Kanye Suspended From Twitter, MILO Leaves, Nick Fuentes Meltdown

Hats off to the January 6 crew.

MILO, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, Ali Alexander.

This is probably the biggest optics disaster / public meltdown in the history of the internet.

Note: PPP called this after the Tim Pool interview.


  1. Now this shit reached Europe and our Jews and communist’s screaming most horrific hate speech against black people we ever heard.

    Normal people wondering and asking, has anyone ever heard any anti immigration activist speak like this. Even hardliners like Poland infamous football fans never used such a vocabulary.

    Early to say but if this keep going long enough then darkies may line up behind Ye. and divorce from communists.

    • We are all familiar with black ‘chimp out’, where blacks fly into uncontrolled violence. In Ye you are see the mental ‘chimp out’ that generates that behavior.

      Blacks can ‘ape’, copy, many WHITE behaviors and basic truths, but when they try to build on fundamental truths they spiral out into the absurd. You’re seeing a vivid example in Ye.

  2. Our Anti-White overlords can see more and more Whites waking up to what’s going on. What better way to slander and discredit Whites than to associate them with anti-Semites? Ironically, Naming the Jew will do nothing to stop the march to our extinction.

    • Right.

      Before this happened, I said that the Jewish Question would go mainstream within five years. We were on an upward trajectory. Then Kanye covered the issue in crazy sauce.

      • Then Kanye covered the issue in crazy sauce.

        Is that supposed to be surprising? Going off like a complete nutcase is exactly how most WNs become when they think they have understood the JQ. Two minutes ago, they couldn’t “see the jew” if you paid them a million dollars; all of a sudden they see him and implicate him in everything. This complete craziness is pretty much how the JQ “going mainstream” would look.

        • Even by WN standards, Kanye wearing a mask with a net and a yoohoo and speaking incoherently in an Elmo voice is in a whole different galaxy of cringe. No one who saw that interview will forget it. “Antisemite = lunatic” is the takeaway.

          • . “Antisemite = lunatic” is the takeaway.”

            No better way to silence the truth than pour ‘crazy sauce’ all over it and ye is pouring it in buckets, with milo’s encouragement.

  3. I doubt if This crazy stuff really makes all that difference in the big scheme of things. Kanye is obviously a troubled mind some how. We tend to over rate how much influence stuff like this has. Remember, things have got better since the disaster at Charlottesville, this is small fry compared to that. It’ll be forgotten soon. He’ll pop up once in a while and say something stupid. And then be forgotten again

  4. But, but, but, muh Tony Starks technocratic huckster is going to save us?
    Say something nice about der Führer and some lose their minds, say something nice about Lenin or Marx and it’s enlightened.

  5. >Then Kanye covered the issue in crazy sauce.

    I don’t think it’s going to matter a great deal — that genie is out of its bottle — the plebs and deplorables got the message — how much further was he going to be able to push it anyway? — I mean compared to someone like TOOEdit? — West was approaching it from narrow personal experience — perhaps being black, i.e. a member of a protected group, was an advantage — but ultimately it’s the privileged holocausters who have to be able to talk about the JQ in its broader sense — Jews aren’t living in Africa and trying to diversify those countries out of existence.

    Of more concern is Musk banning Kanye West from Twitter for (per Musk) ‘inciting violence’, which is bullshit and a step back from whatever new freedom to speak there was on Twitter:

    link“Saying a bunch of wild stuff about a reviled historical figure” is not “incitement to violence” by any coherent standard. Kanye just proved that the standard for getting banned on Twitter is apparently still: “if enough people think you’re really bad”

    • Musk banning Kanye and Alex Jones cringing on air is an indicator of how the interview was received which is to say it was a total disaster.

  6. You can judge a person by who they associate with.
    You can judge a person by who they shun.

    To associate with Milo speaks volumes.

  7. Nick Fuentes is going to gain a massive new audience. Millions are now aware of him and will check him out. Out of those millions, a significant slice will approve his message.

    What do you think would happen if YOU were on that show, Hunter? You would become a worldwide enfant terrible overnight, and millions would view your blog! No matter how nutty old Kanye is.

  8. That nigger has been through a lot of Jewish MK Ultra style brainwashing, hypnosis, annd probably torture while hypnotized. Of course it is crazy. It is lucky to be alive, much less walking around free.

    But what is that faggot Fuentes even doing? Deport him to Mexico where his parents came from. Deport that taco.

  9. I think many are missing a larger point which is being made, perhaps inadvertently. The term “nazi” and nazi symbols are now being turned into absurd props for a circus show. Seriously, how can anyone take the braying of “respectable folks” over clown-larping “nazis” seriously when they are by and large the ones who are supporting the real killers who wear such symbols on their uniforms with tens of billions of tax dollars? Too bad Ye wasn’t fast enough on his feet to draw the comparison between the Austrian painter and Tricky-Dicky Piano man. Why is the Austrian painter so hated while the Klown of Kyiv so loved? Yes Ye certainly comes across as a mental case (no doubt Milo’s plan) but he’s small potatoes next to Viktoria Nudelman, Max Boot and their followers.

  10. A black, Hispanic, and rainbow ranger, walk into a controlled opposition honeytrap.
    Juice always control both sides and play the dullards of the FUSA like a stratovarius.
    It is now the hollowed out welfare colony that was predicted.

    • “Juice always control both sides and play the dullards of the FUSA like a stratovarius.”

      So true.
      Leading to the suffering and deaths of untold millions.

      (You could replace ‘FUSA’ with ‘gentiles’ and be even more correct.)

  11. The only good thing about the West thing is the adl and jewblatt are freaking out showing their true colors about censorship and are probably doing more to wake up the normies than West.

    • “jewblatt are freaking out showing their true colors about censorship ”

      Yet, but so strangely, they never complain about rap lyrics.
      Kill dem cops
      Put a cap n deez ass
      Pimpin dem bitches


  12. Who knows where this will lead? It is impossible to predict the future. Maybe rolling the chaos dice will lead to something better. Clearly things are desperate enough that it was worth a try. Read normie comments on a Mark Dice video, for example. None of them are disturbed by Ye’s antics. They are more angry about him being censored from Twitter. Normal people are starting to get it.

  13. Just out of curiosity, what particular remark officially caused Musk to ban Con-Ye? As far as I know, nothing the rapper said was advocating violence. Owen Benjamin, who knows something of how things work in Pedowood, thinks this was the tweet that actually prompted Musk’s “investors” (= owners) to issue the order. Anyone who thinks Musk is not part of the oligarchy is clueless. There are no “self-made men” in Kayfabeland, only “made” men.

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