Nick Fuentes Gets Into Food Fight At Hollywood In-N-Out

#Ye24 is off to a great start.

We’re at least being entertained. It is hard to see what is being accomplished beyond that. I confess that I can’t wait to see what happens next in this sideshow.


  1. Your whole “I-wish-that-I-could-be-like-the-cool-kids”, sardonic “populism” routine seems completely antithetical to the sort of forthright moralism inherent in the southern, Christian, culture I grew up in, Hunter. Not to mention, any time some derivation of the phrase: “this makes us look bad” is used in commentary here (or in similar spaces), it’s never (ever) supported with any objective metric.

    In this post, for example, you end by saying it’s hard to see what’s “being accomplished” (in quotes because what does or doesn’t count as a legitimate accomplishment is never defined and there are never any objective metrics offered to measure it anyhow).

    Is this sort of “populism” (so called) consistent with secession? Or is secession the complete opposite of populism? Only uncool kids want to depart from the group?

    I’m confused about the philosophical direction of the Occidental Dissent project. 🙁

    • In the last 24 hours, Nick has been denounced by the only member of Congress who still somewhat supported AFPAC and got into a food fight at an In-N-Out. I think it is fair to say that we are watching the unraveling of America First. Objectively, Nick is losing political support and becoming toxic.

      • “only member of congress” — seriously, no great loss. All in the congress are only concerned about their bottom line and doing what the jews tell them to do. “Nick is losing support” — as though anyone who names the jew will have any support from anyone in the US gov who has already received their 30 pieces of silver to betray they’re own people.

    • “Is this sort of “populism” (so called) consistent with secession? Or is secession the complete opposite of populism? ”

      Excellent questions.

      I think that, to be fair and accurate, Populists are Americans who feel that the current model of the United States is unacceptable.

      Within that there fall 5 groups :

      #1. The group that wants to make this current country acceptable by going back to 1985.

      #2. The group that wants to make it acceptable by returning to the 1940s model country.

      #3. The group that wants to go back to pre-1861 country, minus chattel slavery.

      #4. The group that wants to go back to the beginning, when the States were simply separate countries, and go from there.

      #5. The group that would accept any of the former 4.

      Of these groups, Group #1 is the largest, followed by Group #2.

      Within these groups is a natural contradiction, because the 1985 United States America is at odds with the other 3 models.

      Therein lies the complexity what is the current American Populism.

      All Populists are, however, united around one thing : that this model of The United States is going to go, one way or the other.

    • > Is this sort of “populism” (so called) consistent with secession? Or is secession the complete opposite of populism? Only uncool kids want to depart from the group?

      Ivan Turgenev above gives a good summary of the term “populism” as defined in today’s context. Nothing about the clown-show featuring Con-Ye, Fuentes, Milo or Trump applies to it, except the whole show is clearly a hamfisted attempt to discredit the movement, especially via the visit to Trump in Florida. While many of the folks in groups 1 and 2 of Ivan’s listing were Trump voters, many states and sections of the country are lost causes (California being a good example). The only way for there to be anything resembling the original republic would be to follow Group 4 (secession).

      The primary objective of secessionists must always be to reduce and ultimately destroy the federal regime, while establishing the primacy of state and local governments. Taking up Sam J’s interesting point about the perversion of the structure of state governments might be a worthwhile endeavor in states like HW’s Alabama. The Supreme Court decision from the 1960s which abolished the distinction between how senate and house bodies are constituted should be defied. Like Roe, it was another utterly lawless and un-constitutional ruling. The federal senate is constructed the old, regional way (two senators per state). AL and similar states need to re-constitute their own senate bodies in the same manner – something like one senator per county. This has the net effect of strengthening local government against tyrannical control from the state level and reducing the toxic influence of urban enclaves which tend to be populated by shitlibs and diversity.

  2. “being entertained”
    Only on a jooywood level of childishness.

    Nick should have the mature level of intelligence to lay low, especially in jooywood. His entire program is just silliness of a TV mind.

  3. Nick was a clown to begin with, and a spoiled brat.
    His ‘white Shariah/white Taliban’ politics were ridiculous.
    AFPAC was destined to fail.
    If white nationalism has a chance, it has to do better than Fuentes.
    I’ve come to the conclusion little serious change in either direction right or left, social or economic is possible without socioeconomic meltdown, people are just too complacent, it’s gonna be the same ol’ mildly conservative neolibs on the right versus woke neolibs on the left paradigm until some catastrophic event(s) occur.

  4. I really wish smart people would wake up and realize that the JQ is being weaponized against us, is radio active, and we gotta move away from it or this shit is gonna keep happening.

    You can’t separate legitimate dissidents from the kooks when you base your dissidence on kooky anachronistic worldviews that lack explanatory force in the current year.

    The JQ is a fucking bug lamp for all the worst actors, knuckleheads and sickos out there.

    White Advocacy is going mainstream. We dont need to muddy the water with the JQ. We gain NOTHING from it.

    • SSHHHHhhhh! Don’t talk about the jews. OK, Jared. Seriously, even if we ignored or tried to appease the elephant in the room, the jews aren’t going to ignore us and leave us alone. You’re kidding yourself. The jews are standing in front of any progress to be made for White advocacy. The jewish race is truly the most vile thing to ever blight the face of this planet, and it will not stop until it has destroyed everything that is decent and wholesome in the world. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.

      The fact is, the jews are just obnoxious racists who despise gentiles. And eventually there comes a blowback by the citizens of any host culture who were foolish enough to have allowed them in, responding to decades of the jew’s relentless attack against the host’s culture, traditions, and race.

      For America, no jews means:

      No Marxism.
      No Neo-Cons.
      No Feminists.
      No Open Borders.
      No Multiculturism.
      No Talmud-Vision.
      No Polical Correctness.
      No Holyhoax Propaganda.
      No Anti-White Propaganda.
      No “Jew-Day-O”!-Christianity.
      No Race-Mixing Propaganda.
      No Censorship of free speech.
      No fighting endless Israeli wars.
      No Trillion-Dollar Bankster Bailouts.
      No Porn and White Slavery Industry.
      No Rapacious Fed and Investment Houses.


        • When I read about James Woods, he didn’t have to say who did it. They ruined his career. He said he is suing the Democrat Party, because they had told pre-Elon Twitter to censor him. He said even if he doesn’t win, he wants to fight this stuff. I hope he wins.

    • I respect your opinion, but you’re wrong. The fact that your life can and will be ruined keeps quality from coming forward. That was true for the former alt right as well. The issues affecting whites and Jewish political power cannot be separated because jewish political power is working against whites and draining their resources.

      Are you going to suck jewish and trump dick to get rights for whites again? I was there to warn all against Trump being in bed with jews and you probably didn’t listen. That set us back a decade. Yeah, let’s go build the wall!

  5. The guy in the video looks pretty Mestizo and most likely Latino (Not all Latinos are mestizos). He very well may be of Mexican heritage. Nick is of at least partial Mexican heritage. I’m glad to see Nick is hanging out with his people and embracing them.

  6. Perhaps Fuentes should re-brand himself as the Mexican alternative to Con-Ye and run for office in Californistan as a Democrat with Milo as his campaign manager. That would provide some useful entertainment. Con-Ye can of course continue to run for President, though he should enter the Democrat primary as that’s where nearly all of his people cast their votes. Maybe he could get some backing from the Ayatollah Farrakhan.

  7. Nick is stupid.
    Is this society of free range psychos, he’s so lucky it was just ketchup.
    Those red stains could have been his blood.

    • Especially in LA. I’m surprised the two guys he unintentionally sprayed with the soda didn’t kick his ass. He looked at both of them and held ground, didn’t back down. Probably why they didn’t beat his ass. Holding yourself well pays off in the city even when your in the wrong. Good on him.

  8. In today’s society, if you are well known or popular and and out in public and these idiots recognize you, they will target and harass you for your political and societal beliefs.

    • Even if you’re at the apex of public approval, your life isn’t safe, remember john lennon. These mega preachers , like benny hinn, have entire security teams. Fame/notoriety alone is enough to jeopardize your life.

  9. Isn’t this a G rated family page? (sarc)
    In-N-Out? Only in the land of fruits and nuts.
    Attention mongers are expected to perform certain tasks…for a fee.

  10. Whenever I’m in L.A. I go to that same In N Out restaurant, which is on Sunset right next to Hollywood High School. The famous Seventh Veil strip club is across the street, but I doubt Nick and his male admirers had any interest in going there.

      • In-N-Out has good burgers. The fries are great too. I’m back in Vegas for a few days and will definitely grab a few burgers before I leave.

        • Agreed.

          I hope they expand to the South. The closest location to us in in Dallas. We enjoyed In-N-Out, Dutch Bros, El Pollo Loco and a bunch of chains we saw out West.

  11. Doesn’t mr.fuentes, remind you all, of that “baked alaska guy” a man who would get out in public and behave like that , I wouldn’t give the time of day too………let alone a second thought, he has nothing too offer……….

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