MILO: Trump Puts Jewish Interests First

Even though I obviously agree that Our King who might be the Moshiach always put Jewish interests and MIGA First, it is weird to see these people saying it. Most of them were on the Trump Trump though Stop the Steal and 1/6. They had dinner with the man at Mar-a-Lago last week!

I mean … I was called a goon marching wignat for years by these people for saying it. Now, all of a sudden these people are saying he is Blumpf!

All of this can be true.

We can also be grateful that Kanye stuck his neck out and took an enormous hit to his wealth to break a major taboo.

Does that mean MILO has ceased to be radioactive? Does it mean that Kanye should be or even has chance of becoming president? No, it does not.


  1. Perhaps Swishy Nicky and Milo can tie the knot. Why are they manipulating that poor nigger? He only recently broke away from his Jewish MK Ultra style programming, which was great. They should not be taking advantage of him like this. But the blooming romance of Nicky and Milo is the real news.

    • Kanye is going down and the vultures are picking him dry. That’s what is happening. Blumpf was always the most pro-Israel president in history and they were fine with it until a few days ago.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        If Mr. West has Chryst, he may seem to be going down, but, in fact, will be going up all the while.

        I am sure that in your resurrection as a man of our faith, you know that a man with Chryst cannot be taken down.

      • “…Blumpf was always the most pro-Israel president in history and they were fine with it until a few days ago…”

        A repeat of the lesson that no matter what you do for them they will always stab you in the back.

  2. Supposedly Milo has undergone a conversion to Christianity along the lines of Roosh. The meeting with Trump along with ‘Ye’ and Fuentes was the first thing I’d noticed coming from him in a long time. One must keep in mind however that he was (and may still be) an FBI informant, so such “conversions” are of course open to question. We’ll see… As it is written, good trees don’t bear putrid maggot-encrusted fruit. The Gab post is quite out of character from the Milo the flaming Jew “right-winger” who was “married” to a field-negro of some kind in some perversion of a Christian marriage.

  3. A commenter here had asked if there is a good clear version of that largely-red chart of Jews in the media, that Kanye had showed on his phone in that now-famous image

    It’s an older list that needs updating and correction – but it’s now a historic item

    Here it is from 4chan archive, click again on it so the image enlarges to fill your computer screen

  4. Trump is making an orange ass of himself kissing all that jewish tuchas just so he can get 15% of their vote in 2024. If that!

    Have our views on M.I.L.O. and Mizz Loomer softened or do we still consider ’em to be untrustworthy Semites?

  5. “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: One may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out”.”
    ? Joseph Goebbels, Goebbels on the Jews: The Complete Diary Entries – 1923 to 1945

  6. Trumpstein could always pardon some drug dealers to please his new buddies.
    Kim might even moon him or show off her silicon injections.
    I mixed up Loomer with Lara Logan for some reason, the latter got some diverse cultural enrichment in Egypt. (allegedly)

  7. Trump

    “Never before in the history of mankind have anyone monitored so much to the benefit of so few( exempt the Jew)”

  8. Milo is parroting what most already know about Dump. He was and will continue to be Israel 1st. I believe he is at the AJC with DeSantis and other republicans getting their marching orders.

  9. More than once recently I’ve suggested you ought to think more about why a significant number of Whites, particularly college-educated Whites, vote for Democrats rather than Republicans, suggesting it isn’t because they are ‘anti-white’ or ‘want to make things worse’ (both childish takes on your part) — this might be another occasion where I could do that, because this kind of freak show isn’t going to help the GOP one bit.

    What you call the PMC consists of educated, fairly intelligent people who have professional jobs which they take seriously — contrary to those who get the most attention, namely the useless eater class, especially the ones who work in the media, a big majority of the PMC are a- or fairly non-political — they tend to see politicians as a necessary evil, also as other professionals, and expect them to do their fucking jobs — they strongly dislike the tabloid showmanship so prevalent in politics today.

    Here are a couple of issues serious people in the GOP (if there are any) ought to be paying attention to:

    linkThe Dem lame duck push to restore no-work cash welfare is on. Incredibly expensive with disastrous long term social consequences (ie more non working never-married-single-mother households).

    If you read the NYT story at the link above, you’ll see it is illustrated with a white working class family: mom, dad, 3 kids — however, Blacks are, by a large margin, the highest per capita users of welfare, as are households headed by single unmarried adults:

    linkReviving fully refundable part of Biden-style child tax credit to families w/ little to no-income would go largely to families headed by *non-working single-parents* … IOW, precisely kinds of families not profiled in @JasonDeParle NYT piece

    Here is another upcoming issue of major importance:

    linkSCOOP: Six Border Patrol employees — from rank-and-file agents on the southern border to those with the top security clearance at DC headquarters — spoke with me about how they’re preparing for Title 42 ending. … They said they’ve received no plan from DHS.

    Believe it or not, the GOP could impress some white PMC voters, many of whom belong to the struggling middle class, by responsibly and professionally addressing issues like these.

    • Yes, asking why would be a step in the right direction. In fact, spending a solitary second WONDERING why would be a big plus.

      Instead, especially most Midwest Trump voters, can’t stop telling everyone about 60+ hour workweeks with no pensions, 150 buck-a-week-out-of-your-paycheck medical insurance all at the threat of “at will” firing when some asshole thinks you haven’t busted ass enough that day to please him. And this working the same kind of job a 1950 high school dropout broke his back and health performing. We have to also hear frequently how much hay you bailed when you were 10 years old. Yeah, I can’t understand why more people are not in awe of this.

    • Here’s another important issue that serious ‘conservatives’ (“) should note:

      linkLesson #1 from the 1986 farmworker amnesty — once granted legal permanent residence, former illegal alien farmworkers will leave ag for easier jobs in the cities. And then the ag industry will seek a whole new cohort of illegal alien workers

      He’s talking about this WSJ article:

      Backers of Farmworker Visa Overhaul Make Year-End Push for Immigrant Labor Deal

      But the smart money should probably be on the As Long As They Come Legally™ (or maybe Cheap Lettuce™) party bowing to their donors and joining Democrats to stick another knife in the demographic heart of America.

      Now back to coverage of Trump, Milo, Ye, et al.

  10. It looks like the contagion has spread to Canada:

    Canadian opposition leader vows to move embassy to Jerusalem if elected prime minister

    “I announced my recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital [while campaigning] and now, as opposition leader and head of the Conservative Party, I repeat clearly and unambiguously: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and when I am elected prime minister of Canada, I will ensure that our embassy is relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Poilievre.

    I’m sure this will win over HUGE numbers of Canadians, who have one of the worst housing affordability and cost of living problems in the world — link

    What makes so-called ‘conservatives’ so fucking stupid and shallow? — why are they such Jew simps? — someone really ought to look into that — in Canada they couldn’t even oust that beta dork Trudeau in the last election.

  11. Not that I care one way or the other, but I saw it suggested that the above is from Andrew Torba, not Milo Y — he just block quotes something Torba said on Gab — it does look more like something Torba would say — link

  12. I’ve come to the conclusion mainstream politics is nothing but a clown show, and Milo, Fuentes and Kanye are just another act in the show, along with neolibs, neocons and MAGA republicans.
    As far as national politics goes, Rand Paul and Desantis are probably the most respectable, and even they leave much to be desired.
    We need someone like David Duke or Viktor Orban in there, but we’re not going to get someone like that without an economic collapse and millions of people walking away from the GOP, because people and the GOP are just waaay too complacent, we need someone who’s both competent, and far more radical than anything hitherto.
    We are so overdue for a massive 180 in politics it’s impossible to take the GOP seriously, and Joe normie just isn’t gonna get that until total socioeconomic meltdown, which is coming.
    I say let Brandon win, walk away from the GOP, don’t vote or vote for some 3rd party like the constitution party, the time for lesser of two evil politics is over, we may as well get someone who’s totally evil because at least they’ll serve to radicalize Joe normie.

  13. Lotta “zeal of the convert” in these Radical Christian people. Not many who grew up fundie, none who went to seminary school. Their vision of what Christianity is is greatly at odds with what I saw growing up in a Baptist church.

    Remember that guidance counselor in your high school, who was always going on about “caring” and “empathy” and “teamwork” and “school spirit?” Well, imagine that and some spiritual mumbo jumbo and you’ve got the average Christian preacher. It’s just a parade of cliches and feel-good banter. You aren’t going to get a cultural or political revolution from it.

  14. What I’ve noticed is how the talk show “conservatives” are rabid about Kanye, Nick, and Milo. Milo…forget him, and I note how over and over, these Cons call Kanye “mentally ill”, “sick”, and “crazy”, and they really unload on Nick Fuentes, who is AN ANTI-SEMITE WHITE NATIONALIST!!!!!! I use capitals to recreate what they sounded like on radio. These guys went nuts on Fuentes, how, yes, he’s “crazy,” etc., and these talk show guys all went to Mar-a-Lago, and assert it is impossible Trump knew about these guest Kanye brought. Boy, they’re really scared of offending Israel, but these types all love Israel, and feel Trump was “insulted” by Kanye when he asked Trump to be his Veep.
    I thought it was kind of funny, much like I think the nickname Trump gave DeSantis (“Desanctimonius”) kind of a good laugh. It’s funny. Everyone is so humorless, especially the Trumpies who are fanatical about him winning in 2024.
    They almost sobbed “how could Trump or his handlers let these people in? Why weren’t Kanye and THAT CRAZY WHITE NATIONALIST stopped at the gate?”
    It never occurs to them Trump might be playing both sides; for all the good it did him last time.
    I’d like to call them and ask them what’s wrong with sticking up for whites, but these talkies would be all over me. Anyway, I think talk show types are controlled opposition, and they know what they have to say, shout, and bay to keep the tribe happy.

    I’m caring less and less about it. I voted for Trump twice, have no regrets, but I’m just losing interest.

  15. LOL, Tim Poole scores the interview of the year with M.I.L.O., Fuentes and Ye, then he proceeds to thoroughly wreck everything just 20 minutes into the show. “I had no idea they were going to talk about how much power the jewish people have!” “Look, I don’t believe in identitarianism, but race matters and Kanye would win the black vote.”

    I think Timmay’s South Park beanie is causing his balding pate to overheat.

  16. “…Supposedly Milo has undergone a conversion to Christianity…”

    HAHHAAA anyone who follows or listens to anything a faggot Jew says is asking to be stabbed in the back, In fact anything most any Jew says is best assumed to be a lie or some sort of pseudo truth designed to gas-light you.

    • Note my use of “supposedly”. Milo is a known FBI informer. He positively glows. As I stated above: Guilty until proven innocent. Even so, I must remind myself that St. Paul of Tarsus was a venomous enemy of the church at one point in his own life. There have been others too. It will cost them and all of those from years past did indeed pay a price for their change of heart. It appears the quote attributed to him may have actually been by Andrew Torba and it’s consistent with Torba’s previous remarks. Milo’s quoting sans attribution raises questions about Milo’s motives in doing so – it glows to put it another way.

  17. Milo has been to the wailing wall——

    so has Kev McCarthy——

    and Muke Pimpeo——-×512.jpeg

    and Ron DeSantis——-

    So why is Trump being single out as the one who is beholden to Israel when they all are?

    You know Milo is Irish right? The name on his birth certificate is Hanrahan and he work for Robert Mercer, Irish, and Steve Bannon, Irish, over at Breibart.

    Breibart was a Jew Irish collaberation from the very being.

  18. Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism wh n she married Kushner.

    Given how Pro-Zionist Donald Trump is I wonder if he secretly converted to Judaism as welll.

    Is it Trump or Trumpstein?

  19. The most pertinent lesson we all should have learned one way or another from the last 8 years is to beware the bandwagon effect.

    Clear thinking, sound reasoning, first principles (14 words) firmly in mind will never lead us astray.

    Nothing that is happening here post elections bode well for Whitey. 2024 is going to be utterly gay and fake.

    I for one will not be looking for an autistic 90 IQ rap mogul to blaze the trail for White advocacy going mainstream.

  20. HW or Pastor Edwards from The Political Cesspool should have conducted the interview with M.I.L.O., Fuentes and Ye. That’s what they were saying overnight on RT, Al Jezeera and CNN.

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