Ronald Brownstein: The GOP Can’t Hide From Extremism

From my perspective, it has been a great two years. The thing that actually matters is that our views have become more mainstream. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream. National Divorce has gone mainstream. Christian nationalism has gone mainstream. The term anti-White has gone mainstream. Democrats have lost control of Congress. We’re getting unbanned on Twitter.

The Atlantic:

“The role of extremist white nationalists in the GOP may be approaching an inflection point.

The backlash against former President Donald Trump’s meeting with Nick Fuentes, an avowed racist, anti-Semite, and Christian nationalist, has compelled more Republican officeholders than at any point since the Charlottesville riot in 2017 to publicly condemn those extremist views.

Yet few GOP officials have criticized the former president personally—much less declared that Trump’s meeting with Fuentes and Ye, the rapper (formerly known as Kanye West) who has become a geyser of anti-Semitic bile, renders him unfit to serve as president again. …

“After Trump’s rise, these barriers became softer and softer, and they really broke down in the aftermath of January 6 altogether,” Hayden said. “And now you have this kind of opening between the fringe world and the mainstream world in a way that is very difficult to separate.” …

On all of these fronts, Greenblatt sees what he calls “the normalization of extremism” hardening in ways that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. “Society itself is at risk if we don’t finally move the extremists … out of the mainstream, back to the margins where they belong,” he told me. “I think we don’t realize the peril that we run, the risk that’s upon us, if we don’t get this right.” …”

We’re victims of our own success.

If you oppose the Great Replacement or anti-White discrimination or support a National Divorce or define yourself as a nationalist who wants to restrict immigration and defend Christian cultural norms or you are an isolationist who supports a protectionist trade policy and industrial policy, you can do all of this within the boundaries of the political mainstream because all of this is now ordinary conservatism. JD Vance has endorsed causes like raising taxes on the rich and defunding Ukraine. Ron DeSantis believes in wielding state power to punish corporations for taking aggressive stances on culture war issues.

As all of these causes and ideas which used to be associated with the Dissident Right have been normalized and absorbed into the conservative bloodstream, it has left edgy rightwing influencers like Nick Fuentes with less and less material to work with. TRS seems to focus exclusively on Jews these days. #Ye24 is about bringing the swastikas out, denying the Holocaust and insisting that Hitler wasn’t that bad. They have to base their campaign on issues like that because that is where the line is drawn now. Neo-Nazism is still marginalized. Nearly everything else has been normalized because the line has moved.

The Jewish Question was following the same trajectory as all of these other issues. Nick Fuentes was succeeding in pushing the issue into the mainstream and was gaining political traction. Jonathan Greenblatt was becoming the public face of censorship and cancel culture. Jewish power and influence was becoming impossible to ignore. Dave Chappelle was making jokes about it. The taboo on the subject was weakening and a tiny bit of space was opening up to discuss it for the first time. Less than a month ago, it seemed like Greenblatt and the ADL were on their back foot and were losing ground.

And then … Kanye covered the whole issue in crazy sauce. MILO and Nick who are running Kanye’s presidential campaign allowed him to drop an optical nuke on the Alex Jones Show.

What in the hell are these guys thinking?

As Nick himself said, Marjorie Taylor Greene denounced him when the swastikas came out. Who could ever predicted that the George Lincoln Rockwell trolling on a street corner act would backfire?

Alex Jones didn’t wince this hard after his $1.5 billion civil suit judgment. Talk about a gut punch.

Just look at what has happened here:

1. As Kanye West’s communication manager, Nick allowed Kanye to insult Elon Musk and post screenshots of his DMs. Kanye posted a weird Raelian swastika on Twitter which resulted in losing his biggest platform less than a week into his presidential campaign.

2. As Kanye West’s campaign manager, MILO allowed Kanye to go into an interview on Alex Jones wearing a gimp mask in the middle of a manic episode with a net and a yoohoo bottle as props. He sent out the tweet “I am a Nazi – Ye” from the Ye24 War Room account.

3. In less than a week, Nick and MILO have succeeded in burning all of their political bridges and capital, making their candidate and campaign radioactive, embarrassing their closest and most sympathetic allies in alternative media and becoming the butt of jokes on national television.

Look at it this way: they took someone who was worth over a billion dollars with one of the largest cultural platforms in the world and completely destroyed him. If they had done nothing but used their alliance with Kanye to quietly fund their operations, it would have been a huge victory.

If they had just used Kanye’s platform and wealth to break the ice on a highly taboo issue, say, by calmly and patiently describing the Jewish mafia and how it works to control our politics and economic system, it would have been a huge victory. Instead, they went straight to “I love Hitler” in a gimp mask thereby searing the image in the public mind that Kanye is a lunatic who is off his meds.

They sat there on the Alex Jones Show with “send in the clowns” playing in the background. The message that was sent could not be more clear. DO NOT TAKE US SERIOUSLY. WE ARE A JOKE.


The internet will never forget that performance!

Note: Aside from these clowns and this self-inflicted disaster which they will never recover from, it was a good year. Smarter and savvier people succeeded in communicating much of our message. We’re not hearing about it because it was digested without devolving into a circus. That’s what Greenblatt and Michael E. Hayden and the usual suspects are rightly upset about.


  1. “We’re victims of our own success.”

    We are victims of frequent gayops because we have a huge cross section of the dissident demographic that is susceptible to the bandwagon effect and loves to amplify dumb shits like Kanye.

    The solution is to move away from the dissident space thats nothing but nuts, kooks, feds and grifters and focus on the newly normalized parts of the formerly dissident narrative like the great replacement.

    AVOID the JQ its a fucking lodestone for these idiots.

  2. If things are moving in the right direction on the right, they are moving at a snail’s pace.
    Meanwhile the left is moving in the wrong direction, becoming less populist, more woke/current thing.
    It’ll be interesting to see what politics looks like when OPEC abandons the petrodollar and the American economy collapses, I have a feeling things will start picking up and make the last several years look tame by comparison.

    • Society is swirling around the toilet on it’s way down the sewer. You wouldn’t believe what I just saw at Walmart. It started out seeing a dreadlocked, wiry little dark skinned black guy with his pants dropped walking hand in hand with a half black kid about 4 and a white blond boy around 7. Later I saw him caught up with his white slut girlfriend and her gray haired mom pushing the shopping cart. This slut seriously had on a sweatshirt that said “One fine ass baby mama”. How unbelievably vile and uncouth. Then to put the icing on the cake I heard the little white boy say “mommy, can I stay with daddy this weekend?” Kind of sad, you can tell he’s unhappy with the hoodlum his mother brought into his life. It’s also clear how 180 degrees opposite most of these mixed relationships are from the fictional 60s movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. It’s not true love blinded to race, it’s not nice black doctors, the motivation of these white girls is deliberately anti social. That she’d see such a sweatshirt and purchase it to wear shows she is basically a slow burn terrorist against our civilization. And someone like her having any say in politics by being allowed to vote shows exactly what “democracy” means to the left, pure vandalism against America.

      • @Nightowl – You really summed it up in your commentary. I’ve seen almost the exact same thing here at the WalMart. In Whitopia. If there is one black male in the store, he is almost always with a White woman. Not a lot of lone black males rambling about anywhere in these parts. I did see one almost the same as above recently, except this hoodrat was with two White children –a boy and a girl — both all White and both very young. Wondered where their father was; if he had any idea. I have seriously never seen a black man and black woman together in a WalMart, but certainly it must happen.

        • Oh I see working class type black couples, the plain chubby 40 year old black guy who drives a truck or something and his wife and kids. Black guys like this aren’t attractive to white sluts, the deliberately want the anti social types. These girls seem to crave the action, excitement, and the big finger to their elders they get from such pairing. It’s an antisocial thrill, coupled with a love of the drug life. I suspect it’s also getting off on some sort of degradation, such a mindset when found in homosexuals is taken to the far extremes of masochism and some of the insane perversions that sexual paraphilias take on only in males.

  3. Their use of the term “extremist” should be considered slanderous and defamatory. Not challenging them on thus pong us to accept the validity of their assertion. The left are extremists because they have no qualms about crossing the boundary into uncivilised behaviour(illegal actions against their political enemies). The unextremist American right abhors such actions,but is accused of doing it anyway.

  4. D3 rears it’s ugly head yet again.

    If they had just stayed away from le based black man everything would have been fine. America’s addiction to niggers is becoming terminal at this point.

  5. You’ll be called a “cuck” for your analysis here, but it’s true. This Kanye shit on the Alex Jones show is a gift to the ADL and the SPLC. Maybe that is truly who Kanye, Nick and Milo are truly working for.

    By the way, you say it’s been a great 2 years. Well, if so, it sure didn’t culminate in electoral success. With the exception of JD Vance , nationalist-populist candidates for political office got their asses kicked in an election year in which they dominated. I don’t say this because I’m happy about this. It grieves me.

    • It would have been nice to have a larger House majority and the Senate, but realistically it wouldn’t have made much difference. Joe Biden is still the president. He could veto anything that passes Congress. Democrats can still filibuster anything that would have passed the Senate. Nothing ever passes the Senate anyway even with a small majority. For the next two years, the only thing that was ever in the cards was breaking the Democratic trifecta, killing Joe Biden’s agenda and House investigations.

      • Rainbow flag legislation gets cloture. As does anything else for the Jews. Jews get representation in America. Nobody else.

  6. Well, it’s like smelting. We’re burning off the impurities. What is left is better metal. Getting rid of crazy people from the movement is a good thing.

  7. Ok the Net and Yahoo props to poke fun at Bibi were probably OK. Alone, they might have been actually funny, even to the point of making Kanye seem down to earth and “playful”. I think ultimately this was what the whole stunt was about, but the weird mask and some of the ramblings about Hitler and Nazis completely derailed everything else.

    Of all the lessons I’ve learned during my near decade long association with this side of the political landscape, it’s that trying to rehabilitate Hitler is never going to work. The political landscape has to have a complete seismic shift before nuanced views of WW2 history will ever happen. In 2022, we have historians who write scores of books about the many positive and lasting contributions of Genghis and Kublai Khan (they still acknowledge their violence, but they give them “props”). Yet, in 1200 AD, nobody in Europe had any positive things to say about the Mongols. In other words, We’re still at the 1200 AD phase of history with WW2.

    So the mask and Hitler stuff was off the rails. But I don’t think the other stuff was all that bad.

    • Agreed.

      If he wasn’t wearing the gimp mask, it wouldn’t have come across as badly as it did. Alex begged him to take it off. Apparently, he has been wearing it for a while.

  8. From my perspective, it has been a great two years. The thing that actually matters is that our views have become more mainstream. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream. National Divorce has gone mainstream. Christian nationalism has gone mainstream. The term anti-White has gone mainstream. Democrats have lost control of Congress. We’re getting unbanned on Twitter…

    Someone once remarked that we may get tired of winning… Heaven forbid…

    Don’t let the true Republicans come in and ruin everything… They hate the South as did their greatest hero Abraham Lincoln… They never preserve anything it seems but their own bank accounts, property and tax cuts…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  9. “. TRS seems to focus exclusively on Jews these days. ”

    Yeh, when a snake has embedded its fangs into your leg you lose interest in other subjects.

  10. Why should we give a rat’s ass about what some Talmudic Satanist like Brownstein says? Since when are Satanists moral authorities? As for the ridiculous clown-show of Con-Ye, Milo, Fuentes, MTG, Dumpf, et al – they are best laughed at and ignored. It’s just another variant of the nazi-larping which was done by Milo in the 2015-17 period. One serious counter to the all the screeching of the usual suspects and their retarded parrots in gaslight media is to ask why is it that these particular fake-nazis are such a threat to civilization while the corrupt regime in Sodom-on-Potomac continues to fund real Zio-Nazis over in the giant self-licking ice-cream cone?

    Simply asking that question would force a shitbag like Brownstein on the defensive into explaining how the Zio-Nazis aren’t real nazis. Ye is certainly less of a real nazi than Ze is. As far as I know Ye hasn’t ordered anyone executed, nor has he started any wars – in contrast to Ze, Nudelman, Blinken, et al. Before too much hand-wringing about the ‘bad optics’ of the Milo-run clown-show starts, one must ask how many in the country actually pay attention to what Con-Ye has to say about anything, much less Fuentes and Milo? Even Dumpf’s many followers are falling away, belatedly coming to the realization that he was never anything other than a grift.

  11. “Society itself is at risk if we don’t finally move the extremists”

    Where was the ADL when our cities were being turned into slums in the 60s ?

    • Probably working with Meyer Lansky (their chief funder in that era) to arrange the elimination of John F. Kennedy for denying nukes to ‘muh Israel’. LBJ was entirely in their pocket (they stole nuke plans in 1964 or so). After that they started working on ways to be rid of Robert Kennedy, since he was interested in finding out who actually ordered the hit on his brother.

      One that was out of the way, Teddy got the message and was an obedient shabbas-goy the rest of his drunken life, despite masterful skills in piloting the advanced vessel nicknamed ‘Untersee Oldsmobile’. As a fake-ad of the day noted, Teddy would have been president if he’s been driving a Volkswagen.

  12. The name Brownstein says it all. You either believe what his tribe wants you to believe or you are an antisemitic and wants to gas jews.

  13. “geyser of anti-Semitic bile”

    I could tell a Jew wrote this just by the gushing fecal matter euphemism. It’s the strangest thing. They love to talk about [insert profane word here].

  14. There was no incitement to violence on Kanye’s part and the whole idea that some one will act in a violent way towards Jews because of what Kanye West or anyone else said is not realistic. The only reason the Jews are attacking West is because they do not like what he said, and if they do not like it then they can pick themselves up and go over to Israel and live with their own kind. Nobody is forcing these people, these Jews to live with us at the point of a gun. They are free to go any time they please.

    • The population of Israel is growing, because they can afford to have kids. Americans are working longer and harder hours, and cannot even afford homes and children. But we are taxed to “help Israel”. Most young Americans are working hours their parents never dreamed of. What was a good income long ago, is now under the inflation, and people can barely afford to support themselves.
      I have the feeling that anyone who stands up to the yids is going to get the same reactions as those on here who have shunned Kanye. We all know if a white man did this, he’d be in jail. But they won’t support a black who is taking this on.

    • At this point who cares, the cause is lost unless the Anglo/German US states can secede. The mainstream republicans will never accomplish anything as long as they keep pandering to lukewarm white niggers in Massachusets and Michigan.

    • We already know Milo is has been on the FBI payroll – and in light of recent antics likely remains so. Generously assuming Fuentes is something other than a grifter or Fed (or both as one certainly doesn’t preclude the other), he’s at least as bad at hiring help as the God-Emperor of Grift is himself. I don’t think Cheetohead is in any danger of losing his title in the WWGA (World Wide Grifters’ Association) from the likes of Fuentes so he shouldn’t act so butthurt that Con-Ye brought him along for the visit to Grift Castle.

  15. “If they had done nothing but used their alliance with Kanye to quietly fund their operations, it would have been a huge victory.”

    Imagine if Ye has bought Parler and turned it into an app for black Nationalists / Nation of Islam types to work with the White Right to coordinate naming the jew!

    Instead we get Crazy Town Infowars, capital of Clown World.

  16. Instead we get Crazy Town Infowars, capital of Clown World.

    Yep, wasted assets, wasted energy and wasted opportunity.

  17. “The GOP Can’t Hide From Extremism”

    If by this Mr Brownstein means that those on the Right cannot hide from the fact that we know that this is a White Country, mostly built by Whites, chiefly for the benefit of Whites, then, my question is : who would want to hide from that?

    Also, other questions for Mr. Brownstein and his ilk are :

    ‘How did y’all ever get to think that y’all could frame Whites having ownership of this country as a crime of ‘extremism’?

    Does that sort of intellectual sleight of hand not sound like a con y’all are using to rationalize a would-be theft?

  18. More like they’ve pushed whites into a corner so that they see no alternative than so-called “extremism.” Views that were normal, mainstream views in most of the country not too long ago.

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