Marjorie Taylor Greene Denounces Nick Fuentes






    • A lot of our culture, Dear Terry, has been permeated by the desire to be a celebrity, and many who are motivated by it are largely unaware of what they are doing or how they look to more sober & grounded members of society.

      This is not a Left of Right thing – but, an insecure, unmindful, and unpeaceful thing that has always been seeking status.

  1. How anyone rational enough to operate a doorknob would follow or associate with Milo or Fuentes is beyond me.

    I’m totally bewildered.

    • Fuentes advocating a theocracy is to ignore centuries of church sponsored terror.

      Can ppl be so ignorant of history ?

      • @Arrian…

        Men remain men, which is why, church or otherwise, there is always a lot of abuse of power and corruption.

        There is no systemic way out of this, which is why our Founding Fathers gave us a Federal/Confederate system of divided powers.

        They knew who they were and they knew who we would be.

        • Orange,.perhap’s this site is a little too sophisticated for you, you are proving too be a nuisance and a distraction, with your junior high school remark’s………..

          • It’s the truth. Don’t like it, complain to your priest. LOL.

            Btw, I’m not buying this bullshit that Jack Dorsey didn’t know about the corruption, and illegal activity that Twitter was involved in with Biden and the DNC. Dorsey and Biden are both Irish Roman Catholics, and just like Jews, the Irish Roman Catholics are a clannish, cultish bunch.

      • Arrian- Only the antinomian unregenerate hates the thought of a Theocratic, Godly order. And MTG is an attention WHORE, who only cares about her place and position.
        She’s a shorter, blonder Sarah Palin….

        Women should be covered on their heads. – Scripture
        Women are the chattel property of their husbands- Scripture
        Sodomites should be stoned in public- Scripture
        Nothing to see here, for those who REALLY are Christians….

    • Declining to be a follower of Fuentes is not the important thing, not sucking up to the other side by denouncing him is.

      MTG wins know points with the left for denouncing Fuentes, but she will lose support on the right.

      She should have just ignored Fuentes. Because she’s a politician, by this time in her career she should be sufficiently skilled at weaseling out of potentially embarassing situations.

  2. I hate to ask about this flaming bag of shit but wasn’t MTG promoting these clowns at some point?

    I always had a hunch MTG is just another grifter, “master troll” AS99 definitely is, his “trolling” is some top tier garbage. DC politicians of both parties are some of the hugest scumbags on Earth, so I would be all in on these 2 butt uglies bumpin uglies being true.

      • MTG has had a very bad week – almost as if, all of a sudden, she has been paid off.

        I’ll hope for the best and pray she gets back on her saddle.

        • I disagree.

          She disavowed them because they started attacking her on Telegram and spreading rumors that she had slept with Alex Stein. Then she disavowed them again after made themselves radioactive yesterday.

          The only thing that can happen over the next two years is House investigations because Democrats control the Senate. The choice is either that or nothing

  3. Are not wildly entertained as the looting operation vacuums up all while the invasion continues unabated?
    Eight million new lifetime CPUSA voters have been added and they breed like rats.
    Brandonflation is still raging and security is beefed up at the local Sack-N-Save.
    Get over the idea that there is something worth saving.

    • Not a shock that MTG is a whore for Jewry. Evangelicals are philosemites for the most part, they don’t believe that salvation comes through Christ, and that Jews are saved by their race alone. As a typical conservative that wants to preserve the status quo, she has no place in a radical anti-system movement that wants to burn everything down.

        • How has the system treated Southerners? Why would you side with a Zionist Adulterer like MTG over Ye? It makes no sense from a Southern Nationalist perspective. Your people won’t have freedom until the Jews are removed from power.

          • Catholic fascist, I take no side, with mtg or ye, why would I, ” Radical Anti-System Movement”, define it, if you can, you come across as venomous as antifa yourself, you here too infiltrate, too subvert ? The Southern watchman, is on duty……….

          • Anyone who had or has faith in MTG is going to watch her now going over to join with the rest of the republicucks. She sees there’s so much more money and glamour in taking the jew view of it all rather than being some sort of rebel. If she was ever an honest agent, that’s all gone now. It won’t bother normies one bit. They’ll never notice. They keep voting no matter how much nothing they get.

    • Better get some more popcorn, highness. While all of your points are certainly true, there’s also quite a mega-storm taking place nationwide of the famous Jewish-Lightning, often brought about by proximity to diversity (imported or domestic).

  4. Watching with bewildered amusement( bemusement?) at the antics of Fuentes and Milo, I have to ask “Who is sending these people money?” Follow the money and I expect things will become much clearer.

    • Lots of people are saying that the Mercers funded MILO to turn it all into a clown show. Breitbart is supporting Ron DeSantis.

    • “Watching with bewildered amusement”

      Glad some folks get entertainment from this.

      I see it as a tragic diversion from a rational solution to a deadly problem.

      • I’m also watching with bewildered amusement.

        I’ve never seen such a spectacular public meltdown before.

  5. Usually I do not call people names. However Marjorie Taylor Greene face looks like a horse. I do not like her nor care what she thinks. She is just another trump supporting Qanon nut job just like AOC.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, Absolutely.

        Let us be above throwing one of our own to the wolves, just because we have a disagreement now and then.

        In her short time in Congress, Miss Marjorie has shown great courage and moved the Overton Window considerably.

        Lest someone think that nothing, just look at the group of mealy-mouthed and cowardly lot of Southern politicians up on the hill, they who never dare anything.

        What people say in the public square is, in the end, influential, because public consensus, in the hands of spineless obsequious dissemblers, is, other than graft and bribes, what shapes policy.

        • @Ivan T

          MTG, Lauren Beobert, Candace Owen’s and many others all got their start on a casting agency website run by an Israeli pornographer.

          Do the research.

          Nothing is ever what it seems.

    • Face it. Empowering women means weakening men. Women in positions of power are a scourge on this country, and on the whole world. The reason the jew created feminism was to give power to women, with which to destroy the family, by taking power from the individual male, the father of the family, and destroy the patriarchy, so they could take control. Women are literally killing the White race, and if we got rid of the jews and left women in power, very little would change.

      • “the jew created feminism was to give power to women, with which to destroy the family,”

        Along with many other negative consequences, they are manifold.

      • @DiCarlo…

        Yes, I do agree with you that a serious imbalance has occurred in this country, because now Women are almost entirely given over to pursuing a male agenda for their lives, whilst opportunities for insecure boys to grow into strong men have been diminisht, most particularly because we have lost the great bulk of our manufacturing sector.

        By the same token, my wife came up in the Deep South during the days of Jim Crow, and, though her family and community did a good job to install in her excellent behavior and moral virtue, they also tried to stifle her, with regards to being her own person and fulfilling her creative potential as an intellectual and artistic being.

        All women were treated like that in those days, and this was very unfortunate, because, at that time, most women struggled with the emptiness that came with being only caretakers.

        I think we need a balance, and for sure, we do not have one.

        We all have to be caretakers and creative individuals, yet, as men and women that often does have a varied route.

        As to strength, I would say this : I rely on my wife’s strength, just as she relies on mine.
        The reason why I say this is that, from a socio-political point of view, we need each other to be fulfilled, and, that so, we need to pursue an agenda that build each other up, not tears each other apart.

        We, men, need to do a better job at being truly strong, and explaining to our women why we have to do a better job at looking out for our childrens’ futures.

        In a nutshell, I believe that men have been under attack, but, if we really are men, we ought not run away from that challenge or complain, but, tackle it and demonstrate why God made us how we are.

        We, Men,.built this world and no world will function without us.

        Power tools (including electronic sex toys) and hi-tech things do not change that.

        WE ought go ahead, confident in that light.

        That last problem I would address is that many people in this society are vain to the point of thinking that they do not need another person to fulfill them and to realize them, and, therein, lies a terrible win for Satan.

        We all need others, particularly those others which are those longterm relationships so necessary to the process of life.

        This understanding has always been key to the Christian Church – a committed longterm monogamy between a Man & a Woman.

        I would not give you a penny for any society built on any other mooring, and this society is certainly pursuing the opposite of that, which is a big reason why we are so very very bad.

        • @Ivan — An important, unspoken element here is that the family unit was stable specifically because it operated on the traditional subordination of women. The equalization of women, jew feminism, has wrecked the family unit by taking her away from the children and delaying or sacrificing their creation in favor of a career. The entry of women into the workplace (paved by their participation during war time) has undermined the living wage of men, and reduced their former critical importance to the family unit.

          The ‘empowerment’ of women, broadly perceived as a long overdue equalization, was in fact a trojan horse. Subverting the family has benefitted to the jews. First, it is another front breaking down society into individuals, weakening resistance to their agenda. Second, it undermines and aids in the genocide of the White race, the jews’ greatest threat.

  6. MTG is a two faced cheater that apologizes when she steps too deep in shit. That is not someone you want on your side.

    • Yes, Dear John, Miss Marjorie, like the rest of us, has personal shortcomings.

      She is, however, arguably the most courageous politician on our side.

      She’s right up there with Matt Gaetz, Jims Jordan and Massie, Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and, yes, Lorraine Boebert.

      If you discard her, we have not a single Southern politician who, most of the time, will take the bull by the horns.

      Let us be a little understanding when she strays.

      All the best to you and yours decorating for the holidays!

  7. McCarthy put Taylor Greene up to this. If McCarthy does not get the speakership, Fuentes is going to take credit for it.

    • Always the fucking micks eh

      I tell you the truth, until the Republican irish become the democrats they really are, nothing will happen. There needs to be a political party for Anglo-German Americans before anything happens. That way the states with actual Americans can secede.

      Remember also that there is around 15 million Anglo Canadians and we would support you 100 percent. We have a majority in about 8 provinces and most of us are very unhappy.

  8. It will be interesting to see if the Overton window will have shifted, even if ever so slightly, on the JQ once all the dust settles from this theater.

  9. What a massive dumpster fire. Everything in the alt-sphere has been a series of catastrophes, not unlike the mainstream. I regret being sincere and getting sucked in all those years ago by what proved to be a bunch of con artists. In my contempt of liberals I was blindsided by grifters or worse. Wrath.

    • “Everything in the alt-sphere has been a series of catastrophes, ”

      Well, when the opposition has 100s of millions to draw from and a history of being trouble-makers for centuries they are going to wreck your garden.

      • The Republican Party does need a major overhaul. They are wannabe Democrats.
        Don’t fall for the Christian bait they put out.

        • Oh but those Republicans, theyre Pentecostal Protestants, not Irish Catholics! True blue Southern Baptists lol

          You can always spot them by their fake names. What the fuck does “Pence” mean? Ten Pence? No Pence? Milley lol. Ten Milleyon Pence.

        • No one is happier about this and benefits more from this than the worst people in the GOP. They are the ones who probably funded MILO to set up this trainwreck in the first place. They are already using Kanye to argue that everyone who discusses the Jewish Question is a lunatic who deserves to be marginalized

          • It reduces Republican likelihood of winning elections by forcing them to attack increasingly large segments of their voters. It drives a wedge between Christians and Jews. It also scares away independents from the party.

            These are only bad things from the viewpoint of GOP shills like you. They are good from the viewpoint of those of us who want to end the Republican party and make it less viable in all elections going forward.

          • The only thing that has happened here is that Nick Fuentes and America First have become politically radioactive. He was making inroads and building bridges into mainstream politics. He had sitting congressmen coming to speak at AFPAC. Nick was disrupting TPUSA events and was threatening Conservatism, Inc and was succeeding in getting young Republicans to take an interest in the Jewish Question. For a few years (2018 to 2020), it was working and he was gaining support.

            We’re watching the implosion. Gosar has denounced him. MTG has denounced him. Groypers are spreading rumors about MTG which ensures that AFPAC will be radioactive and no one will ever touch them again with a ten foot pole. Nick has succeeded in associating the Jewish Question with Kanye’s insanity and marginal Neo-Nazism. This is a huge relief and win for the Republican Jewish Coalition, Ron DeSantis and the Republican establishment who are the only winners in this. National Review is delighted this has happened.

            You are not “ending” the Republican Party or making it “less viable in elections going forward.” You are just strengthening the worst people in the Republican Party and the people who used to control it who are using this to trash Trump and claw their way back to power and further marginalize people like you. Nick and Kanye have put on their tinfoil hats and blazed a path to the fringe of American politics and burned all the bridges behind them. They have covered everyone around them in shit which will never come off.

            Once again, Nick has gone from someone these people used to see as a threat to someone who they aren’t concerned about anymore and who is rapidly losing support and is following the Richard Spencer and Alt-Right trajectory on downward slope.

          • I’ve got the Kanye angle covered. I will keep it to myself until I go public. I’ve always used the term “Jewish political power”, as it is accurate and is easily defensible against naming “all jews” as one’s opponent will automatically interject.

            Jewish politcal power has been everything to me since I became redpilled in 2009. I can’t take any more shenanigans.

            I have some personal baggage like anyone else, but I have none of the baggage of the former alt right, nor have I ever thought myself a “white nationalist”. I am white and the issues and grievances that relate to these movements have affected my life. I am prepared to comment on them relating to my personal injury, and as they are valid they should be open to public debate. Any person should feel encouraged to do so in a “free” country like ours(sarcasm).

            I’ve been preparing loosely for years, but I’ve buckled down more in the last year. Somebody has to come out and do this well.

          • “Gosar has denounced him. MTG has denounced him.”

            And they’re both worthless. Why would anyone want to associate with these cretins?

            “You are not ‘ending’ the Republican Party or making it ‘less viable in elections going forward'”

            Yes, it clearly is, which is why every GOP shill such as yourself has been flipping out over it.

            “You are just strengthening the worst people in the Republican Party”

            Thereby making the party less viable in elections going forward. Exactly what I said. The GOP will continue to flounder and lose.

          • 1.) Gosar and MTG cut ties with him because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and became too much of a political albatross for them.

            2.) The GOP was harmed in the midterms by abortion and being associated with Trump’s claims that the election was stolen from him. In spite of that, the GOP won the election by flipping the House and is hardly collapsing. The GOP continues to dominate most states in the country.

            3.) Once again, the only people who benefit from the GOP floundering and losing elections are Bill Kristol types. The party isn’t collapsing. It isn’t ceasing to be competitive. The country is too politically polarized for either side to become dominant. The only question is which faction is going to dominate the GOP and whether that faction will be somewhat sympathetic or hostile to our agenda.

            4.) Finally, I am not sure what your agenda is. What do you believe?

        • As if that would be a bad thing? One would be hard put to come up with something more totally useless, fake and gay as the so-called “opposition” party with the absurd label “Republican”.

  10. Nick has returned to his livestream, at least for the time being. And now that he is best buds with his idol Ye he is lot more mindful of his language. But he spent about an hour disavowing Marjorie Turncoat Greene this evening, describing her as mannish in appearance and un-ladylike in her behavior. She does talk a good game but being a career ZOG politician means she can never be trusted.

      • Nick is following the same trajectory as Alex Jones and art bell, he’s going into the sensationally absurd to gain audeances and attention.

        Shame on the American public for being drawn to such vaudeville antics.

  11. Setting the Nick, Milo, and Ye spectacle aside, MTG is a complete and absolute fraud.

    I said this over a year ago and was 100% correct.

    She now supports McCarthy for Speaker and believes that Ilhan Omar should be removed from Congressional Committees for not being a shill for Israel.

    She’s a social climber and a fame and attention whore.

    For all the angst about real and authentic mass election fraud against Republicans across the country it seems to actually not matter that much.

    Republicans don’t represent anyone except the Establishment, Regime, and those with money and power. So much energy, money, and hope is continually wasted each election cycle only for the guaranteed clockwork betrayals to emerge only a few weeks after.

    We all know this but still hope some national election dream potential is still possible from the Republican side to bring some fundamental change or break the Regime.

    Only those who can publicly name the Jew can bring change. By naming the Jew publicly you reveal your soul’s courage in potentially losing everything including your life for the truth.

  12. Lol sinking. He was two inches from the bottom at most. But yeah, Hunter has the right take as usual. Nick is now radioactive. I assume he just couldn’t resist the money, and got into this horror show without knowing how to escape.

    But In-N-Out, really?? It’s good for fast food, but not a place famous and controversial ppl would go to. Look how it turned out.

    Nick has a great future, if he will get married and have some kids, and grow mature, and veer away from politics.

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