White Nationalism and George Lincoln Rockwell


Sums up the last week.


You are invited to get on board the clown car of this epic trainwreck.

I don’t have the time this morning to sit down and write a big article on the subject.

This has been on my mind though for the past few months. The Kanye interview with Alex Jones brought the thought back to the surface. Have you noticed how every iteration of American White Nationalism always seems to circle back to GLR and the American Nazi Party trolling in the 1960s?

There have been countless occasions over the past 50 years when various people have come along and have vowed that they were going to go “mainstream” and shake off the classical, comical, marginal Neo-Nazi trolling on a street corner image and reach out to a larger rightwing audience. Baby Boomers have done this. Gen Xers have done this. Millennials have done this. Gen Z have done this. And yet, every single time without fail that the White Nationalist movement rebrands itself and promises that it is going to craft a more palatable public image it always returns to GLR trolling on a street corner in the 1960s. It reminds me of an alcoholic who vows to go cold turkey only to succumb to an inevitable relapse.

Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right vowed to move on from the bad optics of WN 1.0. It ended with Andrew Anglin and the Nazi Troll Army saturating Twitter in gas chamber memes, Heilgate, Spencer doing Nazi salutes at private parties, Atomwaffen, James Fields, Jr. crashing his Dodge Challenger into the crowd in Charlottesville before settling into its final position of GLR and Third Reich nostalgia.

After Charlottesville, Nick Fuentes came along and started the Optics War and vowed to break from the bad optics of “wignats” who were toxic and ruining the image of the movement. The Alt-Right was “cringe.” The Daily Stormer rebranded itself as an “American Nationalist” website and for years the line there was that “wignats” were “Neo-Nazi goon marchers” who were bad optics. Groypers who supported Fuentes were banned and doxed for sharing sonnenrad memes.

Isn’t it amazing how history always repeats itself? The people who denounced WN 1.0 fully embraced the optics of WN 1.0 by the time of Charlottesville. The people who denounced “wignat” goon marchers led the biggest goon march in American history on the Capitol and many of them ended up going to prison. The people who denounced Richard Spencer as a narcissist, attention whore and the leader of a personality cult swiftly shifted their allegiances to Fuentes as the next narcissist, attention whore and personality cult leader. Now, the America First movement has settled into its final position of sharing clips of Kanye identifying as a Nazi and praising Hitler on Telegram and doing the GLR trolling routine.

There have been at least three cycles of this in my lifetime with David Duke, Richard Spencer and Nick Fuentes. The White Nationalist movement oscillates between phases when it attempts to go mainstream for a few years and phases where it inevitably returns to GLR trolling on a street corner. There are years when there are spikes of vanguardist violence and years when violent vanguardism subsides.

Note: Before anyone points out the obvious, I was personally swept up in the Alt-Right cycle. I went to Charlottesville and was there to watch the fallout over the next several years. We can confidently predict based on past experience that America First is now descending into the GLR trolling on a street corner phase. It is only a matter of time before the next mainstreaming phase begins around some new figure who will condemn America First for its bad optics and vow to reach out to a wider audience.


  1. The latest Amren pod wit JT & PK had something interesting about black Israelites stating that they are the real juice and could never be anti-semitic.
    Long March destabilization tactics work both ways and there is no unity or cohesion beyond love of free cargo cult goodies and hatred of YT among the termites.

  2. Nazism must be rejected SINCERELY. Not just as a grudging concession to optics. Not with the attitude “I sure would like to praise Hitler, but I am sorry I can’t.” Nazism or Nazi imagery must not be regarded as the delicious forbidden fruit you would surely indulge in if you only were able to do so without consequences.

    This btw does not mean I would give up hard methods, up to ethnic cleansing. I just would not indulge in naughty symbolism and would know how to control my tongue.

    • “Nazism or Nazi imagery must not be regarded as the delicious forbidden fruit ”

      Ppl live under a delusion.

      America was far more racist than NS Germany ever was.
      1936 Olympics in Germany, blacks stayed in WHITE hotels, ate in WHITE restaurants, went to WHITE theaters, etc.
      When they returned to America they couldn’t do ANY of those things.

      • Blax were considered rare and exotic creatures in Europe back then. Little did Europeans know that in a few more decades their continent would be swarming with ’em!

        • Yes…it was never even dreamed of that they would be allowed to become such a threat.

  3. There was never any talk of the hollow cost until around 1977 with a blitz of teevee movies and the Skokie march.
    Cohen was the leader of this march and no Aryan.
    You can always tell the real deal world changers because they get the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment.

    • “was never any talk of the hollow cost until around 1977 with a blitz of teevee movies and the Skokie march.”

      The power of TV/movies is almost limitless.

      Additionally, WHITES, unlike jwz, are incompetent at crowd manipulation.
      This is especially true with the jwz skill at sabotage, the Bund 1939 NYC.

      “Cohen was the leader of this march and no Aryan.”
      Which the media never disclosed.
      He was also a convicted child molester, I believe.

      • I have heard he has reinvented himself as Frank Joseph who specializes in paranormal and ancient American lore.

  4. “Have you noticed how every iteration of American White Nationalism always seems to circle back to GLR and the American Nazi Party trolling in the 1960s?”

    In general, America has been working on the same set of problems, within the same lines scenario since the Wilson Administration.

    In essence, we are trying to sort out Modernity, and, in this country that issue revolves mostly around the question of how much ought belong to who?

  5. “””…past 50 years…”””

    In the war, even the best warriors sometimes losing many battles before they learn how to win. With the revolutions, regime also crushes many attempts before someone pulls it off. Hitler himself failed too like many others who tried to fight Jew power before him.

    But this time we will win. Whole world is anti-Semitic by now. Jews lost their information monopoly. Thanks to internet, first time in history, opposition is as well informed and on time like Jewish communities had centuries.

    And thanks to their own stupidity, they lose their second main weapon, money making as well. Giving up gold standard was worst mistake than all WN 1.0 mistakes altogether. Since 1973, Jew controlled World Financial System was one big controlled flight to the ground..

  6. It ended with Andrew Anglin and the Nazi Troll Army saturating Twitter in gas chamber memes, Heilgate, Spencer doing Nazi salutes at private parties, Atomwaffen, James Fields, Jr. crashing his Dodge Challenger into the crowd in Charlottesville

    I was smiling as I read this – as I bet longtime fans of the Hunter Wallace show were too – because the piece contained the familiar telltale signs that Hunter has happened upon a new Big Idea, meaning that previous understandings have to be abandoned and all observations and facts shoehorned into the new paradigm.

    Thus, whereas James Fields’ was previously thought to be understandably in fear for his life, with his panicked attempt to get away resulting in an unfortunate accident, and the 500 year sentence he received an egregious injustice, the new Big Idea requires him to have been a “domestic terrorist” who, just as you’d expect of a classic GLR nutzi, plowed his car into a crowd of innocent bystanders.

      • If you put aside the way he is now demonized and read what Rockwell wrote, and listen to some of this speeches, he was an intelligent man, and was actually right about many things — the same is true of WLP.

        >You must have missed this

        Maybe he did — I didn’t, I read the post you now reference earlier — what exactly do you think it shows?

        As I recall, your take on Fields has, umm, evolved, and now seems more aligned with your current political stance, i.e. taking distance from the Alt-Right, and no more White Nationalism (shallow as your justifications for the latter are).

        Of course without a dead Heather Heyer, the Fields incident would be nothing more than a a barely remembered footnote to Charlottesville; all other injuries were relatively minor — also, one can reasonably ask if later there would have been the same legal fallout for the organizers had Heyer not died.

        Do you mind answering a few simple questions about the death of Heyer?

        1) Recall in the immediate aftermath, Heyer’s mother said she died of a heart attack (there is video of this) — why do you think Heyer’s mother said that?

        2) Have you read the autopsy report on Heyer? — I seem to recall there was quite a delay before it was released, but it is available now.

        3) Do you know the official cause of death for Heather Heyer?

          • Have you considered that he was tricked into that plea , on the false promise he’d receive a reduced sentence ?

          • To trust a public defender…… you might as well stick your neck in a noose. The bastards will feed all your defense strategy right into the prosecutors office.

          • “I don’t know how it helped him though.”

            Public defender to fields
            “You know the courts are very crowded and the prosecutors are overworked. If you show contrition and make his job easy he’ll go easy on you and give you a light sentence. I know him, if you cooperate with him he will appreciate it and reduce your sentence, trust me.”

          • I’m tired of projecting what I think was going through his mind on to him. He admitted it and pled guilty

        • Eah,
          “course without a dead Heather Heyer, the Fields incident would be nothing”

          Oh no, two state troopers died in a helicopter crash.
          Fields was responsible for their helicopter malfunctioning.

      • “At his plea hearing on March 27, Fields admitted under oath that he drove into the crowd of counter-protestors because of the actual and perceived race, color, national origin, and religion of its members.”

        That supposed admitted statement is ridiculous on it’s face. And anyone referencing it in any context regarding the “alt-right”, Charlottesville, Fields, or anything else can’t be taken serious intellectually.

        He “perceived” the religion of those he was about to plow into?

        Fields was no doubt given an offer he couldn’t refuse, like the death penalty for himself or the same for his limited family.

        Anyone with a rational mind who watched the events at Charlottesville knows that it wasn’t about feminine “optics”. The White people in attendance were premeditatedly attacked by a mob with the full support of the Government at all levels.

        Lincoln Rockwell’s “optics” were probably not ideal for the 1960’s, but Hitler and the “Nazis” have been dead and gone for almost 80 years. Totally irrelevant today as far as “optics” go, although a thoughtful consideration of how they dealt with the jews at the time would be more than helpful today.

        • “Hitler and the “Nazis” have been dead and gone for almost 80 years”

          They are constantly kept alive in media and schools in an ever increasingly sinister narrative

  7. There was one American Nazi movement that did go mainstream

    Back in the 1930s when Hitler looked to be more successful, a Seattle-based USA Norwegian Lutheran evangelist, Abraham Vereide, led a literal pro-Nazi movement

    As World War II altered the ‘optics’ of Nazism, Vereide’s movement cleverly morphed into the ‘Prayer Breakfast’ – ‘The Family’ – ‘The Fellowship’ movement, with the idea that the goals of ‘fascism’ would better succeed post-1945, under the cross of mainstream evangelical Christianity.

    The ‘Prayer Breakfast’ movement came to involve many US Congresspeople, and movers and shakers in Washington … this movement of course ‘supporting Zionism’*

    Ultimately this movement came to involve no less than the famous preacher friend of many USA Presidents, Billy Graham … in time leading to the Jerry Falwell etc phenomena

    *It’s worth noting the odd fact that ‘Adolf Hitler helped found Israel’ … 1930s Germany Nazis supported ‘Labour Zionism’ which enabled 10% of German Jews to emigrate to Israel with essentially all their wealth, transferred via German products which were then sold in Palestine … a progamme of Jewish emigration, so successful that other European countries sought to emulate it, before 1939 and the war ended it, the British occupiers of Palestine also saying it was ‘too many Jews’

    There are commemorate coins from that period, with the Nazi swastika on one side, and the Star of David on the other. Here is one such coin, on an Israeli news site

    • “There was one American Nazi movement that did go mainstream?

      More than that.
      The American Bund had 5 million members at one point. They had youth camps in NJ, Long Island, Ohio and other states. They had massive rallies for cooperation with Germany. Several of their leaders were killed with letter bombs.

      There was a very strong pro-German movement in America, until it was (((sabotaged)).

      • Yep. And some of their members were intimidated, beaten up, even assassinated by the actual Jewish mafia. You know Murder Inc. and Meyer Lansky, right? Later they coordinated with the US government. Jesse Kelly praised those actions. The empire has always been like this. And compared to them later the Kahanists and JDL were rather tame.

        I find all of this extremism and radicalization on all sides rather unfortunate. All of it could have been avoided, if some decades ago more reasonable people had made better decisions. But they didn’t and now everything will just get more extreme as Rome burns. And tbqh after Weinstein, Epstein, Bankman-Fried and the threat of world war because of the Neocon empire all bets are off anyway.

  8. My main issue with Hitler was his rabid, genocidal Slavophobia. Research Generalplan Ost. But Iranians were considered “Aryan”, at least on “paper”.

    • Generalplan Ost is a very crude propaganda lie, most likely originally crafted by Stalin and Ilja Ehrenburg to justify and excuse their own ethnic cleansing and mass murder in Eastern Europe. *Conveniently* all documents allegedly proving Generalplan Ost were lost after the war. Unlike the documents proving the plans for the Hooton, Morgenthau and Kaufman Plans, or Nizer’s own words on plans to “exterminate the entire German race.” Hitler DID want to colonize and Germanize Russia. Certainly a mistake, but that’s not the genocide Generalplan Ost claims. And ultimately the Soviet Union did the same colonization with East Germany.

      Generalplan Ost is so unbelievably crude and stupid, because a ton of Slavic countries fought on Hitler’s side:
      – Hungary
      – Romania (Ever heard of Codreanu and the Iron Guard???)
      – Croatia
      – Bosnia (SS Handschar)
      – Slovakia
      – Bulgaria

      More I can’t remember and even more Eastern European Countries like the Baltic states and Finnland. Greece also was run by a quasi fascist government neutral to friendly towards the Reich, until the great Genius and very helpful Mussolini decided to invade it and botched it, again, which dragged the Wehrmacht into bloody partisan warfare in the Balkans and Greece, costing resources, lives and delaying Barbarossa by a full year.

      The reality is that the majority of European countries and practically all European nationalists fought with Hitler against both Bolshevism, the USA and Britain. With Poland it came to a war for historical reasons, its new leadership then after Pilsudskis death and British plotting. But even with Britain it almost never came to a war, if their king George III. hadn’t abdicted, which would have also prevented the USA from lend-leasing Bolshevism to victory.

      Yet that all ultimately doesn’t matter. Americans can’t help themselves: they will either believe and hate a propaganda caricature of Hitler and NS, or fall in love with it. One reason why I think Southern Nationalists are superior to White Nationalists, is, that they have a genuine national identity and don’t have to larp as the defeated nationalist movement from another country and a century ago. Which was highly controversial, to say the least, in its own country.

      As entertaining as it was, hopefully this clown show was the last instance of based retards. But tbqh with you famalam, I doubt it.

      • ” Hitler DID want to colonize and Germanize Russia. ”

        You mean like, peter the great, catherine the great or half a dozen czars that encouraged german settlement in russia?

  9. “My main issue with Hitler was his rabid, genocidal Slavophobia. Research Generalplan Ost.”

    Have you considered that you’ve been fed false information?

    The diaries I’ve read talk about the SS and German troops getting along with the Slavs famously, both forming strong friendships.

    When the Germans invaded the Ukraine crowds came to the streets yelling ‘rifles, rifles, give us rifles” , they wanted to kill communists.

    When the German troops retreated from the Ukraine, the Ukranians went out and concealed the German and SS graveyards so that the Soviets wouldn’t desecrate them. The Soviets execute most Slavs who had been friends with Germans.

    Why did over 2 million Russians join the German forces.

    You’ve been lied to.

    • @Arrian…

      ““My main issue with Hitler was his rabid, genocidal Slavophobia. Research Generalplan Ost.””


      In fact, this Slavophobia cost him the war, when untold of millions of Slovakians, Poles, and Ukranians would have worked enthusiastically for the cause, but, soon enough whatever enthusiasm most of them felt to be out from underneath the yoke of the Soviet Union was dashed by realizing what the Nazis had in store form them – permanent subjugation and servitude.

      Of course, there were some exceptions to this, like the Lvivian SS Galicia division, though, in the end, it was a pittance of support for the Germans, compared to what they could have had.

      • @Ivan, you sir would be the Judah P, Benjamin on Confederacy 2.0. They would need your jewish hybrid intelligence, as today’s Southerners not too different from Benjamin’s time are the most unintelligent and unwashed of all Europeans north of the Mexican border. There of course both then and now of outliers. Here on OD, Mr James Owens is one that would nor embarrass himself in the company of Fitzhugh and Dabney.

    • The Ukrainians still maintain the German graveyards. German grandchildren still visit those graveyards to honor their fallen ancestors.

    • Right, I totally forgot that the Russian Liberation Army was also an official branch of the Wehrmacht. And instead of pushing disinfo that the National Socialists were financed by either the Rothschilds or Prescott Bush, Americans should at least know by now that the reality is that the NS movement was also funded by White Russian emigrees who had fled to Germany during/after the Bolshevik Revolution and in particular after the White Army lost which was also lead by Russian citizens with German blood like Wrangel and Roman von Ungern-Sternberg. The latter was even related to Bismarck’s brother through marriage.
      Most of the drastic and terrible image of Bolshevism came from firsthand knowledge of White Russians who had fought in the Russian civil war and fled to the Baltic States where Alfred Rosenberg met with them, or to Germany itself. And also of course by the attempted communist revolution in Germany itself by the circle of Rosa Luxemburg and Kurt Eisner which wanted to unite with the Soviet Union. The relationship between the White Russians and the NS are complex and complicated. Allegedly Putin’s favorite philosopher was also part of these circles. And I do believe that when Hitler developed the idea that Russia could become Germany’s India after the defeat of France he let Imperial ambition triumph over genuine anti-Bolshevism and being the guardian of Europe. To some degree at least. Yet still, that’s not “Let’s exterminate all the Slavs!!!” And it’s also entirely independent from the question whether Barbarossa was a preemptive strike against Stalin’s planned invasion, which it was, or a political and strategic mistake, which it also was.

      Sadly Ukrainian NS sympathies and Slavic anti-Bolshevism are today exploited by the Neocons to the benefit of their empire. Which is ultimately a lot darker than the clown show of US white nationalism.

      • Behind his back, Hitler called Vlasov (sp?), head of the Russian Liberation Army, a “swine and a traitor” for betraying Stalin. He made it clear to his High Command that there was not going to be Russian state after military victory. Or many Russians.

      • “Operation Keelhaul”

        Was that ever a crime against humanity, the best of humanity.
        How they beat and drugged russian soldiers in new jersey, to send them back to their inevitable death. How many millions ?
        There’s a true HOLOCAUST !

  10. I think that under the circumstances, being demoralized by the lack of support from the Right and spending over a year in jail, Fields would have admitted to anything- being a Martian on a secret mission to destroy planet Earth, for example,- just to save his life and desperately hoping to find the off switch of his tormentors.

    • You’re familiar with court workings.
      You know that ‘public defenders’ will sometimes betray their clients, especially on a highly charged political issue.

      • I was on a jury by a defendant accused of murder. During the closing presentation to the jury, his public defender wore a Yosemite Sam tie with both pistols a-blazin’!

        • But that wasn’t a politically supercharged case.

          Yes, some public defenders are exceptionally good, many aren’t. Some are so overburdened by case loads that they can’t do a good job.

          What was the outcome of the case ?

  11. Some other things. Why were no Rothschilds, Warburgs, or other Big Jews holocausted? Why did the Luftwaffe not level the City of London? Did Hitler really think that Churchill was a partner for a peace agreement? Why did he break the non-aggression pact with Russia? And don’t give me that discredited Russia was about to attack Germany horseshit.

    • “Why did he break the non-aggression pact with Russia? ”

      Because Rowehl group was doing extensive photo reconnaissance deep into Russia and could see the infrastructure being built for the invasion of Europe.

      • ” Did Hitler really think that Churchill was a partner for a peace agreement? ”

        Yes, he thought the western powers were civilized and he could save lives with a negotiated peace.

      • The Soviets were also dragging their feet on delivering the foodstuffs, petroleum and other natural resources per the 1939 Pact. The foodstuffs were particularly important as Germany was not self-sufficient in food production and even today is a net food importer. This was a prime motivator for the invasion. Hitler was also alarmed at expansion of the USSR into the Baltics, eastern Europe, Finland etc.

      • The USSR had far more tanks than anyone else and had tanks that could operate on hard roads without their tracks. Odd, because there weren’t many hard roads in Russia at the time. The hard roads were in Western Europe.

    • “Why did the Luftwaffe not level the City of London? ”

      Because hitler ordered them to stop, dec 27, 1940.

    • To TW, notice how (many) in the US have German, Polish, or Russian surnames. Seems millions of them escaped from Germany.

  12. That face when you take a shot at someone that you apparently know nothing about — whish! a Big miss.

    Rockwell had a serious 4 phase plan.

    Stage one was to get into the public consciousness. That was well accomplished.

    Stage two was to stop grabbing and start maintaining attention by toning it down to exploit the attention you now command to communicate the facts.
    (He was only a month or two as I remember into phase two when the Jews had him killed – by a disgruntled loser they cultivated)

    Step 3 and 4 involved building a normal (if unacceptably brave and forthright), political party and going for political power and getting elected to progressive greater offices.

    So no clowning, a serious and successful (until murdered), multistage plan executed by one hell of a man.

    He was brave, patriotic, inquiring, and also combined a dangerously good intellect with the physical courage and ability to beat down gangs of jew thugs when they attacked him while DC pigs looked the other way. (Lol, the jew-serving coppers only rushed in later to save the chosen ones when Rockwell was kicking their asses)

    Outstanding fellow! He’ll have a statue too along the upward path on memorial mount Aryan!

  13. I m 25% Russian – originally my family was German nobility in Russia but they intermarried with Russian Slavs . My Russian Great Aunt who lived in France from the late 1920s until 2000 is very Slavic .

    So many lies against NS Germany and German allies . German should have won World War 2 if they could have gotten more Slavs on their side . They did get the Croatians and Ukrainians and some Russian anti Communists .

    The Germans should have done much better job of winning the hearts and minds of all Slavs , used Christianity and natural anti Jew sentiment there.

    It was reality that Hitler and Himmler were anti Slav , Martin Bormann was openly anti Christian .

    Too bad NS Germany didn t get Leni R to do another great propaganda film like @Triumph of the Will “ to show “ victory in Kiev Ukraine” hundreds of thousands of pretty Ukraine girls celebrating German liberation from Soviet J Communism

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      The Germans had Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Etonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czechia, Ukrainian, Croatian, and as you said, anti-communist Russians as brothers in arms.

      I highly recommend that you research Stalin’s “Torch man order.”

  14. Honestly man, you need to check yourself. You’re 40-something and change opinion & political ideology like clothing. I remember reading that about you ages ago and dismissed it. Eh, they were right.

    • He hasn’t changed his ideology much. He’s always basically a white southern nationalist, first and foremost, although he has had differing ideas about who else qualifies as “his people” over time (which is probably true of everyone in this sphere). What has changed most are his understandings of how and why things have reached the present point, and what is the best way forward. He’s been all over the map on these questions. That in itself is fine. The problem has been that whatever his most recent ideas are on these questions, they have been presented with complete assurance and treated by him as obviously correct – which is not a good look for when he later changes his mind.

      • I change my mind about strategy and tactics and how to accomplish goals, but not really about my values and beliefs or identity.

        • What goals? What is a “Southern Nationalist”? So you include the millions of Latinos and Blacks down there? Inquiring minds want to know!

          • Yep.

            There is no problem that can’t be solved here in an independent South. The problem has always been the constant meddling in our internal affairs by White liberals in other parts of the country

  15. The problem with this whole discussion is that Rockwell really wasn’t really a “Nazi” except in a theatrical sense.

    He was a troll to be sure. But in this 1965 interview with CBC, Rockwell objects to fascist corporatism and favors “free enterprise,” says he doesn’t speak German and doesn’t call himself “Fuhrer,” and doesn’t want to turn the U.S. into a “fascist state” or “liquidate the Jews”:


    In fact the positions that “George Lincoln Rockwell” — the most clichéd American name you could possibly imagine — adhered to would have been considered plain common sense by probably 90% of average Americans and probably by almost every president from 1789-1960:

    -America is a white, Christian nation
    -blacks are socially and intellectually inferior
    -homosexuality is perverse and deviant
    -communism is evil
    -traitors should be sentenced to death after being given a trial with due process

    Rockwell also argued for the deportation of blacks to Africa, a view held by every president and prominent white political figure from Jefferson to Lincoln, and argued that the “only problem” he had with the Jews was that they were “mixed up in communism” and were disproportionately traitors, like the Rosenbergs.

    But by 1960 you had to be a “Nazi” to believe those things.

    In the first chapter of “White Power” (1965) entitled “Spiritual Syphilis,” Rockwell describes a theatrical production with a black man and a white woman copulating onstage, and other examples of cultural degeneracy which would have been considered obscene and would have been banned throughout most of American history, but are now considered mainstream. We have since “progressed” to drag shows for toddlers.

    The fact that you have to be a “Nazi” to object to cultural degradation, sexual perversion and a prosperous America populated by competent and civilized white patriots says more about how effectively Leftist (and left-Jewish) hegemony has banned traditional, conservative values from public discourse for the past sixty years than it says about actual Nazism.

    • When people criticize GLR, it’s not his understanding they fault, but the means he employed in order to “do something” about the situation, and the kind of low quality nutters he attracted. As Hunter points out, some things haven’t changed.

      • He attracted “low quality nutters” because the intelligentsia and the elites had completely abandoned traditional American and traditional Christian values, so there was no one but the nutters left to attract.

        The same thing happened in Weimar. The Prussian military establishment had completely fucked up in World War I and gotten a lot of people killed for nothing, the economy was in shambles, the Kaiser abdicated, and the Jewish communists were staging coup attempts…so it fell to a bunch of low-quality nutters in the NSDAP to do something.

        • I didn’t say there weren’t reasons he wasn’t able to find better people. Of course there were. He still bears some responsibility for settling on nutters though. “Better fewer, but better” should have been his watchword, even if that meant slow going. I think he was too impatient, and grossly overestimated the pace at which things would decline.

          Nationalists of the 1930s, all across Europe, not just in Germany, tended to be of much higher quality than postwar WNs. I don’t think that can really be disputed. Part of the reason for that was almost surely the healthier culture they were recruited from, although then again, American culture in the 1960s was not nearly so far gone as it was by the 90s, not to mention today.

        • At least those “low quality nutters” didn’t allow lefty scum to rule the streets.

          • Well, sure that’s a task they were useful for. Fitting them into tasks they were not well suited for, however, proved to be a false economy.

    • It’s telling that HW’s ‘safe’ position on all this, has avoided the one group current in America, that is having success. Fash the Nation, and the NJP.

      He (HW) may not have noticed it, but the JEWS certainly have- up to Greenblatt of the ADL. They (NJP) must be doing something….. ‘Right.’

  16. What do you think of what “Handsome Truth”, aka, John Minadeo, is doing with his Goyim Defense League? Is he going to self-destruct, disappear into obscurity or help wake up Generation Z? It’s exceedingly difficult to start an American fascist or “neo Nazi” movement without it eventually turning into a theatrical farce/cult of personality. Kurt Vonnegut had the right idea when he suggested the country should break up into regional republics (although Texas should be ruled by a monarch, preferably one who is related to the House of Habsburg ) and see what happens.

    • He seems to be going overboard in a misdirection.
      I really hope he succeeds.

      (Using the Roman salute, at this time, isn’t good optics. It’s rowing against the tide.)

  17. Never Our Fault – Lina Heydrich, an Unrepentant Nazi

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

    PART 3:

    PART 1
    Lina Heydrich is emblematic of the way in which National Socialists have fought through any means necessary, to the point of self-delusion, to avoid facing the consequences of their actions. For many years, Lina Heydrich has been dismissed as nothing more than a poorly-educated Nazi widow, and she has been more than happy to hide under that façade of perceived harmlessness. But in reality, she was clever, shrewd, determined, practical, resourceful and shockingly open about her unchanging political convictions, until the very end of her life.

    The years in which the Nazi Party existed were the highlight of Lina’s life. The long decades after its bloody end were spent attempting to wash away her husband’s monstrous legacy, caught between hard evidence and wishful thinking, squirming away from uncomfortable questions, closing her eyes to the pain her beliefs, her party and her husband inflicted upon the world. Because in the end, in her eyes and the eyes of many others like her? This was never their fault.

    PART 2
    Lina Heydrich, ambitious, fanatical Nazi and wife of the now infamous Reinhard Heydrich, is living through a period of glory. It’s 1933. Her party has just seized power, and all of Germany lies in their clutches. Her husband is climbing up the ladder of the SS, tirelessly weaving his web of secrets and spies. Their enemies are being hunted down and imprisoned. Terror reigns beneath the swastika. She could not have imagined anything more perfect than this. What this simple schoolmaster’s daughter has helped set into motion will change the world forever. And we are about to follow her unusual path through one of the most tumultuous periods in the past century.

    PART 3
    1942. Europe is at war, and things are looking great for Lina Heydrich. Her husband, the terrifying Reinhard Heydrich, has just been declared Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, and their growing family relocates to picturesque Prague, where death waits patiently to teach them all a lesson: that who lives by the sword, will die by the sword.

    Widowed, abandoned by her beloved party and thrown in a hostile world, Lina will fight to survive in the ruins of post-war Germany, but her greatest struggle will be her fierce resistance to facing the unimaginable consequences of her and her husband’s hateful ideology. Year by year, she will circle the truth warily, as if it were an open flame she did not quite dare touch.


    I am an “Unrepentant Confederate” not a neoConfederate trying to apologize for and put a “smiley-face” on the Old South. The South was Right! Slavery is NOT a sin and in fact slavery will return when Jesus Christ returns and allows regathered Israel to take and POSSESS servants once again!

    Isaiah 14:1-3 (KJV)
    1 For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
    2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS THEM IN THE LAND OF THE LORD FOR SERVANTS AND HANDMAIDS: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
    3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve…

    I see the parallel as the decadent Left today tries to smear the descendants of the South with all the imagined injustices the Confederacy supposedly had in their attempt to leave the Union in the 1860s and what happened to Germany 80 years later. Both lost their wars and the outcomes were written by their unforgiving forever-hating enemies vilifying them as much as possible to justify their eternal hatred toward them in their attempt for a never ending punishment.

    The South suffered the real villains of the war, the Yankees, to perpetrate atrocities on their civilians during the war and during the indoctrination period euphemistically called “Reconstruction” which followed the war and to this day this attempted indoctrination has never ended.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Never Our Fault – Lina Heydrich, an Unrepentant Nazi

      There many of the most notably accomplished who held firm to their NSDAP convictions, Hans Rudel, Hanna reitsch, Eugen sänger, countless more.

    • Fuck you and your love for slavery. Of course it’s not a “sin” according to Yahweh’s Chosen Scribblers. Do your own work or pay someone to do it, you lazy bastard. Bringing blacks to North America, or anywhere else out of Africa, was the biggest mistake ever made. If you can’t admit that, you are truly a moron. Black slavery led to violence and race-mixing everywhere it was practiced.

      • It is NOT a sin, Yankee dingbat.

        “But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat? And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward thou shalt eat and drink? Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not. So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do…”
        — Jesus Christ

          • >Why would you ever condone slavery??

            Have you actually read the Bible? I doubt it.

            The Holy Bible “condones” slavery. You need to pull out a Bible and read it and educate yourself.

        • It’s obviously over your head, moron. I don’t care what your Hebrew book of self-serving fairytales says. If you would enslave someone, you yourself should also expect to be enslaved if you find yourself in the wrong circumstances. Can you admit that bringing Africans into White countries was a huge mistake?

          • I don’t think my words will be of value to you but I will let them fall on your head anyway so maybe it might jolt your Yankee-fried brain cells back to life.

            Are you a Yankee? Well you ought to be if you’re not. Guess who brought the African slaves over here? Guess who? Yankees/Jews/etc but not the South! This is how much you have swallowed these Yankee lies hook, line and sinker. When I hear of Blacks burning down your beloved Yankee cities, I enjoy it. All you carpetbaggin’, fingerpointin’, South-hatin’ Yankees are finally getting your payback for dumping these Blacks on the South making your profit and then running off only later to try to blame this entire slavery situation on you know who — the South. Well, the South tried to do its best to make it work and it was you guys who brought the war into the South to turn it into a living hell which it was while you were here burning looting, even raping black slave women (you know the very people you were lying about liberating) in your fit of self-righteousness.

            Now slavery is NOT a sin. I challenge you to prove that it is from the Bible but this extra charge that the South brought black slaves to the North American continent is a blatant lie. You Yankees/Jews/etc brought them here packed like sardines by the boatloads. And even Jefferson Davis pointed out the North’s hypocrisy of making profit off the slave trade only to turn on the South over slavery after it was no longer involved in the slave trade, making a profit.

            So, now YOU go ahead and repent over bringing the Black slaves over here since you Yankees/Jews/etc are the guilty ones. Let’s “see” some of those giant crocodile tears you are calling for coming out of your own “eyes”, Crocodile Dundee. Get the violins out. That might help.

            Admit you were wrong for once. (That will be a first.)

          • >Can you admit that bringing Africans into White countries was a huge mistake?

            So, just when are you Yankees and Jews going to admit this mistake. The South is innocent of this “sin” you are smearing us with. YOU brought them over here. That Yankee education of yours has let you down again and again and again…

          • I wasn’t there and my ancestors weren’t there dipshit, so I have nothing to apologize for. However, you keep pining for your precious vehicle of violence and race-mixing. You can’t get it through your thick skull that I don’t give a damn that your Heeb-book gives its authors self-permission to carry on with an ancient practice from savage times. Africans should have been left in Africa.

      • The man who was the first president of the CSA definitely thought that slavery was NOT a sin. He had over 100 slaves and seemed to try to do his best to treat them well.

        Also there was the plantation; Brierfield, he [Jefferson Davis] called it. Here too he worked and learned, making certain innovations in the labor system. The overseer was a Negro, James Pemberton. No slave was ever punished except after a formal trial by an all-Negro jury, Davis only reserving the right to temper the severity of the judgment. James was always James, never Jim; “It is disrespect to give a nickname,” Davis said, and the overseer repaid him with frankness, loyalty, and efficiency. Once when something went amiss and the master asked him why, James replied: “I rather think, sir, through my neglect.”
        –Foote, Shelby. The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville

        Why, then, in the absence of all control over the subject of African slavery, are you agitated in relation to it? With Pharisaical pretension it is sometimes said it is a moral obligation to agitate, and I suppose they are going through a sort of vicarious repentance for other men’s sins… Who gave them a right to decide that it is a sin? By what standard do they measure it? Not the Constitution; the Constitution recognizes the property in many forms, and imposes obligations in connection with that recognition. Not the Bible; that justifies it. Not the good of society; for if they go where it exists, they find that society recognizes it as good…
        –Jefferson Davis, speech in Boston, 10-11-1858.

        “Let the gentleman go to Revelation to learn the decree of God – let him go to the Bible. … I said that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, authorized, regulated, and recognized from Genesis to Revelation. … Slavery existed then in the earliest ages, and among the chosen people of God; and in Revelation we are told that it shall exist till the end of time shall come. You find it in the Old and New Testaments – in the prophecies, psalms, and the epistles of Paul; you find it recognized – sanctioned everywhere.”
        –Jefferson Davis

        Didn’t Nazi Germany use the Jews as slave labor? The above hit piece against Lina Heydrich accused her of mistreating slaves and I got the impression that they were referring to Jew slaves unless this was just a “distortion” of what really happened.

        • “Didn’t Nazi Germany use the Jews as slave labor?”

          Prison labor isn’t the same, despite the jwzish narrative.

          America uses 100,000s of prison laborers, are they slaves ?

          • >Prison labor isn’t the same, despite the jwzish narrative.

            If you listen to the above they used the words “her slaves”, then later they used words “prisoners”, “laborers”. Sounds like a hit piece to confuse the listener to what really happened. I guess I would have to completely read her side of the story to get the truth.

      • >Do your own work or pay someone to do it, you lazy bastard…

        Oh, I have plenty of slaves to help me do my work. If they don’t measure up, I just get rid of them and buy better slaves. They are all mechanical of course — my favorite type of slave. I appreciate the work of men like Elon Musk who are building smarter and better slaves for us as time goes on.

        I feel sure that you own a lot of slaves as well.

        You will not find any condemnation of slavery in the Bible — NOWHERE! And you will not find any scriptures promoting abolition — NOWHERE! The South was Right! God, Christ and the Holy Bible allow for slavery. The South has been unjustly made a scapegoat for all the injustices done in the context of slavery just so Lincoln could keep his tariffs flowing into this decadent Yankee Empire and not go bankrupt. It is time for the South to leave and become the separate prosperous nation they wanted to be 160 years ago. And this time we will leave and take our slaves with us and maybe we can also take our fair share of the nukes and other weapons with us since our tax money forcibly stolen from us paid for them in full.

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

        • You’re too simple to understand that the Bi-bull was written by self-serving Hebe desert rats. Slavery was a consequence of tribal warfare throughout history, before the Bi-bull was written….until some White men figured out it wasn’t the best way to run things. Africans should have been left in Africa.

          • In all your figuring you left out the fact that it was you Jews and Yankees who brought the African slaves over here. (Just a minor thing, right?) The South is innocent of this “sin” you are accusing us of doing. (Your Yankee education is going to kill you yet.)

            The Bible is the instruction book for mankind and you need to keep pounding your head against this present evil world for several thousand more times before you begin to realize (actually God has to open your mind) the truth that it contains.

            “There are things in the old Book which I may not be able to explain, but I fully accept it as the infallible word of God, and receive its teachings as inspired by the Holy Spirit.”
            — Robert E. Lee

            I have heard him say that he would prefer to see the Negroes free, but he
            believed that the Bible taught that slavery was sanctioned by the Creator
            himself, who maketh all men to differ, and instituted laws for the bond and
            free. He therefore accepted slavery, as it existed in the South, not as a thing
            desirable in itself, but as allowed by Providence for ends which it was not his
            business to determine.

            — Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s widow

          • You’re the one quoting your jew-book, moron. It’s full of self-serving manufactured tales. Almost every verse in it is contradicted by another verse elsewhere, sometimes on the very same page. No surprise, the exact same thing you are doing. Blaming Yankees and jews for something that you say your jew-god endorses, and you pray for its return. Nobody alive today bears responsibility for bringing the Africans here, so in that sense, you sound exactly like a black or a jew, trying to guilt others for the very thing you wish for.

          • @TickBites

            No, you are an anti-facist = Antifa. We hear the arguments you are making coming from the Left all the time and you are just adding your little tiny, whiney stabs to their full assaults. They want to use slavery as justification to destroy our history, heritage and our very flesh. God does INDEED allow for slavery and you are crying like a little girl about this meany slavery as if you just heard about if for the first time. I think you definitely are (no more of this just lurking for you) Antifa, BLM or both and probably more. Never seen someone on the Right act like a cry-baby as your tree-hugging style of hysteria consumes you. Go back to your Commie groups maybe they can comfort you, give you play dough to work out all your stress with. You must be near a nervous breakdown. Call an ambulance!

            Leviticus 25:44-46
            44 Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the
            HEATHEN that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.
            45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them
            shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your
            land: and they shall be your possession.
            46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to
            inherit them for a possession; THEY SHALL BE YOUR BONDMEN FOR EVER…



  18. I am both a White Nationalist and a Southern Nationalist. I am both a member of the White race and the Southern people. Both of these identities are near and dear to me. I have a lot of respect for people like George Lincoln Rockwell and his American Nazi Party. I would much rather prefer them to the likes of any GOP politician.

    Folks like George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William Luther Pierce certainly are of great inspiration to me but I understand we are operating in vastly different times with much different circumstances than they did.

    That being said, I should say that Nick Fuentes is not, has not, and never will be a White Nationalist. He identifies as “Afro-Latino,” has attacked White Women, Millennials, Boomers, Protestants, Northwestern Europeans, Pagans and has hatred for working class Southerners. All of these groups are part of any coalition within White Nationalism. Almost everyone here will be apart of one or more of these identities. You can’t just alienate your base and divide the movement into this group or that when you yourself in the case of Fuentes aren’t even White.

    The Southern Nationalism aspect is deeply important to me because I only want to live in an ethno-state with Whites who will not drag us back to this failed position in the first place.

    What good is an ethno-state if you have it run and dominated by self hating-White liberals who want to destroy our culture and are so confused they commit self destruction compulsively?

    We need to be specific about what we want, don’t hide any of our beliefs, and work together with our shared goals established at the start with better communication to avoid our own death spiral to make sure once we regain power, nothing like this current situation will ever happen again.

      • He was a bold visionary; the average man never is. Yes, the kike-organized niggers were uppity, but other than that, the people Rockwell was trying to awaken lived in an America that was 90% White & enormously prosperous, the undisputed leader of the world – and that generation of White men had, like Rockwell himself, been duped into defeating Nazi Germany, and the jewed system heaped empty praise on them for doing so. In openly embracing the swastika, he was fighting an uphill struggle from the start.

  19. Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and Rev. Martin Luther King met in Selma, Alabama on January 18, 1965, and agreed to a debate later that evening at the Hotel Albert were MLK was staying, but the debate was cancelled because a Southerner and “States Rights Party” member named James Robinson attacked MLK at the Hotel Albert, What could have been a historical BTFO for the ages was shoahed by a probable WASP klansman.


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