Laura Loomer: MILO Is Exploiting Kanye

Loomer is correct.


Can you imagine trusting someone who boasts about secretly recording and blackmailing everyone foolish enough to associate with him?


  1. “””…prior to being hired….repeatedly posted…..”””

    In Eastern European Military schools they teach that when fighting with centrally commanded autocratic enemy, you shall cause as much mess as possible.

    To force old sick Elders of Zion think and work 20 hours a day so they are extremely exhausted, both physically and mentally and so drive them mad and force to make them mistakes.

    Autocratic central planning weak side is that higher command must deal with every minor incident. When Soros discussing 5 minutes about anti-Semitic incident in rural Moldova, then he has 5 minutes less time to deal with your anti-Semitic behavior.

    Everybody flipflopping today. Below is the picture how Snake of Zion should be properly attacked One anti-Semite is attacking, another is retreating , some are watching and Snake of Zion is very confused and extremely exhausted.

    • “you shall cause as much mess as possible.”

      “Spread confusion among your enemies so that you may destroy them”

      • Yep

        By way of deception thou shalt do war like they say in Mossad.

        Best way to hit the enemy is use the enemy own weapon. After hundreds of years, now we finally have competent leaders.

        Donald is Genius.

  2. All niggers are faggots.
    They are controlled by their simplistic testosterone-riddled feeble, chimp minds.
    Average IQ of 75

    • @James Bell——-Homosexuality like mental illness is a product of incestuous breeding. When your blood is to close, when your parents are kin, or closely related, there is a risk you turn out a fag. Not all blacks practice inbreeding. But there are certain groups of people who do, and some of them are white.

  3. Laura who?
    Milo who?
    Kanye hasn’t been relevant in years.

    No one over 40 knows who these fringe grifters are, and no one under 30 cares.

    What people care about is television, sports and the cost of living, literally in that order.

    Let it all burn to the ground.

  4. Anyone with any self-awareness would be ashamed of getting played by a penis puffer.
    Maybe he has grown tired of muh butt wrecks the internet and wants to play for the other team.

  5. Milo is a faggot and has always showed up when it suited him and I wouldn’t doubt if he’s setting him up. Also, we don’t need another black president.

  6. Groyper Dave Reilly from Idaho (former Identity Europa member) sold Milo Richard Spencer’s post Unite the Right rant. Milo then sold the audio file to Zionist lawyer Roberta Kaplan which she used against EVERY DEFENDANT in the Sines V Kessler trial.

    Kanye doesn’t know any better, but Fuentes is making a major error here. Serves him right for being such a fame whore.

    With Jews you LOSE.

  7. Pewdiepie, Beardson, Ethan Ralph, M.I.L.O., Mizz Loomer, Lord Spencer, Amerimutt Fuentes….If it wasn’t for the internet what would these “online celebrities” be doing?

  8. What the heck?! I stop paying attention for 5 minutes and Kanya is running for president and Milo is running it?

    These’s so much to say….while also having nothing to say at the very same time.

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