Michelle Goldberg: Antisemitism’s March Into the Mainstream

If Nick, MILO and Kanye succeed in normalizing “antisemitism,” then it will become possible to criticize and call out Jewish activists who engage in destructive behavior like, say, censoring the internet and cancel culture and dumping toxic waste into our culture without ever facing any consequences.

New York Times:

“There is a good argument that politicians and journalists should avoid responding to every one of the ex-president’s provocations. In this case, however, the reluctance to rebuke Trump erodes the already-shaky taboo against antisemitism in Republican politics.

Early this year, the Republican House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy — who could soon become House speaker — castigated Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar for speaking at one of Fuentes’s events. McCarthy’s refusal to say anything about Fuentes’s meeting with the Republican Party’s most influential figure suggests that the boundary between the intolerable and the acceptable is shifting.

That’s what Trump does: By violating the norms holding together liberal democratic society with impunity, he renders those norms inoperable. If it were just Trump doing this, that would be bad enough. But other narcissistic celebrities are now joining him in reveling in reactionary transgression.

For most of my adult life, antisemites — with exceptions like Pat Buchanan and Mel Gibson — have lacked status in America. The most virulent antisemites tended to hate Jews from below, blaming them for their own failures and disappointments. Now, however, anti-Jewish bigotry, or at least tacit approval of anti-Jewish bigotry, is coming from people with serious power: the leader of a major political party, a famous pop star, and the world’s richest man.

Such antisemitism still feels, at least to me, less like an immediate source of terror than an ominous force offstage, just as it was for the comfortable fin-de-siècle Austrian Jews in Stoppard’s play. Maybe this time, for the first time, it won’t get worse.”

The fact that Jews are immune to criticism is far worse than “antisemitism.”

As things stand today, anyone who criticizes Jews for doing anything awful can have their lives and careers destroyed for violating a sacred taboo. The only thing that is accomplished by maintaining this antiquated taboo is enabling further pathological, malevolent behavior which fuels antisemitism.

Anyway, the Golden Age of American Jews when they could say anything and do anything and get away it is coming to an end. The whole world has revolved around Jews since at least the 1940s. It wasn’t always this way in America. It won’t stay this way forever either. The moment is passing.

Note: Jews who call out the pathological behavior of other Jews often have their lives and reputations destroyed too.


  1. “Antisemitism’s March Into the Mainstream”

    If this were true, we would not be calling an appropriate revisal of whether it were pertinent and justifiable to review the activity and aims of Jewry in public, ‘anti-semitism’.

    Given that White Gentiles are continuously excoriated, and, indeed, have been so for my whole lifetime, it only seems right.

  2. “””.. Jews who call out….”””

    Yep, Norman Finkelstein, Ron Unz , Andrew Breitbart, “my mother was a woman and my father was a lawyer”
    Zhirinovsky and many others.

    This is the reason why our side shall not launch all out war against random groups. Fighting against random group forces random group members pick up guns and our enemy power will increase tenfold. Or hundredfold.

    Zhirinovsky himself was most jabbed person in Russia. He never was a Jew so please no more antisemitic conspiracy theories.

    Russia: Eight times vaccinated Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies of Covid-19

    • Jews disagree with one another on tactics but never on goals. And what are the goals of the Jewish people? The subjugation of the non-Jew.

      Ask yourself what is the promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people? Every religion offers a benefit to its adherents as a way to draw people to the religion. It is the nature of all religions. so what benefit does Judaism offer Jews and why TF won’t the Jews tell us? Finkelstein and Unz disagree with other Jews on tactics not goals. If they disagreed on goals then they would not be Jews, they would be Christians.

      • Read the Torah and find out for yourself. It’s not like it’s been hidden under a rock for the past 3,000 years!

    • ” Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies of Covid-19″

      As jew-hated as Zhirinovsky was, he was foolish to take any injections.
      Who knows what was in those injections.

      Stalin knew the jew doctors were conspiring against him, so he chose non-jew veterinarians for his medical care. Zhirinovsky should have been as suspicious as Stalin.

  3. “Jews who call out the pathological behavior of other Jews often have their lives and reputations destroyed too.”

    I was just discussing this topic with some acquaintances earlier today. Who are these Jews that have been destroyed for blowing the whistle, so to speak? We couldn’t think of any examples.

    • No prominent Jew ever denounced Jewish power more scathingly than Jew chessmaster Bobby Fischer. Fischer wound up being hounded around the world by USA gov for ‘playing chess in a sanctions country’ … Japan jailed him at US request, but released him for a flight to Iceland offering him asylum … where Fischer, living not far from Iceland’s US-Nato military base, wound up suddenly dead not long after his arrival

      ‘Bobby Fischer quotes on Jews’

    • Antisemitism is the natural reaction to jews.

      Free Speech is an anti-Semitic Hate Crime. Anti-Semitism is a contagious ailment and its sufferers generally contract this incurable malady having contact with jews. An “anti-Semitic trope” is something true that you are not allowed to mention because mentioning this truth could result in a negative outcome for the jews, consequently, noticing jews as jews is an anti-Semitic hate crime.

      Antisemitism laws are the backbone of our Democracy!

  4. The fact that Jews are immune to criticism is far worse than “antisemitism.”

    I have to agree. It’s intolerable that they alone should be beyond criticism; intolerable that a group so worthy of criticism should also be so immune to it. Jewish privilege is real privilege.

  5. Breaking News: America’s No.1 Anti-Semite and Cum Detective, proud African Latino Fuentes told his Americano base, that if they are not Catholic, they are un-American! Comprende, amigo!? And also we needed to ban gay marriage, which was grave news for Ye’s campaign manager Milo and Catboy Kami who still hoped for a re-union with the incel-king of the manlets. He further insisted Americans now need to make an Orange with “beautiful Jewish grand-kids” dictator for life. Because this was what real anti-Semites needed. It is whispered that Jared Kushner was extremely excited about the idea! Finally the prophecy was coming all together. Chants of “We want Moshiach now! We don’t want to wait!” were heard at Mar-a-Lago well into the night.

    Alternatively the band decided to elect a black man president to save the white race.

    You’re not giving us another Pat Buchanan, are you?

  6. I mean, listen to that whore, Who in their right mind would be outraged because Fuentes had an occasion to have a short conversation with orange buffoon? Me thinks thou protests way fucking too much. Rachel mad -ow, condemning the far right, while pretending that the left isn’t in fact forcing everyone to shutup and do as their told, to not speak up if they value their ability to feed their families, or be locked up like the Jan 6 patriots, if they dare complain about what the Left is doing to all of us. Apparently, no one watches her show, so her play acting and inversion of the truth won’t reach anybody but other left wing shitheads. Their “democracy”! Their democracy is SHIT! (((Their))) “democracy” is an evil totalitarian dictatorship!

  7. The gig is up, they know it, their narrative, is not being bought anymore……….they understand, even better, than the majority of our people do, our first OBLIGATION, is too ourselves, self preservation, is not racist, is not antisemitic, self preservation is no Vice……..self preservation is our duty, it is our Right……..

  8. “The most virulent antisemites tended to hate Jews from below, blaming them for their own failures and disappointments.”

    THIS is what Hitler meant by Jews telling Big Lies.

    Failures and disappointments aren’t even among the top ten reasons why people hate Jews. People hate them for their double standards, cancel culture, lies, greed, pretentiousness, underhandedness, vindictiveness, victimhood, and, above all, for driving the leading edge of a sword that cuts into everything they hold dear.

    • Rich or poor, famous or obscure, for over 2000 years people from all over the world have all come to the exact same negative conclusions about the jews again and again.

    • My first experience with the Jewish practice of routine lying was as a 10 year old, with my teacher Mrs. Mandelbaum. It was the first time I had caught an adult in a clear lie, and I was stunned at the time and was for several years after by the fact that adults lie. Later, when I realized she was Jewish, her behaviour made sense.

  9. Judaism, like Roman Catholicism, is a cult. Neither will ever make any sense to the logical, and dispassionate White men of northern Europe.

  10. It does seem that jewish power in America is on the decline. I certainly hope so! The old institutions of power they control are becoming obsolete. The Chinese have been studying jewish tactics and are in the process of replacing them as the de facto rulers of the world. And their Zionist state in Palestine is being pressured to accept “diversity”, just like every other country. Will they be able to adapt to changing times or go extinct?

  11. You can’t be the top dog for long and avoid criticism.

    Jews always hid behind Whitey, but now Whitey is gone.

    Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Arabs don’t give a care about Jews or the Holocaust and look at Jews like a wolf looks at a sheep.

    Time to bay the bill.

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