Rod Dreher Is Still Living By Lies

What do you think of Rod Dreher?


“If you are a white man in Baton Rouge like Thomas Achord, you live in a city that is majority black, and that is one of the most violent cities in the United States. The violence is almost entirely confined to the black community. You see a community that is broadly dysfunctional, with incredible rates of violence, with drug abuse, and most importantly of all, with family systems that have disintegrated. You also live in a society and culture where one cannot talk about these things openly, because to do so is to invite condemnation of yourself as a racist. This is broadly true in America. Our social taboos prevent us from dealing with the ugly realities in front of us, not only having to do with race, but also with sexuality, and now with gender. …

Once again: the evil of the Left does not justify or excuse the evil of the Right. But it does help explain where it comes from. If you want to teach these young whites not to hate others on the basis of race, then stop hating white people on the basis of race, and maligning them, and disadvantaging them, solely because they are white, or white and male. If you won’t stop it, then you can expect a hell of a lot more Thomas Achords to arise, and Christian conservatives like Alastair Roberts and me won’t be able to do much at all to stop it. They’ll see us as they do today: like useful idiots for those who want to destroy them. …

We see it in the Twitter thread of Thomas Achord’s online alter ego — this, despite the fact that he professes Christ. As in Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow American South, there will be many, many people who find a way to reconcile their religious faith with race hatred. Certainly many progressive churches are doing the same, from the Left, against whites. Those who stand up against them will be vilified. But it’s still important to do so, because in the end, we are accountable to God and God alone.

Traditional Christians who rebuke race hatred can’t exorcise these devils from our midst alone. The truth is, the greatest ally white nationalists, race haters, and anti-Semites on the Right, including the Christian far right, have is the contemporary illiberal Left in power. …”

Is Rod a useful idiot for the Left?

In my view, Rod’s problem is that he simply can’t shake the liberalism of his youth. “Christianity” is synonymous with America in the 1960s and 1970s. The liberal consensus of Cold War America is normal, good and true. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Dream of a colorblind society – as conservatives understand it, NOT as King himself or his entourage understood it as a hustle to get what they wanted from gullible White liberals – is the ideal of race relations. The “Rev.” Jesse Jackson was one of MLK’s closest associates and was his logical successor. We are demons who are guilty of the sins of “racism” and “antisemitism” for questioning taboos that were created by the liberal establishment after World War II.

Case in point, Rod has recently gone through a tragic divorce and now sees himself as living in exile in Hungary. Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and he can’t hold his marriage together either or stop his own son from becoming a tranny. Tom Brady can’t hold his marriage his together. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are also divorced. Kanye has gone off the rails since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. No amount or wealth or fame or being blessed with good looks is sufficient to hold together marriages under the laws and cultural conditions that now prevail in the United States. What is it like for the average man who isn’t blessed with wealth and fame? Is it “demonic” to question the triumph of recent progressive social movements and the consequences that have flowed out of them that has produced this dysfunction? Is it “immoral” for men not to share Rod’s nostalgia for the triumph of feminism in his youth?

As Rod himself admits, Baton Rouge is a decaying black hole which is one of the most violent cities in the United States. It is a monument to the vision and values and assumptions of mid-20th century American progressive liberalism. Baton Rouge is the way it is today because of MLK’s Dream and the Civil Rights Movement and the cultural hegemony of “antiracism.” The same is true of Detroit and Birmingham and Jackson and Montgomery and every other majority black city in the South. White people have retreated from those inhospitable cities which have been rebuilt in the suburbs and exurbs. In Rod’s view though, White people in the Jim Crow South reconciled their religion with “race hatred.” Everyone who lived in Baton Rouge and Birmingham before the Civil Rights Movement was possessed by the “demon” of “racism” when those cities were run by Whites and for Whites. Today, those cities are run by blacks and for blacks and the result is what the “evil” segregationists predicted which is that power would shift from one race to the other and that civilization would decline to the black level. No amount of forced integration of public schools or feel good pedagogy or social spending would ever erase racial differences. Colorblindness was wishful thinking. In the real world, racial tribalism is running as strong as ever. Whites are on the losing end of the current system which is centered on puffing up blacks and addressing their various problems. Once again, the difference is that we don’t look back on the Civil Rights Movement with nostalgia. It succeeded and the result is the fallout that we have been left with in our own times.

The failure of conservatives like Rod to tell the truth about race and to be cowed by progressive lies about race is what paved the road to the triumph of the “trans” movement in our culture. Conservatives went along with the idea that everyone who told the truth about race and who insisted that race was grounded in human biology was a “racist” who was immoral and beyond the pale and should be shunned from polite society and branded as a dangerous extremist. Conservatives went along with the nonsense that “race is a social construct.” Rod insists that White people who are getting uppity about the status quo are “demons.” Is it any wonder that progressives were so emboldened by this failure of nerve that they would the use same arguments and tactics to insist that actually biology has nothing to do with the sex and anyone who says otherwise is a “homophobe” and “transphobe” who is immoral and beyond the pale?

We see this pattern over and over again. The failure of conservatives who are cowed by charges of “racism” to defend Confederate monuments and whose instinct was to tuck their tails between their legs and run for the tall grass invited attacks by emboldened progressives on American monuments in general. The failure to speak candidly about Jewish power and influence in our culture inexorably led to Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL being emboldened to wipe the Right off the internet. Conservatives like Rod are incapable of pushing back against these people because of various -isms and -phobias. It would be “antisemitic” to notice how Jonathan Greenblatt wields his power and influence to shut down everyone from the president of the United States and his inner circle down to his humblest followers.

At the end of the day, we have a very different take on mid-20th century America and the post-World War II era that has followed. Jewish wealth, power and cultural influence reached an all-time high in this era. That’s why “antisemitism” became the ultimate taboo. Progressive liberalism reached its highwater mark in the 1960s and 1970s. That’s why “racism” became a major taboo. The “mainstream” mass media reached its peak in this era. American culture was unusually nationalized in this period. Whereas Rod sees this period as being the standard by which to judge the past, present and future, we see it as a passing phase which that we are already moving on from. We also have no nostalgia for it.

Rod is still quite happy to live by liberal lies. The mythology that conservatives have constructed around the fictional MLK is one such lie. The norms around “antiracism” and “antisemitism” are another one. The latter is increasingly under strain as now daily displays of overwhelming Jewish financial power being used to blackball and crush anyone who dares not to tow the line are becoming impossible to ignore. The lies about the Southern past are another one. Segregationists weren’t evil people who were cruelly oppressing subaltern blacks because they were possessed by the demon of “racism.” They were practical Christians who were trying to maintain and develop their civilization around the insoluble problem of racial inequality. Liberals haven’t succeeded anywhere in eliminating racial differences.

The origins of the world that we are living in today can be traced back to the world of Rod’s beloved youth. Feminism wasn’t completely out of control. “Antiracism” wasn’t completely out of control. Immigration was just beginning to spiral out of control. These trends were nascent. Jews using their wealth, power and influence like the mafia to crush their critics wasn’t as blatant then as it is now. White guilt wasn’t as out of control. Progressives were arguing that race is a “social construct” and a “myth,” but hadn’t boldly crossed the frontier of denying biology into the realm of denying that men and women exist.

Christianity, too, has been infected by the plague of modernism. Christian churches have repeatedly adapted their theology to fit in with the times and the triumph of various leftwing social movements. Christian elites in a liberal society change their beliefs to accommodate liberalism and to chase after social status. This has been going on for well over a century now. Previous generations who didn’t live under the thrall of a hegemonic liberal social order didn’t trouble themselves with worrying about the “demons” of “racism” or “antisemitism” which are the fashions of our own peculiar times and the boogeymen of our secular liberal elites. Corruption isn’t anything new in the history of Christianity and all institutions suffer from corruption over the long term. Christianity just happens to be corrupted by the influence of liberalism in our own times. In the past, Christianity has twisted itself to accommodate various other fashionable philosophies whether it was Aristotelianism or Neoplatonism.

Anyway, I don’t think Rod is a bad guy. I just think he has too much nostalgia for his youth. He is also too shy because he has spent his entire career operating within the conservative establishment. He sees the same problems, but he doesn’t draw the same conclusions like lots of older people.


  1. Ah, Rod Dreher. I’m embarrassed to say I once bought a book of his 30 years ago. He’s basically a gentry class mild progressive with some religious pretensions. Like so many people of his age, he accepted the Lefts definition of what is racial morality, and hasnt been able to free himself from it since. Like Hunter says, todays version of racial morality is just the gestalt of a very small period in history. We think we are so moral because we think everybody is just alike. Most people in history, even cultures outside the west would think we are insane for thinking like that.

  2. Well, never heard about this gentleman but…

    Now is absolutely worst time to pick up fight with other ethnic groups, other religions and other races.

    Except Jews and communists.

    Picking up fight with “others” will end up like Hitler Germany. Jews and communists know this game very well and when our side picking up fights with others then uniting others against us will be piece of cake for Jews. And we find us in the Hitler situation who somehow got into fight with whole world.

    Forming wide coalition against disobedient group is main weapon what destroyed Jew enemies thousands of years so we must do everything to avoid happening in the situation where Jew can fire his historical super weapon on us.

    So absolutely no enemies except Jews and communists. All other problems with diversity will be solved after victory.

  3. As you have correctly noted, Dreher still chooses to live by lies. There’s also a basic dishonesty here. Using anti-totalitarian quotes from (((Hannah Arendt))), who wasn’t very concerned about totalitarianism except a certain regime headed by an Austrian painter, to buttress the fundamental totalitarianism of the Church of Woke – who routinely use such false characterization as a form of projection – is the action of one who sides with Pope Noseferatu against the Christianity he claims to endorse.

    As I noted here, living by lies has serious consequences. Equality is truly the greatest lie of all, and it goes all the way back to the claims of the serpent in Genesis, who falsely claimed that “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

  4. Dreher equates Christianity with the mid-century progressive movement. However, Christianity, especially Protestantism, is like water. It shapes itself to the vessel of secular power. If the secular power is antisemitic, then it will espouse antisemitism. This occurred in the Third Reich. If the secular power is racist, then it will espouse racism. This occurred in the Antebellum South and Apartheid South Africa. Both regimes supported a racial caste system, and theologians developed arguments to support it.

    If the secular power is for transgenderism or anti-racism, then the church will support or at least not vocally oppose those causes. This is to say that Christianity lacks any form. It is an amorphous ideology and ethically meaningless. Historical Christianity is a contradiction. There are many Christianities that contradict each other across time and cultures. Thus, it was a sin yesterday to miscegenate. Today, it is a sin to criticize miscegenation. Tomorrow, it may again become a sin. Sin in this sense refers to popularity. The church is a mechanism for enforcing popular taboos. When those taboos become less popular, the church enforces them less. We can see this with taboos against female leadership in the home, divorce, premarital sex, and homosexual sex. These taboos were enforced by conservative churches but largely are no longer in operation.

    I have rejected Christianity because it offers no ethical meaning other than the enforcement of present day taboos and has no evidentiary support for its incredible truth claims. I reject the present taboos. The church rejects me for it. I have no resentment towards Christians or the church. I view them as fools who are not devoted to the truth. Christians are fundamentally dishonest in their approach to history. They view me as an apostate who deserved eternal conscious torture. Fair enough.

    I cannot understand how HW still believes in Christianity when he admits that the church has no clear moral teachings across time. An antebellum pastor who preached racial differences and slavery based upon them would be seen today as a demon. I prefer to associate with such manly demons rather than womanly “angels” like Dreher, an archetypal cuckservative.

    • Obviously, there are some things which the church has consistently taught over time like the basic story of the life of Jesus Christ as well as other things which have been introduced and have proven to be fads. Scholastic theology, for example, dominated the Catholic Church for centuries. The church adapted itself to Aristotle’s doctrines. The same thing has happened in our time with liberalism. When Pope Francis spouts off about human rights, he is echoing the dominant liberal culture

      • HW, I will grant that the orthodox narrative of the life of Jesus of Nazareth has remained somewhat consistent across time. The nature of his divinity and his blood atonement has always been a contentious subject within the Christian milieu. However, the ethical teachings that arise from this narrative have not remained consistent in the least. You have clearly underscored this in your past writings.

        Christian ethical systems contradict each other across time. One man’s Christianity is another man’s demonic heresy. Dreher understands you, not as a fellow christian, but as a demon possessed heretic who needs an exorcism. You need to repent of your whiteness. In this way, Dreher views white ethnocentrism as literally a demonic force. Dreher interprets whiteness as demonic just like the woke pastors he ostensibly opposes. To be fair, Dreher claims to view all forms of ethnocentrism, black or white, as demonic. Racism is ethnocentrism.

        Dreher is a universalist, except for the religious category. Dreher opposes Muslim immigration to Hungary, not because they are not Hungarian (or European) but because they are not Christian. This is what Christian nationalism means. Non-white and white Christians are favored while white and non-white Non-Christians are disfavored under the law. Christian nationalism is against white nationalism because the category of Christianity matters, and the category of Whiteness is irrelevant. The white Christian nationalist loves the non-white Christian more than the White non-christian. Whiteness is not hated by the Christian nationalist. Rather, it is an ignored category. Religion, not Race, matters. Race is meaningless. Since anyone can choose to convert to Christianity, then anyone can join the Christian nation. This is like the Islamic State, a universalist nation. Also, the Christian nationalist is like the true con civic nationalist proposition nation, but the Christian nationalist views the Bible as the document that must be adhered to by all, not the declaration of independence or the constitution as in the latter secular case. Originalism in constitutional interpretation is also analogous to fundamentalist literalism in biblical interpretation.

        Dreher claims to hold that any kind of tribalism based in biological categories is against the egalitarian universalism that Christ taught. I think Dreher may stand on more solid ground in scripture. All of the nations will be in heaven together. If heaven is integrated, then why should earth be segregated?

        HW, what all-knowing god would want blacks to live with him for eternity? Has he heard about their crime rate and low IQ? Maybe Uncle Jared can fill him in at Amren. Haha.

        On a serious note, I sure hope that Hell is segregated. Hell may have better schools and an Austrian painter that I would like to meet.

        As a side note, Dreher and other Christian conservatives seem to have an instinctual dislike of human biology: a forbidden area of knowledge. Why do you think that they have this instinct?

      • The idol of “human rights” originated in the papist cult. The declaration of human rights for the UN was even based on writings from Aquinas and French papist theologian Jacques Maritain. So when the pope talks about human rights, he is just being true to his sect’s teachings, not bending to modernity (all of modernity is rooted in judeo-papist thought anyway, so there is no bending necessary).

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        “Scholastic theology, for example, dominated the Catholic Church for centuries. The church adapted itself to Aristotle’s doctrines. ”

        This is an excellent comment that, though I ought to have had in full view, I did not.

        I totally neglected to make that correlation that the Roman Catholic Church has ventured into Paganism before, if, albeit, a much more intelligent level than the one that they are now contemplating.

    • Anonymous ,Equating the Antebellum South, with Demonism, is preposterous.and the mind rot of someone who is not as smart as he thinks he is, you can take that rubbage, back too your house, don’t need it here…..

  5. “Rod’s problem is that he simply can’t shake the liberalism of his youth. ”

    I totally agree, and the analysis you give : that Mr. Dreher’s notion of civic morality being stuck in the erstwhile liberal Cold War consensus that, in order to be truly good, America must become – a nation tribal., ethnic, and color-blind, is not workable.

    And just why is that so, you ask?

    Because I know of no Blacks, Latins, Orientals, Arabs, or Jews who are blind to tribe, ethnicity, or color, which means that if Whites continue to attempt to be this way, this nation will become something it has never been until recently – an abject failure.

    Why a failure?

    Because you cannot build a mansion on the very best stone and then, cursing it, replace it piece by piece with a hodge-podge of other materials that range from brick and rubber bands, to duck tape and balsa wood, and expect it to hold.

    No, something has to give. In fact, we see that cracks appeared right from the start of this deWhite-ification campaign, when I was a child, this because it is not within the nature of any part of Mankind to be blind to itself or others, for that matter, which is why there never has been a nation that is ‘colorblind’.

    A nation dedicated to an unachievable hypothetical – how very New England, and how very convenient for those to whom they are the most loving and dedicated servants and mistresses – The Jews.

  6. I won’t bother to read the whole article — from what you excerpt, I think I get the point, and can dismiss it as simplistic moralizing.

    While the first paragraph is a good summary of the public problem of race in the US today, after describing the ‘ugly realities’ created by Blacks he then immediately talks about the ‘evil of the Right’, which he apparently thinks is ‘race hatred’, i.e. ‘hating others on the basis of race’, when actually he just made the case for why Whites don’t want to live around Blacks, and it’s not due to irrational ‘race hatred’, it’s due to the ‘ugly realities’ — I guess as a Christian Dreher thinks Whites should forever turn the other cheek as Blacks defile and scar the civilization Whites build, and if they don’t want to do that, it must be because of ‘race hatred’.

    Dreher must be aware of the large body of evidence that now exists showing these racial differences are irremediable — so rather than an issue of ‘race hatred’, it can just as easily be seen as a question of whether Whites and Blacks are compatible enough to inhabit the same polity — whether Whites want to make a rational, conscious decision to spend large amounts of societal energy dealing with the ‘ugly realities’ created by Blacks — I vote no, but that doesn’t mean I’m consumed by ‘race hatred’.

  7. ” . . . and that civilization would decline to the black level. (in Black Run America)

    Actually, the standard of civilisation, such as it is, in places like Shreveport LA, Birmingham Ala., Atlanta GA, Newark NJ, Detroit etc. is much, much higher than it would otherwise be because of Whites living nearby. It’s Whites who (literally) keep the lights on, fresh water on tap and fuel, medicine and food available through the EBT system. If Whites were to magically disappear from within 100 miles of each of the above named garden spots the blacks there would starve on the way to burning everything down.

    The same is true of other diverse beauty spots in America. The colored folks just don’t have civilisation in them; they are anti-civilisation on stilts. That is ultimately what Bull Conner et al. were fighting against, the destruction of civilisation. Unfortunately for us, they lost and The Usual Suspects’ colored pets were turned loose to create havoc everywhere in BRA. (H/T SBPDL/Paul Kersey).

    When the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire implodes things will fall to the current level of Zimbabwe in “diverse” areas. This will also happen in the Third World which is dependent upon White countries for whatever meagre level of civilisation they have attained. The White “Liberals” stupid enough to believe their own bullshit about equality will either get devoured by their angry pets or flee for their lives. There will be no “good ones” who will save “Liberal” Whites.

    Demography is destiny and lies have fatal consequences.

    • @12AX7…

      “Demography is destiny and lies have fatal consequences.”

      Yes, absolutely, My Friend, yet, I would also like to point out that corruption and treachery is just as much destiny as are demographics.

      In fact, I would submit that toxic demographics are but a symptom of corruption, which, is a symptom of treachery – or is it vice versa?

    • > The Usual Suspects’ colored pets were turned loose to create havoc everywhere in BRA. (H/T SBPDL/Paul Kersey).

      Unfortunately Mr. Kersey, like Mr. Taylor, prefers to pretend that the usual suspects are not pulling the strings of their legions of orc-golem. The term BRA is itself a good example of this cheap trick. Like the retarded ventriloquist dummy who is the supposed president, blacks don’t run much of anything in reality except their loud mouths. All but a very few take their marching orders from the very same place the white PMCs get theirs. The usual suspects might not do the actual dirty work, but their hands are covered with blood nevertheless.

  8. >Anyway, I don’t think Rod is a bad guy.

    Then why is he amplifying the dox of a good guy? And why was he put in as EIC at AmCon as they purged the anti-zionists? What’s the difference between being a self-indulgent moron and bad actor? Does it actually matter? Do you feel some kind of kinship with Dreher?

    • Not really.

      I’ve been reading Rod for years. I currently feel sorry for him because of what he is going through with the end of his marriage.

  9. Rod Dreher, is lost in a time warp, he has name recognition, that’s it, he is the voice of White guilt, White fear, White beggery, our people want White strength……. He will find out, nobody is listening anymore………

  10. Rod Dreher is the most pathetic loser in existence. He should take a bottle of whiskey and a loaded revolver to his bedroom and leave this world in the most honorable manner still possible for him.

  11. spelling nazi note – it’s ‘toe the line’ not ‘tow’, because one keeps toes behind the line in order to not cross it

    Hunter this quote from what you wrote above, is a great gem –

    “Segregationists weren’t evil people who were cruelly oppressing subaltern blacks because they were possessed by the demon of ‘racis’. They were practical Christians who were trying to maintain and develop their civilization around the insoluble problem of racial inequality.”
    – Hunter Wallace

  12. “Living by Lies” is a fundamental problem throughout the West. One major lie is that of “equality of outcome” and the failure to acknowledge the truth in that regard. Dreher, Tucker Carlson, Steve King, et al. will say there should be no discrimination against Whites, Blacks or Browns. However, when the outcomes are not equal these people never acknowledge the root cause. It’s not a question of whether an individual White is dumber or smarter than an individual Black or Brown or Yellow. It’s the average of the racial group, with Blacks having lower IQs than Whites, which would lead to the expectation that there would be fewer Black engineers, for example. Dreher and the others are not yet able to speak to this. All they can say is affirmative action is wrong but when the outcome across racial groups is not equal, they will not touch it.
    It’s worth a laugh, though, when the propaganda originated by one generation of ruling elite is adopted by their children as the truth. I recently read somewhere that a professor at a medical school apologized to the students in the lecture hall because he described how a certain disease manifests differently in men and women. So, in 10 years, we’ll have doctors who believe this hogwash. Same as the much earlier article about students studying law do not support or believe in freedom of speech. And this is at prestigious universities such as Harvard and Yale. It’s all well and good to say they should drown in their lies and insanity but those education mills produce the next generation of ruling elite.

  13. Poor Rodney, no matter how much he cucks it doesn’t seem to get him the acceptance he craves. One of the more annoying pathologies of conservatism is the self destructive desire to be accepted by your enemies. The reason conservatives have conserved nothing but the victories of their mortal enemies is this bizarre need to be liked by those who seek your destruction.

  14. Rob sounds like a typical college educated, upper middleclass neoliberal boomer.
    He doesn’t like the woke left or the white/Christian nationalist right.

    He’s entitled to his opinion.
    There are millions of people out there like him.
    I don’t hate people like him, just indifferent.

    I don’t see why we have to have a one size fits all, I think it’s time white/Christian nationalists, neoliberals and wokeheads part ways, balkanize.

  15. There is certain Mexican who wants to weaponise white nationalism against his bete noir Christianity.

    Christian pastors can say what they like, the onus is on the individual not to be deceived by them.

  16. Dreher does all this moralizing about White racism but at the end of the day the Woke Left is still going to label him a racist, Nazi, etc,

    It is like he is spinning his wheels and wasting time and energy with these MLK I have a dream notions that are gone for good. CRT killed it.

    It is time for hard edged realists, not navel gazers like Dreher!

    • CRT didn’t kill MLK’s dream because it was never anything more than a dog whistle for stupid, naïve, self hating whites. MLK never believed a single word of the rhetoric he spewed in public. He was a sexually degenerate, communist racial agitator propped up by Jewish money and media connections.

      • Absolutely correct. He also conveniently had his ticket punched just as Hoover was about to release the info on his orgies. Unlike now, the Murika of 1968 didn’t admire and idolize adulterers and whore-mongers. One of the tapes made of the many orgies reportedly has the Rev. screaming “I’m fuckin’ fo’ Jeezus” at the top of his voice. They should make it into a ringtone for ‘Christians’ like Russell Moore and maybe use it as a doorbell on “Churches” who sport BLM and ‘Hate has no home here’ signs. A (((blackrobe))) handily sealed all of the surveillance info for 75 years, so the Rev. became an instant holy martyr that Goodhwites could worship. Rev. Lootah Kang would have totally endorsed CRT.

  17. Good piece. Rod still desperately clings to the gnostic myth of Martin Luther Kangz, which of course requires an evil, demonic Jim Crow South to function. News flash: Jim Crow was peaceful and relatively prosperous for all. Those laws were a rational response to the criminality of the freedmen, and made society safer for everyone, including them.

    Dreher of course supported the removal of Confederate memorials, despite being the descendant of Confederate soldiers. That to me is damn near unforgivable, but he is worth reading. Despite the fact that he’s one of those sentimental “can’t we all just get along in the society envisioned by Kangz” types that will be swept away.

  18. You could say cultural liberalism, which partly arrived in the 1920s, and fully arrived in the 60s, has mostly come to an end.
    Cultural liberalism is gradually being replaced by woke AKA cultural Marxism on the left and nationalism on the right.

    The next shoe to drop may be neoliberalism AKA Thatcherism and Reaganism, to be replaced by a global socialism on the left and a national socialism but not necessarily Nazism on the right.
    I’m looking forward to the end of neoliberalism, as a poor blue collar guy barely scraping by.
    Yep the liberal world order is coming to an end, first socioculturally, hopefully economically next, so sick of the Reagan right.

    Oh yea and with the liberal world order hopefully Zionism goes out the window too.
    American hegemony is also on its way out, lots of changes, the end of cultural liberalism, neoliberalism, Zionism and the American hegemony to be replaced by a multipolar world order.
    The American dollar could be replaced by the Yuan or, something else, as the world’s reserve currency.

  19. He’s called César Tort. A self-stylked priest of the fourteen words who believes he has the right to dictate other whites what to and what not to believe.

  20. I used to like Rod Dreher but now I’d think it’s safe to say that I deeply despise this race-traiter with a passion.

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