MILO Bails On #Ye24 After Turning On Nick Fuentes


Kanye on selling his soul to the devil.



Alex Stein is on Killstream screaming at Baked Alaska and saying he is a fed who is going to get ass raped in prison for pepper spraying random people in Arizona.



Nick appears to be still on the Ye team.



Beardson and Ralph are now live with knives out for MILO.





Trust the Jewish homosexual federal informant plan.




Ye is the Borg Queen.





Trust the Jewish homosexual federal informant plan, bros!


  1. It was time for some other glory duty? (snicker)
    All these attention mongers, we’re going to need some bigger mirrors to distract them.
    The clock says 14 minutes 59 seconds.

  2. The rabbit hole goes deeper on Ye & Musk … maybe legally-Jewish Milo set Ye up

    Ye tweeted an image of the combined swastika & star of David … which Musk claimed was ‘incitement to violence’

    However that image, that symbol, was created by the half-Jewish (via father) founder, Claude Vorilhon (born 1946), leading a successful new-agey religious-type cult out of France, the ‘Raelians’ … a cult which is connected to Elon Musk …

    The Raelians proclaim Musk to be a ‘Guide of the Raelian movement’, and aside from the Raelian founder having ‘met with space aliens’, they share Musk agendas – ‘trans-humanism’ via technology, ‘exploring the cosmos’

    So Musk perma-banned Ye, officially for re-posting a Jewish-created symbol of a Jewish-led cult, fairly well known in New Age circles, symbol of a cult which links to and praises Musk himself

    The Raelian stuff is standard on the new-agey web, and religious-questing Ye would certainly be interested … did Milo suggest it to wreck Ye, like he set up the Mar-a-Lago dinner to wreck Trump?

    Ye’s ‘my final tweet’ was a picture of Musk shirtless in Greece with Jewish Hollywood ‘star promoter’ Ari Emanuel, super-wealthy brother of Rahm Emanuel, former Obama White House Chief of Staff

    Ari Emanuel helped make Musk’s Twitter deal, & led the campaign to destroy Ye … Musk looks fat in the picture, but that was maybe not Musk’s big problem

    Ye seems to have been hinting, that Ari Emanuel is the Jewish ‘handler’ of Musk, like Rahm Emanuel was said to be ‘Obama’s handler’, and like the oily Harley Pasternak who threatened to have Ye locked up, was Ye’s Jewish handler

    Maybe Musk’s relationship with Ari, the ‘Jewish intermediary’ type of role, is what Musk and the whole elite mafia want to hide by crushing Ye

    For years Musk has had a lot of free time to shitepost, tho he is supposedly running all these complex companies … lots of people think ‘Elon Musk’ is just a front man, like Obama and many others

      • “Trust the Jewish homosexual federal informant plan.”

        He took over $100k from the WHITE community under false pretenses and isn’t prosecuted ? The WHITE community has been defrauded again, by a jw. That money could have gone to some serious work.

    • Maybe he is frontman. And Q running things.

      Elon looks very much untouchable. He is not definanced, deplatformed and not epsteined or sethriched.

      Also The Donald is much better shape than JFK or Nixon. And of course, The Donald is heavily quarded so random people do not have access to him, so whole story about Ye bringing unknown friends to the dinner was one big BS from the beginning.

      Strongest power of every regime is legitimacy. Take legitimacy away and Ruler of the Emipre becomes nothing more than local mob boss. Clowns and trolls played bigger roles in taking away legitimacy and collapsing Goverments than most of us know. So I would not write off Milo Ye and Nick.

      Thousands of years kings fools have spoken things what kings themselves could not speak. Today we have term “plausible deniability” . Officially fools joke but everybody know that this is serious statement by someone who can’t be named.

  3. Why do you think Milo the Jew came aboard at Church Militant? “Spy on the Catholics, Milo. We have to know what they’re doing. Encourage them to attack the SSPX. Say they’re schismatic. We can’t have them practicing the actual Catholic Faith. Next we need you to stop Ye from getting Blacks to talk about the JQ.” Milo is Grimma Wormtongue.

  4. Milo is a train wreck and letting him in your confidence was a big mistake. Will Milo retaliate and expose little Nick as a fudge packer or will he just go away and find another grift? Stay tuned.

  5. A 3 stooges movie, modernized. A Big Gay, black dude, and a guy who thinks he’s catholic . With a plot that makes as much sense as an old 3 stooges movie.

  6. Well, it’s almost over. This sideshow, as Hunter rightly called it. The only thing left is the Milo fag outing the Nicky fag. And the Jews still run everything. Same as it ever was.

  7. Dump, Desantis and Ye, two white Reaganites and a black clown, may as well vote for the clown, split the conservative vote and let dems win, it’ll send a signal to reps: until you guys give us a Christian/white national populist like David Duke or Viktor Orban, we’re not taking you seriously.
    To hell with optics and lesser of two evil politics, lesser of two evils is still evil, it’s gotta be good for a change or nothing at all.
    Jimmy Dore is right, both parties suck, vote 3rd party or independent, to hell with the republicrap duopoly.

  8. Make no mistake, Dump and Desantis are clowns too, they’re just more sophisticated.
    Two neoliberal crony capitalist globalist/Zionist shills who’ll do nothing to stop mass immigration and who’ll barely stick up for traditional values if at all.
    Think of Ye as an honest clown.
    I’ll take the honest clown any day, split the contard vote and let dems win 2024, at the very least it’ll send a big signal to the republicrap establishment: ‘hey we ain’t taking you guys seriously no more’.

  9. Tip of the hat for back story.
    The distractions will intensify as the final looting continues.
    They weren’t kidding about places we really hate get turned into welfare colonies.
    Such ingratitude for saving the chosen from the hollow cost.

  10. This is all way too gay for me.

    The economy is going to hell. I think my time is better served trying to keep my company afloat so they don’t have to lay off their White employees.

    The circus holds no appeal to me.

  11. By the way, His Majesty Ye is on to something when he posted that Melon seemed to have some asiatic genes. But he identified the wrong tribe. Not the Chinese, it is a Turkish tribe that used to dwell in the land now called Ukraine, a land that Melon is right now trying to steal from the Russians, so that Turkish tribe, who run the Ukranian government, can resettle it and drive the Slavs clean out of there.

    Melon’s Khazarian/Canadian grandfather was quite a piece of work. Led a movement to replace democracy with a technocratic elite. Was declared an enemy of the state and put in a Canadian prison. He is Melon’s inspiration. Melon carries on his work, and extends it. He wants to chip our brains, so he will be in total control of us. He will be God. Or so he believes.

    He attended Jewish school in South Africa. Look at pictures of him as a teenager. Completely Khazarian asiatic face. Melon has had a lot of work done. What you see today is very different from his real face.

    Everything he ever accomplished was given to him. He is a DS frontman. And he is one of the tribe. A crypto. Juat not the Chinese tribe. The other one.

  12. To me, Milo is just a colloquial name for grain sorghum.

    I put him in the same category as I do all.of the other supposed Alt-Right/Conservative personalities, which so upset the Jews and their ostensibly White, Leftist stooges. I ignore him.

    These characters are fake opposition distractions and tools for demonising the real Right. Which neither the Republicans, nor these cretinous political circus freaks, are.

    We’re the real Alt Right.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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