Marjorie Taylor Greene Denounces Nick Fuentes

After getting Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene to appear at AFPAC and having dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Nick appears to be leading the America First movement AWAY from the political mainstream where until recently he had been having some degree of success.

This isn’t the first time that Nick has reversed himself. He spent years railing against “wignats” and their “goon marches” only to lead his own deluded followers through the Stop the Steal rallies to 1/6. He led the charge in ripping the Alt-Right apart during the Optics War, but these days he rants about burning witches on his show and stakes out far more extreme positions than the “wignats.” He was a Trump super fan until last week when he had dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago who refused to criticize him.

Nick fired the first shot by attacking MTG and Trump:

Nick has a point though about these people.

Even if Nick and the AmNats didn’t acknowledge it until like yesterday, Our King has always been Blumpf. Marjorie Taylor Greene has always been an Israel Firster. Conservatism, Inc. is also run by Jews. After years of attacking “wignats,” it is just weird to see Nick dying on the hill of naming the Jew with Kanye.

To be fair, if I sound like I have reversed my position on these people, it is because I have come to believe that Trump and MIGA are a lesser evil than the Ukraine First crowd. I would rather them be slavishly devoted to Israel at the cost of only $3.3 billion a year which is chump change compared to what we are now spending on Ukraine every week. MIGA also isn’t stoking the fires of World War III with Russia.

UPDATE: I see now that PPP did a show about this last night and has some of the same impressions of #Ye24 and MILO being the ringleader of the circus.


  1. It’s OK to be a jewish supremacist, though, and that’s supremacist from the standpoint of working to subjugate all other peoples. That’s not racist or anything MTG, and murdering Palestinians and their children is quite alright with you too, you moronic bitch. Racism is 100% normal and natural, but there isn’t any group of people that are more ethnocentric than jews. Jews work together what ever side of the aisle they’re on and wherever they live in the world, and their agenda is to rule over everyone.

    Ethnocentrism is the most powerful life force in the universe. Ethnocentrism is survival and without ethnocentrism there is no chance of survival. And that is exactly why jews have been demonizing racial unity for Whites since WW2, a war jews instigated.

    Really, Congress woman MTG, I wouldn’t expect anything more from you. You’re just another stupid cunt.

  2. Just gives these politicians time to show their true colors regardless of what they say and promise. It’s all lip service. They’re professional liars and con artists.

    • @JOHN…

      Marjorie Taylor Greene is a great representative, just as Ron DeSantis has been a great governor.

      That said, they are no more exempt at bowing before the Golden Jewish Calf than is anyone else.

      As you say, it’s all lip service – this kind of thing, a kind of verbal tribute, as one would make to a mafia don

      Just as with President Trump, when he did this, I hear this kind of thing as : ‘Please don’t come down on me, Cousins of Papa Rothschild!’

      • Weird you’d compare DeSantis with Greene.
        Sounds like you absolve anyone who is a traitor to their own kind.

        • @Fox Snooze…

          If you consider DeSantis and Greene ‘traitors to their own kind’, then you will have to find a new term for the majority of politicians who make these two look like patriots and heroes.

  3. Wait up Taylor Greene, if you are going to be denouncing anti-Semites, let us hear you speak on the biggest anti-Semite of them all, the Christ. Speak Taylor Greene, denounce the son of God as the vile repugnant anti-Semite we all know him to be. Condemn the innocent son of God you goddamned Christ killer.

    • You are attacking White Irish Christians falsely accusing them of being sex perverts (which obviously you are — since you are the only one to link to child porn on this site) and you have the gall to attack another White you POS.

      • Taylor Greene is not Irish but she has already whored herself out to Kevin McCarthy, one of your kind Mick.

        • @RB

          Your false religion of “all the Irish are to blame” finally comes crashing down on your retarded head and here you are even admitting it, Muzzie. I guess you will start accusing her of incest and bad blood now to keep your show going.

  4. MTG is a Zionist whore. She cucked her husband by having multiple affairs in close proximity to her campaign. She claims to be a Christian nationalist who believes in traditional family values. She dresses like a five dollar whore. What else can you expect from a republican? They will bow down before the Jews more fervently than the democrats.

  5. I’m guessing Marjorie is a supporter of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House because he promised her a seat on some important committee?

  6. Ukraine has siphoned more money away in one year than Israel will in decades.
    Lions don’t give a rip about the opinions of sheep or clap on command seals who think that a seat on the rapture express is coming.
    The bleatings will continue.

    • “Ukraine has siphoned more money away in one year than Israel will in decades.”

      I have a sneaking feeling that many of those Ukranian billions will somehow find their way to israhell.

  7. Guess Pope Noseferatu or some of his gang yanked that chain around the stupid whore’s gullet. Imagine (if you can) my total shock and awe!

  8. Listen

    First off, MTG is a normie. She’s not a “true con” in the strictest sense. She is the type who is at home with regular, southern, middle class people who go to church, pay their taxes, stand up for Old Glory, watch SEC football, and don’t want their kids getting chemically castrated.

    All the Jewish stuff is hard for some people to understand. They see people who appear white, appear respectable, have good educations, and don’t publicly act like thugs, and that’s enough for them to think “that’s one of us”. She’s genuinely against racism of all kinds. She perceives attacks on Jews as an attack on a certain type of White people. She just doesn’t understand the nature of Jewish tribalism. She has fallen for the “chosenite” protestant/Christian affection for Judaism.

    I doubt MTG has any real Jewish friends. Oh she probably knows a few who identify as “conservative”. (And I do think…no scratch that, I KNOW… *some* genuinely do). It’s enough for her that some Jewish woman that she met at X event says that they’re against CRT and transgender crap (some genuinely are). Not every Jew has Jonathan Greenblatt on speed dial.

    She’ll never see the big picture or connect the dots that the biggest majority of Jews, the ones who live in cosmopolitan coastal areas in particular, have tribal animosities toward Gentiles. She will only see the ADL as an instrument to defend Jews from persecution, not as an instrument of antiwhiteness.

    This doesn’t make her a bad person. It doesn’t even make her a foolish person. I am certain that if the dots were connected and laid out for her by someone that she deeply trusts, she is capable of recalibrating her ideas. The trouble is, she’s in a position where there are a lot of pressures on all sides to keep her wearing blinders. She barely maintains credibility with her normie conservative base. She’s already vilified for her basic views, without regard to anything she’s ever said about Jews or Israel. She’s avoiding the controversy so that her fate isn’t sealed.

    We can’t really complain about this woman. We need to see her for what she is and support her for the basic net good that she delivers.

    • How in hell are people going to get educated on the jews? You explain that to me.

      I’m now 25 years into racialist literature, websites and movement people. Now in late 2022 I can say there are many,, many things that have become known to and become mainstreamed amongst the normies. This site elaborates this daily. But I will tell you one thing that stands out in the sharpest contrast to me in comparison to the 1990s. That is how you all handle “educating” people and getting the word out about the Jewish Question. You do some of the shittiest work ever known to man when it comes to the jews. No elaboration at all. None. Like the very worst calculus textbooks so many of us had to suffer through in college, it is taken completely for granted that your audience already knows everything about the subject and thus the subject material and presentation is given as a matter of course. Everyone just shouts “jew this and jew that.” “It’s the jews.” “The damn jews.” “The fuckin’ ADL.” Etc.

      Some people still occasionally bad mouth William Pierce. But that man towers head and shoulders above today’s “leaders” in intelligence. Each week he took a specific example from the news and walked you through it explaining and naming specific names, events, laws, etc., as to how and why it was all a jewish connection.

      Then there was Revilo Oliver, or at least his writings after the mid 90s. And David Duke back then was magnificent I his writings. Hell, Alex Linder elaborated on what the hell he was talking about and why jews are the enemy.

      Now all this talk about Kenye West?!!

      I don’t know.

      • You wanted to be educated on the JQ and that’s why people like us searched out the how’s, why’s, and when’s of jew subversion. There’s no normies on here to educate. Anyone who wants to know more about a certain segment of jew subversion only needs to ask. I’d be more than willing to fill anyone in. Ye? Ye is just a tool to get the subject of the JQ out there to anyone who wants to know. Good tool, or bad tool, or no tool, is yet to be determined.

    • @Memebro…

      “First off, MTG is a normie. She’s not a “true con” in the strictest sense. She is the type who is at home with regular, southern, middle class people who go to church, pay their taxes, stand up for Old Glory, watch SEC football, and don’t want their kids getting chemically castrated. ”

      That’s very true, though, I would add that she is a courageous mouthy Southron Normie, which is very very helpful on today’s political and cultural scene.

      She’s a peculiar blend of what you say, ‘A Normie’, and, on the other hand, ‘a Firebrand.’

      She, Matt Gaetz, Jim Massie, Lorraine Boebert, and Matt Gaetz make up what is the current Far Right in Congress.

      • No, those people are left of center. They would be for race-mixing, adopting other race babies, sending money to Africa, and taxing whites to pay for more of it.
        They are not on our side at all.

  9. That Nick Fuentes is who everyone is talking about three weeks after the election, with the economy going to hell, WWIII looking likely, people dropping like flies “suddenly” is… baffling.

    Why does anybody here care what an 85 IQ nigger rap mogul and these two queers (Milo/Fuentes) say about anything?

    • They are mainstreaming criticism of the jews. That’s certainly worth something. This kind of mainstream rhetoric was nonexistent just a few years ago, and it’s waking people up. Just sit back and enjoy the show. When everyone is aware of jew scams and power, it’s over for them. It doesn’t matter who is spreading the word at the end of the day. When American society is saturated with jew awareness, we are in good shape and they can no longer hide.

      They are on borrowed time at this point and they know it. Like Hunter said on a previous post, jew awareness will be common stuff within a few years, with everyone. Deep anti semitism within the masses is right around the corner. And there is nothing they can to do to stop this trend. It’s good stuff and long overdue.

  10. Funny how Marjorie will entertain all kinds of goofy conspiracy theories, but denounces Ye and Nick for speaking about easily verifiable facts. Just goes to show that she is controlled opposition like the rest of the GOP.

  11. Yeah, MTG is a cuck and an israel firster, unfortunately. I still have no respect for people like Mylo and Nick. By the way, isn’t Mylo’s mom Jewish? Call me a cuck, but I stopped taking Nick seriously when he started using the n word. That’s not exactly the way to win minds and influence people. And Mylo speaks truth about Jewish power and influence, but he’s still a sleazebag and not to be trusted. I think the same about Kanye, no matter how much truth he speaks about the same subject (Jewish power and influence).

    On a related note, Mr. Wallace, I have a sincere question. Let me premise this by saying I want you to operate your website however you want to. You do you. Whether I agree with you or not, I support your right to express yourself on here and through conventional social media.

    Anyway, on to my question. I thought I read a post from you recently basically saying you wanted to make this site more normie friendly, and that that would affect comment moderation. However, since then, I see the same typical comments as before, including use of the n word and the k word. Heck, I saw a post where you even said the K word. Ha ha. Again, I support your and others right to use those words. Personally, I stay away from that kind of terminology and stick with criticism and facts. I think that’s a more effective way to make a case, especially when criticizing the actions and attitudes of ethnic, racial, and religious groups. So, which is it? Did I misunderstand your post that you were trying to appeal to normies? If I understood your post, did you change your mind? Are you no longer trying to appeal to normies? Instead, are you trying to appeal to the daily stormer crowd? Again, I’m just trying to understand you and where you are coming from and the direction of this website. It seems you change your mind a lot…..which is normal. You’re allowed to do that. Is this time one of those cases? Thank you.

    • Milo’s jewish???

      Call me a cuck, but I stopped taking Nick seriously when he started using the n word.

      OK, pathetic cuck!

    • The Apes are inside the gates. But hey, if a White created civilization is stupid / insane enough to import millions of simian blacks & other nonwhite scum into its nation, via slavery or immigration, then it will inevitably implode & disintegrate into subhuman savagery, mongrel mania & ape anarchy. Cities run by blacks are rundown hellholes, totally corrupt and wreak of tribal barbarism: Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia: a complete list would fill up the page.

      Sadly enough, normie Whites LOVE niggers for some reason. Everywhere Whites go, niggers follow. Why? They haven’t done a single thing to help us. In fact, my whole life they have only added misery. If it’s “hate” to recognize the dysfunction and net loss these people have added to my life then call me hateful! They contribute nothing anywhere they live, yet expect everything in return. Western nations serve only them, not Whites. The US gov is plainly antiwhite. They are a burden on us like the parasites they’ll always be. Niggers see Whites as evil enough to hate and claim to be victims, and are free to express their grievances, but Whites are not permitted to respond. Our White created societies are good enough to live in and take advantage of, but all Whites receive in return is hatred and contempt. The misplaced goodwill of White cucks is misguided and endlessly used against all Whites.

  12. TRS is the same. SVEN led the optics war with the jew weev and the republitard ricky vaughn back on the TRS 504um in 2017. They called protesters “goon squads” and attacked anything Third Positionist for being “Wignat.” Now the catboys are leading “goon squads” on Jan. 6, and Sven of TRS is LOSING IT and exterminationist posting, only a few years later. These faggots didn’t even get off the Trump train until midterms 2018. Fuentes is ONLY NOW getting off the Trump train, but will likely return come 2024.

    Actual Nationalism, like we saw in CHARLOTTESVILLE, was always ahead of the republicans by at least 5 years. These peter puffers can only lead from the rear.

  13. I hate to defend Fuentes yet again but I can’t help but feel he’s right. Him trashing & gatekeeping lowbrow wignat trash is 100% defensible given that they’re an albatross around the neck of anyone trying to build a successful movement. Andrew Torba & Vincent James both rightly dissociated from them. Any smart person would.

    Nick’s right that optics matters. If you think the matter in which you present your ideas to the world doesn’t impact the success you’ll have in persuading normal people, you’re honestly just a psyop’d idiot and I have nothing more to say to you.

    Some of Nick’s juvenile misogyny is obviously dumb, but men do need to reshape their attitudes about women & their roles in their lives. Men who make women & sexual validation their highest priority in life lack ambition & are a major reason why the West is in the gutter.

    Him supporting Zionist populists was again defensible since there was literally no alternative for years. It makes sense for him to jump ship & support Kanye over Trump & MTG because Kanye is actually pushing the needle on the JQ. Nick has also supported Kanye for years. And Trump is washed these days & has never given a shit about Nick. So Nick siding with Kanye over Trump is hardly shocking – and hardly a betrayal either.

    Both Gosar & MTG denounced Fuentes when they got cornered. They would’ve denounced anyone with DR views. That’s just the nature of the political scene for now. As long as Gosar & MTG are a net positive then it’s not a huge deal. I doubt Nick is really that bothered by it.

    • Nick Fuentes organized a bigger “goon march” and got more people imprisoned (Janaury 6) and has said far more extreme things on his show (burning women alive like witches or establishing a theocratic dictatorship) than the wignats he used to criticize. He used to build bridges with politicians like Steve King, MTG, Paul Gosar and Trump. Now, he burns them. All of the extreme things that Nick has said on his show over the years have been clipped into a greatest hits highlight reel. It was played on Rachel Maddow’s show the other night.

      • I’ve never followed or paid any attention to Fuentes not for any particular reason, but now that I see where he’s coming from, the right direction, I might add, his extremism is necessary to get the attention of the White normie idiots, which is very difficult to do. He’s screaming, look at me, this is what we have to do to get our country back, you fucking losers. He’s an “antisemite”. How can that not be a good thing? Maybe if he screams loud enough, the White morons will notice what he’s saying and adopt a milder position to his. Anything would be an improvement over the White cuckoldry and cowardice we’ve been experiencing for all these years. He is the enemy of the antiwhite US congress, the Republican pussies, and the idiotic executive branch, so he must be doing something good.

  14. It’s another ritualistic denunciation (link); I’m sure she knows very little about Fuentes, other that what she was told about him by people immediately before they demanded she denounce him — this kind of public performance is de rigueur, even among politicians who otherwise pose themselves as dissidents — being part of the system always demands a pound of flesh.

    For another Paradebeispiel of this same genre of holy ritual, find a video of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing, where she claims she and her adopted black daughter held each other and cried after the death of George Floyd — I’m sure the sight of everyone present reverently acknowledging her ridiculous lie was also quite the pious spectacle.

    It takes a strong stomach to follow politics today.

    • Here’s how MTG’s encounter with those demanding a ritual denunciation ought to have gone:

      Useless Eater: Do you denounce Fuentes?
      MTG: Who?
      Useless Eater: Nick Fuentes, who just had dinner with Kanye and Trump.
      MTG: Why should I denounce him?
      Useless Eater: Because he’s a racist white supremacist anti-Semitic Holocaust denier.
      MTG: Says you — since I personally know nothing about him, I’m not going to denounce him — besides, I’m not like a DJ; I’m not up here taking denunciation requests — and maybe if you “journalists” would stop demanding these ritual denunciations, people would have more respect for you.

      For full effect she would make the pronounced quotation marks hand gesture when saying “journalists”.

      But alas.

      Amy Coney Barrett ‘wept’ with her multiracial family after George Floyd death

  15. Can you really blame MTG? She’s just listening to her preachers, good “Christian nationalist” that she is. Be careful what you wish for…

  16. I don’t believe I have ever said anything good about Fuentes, who is clearly a homosexual. As to Margie Two-Names, frankly a lot of you were taken in by that skank. Even when it was known that she was laying down with various men from her gym, and flaunting her many adulteries openly, most of you failed to denounce her. Well, I certainly did. Possibly because I am older and have seen it before.

    Now Margie Two-Names has thrown all in with the bisexual leader McCarthy. Nick did have one good tweet about that.

    So she made the deal to be McCarthy’s bitch. Now she is huffing and puffing loudly about racism and anti-semitism, as her divorce proceedings continue. She has sided with the blacks and Jews against White Christians.

    She did that when she became McCarthy’s concubine. Right now, she is merely obeying orders.

    I am not a misanthrope. There are good people in Washington. Alito comes to mind. Tom Massie. Ron Johnson isn’t half bad. But Margie Two-Names was trash from the beginning.

    • good people and antiwhites are opposite. There isn’t anyone in Washington, elected or appointed, looking out for White interests or White people, but they are looking out for the well being of nonwhites, therefore, they are antiwhite. Even misanthropes should understand that.

    • You guys don’t even mention that she hired that Milo. The gay Jewish guy, who recently said he doesn’t have Jewish blood now, and has become a Christian. Everyone younger than 40 knows who he is.

  17. Hunter, I wanted to add that I think everything you said about Fuentes is true. You have been consistent. What changes Fuentes is money. They were paid for doing that Jan 6 goon march. All of these people are political poison, including Trump. I also forgot to mention Gosar as one of the good guys. Paul Gosar is a good man.

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