1. Is Kino Casino a Jewish internet show or something? Why should we listen to people that countersignal those who name the Jew? I for one am glad that we have someone of Ye’s profile calling out the ruling class. Also it’s great to see that Nick has dumped GOP electoral politics in favor of actually challenging the dominant cultural narratives. Change won’t come through rigged electoral politics, but through a radical vanguard that smashes modern American culture. Politics is downstream from culture, and until you eliminate the current cultural institutions, nothing will change. Anyone that opposes this project isn’t a proper nationalist. They’re just a typical conservative republican and holding us back.

    • Yeah ok bud we’re all very happy that you’re excited but literally 90% of the moobment is grifters and various levels of controlled opposition. Give it a few years time come back to this thought of yours and see if your enthusiasm wasn’t misplaced.

    • Nothing says “radical vanguard” like an 85 IQ rap nigger off his meds teaming up with two faggots to start a presidential campaign.

      • I’ll align with a black Christian man that names the Jew over some vulgar racist like yourself. The fact that your response to this is to call Ye a nigger shows how low IQ you are. You just don’t understand the magnitude of this moment. If this weeds small minded people like you from the movement, all the better. You’re a total waste of space.

        • Louis Farakan has been naming the Jew for a generation. If you want to ride a niggers coat tails, at least pick one that isn’t dumb as fuck and off his meds.

          I have no tolerance for the inclusion of fags and coons into anything involving White advocacy. These people are all toxic AF, and you are welcome to my seat on the bandwagon.

        • Hey buddy sorry to be a faggot here but “aligning” yourself with a mentally ill nigger and an irish spic is fucking retarded.

          Ye 2024!

          • Yeah Kanye and Fuentes gonna save your ass from the Jews.

            I actually like Kanye (Fuentes is kind of silly but ok) but what I’m saying is that there needs to be a schism before anything actually happens. Aint no Irishman or Black going to lead a traditional family Christian resurgence that we all want. You know its true. Dont forget about those two queers Milley and Pence or just turn on your TV to watch the Irish/Jewish/Negro intellectual du jour that theyre parading out. (NEIL DEGRASS TYSON!)

            Also, the Catholic church supports organized faggotry and nigger loving. Best to leave that shit and develop a Bible based personal relationship with Jesus. Thank me later.

  2. I finally get it now, Ye is the 2nd coming of Jesus, Adolph Hitler and MLK, we are not worthy!
    *Prostrates self before Ye the mighty*!
    Move over Dump and Desantis!
    Actually it would be awesome if Ye got elected, at least he’d hasten the collapse of the ‘liberal world order’ which’s long passed its expiration date.

    What misfit should he pick as his running mate?
    Marianne Williamson?
    The My Pillow Guy?

  3. So much for Mush being a free speech absolutist. Whether or not if you agree with West is irrelevant, he has a right to his opinion.

    Mush answers to the adl and has caved to the jew supremacists by banning him again. I am no fan of West but the leftists have said worse and so has the jews that call for the death of Whites and they’re still on Twitter. Mush is a coward.

  4. All contemporary politics is clownery anyway.
    Who wants another Reaganite/neolib like Dump or Desantis?
    If we can’t have someone serious like an American Viktor Orban, then we may as well have a complete asshat.
    Maybe Ye is another Gay-Op like dump, but at least Ye would be more entertaining and ruffle some feathers.

  5. Like Alex said to Ye during their epic encounter The Fuhrer believed he was just preparing the way for someone even greater to come. COULD THAT MAN BE YE?

    • Nah.. Biden/Fetterman 2024. It’s a no-brainer (literally). Hey could you imagine it? Two white zombies running. Fetterman even detained a kneegrow jogger with a shotgun in 2013. Perhaps he was listenin’ to Shitpants Joey’s advice even back then. If the present clownshow continues though, perhaps we’ll have something really impressive like a Milo/Con-Ye ticket for the Gay Old Pedos.

    • I think you might be right. It’s easy to get caught up in the whole Kanye thing, but also easy to overlook the importance of such a popular figure openly talking about Jewish power. West’s ramblings may be mixed blessings, but they are blessings of a sort and this should not be overlooked.

      • @Don Yeah but what does it matter. Everyone knows about the hidden tyranny but noone admits it. What good is “knowing about it” if you have no recourse to action? The Jews and Irish have all the big guns right now. Until that changes, nothing will happen.

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