1. Trump mentions Kanye bringing 3 people

    Besides Nick Fuentes, there was Karen Giorno, 2016 Florida campaign manager for Trump, and more recently a campaign manager for Laura Loomer, obviously the ‘political person’ whom Trump hadn’t seen in a while

    Raw Story and Breitbart say the 3rd guest Kanye brought – the other person Trump ‘didn’t know’ other than Nick – was Milo Yiannopoulos himself


    That dinner should have been on video

  2. The next barrier to break for the American Right is the JQ. If Ye can start naming them on the debate stage, that would be huge. We could mainstream the JQ in a few years time, just like we did with the Great Replacement. As of now, I’m with Ye for 2024.

  3. President Trump is trying to play both sides of the fence – signaling to Pro-White Whites that he is on The White Train, all the while trying to assuage his Jewish colleagues that it is really not so, and that all is well.

    That is what this whole West and Fuentes to dinner is, and it’s aftermath.

    Is this going to work?

    Stay tuned…

  4. Trump should take his own advice. Don’t run for office, total waste of time, can’t win. And when you are no longer of any use to that sociopath he’ll throw you under the bus by claiming he doesn’t know you.

  5. Too late Zognald. No amount of kike shilling will save you. Your Jew owners are already financing the next kike shill. Give it up.

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