Tablet Mag: How the Next Civil War Begins


*pounds fist on table*

Tablet Mag:

“All national declines ebb and flow. The street violence and chaos of the summer of 2020 marked the moment the curtain was pulled back, the country’s true psychic state revealed for a single season before the curtain fell once more—President Biden entered office, the pandemic subsided, normalcy seemed to return …

Down South, the former Civil War border states of Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri can collaborate in a new state partnership. Similarly, the 11 states of the former Confederacy join together once more, minus Texas, who we all know—because they remind us incessantly!—has been counting the days until it can declare full independence again.

How much of America’s present dysfunction is the result of Abraham Lincoln’s 1861 choice to forcibly keep together two regional cultures that detest each other? Few comparable civil wars exist in world history where one side vanquishes (and humiliates) the other and then the two sides stay together peacefully—but teeming with unresolved resentment—for more than a century and half.

Like it or not, the United States is poised to Balkanize at some point. If anything, sustained independence movements are overdue …

Should Buckley’s prediction prove true, following a second Trump defeat, it feels inevitable that “stop the steal” morphs into some form of red-state “national divorce”—rhetoric already used frequently by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and many on the American right. The Libertarian Party has also made #NationalDivorce part of their refrain. …”

This would be the ideal solution.

A Southern Confederacy that reunited Virginia and ceded NOVA and included Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas would move with lightning speed to address all sorts of problems due to the unanimity of socially conservative Whites in the region.

I’ve been ready to go out for over a decade now. I realize though that the only way it will ever realistically happen is in another spasm of partisan rage like in 1860. In light of this, I am resigned to patiently waiting for the weaker brethren to arrive at the same conclusion on their own time. Hopefully, these people will realize than Donald Trump is not their savior and Ron DeSantis can’t do much either to overcome these regional cultural divides. Unfortunately, the National Divorce isn’t going to happen on my schedule.


  1. There is going to be another civil war, revolution or some type of uprising, it’s just a matter of when. This country cannot survive much longer the way it’s going. The evil doers must be destroyed one way or another.

    • There is another alternative – the Bolshevik revolution and what followed. Balkanisation is preferable, but perhaps even odds at this stage as to which comes to pass.

  2. ” United States is poised to Balkanize at some point”

    It could go much further.
    The cities could shatter along racial lines, neighborhood killing neighborhood, much as we currently see between Hispanics and blacks, amplified 1000 times.

  3. External enemies and an internal replacements fifth column will make it extra spicy.
    It is still better than the Jonestown Democracy Kool-Aid though.

  4. I don’t want any part of Thomas J. Main’s America, whoever he is. He can keep his COVID-19 lockdowns, so-called sanctuary cities, George Soros appointed DAs and LGBTQ faghotry.

    I recently traveled across the South and in spite of all the demographic changes in America over the last 140 years, in spite of the Interstate highways, the WAL*MARTS and everything else that binds us together it still felt like a separate country under enemy occupation. It took 80 years for the wounds to heal from the War Between the States, only to have them opened up again in the late 1950s thanks to “civil rights”. Enough already! Time to file for a national divorce.

    • Yep.

      In spite of all the things we hate about the New South, it remains distinct. In fact, it has grown more distinct over the past 30 years. Somehow, there is a huge cultural chasm underneath all the corporate homogenization and faded accents

      • I’m somewhat conflicted by this. As a small town/rural Northerner 30 miles from the Canadian border, I despise the politics of the urban leftists and am in 100% agreement with Southern politics on things like guns and immigration and abortion.

        While I like Southern politics, I really don’t like the South itself, though. I think a lot of the Northern and Midwestern small towns are nicer than southern small towns (agreed, the cities suck). The rural areas of the North often have lower population density than the rural areas of the South. The South is much older and has been populated longer than the Midwest has, and I think there is still more opportunity to buy land in the North than the South. The geography of the North and Midwest appeals to me more than mile after mile of flat, sandy Southern soil and miles of endless pines. Most importantly, the North is extremely segregated, there are thousands and thousands of small towns and rural counties that are 99 to 100% white (including the one I live in). Blacks are almost exclusively urban creatures up here, and even then there are far fewer of them as a percentage of the population than in the Black Belt. There is far, far less crime (because of the absence of blacks) in the rural North than the rural South. Crime in my small town is practically non-existent.

        I have been to the South and it seems that many Southern cities are no longer conservative at all, they are full of queers and liberals and mulattoes and interracial couples and Northern liberal transplants who work for global corporations and live in brand-new subdivisions and commute to office parks. The traffic in most of the South is far worse than anything I have seen outside of a major city in the North. Real estate prices across most of the South are absolutely stupid right now.

        I despise Northern liberal governments, Northern taxes, and Northern gun laws. (And I have had just about enough of the snow, too). I have a Confederate flag on my truck just to piss these people off. I think the South was following on the footsteps of Jefferson and Washington in 1861 and the North was on the wrong side. But frankly I think some of the states in the Midwest, from Ohio to Indiana to Missouri to South Dakota are more appealing than the Deep South, and have a lot of political freedom and excellent gun rights.

        I’ve been to your neck of the woods, Hunter. Not Auburn but to Columbus/Phenix City. My reaction was kinda … meh. Atlanta absolutely sucks, I’ve driven through it a couple of times and just hated it. Horrible, horrible traffic. Never been to Birmingham or Jackson but everything I’ve heard and seen on the internet tells me they are shitholes. Mississippi has got the largest percentage population of blacks of any state in the country, about one-third. No thank you. New Orleans may as well be in Africa. I like Virginia, particularly the Shenandoah Valley and the western mountains, but it’s got a ball-busting, high-tax government and has more or less been conquered by the D.C. suburbs.

        I’ve met some very nice Southern people and the only politicians I trust are the ones with a Southern accent, but I’m not sure that I’d want to live in the parts of the South that I have personally seen.

        • It’s the people more than anything else my friend. There are nice midwesterners and rural northerners, to be sure, but for the most part, people in the south are still far more likely to give you the shirt off their back if you need it than my experience with northerners would lead me to believe.

          Most of my experience with northerners was in the military. Some of the biggest douchebags were from places like Minnesota, Maine, Vermont, etc…Southerners bonded like family over regional food, music, clothing traditions etc. (culture). Northerners tended to settle for Dominoes pizza, video games, and whatever the latest fad music was at the time.

          Again, not besmirching anyone here. There were some good folks too who were northerners. I’m just pointing out the tendencies that I noticed.

          (I’m a native Southern-Appalachian who happens to currently live in the Deep South and who has lived in TN, TX, LA, SC, GA, MS, has family in Alabama and Florida, and has spent a good amount of time in the Florida panhandle.)

        • “Northerner 30 miles from the Canadian border”

          10 months of winter, 2 months of bad sledding.

          The South, you forgot suffocating heat and humidity.

        • I am a New England Yankee by birth, A Neo Copperhead, as I support fully the position of the CSA. My Southern experience was mostly military and I always enjoyed it. I agree with the “Deep North” strategy for the coming hard times though, because I think the north has several advantages over more southerly areas. Chief among these is that the cold seasons and the snow make the area unattractive to the weak in general and foreigners of tropical origin in particular. Winter in that sense is a blessing. If the grid is down and the handouts stop, the invaders and parasites we have on hand will undoubtedly migrate toward bigger and more southerly urban areas. The ones who stay put and attempt to rob and steal will be dealt with. As was stated, we have a much smaller stock of them here to start with. The white communists are a problem here as they are everywhere. It is bad enough in Vermont now that even the rural people are marxists and I view the whole state as a total writeoff. Elsewhere, the rural, conservative nature of the countryside remains intact and we are positioned nicely to ride out the hard times by returning to the rural lifestyles of our grandparents.

          • @Mikef…

            Thank you for your service to our country.

            Let me extend a great big welcome to you and your family, Sir – to the South, either spiritually, here at this blog, or, if you so wish, when you so wish, from the southern Vermont (North Carolina) to you.

            We are a beautiful state that is not expensive to live in – with a lovely landscape, moderate 4 seasons, and many communities who would be happy to have you, if you get worn out by the communists up there, because they are going to make life more and more difficult for you.

            Down here, we The Rural and Smalltown Southerners, control our state governements if not 100%, then mostly, this being insurance against any lunacy prevailing outside of big cities.

            All the best to you!

  5. Death to America, the Great Satan.

    That’s a quote for Mr. Main, to bring back and show to his fellow patriotarded boomers, so they can collectively wring their hands and lament the coming end of the boomer age.

  6. I don’t think they’ll be a civil war. Over time states will just resist Washington’s demands more and more. They will recognize that a broke, woke government really can’t force a state to do something if it doesn’t want to. Over time states in places like the south will start to realize that they have more in common with each other , than they with coastal blue states. Theres a real quality of “it thou summons spirits from the vasty deep, will they come” Florida already told the Feds to stay out of its election, DeSantis wasn’t especially afraid of Biden threats to involve themselves in Floridas election. Expect this more and more. Starting with bigger states like Texas and Florida. One day the south won’t have to declare its independence. By that point, everyone will know it to be true in practice

    • @Shadowbass…

      I totally agree with your synopsis.

      Though there will be moments of drama, there will not be a cataclysm – just a gradual further drifting apart.

      People will more and more come to realize that the only way to stop driving each other crazy is to accept that we are not going to change each other; and, that so, we must go our separate ways.

  7. “Unfortunately, the National Divorce isn’t going to happen on my schedule.”

    I totally agree, and, unlike many, I see no violence coming, for most Americans simply do not want to shoot at each other.

    I think that this process will be peacefully ongoing for another 10, 20, and 30 years, until the thing just falls quietly apart from so much distance and rot.

    In fact, we may be the first large country that ever agreed to part from itself, without a military or economic catastrophe.

    • One other distinct possibility is that judicial decisions evolve in such a way as that the United States of the early 19th century returns, because the unconstitutional anti-Federalist decisions of the past 70+ years, from Brown vs. The Board of Education to Griswold, are reversed, thus allowing for A REESTABLISHMENT OF A UNIFIED CONFEDERACY.

      If this happens, and, what with all the Conservative Federalist judges President Trump appointed to the bench, ‘THE UNION’ COULD SURVIVE, this because it would be sufficiently loose to allow for Leftist areas to live as they wish, just as, conversely, would be the case for Conservatives.

      To my mind, this probability is as high as that of secession, perhaps, even higher.

      Part of the genius of the republic that The Founding Fathers set up was enshrined by the 10th Amendment – that of asserting that THE STATES ARE SOVEREIGN, and that the Federal Government could not interfere in their internal affairs, because the sole jobs of the Federal Government were to protect Americans from foreign threats (military and economic) and to conduct a system of courts to resolve disputes between the states.

      If we wind up back in something approximating that early Federalist system, I think that the many now sceptical of this country, would have their minds changed, or, at least, made less averse to the idea of a perpetual union.

  8. We’re in a new era (mid 2010s-present).
    It’s not just one thing, it’s many.

    Arguably America is already in a cold civil war, the question is will it erupt into secession and/or a hot civil war?
    The west is also in a new cold war with Russia and if China invades Taiwan, we could be in a cold war with it too.
    The American unipolar world order is collapsing, giving way to a new bipolar (the west vs BRICS+) or multipolar world order.
    Brexit could be the beginning of the collapse of the EU.

    The liberal world order is also collapsing, progressivism and populism are rising on the left and right respectively.
    Down the road, progressivism and populism could lead to neoMarxism and neoFascism in some countries.
    The rise of antisemitism on the right but also on the left.
    What will become of Israel if it can’t count on its number 1 to protect it from its enemies?

    The American dollar will probably lose its status to the Yuan, or some other currency soon.
    We’re already in a recession and could be headed for the next great depression soon.
    Both the left and, even the right may finally ditch neoliberalism for progressivism and populist economics respectively.

    Unfortunately, we may be in or nearing the 4th industrial revolution, which may be centered on 6G, AI, robotics, cybernetics, bio and genetic engineering, nanotech and transhumanism.

    Sometimes everything happens at once.
    This applies personally, and (geo)politically.
    May you live in interesting times.

    • Ive been around for a minute, and if I have learned one thing it is that in this world evil prevails no matter what. Despite the bluster and messiahs and spasms of nations, warnings from Darwin, Malthus, Nietzsche and others, evil always prevails. And it seems to increase at an exponential rate.

      As a side note to your comment, I hope I am dead by the time the 4th Industrial Revolution rolls around. The living will envy the dead.

  9. ^ Who knows what the outcome of all this strife will be.
    When the dust settles, will there be another unipolar world order and if not America and liberalism, then who and what?
    Or will we have a multipolar world order for decades, perhaps centuries to come?
    Or, if things go nuclear, perhaps no more world order at all.

  10. I see it thusly,

    The driving force of the civil war was secession, not slaves (slaves were just a resource to exploit for labor, even by the North).

    The driving force of secession was Lincoln being elected without representation from any Southern states.

    Think what you want about split ballots and Swpl Soccer moms. The bottom line is fewer people view the elections as legitimate, and none less so than the presidency and Senate. This is from BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

    Balkanization is already under way. Its been glacial, but you can see it clearly now in hindsight of the last 20 years.

    It took about 50 years the last time, once the war of 1812 was won, and our last real foreign enemy capable of hitting us at home was soundly beaten, the empire was conceived in the soft earth of the industrial revolution which was newer then than the internet is for us today. The collision between the industrial capitalists of the North, who needed endless supplies of cheap labor for their factories, and the plantation gentry of the South who had a labor force that could be expropriated, was inevitable.

    Still, that balkanization was a half century in the making.

    The current cycle of balkanization began after the end of the second world war when the Empire went global, broke the unspoken truce of the reconstruction era and weaponized blacks to displace Whitey as the founding stock of a new epoch of imperial expansion. Jim Crow, integration of schools at gunpoint, 1965 immigration act. All acts of war against Whitey and the South specifically.

    While blacks have been a miserable failure as a new labor force, military force, and janissary force for the elite (blacks have failed at every crucial juncture in the progression of modernity), other non Whites have continued the great replacement which began with the emancipation proclamation.

    We are overdue for a period of accelerated balkanization. The critical mass just isn’t there yet. Still, these things have a habit of happening very suddenly given the right trigger.

    We are looking at a prolonged period of economic contraction. As conditions worsen, authority of the empire will wane, and states will fill in the vacuum. This too is inevitable.

    Conflict of some kind is coming. Who knows what form it will take.

  11. Boyd Cathey weighs in on the subject as well. Over the recent holiday, I was surprised at reports of the growing number of ‘good ol’ boys’ here in the downstate of Illinois who are basically saying ‘bring it on’ to a civil war. One 85-year old at the meal remarked she’d never seen such bitter divisions in the country as now. This is not just talking heads being ginned up by jews to generate clicks.

  12. Hank Williams Jr. “If the South Would Have Won” is a great song, unfortunately it led directly to him becoming probably THE worst Southern folk, C&W traitor cuck for ZOG and BLM NFL Monday Night Football.

    Hank Williams Jr’s embarrassing pro Iraq War I, propaganda song “Don’t Give US a Reason” is frankly embarrassing. I was doing a one man America First anti ZOG, Neo Conservative war campaign in Nashville Tennessee at the time and I was treated very fairly by the local media including the then small J local media. I went on talk radio, cable news the Teddy Bart Show and just explained who, what was pushing this war to GET SADDAM HUSSEIN , ANOTHER HITLER….

    Regular folks, including a high ranking Tennessee National Guard General conceded I made a lot of sense, but going up against Hank Williams Jr…

    “Don’t GIVE Us a Reason” “Now you done made us mad, we’re gonna kick your ass SADDAM.

    Embarrassing – really really dumb goyim.

    Eventual Hank Williams Jr lost his lucrative lead in to NFL Negro Felon League Monday Night Football, I think he said something negative about Barack Obama.


  13. I haven’t heard much from the Texas sesesh or the Greater Idaho folks lately. Shortly after the 2020 election, there was talk about it being overturned or “millions of armed patriots marching on the Washington to hang the traitors and restore this great Republic”. Just sound and fury. Just like any civil war, national divorce, or what have you. I see both North and South just slowly sinking into the racial mud.

    • Thats right, there wont be a civil war. The right wing, the actual conservatives, are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

      What many dont realize is that through sheer force of numbers and Machiavellian pragmaticism, the bad guys usually win in real life, unlike a Hollywood movie.

  14. The history of the failure of nations is a history of lost wars. ZOG will have to lose the big war, see its 900 foreign bases occupied and the zogbots there killed. When ZOG starts getting what Ukraine is now getting. Know ye that the end is near.

    It is coming. The yankees have pretended for 200 years to love all niggers, and have always used them against us. Now they have niggers of their own and don’t like it. But to deuce with the masshole yankees. We need a country of our own.

    Everyone beware of fed traps. Fake militias and the like. It will be your ruination.

  15. I would like to remind all that I have seen know Hasbara pushing civil war. I think they would love to have us murder each other while they sit back and collect shekels.

    “…Secession is a pipe dream. It will not be permitted, that was decided in 1865 and later reinforced in places like Waco…”

    I don’t think we could win this. They control the large military assets. Sure we have lots of guns but if they don’t care about casualties our side they could crush us. They could blockade all the ports, while they would be able to gather supplies and Men from all over the world on the two coast.

    While it might be difficult to get control of Congress, it would be a lot easier to do that by stopping the vote stealing than to win a civil war. It’s certainly possible. I don’t believe the left likes their votes being stolen any more than we do. I have said over and over that if we could get control of Congress and had people on our side with the same fortitude as the Democrats we could legally control the whole country. Congress by using the provisions it has could end mobocracy and deal the left a death blow. Instead of continually backing up we could control them and make them do as we say.

    The Constitution provides that…

    Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    It’s likely this would not trigger a civil war if done correctly. I talk about this here and in the links of the comment.

    • The real question is, is the United States even worth saving? And if so, how would such a thing be possible? A full 25 percent of the “white” population is Irish Catholics then you add in the rest of the mystery meat mish-mash along with the Pakis, crypto “Germans” and “Poles” in the big cities that we all know are really something different, Armenians and everything else that qualifies as “Caucasian” on the census and I dont know you have what, a generous 5 percent of the population is actually red-blooded NW Europe whites? The older I get, the more the truth becomes apparent. The US is not a white country, and hasnt been since the early 20th century.

      I care about that 5 percent, but how in the world could they ever regain power in the US? Its really just the Anglo Deep South and German Midwest, everything else is gone. I dont ever think I have seen an actual white American in public life other than MTG, Kyle R, and the proprietor of this site; and maybe a handful of others but the situation is much worse than anyone wants to admit and I feel the need to call a spade a spade.

      • “A Southern Confederacy that reunited Virginia and ceded NOVA”

        Once the federal government collapses, Virginia and Maryland will essentially be liberated from Yankee occupation. The Yankees will all flee back up north of the line, to what they consider “America,” anyway. The collapse will also precipitate an identity crisis among the Yankees, from Maine, to Minnesota and Iowa.

        End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

  16. I’m glad to see you embracing my ideas for Virginia. I mention those two things to people all the time, and I’ve never met anybody that was opposed to it.

    “Northern Virginia” is like a cuss word to ordinary people around here. People complain at board of supervisors and planning commission meetings all the time that the policies being proposed will make us like Northern Virginia, which is just assumed to be a bad thing.

    • If memory serves, Arlington used to be part of DC and was ceded back to Virginia. West Virginia was created after Virginia was dismembered during the war. Reversing that would solve most of Virginia’s problems.

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