more than 60 million in Russian dead.

        “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks, but without Jews there never would have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

        • Amerimutt Fatsos always conjure up Hitler and the Gestapo when they talk about the darkest evils. These simpletons have never even heard of the CHEKA, NKVD, Genrikh Yagoda, or Lazar Kaganovich. It’s almost as if someone was controlling the narrative.

      • Knowing jews, Alexander Solzhenitsyn is most likely wrong about the 66 million figure. It was probably considerably more than 66 million.

        • Why are you sperging out with all that? I only questioned the numbers of victims, not the overrepresentation of Jews in the communist party. The best estimates I’ve seen – eg J. Arch Getty, someone in a position to review actual evidence, not rely on guesswork like Solzhenitsyn – are an order of magnitude smaller than yours.

          • The best “evidence” you’ve seen? That which is provided by people whose only agenda is to placate the jews and mislead the braindead. That’s where you get your information? From the jews? So cool your autism, though.

        • I don’t think Solzhenitsyn ever claimed they killed 65 million, but that 65 million ended up in the gulag over the life of the USSR (1918-91). Yes a fair number were worked to death and basically starved and there were certainly mass executions as well (including quite a few jew bolsheviks after Stalin finally took over completely in the late 1930s). The Che-Ka and other bolsheviks in the 1918-33 period were quite bloodthirsty as well, but the total number executed by the USSR regime was not 65 million though it was likely into the millions. By the 1950s, even the numbers in the gulag were well down over what they were in the 1930s – which is how Solzhenitsyn was freed. The Black Book of Communism has some reasonable estimates, but nobody has hard figures. Unlike the Germans, the Russians weren’t much into record-keeping.

          • It’s almost as if someone was controlling the narrative.

            Could be. 🙂 I think you’re on to something!

            I don’t think Solzhenitsyn ever claimed they killed 65 million, but that 65 million ended up in the gulag over the life of the USSR (1918-91).

            Oh, yes he did, as the above Solzhenitsyn quote plainly asserts, plus………


            50 million White civilians killed by Jew Marxists in Jew Communist USSR.

            Jewish USSR exterminated 50 million between 1924-53, excluding wartime casualties, “Europe: A History”, Norman Davies, Oxford University Press ISBN 9780198201717

            Source List and Detailed Death Tolls for the Primary Megadeaths of the Twentieth Century


            We are dealing with jews here and all WN understand the jews play fast and loose with numbers, and since the jews are in control of virtually all information and hide or alter all that that which they do not want known, it’s not surprising that their crimes will be covered up, and also WN having to contend with the normie shabbos goy hanging on to every jew lie.

            But we racially awakened Whites do know that if there is anything the Kikes know about, it is HOW TO PERFORM INDUSTRIALIZED GENOCIDE…

            45 millions Russian slaughtered at the hands of Jew Bolsheviks in the Reign Of Terror in Russia…
            14 million Ukranian’s systematically starved to death by the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks in the Holodomor…
            1.5 million Christian Armenians murdered by Jews in the Armenian Genocide…

            These hateful murderous heebs never seem to be able to conquer their urge for blood lust! Which is why they are so hated, as history has shown them to be the most viscous people to have ever inhabited the earth!


            It may be debatable, but it’s hardly a stretch or an exaggeration to claim the jews murdered 66 million from 1917 thru 1954, or be mocked to make such a claim. If uninformed individuals, those who had no clue of it at all, don’t believe it and claim those numbers are wrong, they can just research it, and at the very least soothe their troubled minds with the conclusion that these homocidal fiends ONLY murdered 30 MILLION White people.

    • I would like to point out that the jews of today are basically the same horrid people described in antiquity. The Khazar theory claims that modern jews are 80% non-jewish in origin. No! Subscribing to that belief only confuses things, which is exactly what it was intended to do.

    • This entire thread demonstrates nicely in a microcosm why the Right is adrift politically, and generally comes off as little more than a bunch of whining perennial losers — a lot of time and energy is spent by wannabe Smartest Guys on the Internet™ discussing and revising history, which accomplishes absolutely nothing — meanwhile, as usual the Left is busy establishing facts on the ground via strategic spending and motivated, practical activism:

      Soros Shelled Out Millions for Far-left DAs Who Swept Midterms

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