1. “California is just not the way it’s portrayed in the news and a lot of different outlets”. Uh yeah, the shitlibs rule from the coast and jerrymandered their way to a supermajority, it’s only ok when they do it of course. My county delivered a republican to the house.

      • Orange County is overall purple with a deep blue northern section that fades to pink as you go south. I’m in the middle in Irvine which was once solid red and now overtaken by kooks associated in some way with the University of California Irvine. I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and the quality of life has deteriorated noticeably, though it started at a high level. The population has doubled and much of that is in townhomes and apartments. So traffic has worsened, I see more trash, graffiti and vandalism. During my daily hikes into the county park I estimate I only hear English half the time, in an area with 1-2 million dollar homes. The population is still overwhelmingly asian and White so violent crime is still low (only 1 or 2 murders a year for a city of 307,000). However, every day I see more and more negroes walking around. I think there is some covert program funded by NGOs to move them in here, possibly as corporate diversity hires transferred here. A typical apartment goes for $2500 a month so unless you have a good job, Section 8 won’t do it.

        I lived in South Carolina for a few years. Sorry, nice people but way too many negroes. If I move, I would prefer the southern coast of Oregon which is fairly conservative and still somewhat affordable without bitter weather.

        • “apartment goes for $2500 a month so unless you have a good job, Section 8 won’t do it.”

          You’d be amazed at how much section ape pays.
          They will easily cover 2500.

          Irvine use to be so nice, almost got a house there, right by saddleback college.

        • “the southern coast of Oregon”

          Yeh, if you like endless drizzle and a cold damp wind blowing off the Pacific.
          Be prepared for severe arthritis.

      • Orange County voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden by almost double digits and voted for Newsom in 2018, San Diego county voted over 60% for Biden.

    • I want to add, It’s not with any joy or something to deliver a uniparty cuck. We all deserve better than this coke v pepsi DC scam dictatorship bullshit.

  2. NYC is very diverse and liberal. In other words it’s a shit hole. Once you get out of NYC, Long Island and upstate is not that bad. Upstate is very wide open and it’s like living in the country but at the end of the day, it’s still NY and run by leftists.

    • @John…

      I lived in far upstate New York, on the Vermont line, for 12 years.

      If you take away New York City, New York would be a Republican Supermajority State.

      People do not realize how rural New York is, and how much farming, of every sort, holds sway – including in Long Island, where wine and cranberries are king.

      Also, of New England, I think that Maine and New Hampshire are not much Left.

      The most insanity I encountered in The North was Connecticut, Massachussets, and Vermont.

      • Ivan,

        You are so right. If you go out east on Long Island , it’s a different world with the winery’s, farms, etc. Upstate is even better.

        • Sorry, Dear John, I’m just seeing this now.

          Yes, Eastern Long Island is a very different world than the West.

          Upstate New York is a good place – many friendly people, charming communities in lovely environs with many historic houses of interest.

          All the best to you and yours!

      • New York State used to have a law that any crime committed with a gun meant instant death penalty. Kept crime way down. Shopkeepers kept a baseball bat and any robbers were likely to by knocked out. I wonder…if New York State used to have “regional based Senates” just like the Senate in the US is regional based? I bet they did. I’ve complained about the illegal court decision that changed this. If New York State had regional based Senates where all legislation had to pass through upper State New York then the whole State would be a far different place. As it is now, only big cities matter and they are a cesspool in every State. I show how to defeat this in the link and links from it. If we could change this, it would change the whole of the US in a few years and defund and defeat the left. It would not matter one whit what the libatards in the cities wanted. They would not have the political power to change anything. We would.


        • Thank you for your interesting reply, Sam!

          Yes, the big city is a big problem in this country for many reasons.

          I do not see a solution to this dilemma.

  3. Nearly everything in USZOG is grossly distorted by 35 trillion in debt.
    That 35 tril of debt has effectively taken power from the productive and transferred it to the malevolent.

    • To whom is that debt owed? That’s a question few ever bother to ask. And that’s just the public debt. Private debt brings it up to around 75 or 80 trillion, I think.

  4. Nope. No CPUSA occupied territory besides the capital city blob and two college towns at opposite ends of Red State.
    The replacements are pouring in as part of the Fundamental Transformation though and the area was never meant for this amount of volume.

  5. Classical parasite removal methods are needed.

    In 3astern Europe we have second homes where we live in the summer. They are called datchas.

    But we are not alone. We have whole wildlife, also rats cockroaches, bedbugs and other liberal subtenants .

    Most important is put out the food. Like Elon did. When there is no food, parasites move. Second important is sunlight, when you expose parasites they feel great discomfort and also leave.

    Jews and communists are classical parasites. They can’t live in the sunlight without host feeding them. Take their comfort awzy and they will be gone.

  6. And what is the point of this? — there are ‘libtards’ everywhere, and we all know there are more of them in some places than others (in some cases far too many).

    Would you like me to post (again) the list (or a map) of states with the highest rates of obesity? — how about a list of states with the lowest average IQ? — or a list of the states that are most dependent on federal spending, and how they typically vote, i.e. whether they are red or blue?


    What’s a good name for the voters who send Republicans like the senators who just gave the OK to codifying homosexual marriage to Wash DC? — I would say they deserve to be demeaned as well.

    • @eah ^^ – “Conservatards” -? And yes, there are sh#tlibs everywhere. Even here in Whitopia, in smalltown Indiana. It’s a fact. A sudden influx of Border Crossers has turned our public signage bilingual almost overnight. It seems to have started with the Catholic Church, which is dominant in this region.

      • >turned our public signage bilingual almost overnight

        Spanish I assume — is there e.g. a meat packing plant in the vicinity? — what’s attracting them? — if a church is involved maybe they are refugees/asylum-seekers.


        Yes, there are still parts of America that look like they did 50 years ago — I often like to reference the book Blue Highways in this context: if you travel the backroads, you can still find a white America.

  7. I’m surprised to see NH on that list but not CT or NJ. There are conservatives in NYC, especially on Staten Island, where a lot of NYPD live. But unfortunately they are also big supporters of Israel.

  8. It was the same with red Berlin Germany 100 years ago

    But then socialist nationalists contested j Communist , homo fag degeneracy in Berlin and our side won.

    It wasn’t t conservatives or churchy preachy types that had never had a beer or been in a fist fight

    Conservatives too cowardly to fight too fat to fun.

  9. “There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness”
    Proverbs 30:12

    Describes the current Yankee generation well.

  10. Spahn:
    I can’t speak to the situation in SD, but OC seems to be getting less Repub every year. And remember that this was once a famously GOP area. The browning continues …

  11. This Youtube guys list is wrong. He did not mention New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Delaware. Within New England, Conn and RI are much more liberal than Maine and New Hampshire. The whole region can be conveniently lumped compared to the whole nation, You also cannot convince me for a second that New Hampshire is more Liberal than a place like New Jersey.

    • Believe it or not, New Jersey sent a group of volunteers to fight for the Confederacy. Sorry I don’t have a link off the top of my head.

      • @TW…

        I believe it.

        Even today, many rural and smalltown Garden-staters seem something quite akin to Southern to me.

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