Kanye Storms Out Of Tim Pool Interview

I talked to Jason Kessler yesterday.

This was before the Tim Pool interview with Kanye, MILO and Nick Fuentes. Kessler is convinced that all of these stunts are contrived and designed to troll the media into giving MILO and Nick publicity. It appears to be working. They have succeeded in making themselves the center of national attention.

Kanye’s presidential campaign seems to be purely about the Jewish Question. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m not voting for Kanye or becoming a cheerleader for his campaign. At the same time, I am not sure where this sideshow is going or whether any harm is being done by raising the issue.

1. I’m currently not supporting any candidate in the 2024 primary. I’m not supporting Trump, but I am skeptical of Ron DeSantis. I don’t see anyone else running in the Republican primary who I could support. I would never vote for someone like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, etc. I would vote for Josh Hawley, but I haven’t seen any sign that he is running for president in 2024.

2. I can’t really blame anyone who looks at the Republican field and decides to park their vote for now with Kanye. Once again, the Revenge Tour feels tired and isn’t really inspiring and the Trump presidency was an ordeal for us. Ron DeSantis seems like a Trojan Horse for the establishment.

3. Andrew Yang succeeded in mainstreaming UBI and the stimulus checks came out of his presidential campaign. Yang lost, but his big idea was helped by his campaign.

4. The Jewish Question is the last taboo that is still standing. There is nothing edgy anymore about styling yourself as a nationalist or a populist. There is nothing taboo about isolationism, protectionism, industrial policy, immigration restriction, mass deportations, etc. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream. Normal Republicans call out anti-White racism now. White Advocacy is quasi mainstream now. National Divorce is mainstream. Christian nationalism is mainstream. If nothing else, the Trump era has been good for us in normalizing most of our ideas and beliefs. Trump himself has warned that American Jews better get their act together because his base is becoming much more aware of Jewish power.

5. Finally, I am on record in predicting that the Jewish Question will follow the trajectory of everything else and will be normalized within the next five years. It will become just another thing that rightwing people talk about like “trans” or CRT or the Great Replacement or Satan worshipping pedophiles who control the media. I predicted this would happen long before Kanye became the face of it.

Hopefully, something good comes out of this carnival. Kanye doesn’t a realistic chance of becoming president. He is raising an important issue though. The country is talking about it. Eroding the taboo on the Jewish Question and normalizing the issue helps everyone who has raised the issue.


  1. Here’s one thing I thought about the Kanye business. If he was running for Senate in Georgia against that leftist black Democrat, all the kosher cuckservative Christian Zionist types would vote against him en masse. Yes, Brad’s beloved white evangelicals.

    • White evangelicals have the best politics of any group in America. Just compare their values and politics with atheists.

      • I agree that most Southern White Protestant Evangelicals at the lower level have good politics, sensible people but like Libertarians at the top there is tremendous treason, especially immigration treason. And these immigration traitors like former Arkansas Mike the Huckster Huckabee, former Baptist preacher (gets paid big $ bucks to speak to LaRaza that “I look forward to the day where White Southerners like me are a minority in the South”) – these traitors to our people, culture and history are rarely if ever called out, they liked being fronts for Neo Conservative/Christian Zionist wars, schemes

        Allan Wall has a good article today in Vdare where he names specific Evangelical traitors who do shameful things like the CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis like literally licking the boots of anti White Black migrants.


        Hunter/Brad please put the word out – we must dox these immigration, BLM traitors and punish our Evangelical traitors.

        Where do they live, work, hang out, play golf?

        Who do they sleep with?

        Here are some specific evangelical traitors. Please dox them.

        “Woke Evangelical Jer Swigart calls “whiteness” a ”demonic force.”

        “[Andy Stanley: ”You Have To Offend White People” Or They’ll Never Repent Of Racism, October 25, 2019]”

        Hunter/Brad – please put the word out – dox these Evangelical traitors.

        • “Woke Evangelical Jer Swigart calls “whiteness” a ”demonic force.”

          He must be an atheist, right Brad? We know that millions of Christians all think the same thing, so he must be an atheist. I wanted to compare atheist values with Christian values. There were millions of Christians professing their Christianity but I couldn’t find anyone pushing politics as atheists, so couldn’t find out what they were for, or against. I did find jews and leftists though. Are they all atheists, or do many of them call themselves Christians? 😀

          • >they aren’t representative

            The kinds of extreme white ‘libtards’ you fret over, saying they are ‘anti-white’, vote to ‘make things worse’, etc, are also not representative of Whites who vote for Democrats (liberal Whites) — but that hasn’t stopped you from portraying them as showstoppers, white people who make an ethnostate infeasible.

            The way to look at ‘adopt Ethiopian niglets’ is as an extreme, ostentatious manifestation of a ‘one race, the human race’ worldview — but this ‘all God’s children’ worldview is required of all sincere Christians, regardless of evidence about racial differences and incompatibilities — this makes them conceivably more of a problem for maintaining a nation state.

          • Yes, they are.

            There are outliers in every group. 1 out of 10 White evangelicals is a woke libtard. 83% of them routinely vote Republican. Sure, there are White evangelical elites like David French who make a big show out of adopting Ethiopian children, but over half identify as Christian nationalists, around 2/3rds oppose the Great Replacement and even more are concerned about anti-White policies. I have posted polls here which show that White evangelicals are more opposed to miscegenation and have a stronger preference for marrying within their own racial group than any other religious group in the country. The typical White evangelical is very rightwing (it ranges from 6 out of 10 to 8 out of 10). There is no evidence that White evangelicals are more supportive of interracial marriage or adoption than other groups or that a considerable number of them have adopted black kids.

            Atheists are the polar opposite of White evangelicals in American politics. Sure, there are pro-White atheists just like there are woke evangelicals, but over 9 out of 10 atheists are libtards. The typical atheist is a libtard. White people who are liberals are leftists are very irreligious. The most leftwing Whites are the least religious Whites. Over half of self-identified progressives are secular or atheists. The politics of this group of Whites is leftwing across the board on everything from homosexuality to gay marriage to “trans” to race to immigration. Over 80% of Republican voters are Christians. Less than 40% of establishment liberals believe in God. 15% of people on the Progressive Left believe in God.

            The “far right” pole in American politics is White evangelicals. The “far left” pole in American politics is White atheists. I can’t think of a single example of a state or a congressional district where White evangelicals are dominant that isn’t Republican. The same is true of atheists. Wherever secular or irreligious Whites are concentrated and dominant, they are represented by Democrats like in Oregon. Within those states, there is often a sharp divide between rural Whites who live in the country and urban Whites who live in the big cities. Oregon is a great example of this which is so polarized that half the state has voted to join Idaho.

            As for White Democrats, there are two main factions. There are White liberals who are center-left who identify as “moderate” and White leftists who are far-left who identify as “progressives.” Those people are united and defined by social liberalism. Cultural liberalism is why they are Democrats. They strongly agree on the importance of anti-racism. White leftists are more woke and anti-racist than blacks, Hispanics and Asians who are to the Right on them in the Democratic Party on those issues. The moderates in the Democratic Party who are conservative on social issues and moderate or liberal on economics tend to be working class non-Whites especially Hispanic men. White liberals and leftists have a negative sense of White identity. They voted for Joe Biden who is the most anti-White president in American history and who has made “equity” the focus of every department in the executive branch and who empowered the FBI, DOJ and DHS to crush White Nationalists. White Nationalism is going nowhere because nearly half of Whites are strongly opposed to it.

            How many states are outright controlled by blacks, Asians or Hispanics? How many are controlled by White libtards? Of the 50 Democrats who are U.S. Senators (51 if Warnock wins his runoff), how many of those senators were decisively elected by White libtards? If Whites voted as a racial bloc, reforming the system wouldn’t be a problem. Southern Whites do vote as a racial bloc. Whites are polarized along cultural, not racial lines though. The problem is only getting worse.

          • @Hunter Wallace, White Evangelicals are majority pro-Israel first, and majority race mixing, and do not share your views of racial separation. To add to that I recommend this video by Ye basically showing that “BLACKS” are not as “inferior” as you make them out to be.


          • Most Christians are Zionist, contribute heavily to that country, take tours of the Holy Land, and other ways to give them money. Most want Ukraine to keep getting billions.
            Most Christians do favor race-mixing.
            Christians, if they are the majority, are not doing anything to stop the browning of America. I’d say they are helping it along.
            We are only a step away from losing any voice we have.

          • Do your adopted Ethiopian boys sleep in the same room with your biological daughters, Dicarlo? How much of your church tithes go towards helping elderly Holocaust survivors in Russia, LOL?

  2. I’m just watching. I don’t know if Trump is disciplined enough, De Santis. I think people’s opinion of him as some kind Trojan Horse is simply not proven. He might be. But I should point out, that just because he got donations from anti trump individuals, doesn’t mean much. History is replete with leaders who were thought by their supporters to “in the bag” so to speak. Who turned on them when power was obtained. We just don’t know yet. He has a promising start. We’ll see. Kayne and Nick, well, kinda of a humorous side show. But they are helping to normalize that need to be had. People need to just watch for awhile. No need to get in a hurry.

    • DeSantis is obviously more competent and aggressive than the average repub, but like all of them, he is ultimately a shabbos goy, a servant of the Pharisees.

      Break Jewish Power. BDS.

    • Maybe the establishment promotes DeSantis because they have a way to destroy him at any time, given his torture-duty-tour in the 00s as a military officer at Guantanamo. DeSantis is fundamentally un-electable if the MSM decide to play that card to any degree. They may be trying to ensure no Republican is ever again President. Get the guy nominated then knock him out.

      Some Republican sites try to suggest it’s fake that DeSantis was at Gitmo, but you can see his tour of duty there discussed in pro-DeSantis articles, like this one

      For that matter, Elon Musk has been doing some pretty awful torture-death of animals, his experiments on ‘Neuralink’ brain chips that he creepily wants to put into humans … notable that Musk endorses DeSantis given their shared torture-history backgrounds

      Here’s the witness testimony by the former Gitmo detainee who says DeSantis took part in torturing him

    • He was behind the BDS law in FL. Such laws strike at the heart of the first amendment. They amount to a loyalty oath to a foreign power. Note that both Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush have endorsed DeSantis. Perhaps Pope Noseferatu will add his voice to the Tru-Cons complete the mark of the beast.

  3. I think the lesson to take from the dumpster fire that was Tim Pool’s stream last night is that our sector really does need, as you yourself have said in a roundabout way, a massive effort of boringification.

  4. If Mr West is going to make racial assertions, particularly the Jewish Question, he has to be intellectually prepared, starting with being able to rattle off a lot of name-corporate connections.

    Studying the research by Dr. Janos Drabik, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, or Dr. David Duke would be helpful, as well as coming here.

    Intellectual disputation is a new line for Mr. West. That so, he is going to have to be patient with himself, because nothing drives people like Mr. Pool crazy than the notion that peoples actually exist; that they are quite different, and, thus, have different agendae.

    The Left preaches diversity, yet, scarcely comprehends what they are saying, which is an explanation for why they seem to be hellbent to destroy the very thing they say they love.

    • Leftists are totally confused beings who promote their failed projects over and over. Leftism is an inferiority complex cult, overflowing with self-hatred, guilt, low self-esteem, depressive tendencies, defeatism and insanity. Leftists have an intense need to identify with the “weak, defeated, repellent or otherwise inferior” and an intense loathing for everything that is “strong and successful.” Leftist Whites are, in fact, genetically defective. They are a plague on their own race and a plague on humanity. They spread their wanton lunacy and no one is allowed to question it.

      Liberals are at war with the truth. They cannot see truth. They are anti-truth. The only truth they see are the lies they constantly make up to justify their insane programs and points of view. There is no way for racially aware Whites to co-exist with any of these leftist retards. They’re never going to change course of their own volition. Libs are out to destroy our society. Liberalism is the systematic destruction of everything good that Western society has put in place and replace it with failed systems run by low IQ nonwhites. These people are truly insane and at the very least, need to be removed from our societies if we are to survive.

    • @DiCarlo & Spahn…

      Thank y’all for y’alls’ comments.

      Before I reply to your comment, DiCarlo, I would like to ask our friend, Spahn, to elaborate on where he thinks differently than you.

      Let us have a civil exchange.

      One thing I will say is this : being older I was raised a Democrat Liberal at a time when that meant a very different thing than it does today.

      Because I have not moved on from ‘Liberal’ values of 1960, that makes me today’s Far Right.

      Funny, right?

      One last comment, before hearing Spahn out, is this : today’s ‘Liberals’ are not much that, for, at the essence of Liberalism is kindness and an acceptance for all people, most especially people with whom we disagree.

      Today’s Liberals are very definitely not kind, except to a very select group of people they define, and as for accepting, they accept nobody that does not conform almost entirely to them.

      In fact, most of today’s Liberals are incompatible with human life, because they believe everyone who does not believe like them ought be firebombed into oblivion, in all the various ways such an endeavour can take place..

      To me, today’s ‘Liberals’ are, if anything, Totalitarians.

    • The big problem with jews that the public needs a general awareness of is that they think when they acquire power they have to use it to demoralize and hurt the majority population in order to make themselves “safe.” The destruction around us is all some sort of psychological issue of easing the demons in their head. No other 1900 fresh off the boat immigrant group would ever behave this way, JFK did not seem to demoralize America and destroy it’s patriotism as a way to make the Irish in the cities “safe.” Nor could I ever imagine some wop or pollock president doing such, heck didn’t all that hyphenated crap go away after 2000? I no longer hear all this hype about being one quarter this, half that, the way I did in catholic elementary school in the 70s. Yet our elites are still hellbent on their “special identity” and seeking to weaken and hurt us any way possible, even pushing perverts in wigs and pearls to expose themselves to little girls in locker rooms. The understanding that these people’s agenda is actually very selfish and all about easing their mental demons through harming us is an understanding that enlightens the baffling downfall of America and the general public needs to be aware of.

  5. I thought Ye and the rest of the “sausage factory” was going well, but then always come down to:

    “Now that we know this, what do we do”?

    The answer way too often is try to run some long shot, no shot 3rd party candidate for President of the United States as some White/Black savior.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    And even when one of our supposed guys does win a landslide Presidential election win (Nixon ’72, Reagan 84 – both won 49 out of 50 states) nothing much comes of it.

    Nixon got taken out by the Woodward and Bernstein J media mafia Watergate coup.

  6. I don’t think that disastrous interview with Timmay was a publicity stunt because the three guests, all of whom are confirmed attention whores, would have put on a performance worthy of a Tony Award® before storming out.

  7. Here’s an interesting story. Rich ‘white’ guy married negress and his mulatto daughter (who describes herself as a “black supremacist”) utterly denounces the old man at his own funeral. So much for “honoring thy father and mother”. Just think of where all that money is going to end up – in the coffers of BLM, the ADL etc. They are not us and never will be. Maybe Ye needs to hook up with that stupid ho and beat some sense into her.

    As for the late Mr. Foss (sone of a used-car salesman and a Trump supporter), the surname is sometimes used by Jews and his bizniss activities are indicative of connections with the usual suspects which could indicate membership in the tribe. Of course if he was a jew he’s not white regardless of what his retarded offspring claimed in her chimpout. This chimpout (and others) should serve as a warning to the moronic Christians who adopt Sfrican perts, but such are impervious to basic reality. There was a case a few years back where the mulatto daughter some some retarded white female who married a rich negro and her black boyfriend literally cut her mother up into pieces and stuffed her into a suitcase. They’re likely still in jail as the crime took place in Indonesia where they don’t hand out “get out of jail free” cards to dindus – in contrast to Kayfabeland.

  8. If anything it gives the media something else to talk about besides the same old boring crap they always regurgitate. It that hat glued to Pool’s head? He wears it all year round.

  9. Definitely on board the Ye train for 2024. Naming the Jew is a taboo that must be broken, and his campaign can do it. I’ll vote for a Christian black man like Ye over a Zionist white man like DeSantis or Trump.

  10. Tim is way too opinionated to be a proper journalist.
    He should’ve kept his ‘anti-racist’ opinions largely to himself for the first hour of the show, just let Ye explain his perspective and save the debate about it towards the end of the show.
    We get ‘anti-racist’ opinions shoved down our throats by the MSM 24-7, it would’ve been refreshing to hear some criticism of Jewish elites for a while, but Tim wanted to make the convo all about himself and his perspective.
    I’m sure Ye will find an interviewer who’ll give him a chance to express his side of the story in depth.

  11. 4. The Jewish Question is the last taboo that is still standing. There is nothing edgy anymore about styling yourself as a nationalist or a populist. There is nothing taboo about isolationism, protectionism, industrial policy, immigration restriction, mass deportations, etc. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream. Normal Republicans call out anti-White racism now. White Advocacy is quasi mainstream now. National Divorce is mainstream. Christian nationalism is mainstream.

    Way off base. None of this is true. Race and the JQ are still fireable “offenses” none of this is done. Way off on your analysis here.

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