The Political Cesspool: Steve King Interview


James Edwards interviewed former Iowa congressman Steve King on The Political Cesspool this weekend. King also recently spoke at the Amren conference and has been making appearances across the Populist Right to explain how Washington works and to sound the alarm about Kevin McCarthy who is poised to become the next Speaker of the House. He has a new book out about his purge from Congress which was a pivotal event that depressed turnout in our sphere ahead of the 2020 election.


Peter Brimelow was on in the second hour to discuss current events and gave us a shout out.

Note: Steve King was also on Tucker Carlson Today.


  1. After GOP’s treatment of Steve King how can anyone seriously believe Republicans give a damn about their White base?

  2. I heard the interview live, although I do not listen to TPC that often (in part due to the number of commercials) — I find King to be a milquetoast character, and this interview was rather uninteresting — it should not be forgotten that he spectacularly caved before the accusation of ‘racism’ (oh no, not that) by rejecting White Nationalism in a speech on the floor of the House (which did him no good at all of course) — white people are the only tribe on the planet to have turned surrendering their countries into a virtue, which they celebrate with this kind of bizarre, contemptible, and ritualistic public performance.

    >Peter Brimelow was on in the second hour … and gave us a shout out.

    Yeah, I guess you could be real chums.

    As a reminder, Brimelow sued the NYT for calling him a White Nationalist (asking for donations to pay for it), which should have caused all Vdare readers to ask what the purpose of Vdare’s anti-immigration activism is (not to mention their near constant soliciting for donations), if not to preserve America as a majority white nation — I now see far see less reason for anyone concerned about the demographic future of America to pay much attention to Brimelow, and no reason whatsoever to donate money to Vdare.

    What I will call the principled anti-immigration Right (as opposed to White Nationalists, who are persona non grata), which includes individuals like Brimelow, Derbyshire, Sailer, et al, as well as organizations like NumbersUSA and CIS, has proven to be useless — in fact, Brimelow often accused immigration activist organizations, e.g. NumbersUSA and CIS, of ‘triangulating’ against Vdare, i.e. trying to portray Vdare as racist in a kind of ‘Vdare are the real racists’ campaign — and then Brimelow turns around and ‘triangulates’ against White Nationalists — I lost nearly all respect for him then.

    • “White Nationalist”, like “racist”, “Nazi” and “White supremacist” has become just another Anti-White hate slur.

  3. sound the alarm about Kevin McCarthy

    What did I keep saying in the months leading up to three weeks ago? That the very fact that McCarthy and Mitch McConnell were the leaders was going to serve to depress red team turnout.

  4. I listened in. My main takeaways are the following :

    #1. Though Congressman King is in denial about being ‘Pro-White’ or a White Nationalist’, his enemies are not.

    #2. Speaker McCarthy has got to go, though, being extremely politically savvy, he will be extremely difficult to dislodge.

    #3. I should support President Trump because he is the one whom those who control the United States Government hate.

    CONCLUSION : Number hurts, but, I am making my peace with it. I will hold my nose, look the other way, and vote for President Trump.

    May God help my soul…

      • @Arrian…

        Governor DeSantis was looking very good to me in recent years, as he has done such a great job in Florida, but, some things are becoming clearer to me that were not before.

        We put Candidate Trump in as a wrecking ball, though, it was more they who wreckt him.

        Given what a lust for vengeance he has, tho’, it might very well work out to give him a second chance.

        At any rate – have a great evening!

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