Brion McClanahan: The Left’s War on Culture

It is hard to say exactly when my opinion shifted on White Nationalism.

Charlottesville and the George Floyd riots were a real turning point. Watching those howling mobs of White leftists vandalizing our monuments left a profound impression on me. I lost whatever residual sense of sympathy or racial solidarity that I still had with them that summer.

My view of them ever since has been that the people who tore down the Robert E. Lee statue and who are having it melted down and turned into some sort of hideous BLM monument are the enemy. I don’t care that they are White. I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with them. I hate them. I want to destroy them.

The feeling is mutual now. I don’t want to help them or save them anymore. I don’t want them to “go free.” I am not making excuses for them. I don’t think they are just misguided for bowing down on their knees, cursing their whiteness and worshipping George Floyd.


  1. >howling mobs of White leftists

    How many such people would you estimate were there? — do you know what the white population of the city of Charlottesville is? — how about the surrounding area, i.e. near enough for ‘White leftists’ to have easily driven to Charlottesville to do some ‘howling’?

    Some of those there were no doubt from out of town (antifa typically networks), meaning the locals who showed up were an even smaller fraction of the nearby population of liberal Whites.

    You do seem to have developed an innumerate fetish about this — to use the example of the rather small cadre of hardcore, committed antifa and libtards who bothered to show up at Charlottesville as evidence of a HUGE, unmanageable problem among Whites seems very tendentious to me.

    Although I share your negative impression — I felt the same about the Whites I saw in 2020, although in reality the number of Whites involved in that was relatively small, too.

    Also here I want to acknowledge that there is a problem with a fraction of the white population — but it is manageable compared to the historical catastrophe of Whites, creators of Western civilization, becoming a minority in the US, and afterward in every other white country, within a few generations.

    I would much rather live in a majority white nation and feel like I have a home and identity, even if it means having to deal with a problematic fraction of Whites, rather than watch the white nations and homelands that our forebears struggled so long and sacrificed so much to build inundated and controlled by racial aliens.

    • “I felt the same about the Whites I saw in 2020, although in reality the number of Whites involved in that was relatively small, too.”

      Not really. A majority of White Americans bent the knee for George Floyd. Any White middle class or upper middle class suburb during the summer of Floyd was a sea of BLM yard signs.

      “becoming a minority in the US”

      This is already a done deal. Modern pro-White activity in the USA means focusing on what comes next for Whites as the minority, which makes raising awareness of the White libtard genetic illness even more important. These libtards are trying to get us killed. I would much rather work with non-Whites to eliminate our common enemy, the White libtard.

      • Europe does have a history of sick religious cult insanity that swept nations. Goofy Christian girls who went to the lions with glee, the Albigensian Heresey, 30 years war, puritanism, barren “Shakers,” right down to the white weridos who offed themselves in the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult. Utopianism seems to be a flaw in the makeup of too many, perhaps linked to the autism type genes that also express themselves in a positive way as scientific and engineering progress, but when turned towards “liberal arts” go in the wrong direction. Could also be from abandoning patriarchy and listening too and taking seriously the childish ideas of women.

        • Communism, aka Marxism, is a utopian religion too. No wonder it remains so viral and invasive despite its documented atrocities and failures.

    • eah ” unmanageable problem among White’s seem’s very tendentious to me” though they are small overall in numbers and wouldn’t have been the problem they were and potentially still are, if their had been leadership, with the backbone that was necessary, too shut them down, their ability too influence, impressionable youth with their, Evil, Vile doctrine, is what it should be of concern too us now, in my view…..

      • >The Southern Republic

        There is no ‘Southern Republic’ yet, and it’s doubtful there ever will be (personally, I think states ought to be able to secede, and laws against sedition repealed).

        The 2020 census showed there was an absolute decline in the number of white people in the US since 2010, while the US population overall increased by approx 25m — this means all the growth was via non-whites — and the truth is, many of the fastest growing (population) states are in the South:

        2020 Census: Percent Change in Resident Population for the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico: 2010 to 2020

        Note: white population trends differ from state to state, including southern states — but in any state with a growing population, it’s virtually certain that most of that growth is due to non-whites — demographic change, i.e. the decline in the fraction of Whites, is the reason Georgia is now a swing state — both Florida and Texas are also pretty much now swing states — with demographic change, it’s only a matter of time, because in practice, non-whites vote as a bloc for Democrats almost everywhere.


        At the link above is a 2016 electoral map showing what the result would have been if only non-whites voted, and if only Whites voted.

        Since Trump (nominally) lost in 2020, the only change would have been more blue in the map of white voters: non-whites also voted as a bloc for Biden in 2020.

        So right now, the only way to avoid the ‘libtardation’ of America via officeholding Democrats is to maintain a large enough white majority — there are very few local exceptions to this rule, e.g. Cubans in Florida, maybe also ‘Tejanos’ in Texas.

        • eaH, two thing:s I’m pretty certain about, ” Faith is like Honor, you either have it, or you don’t”, ” like attract’s like”, that being said, if I was too base my viewpoint solely, on the circumstances of the moment, the Southern Republic seems improbable, we do not have the strength, too face them economically, politically and certainly not militarily, but God’s word, teaches otherwise, there is only one power stronger than Satan and that is god, our Lord will bring his/this kingdom down, no one else has the strength too do so and when he does it, the world will know it was him who did it, it is our duty, too pick up the pieces and like naturally attracting like, the Southern Republic will be born again in southern appalachian, we can’t save all of america, or all of our people, but we can start their, why, it’s in the mountains that the faith of the righteous, is most fervent, we are one with our people in the deep south, the Midwest, the plain’s states, the southwest, those that are in the blue area’s, we will not turn our back on our people, no matter where they are, God willing and with the frontier spirit of the Kentuckian, the Southern Battle flag will fly, the Southern Army will March, the Southern Republic Will live……..

  2. White Anti-Whites are traitors. No one is more despicable or pathetic than they are. The only question that matters today: Are you pro White or pro White Genocide?

  3. Tom Metzger was right, about 40% of whites are assholes who aren’t worth saving. I suspect the number is closer to 50%.

  4. I’d like to open Fentanyl Floyd’s gold sarcophagus, hang his carcass from a lamp post for the crows to pick at and then melt down the gold to make coins honoring Heroes of the Confederacy.

  5. The enemy of the libtard is anything fixed and unchangeable, because these are not subject to human choice. Rather than viewing these as intrinsic to their nature, libtards view these unchangeable traits as unjust external impositions on their true self (which is ultimately formless and contentless). The same applies to other unchangeable things like the past itself (why libtards are at war with the past).

  6. There isn’t anything in the 14 words about saving all Whites.

    White nationalism is simply a recognition that as creatures we have a natural imperative to perpetuate our kind. That there is nothing wrong with that. That we owe no apology.

    Chauvinism in direct proportion to genetic relationship is the natural law because it needs no enforcement. I like my nephew more than I like Richard Spencer (who is gay).

    The problem you see with White Nationalism isn’t with White Nationalism at all. Its with “white nationalists”, who naturally don’t all see eye to eye.

    The folks here and across the dissident space that want to save the Good Whites, are welcome to try. They will fail and likely be destroyed for their trouble, in whole or in spirit. Its their choice to waste their time. I have no desire to waste my time trying to convince them its pointless. Most of these people are urbanite swpls I have nothing in common with anyway.

    Don’t overcomplicate it.

    You haven’t discarded Christianity because of the Catholics. You just worship your own way.

    Whites are not, have never been and will never be a monolith. Especially not if we have to include the Irish.

    White Nationalism. Because Its ok to be White. There is no ideology needed. Because no apology is needed.

    • Having to “include the Irish” makes no sense in the first place. Just take a look at them, theyre a completely different race.

  7. Johny english” they’re a completely different race”, enough of this talking shit about the “IRISH”, the “IRISH”, can blush with the best of them, they are “ADAMITE” people, drop this Bullshit……

  8. “My view of them ever since has been that the people who tore down the Robert E. Lee statue and who are having it melted down and turned into some sort of hideous BLM monument are the enemy. I don’t care that they are White. I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with them. I hate them. I want to destroy them.”

    Yes, Brad, they’re called Yankees, and they’ll always be our enemies, until we get rid of them, or they are no more. Our Confederate ancestors said as much. Just because they are ostensibly White, doesn’t mean that they’re on our side.

    “I hate them. I want to destroy them.”

    Most of us do. But it’s not in our Southron nature to talk about it in public, or out loud. Too much. I meet people all of the time, who are quiet and unassuming, who agree with Southern Nationalism, when they’re told about it. There’s really nothing standing in the way of Southern Nationalism, in Dixie. Texas Nationalism is really just an offshoot of SN. And it’s popular enough in Texas, that it’s openly talked about in the public venue. Given a real chance, I think that the Southern People would reclaim their liberties and rights, in their own country. For far too long, it’s been the Yankees’ country. Not ours.

    A slide note on the so-called “Midwest.” “Minnesota nice” is still Yankee rude.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    Break the rusty chains that bind us to the rotting corpse that is Yankeedom.

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