#Ye24 Watch

Finally, we have some news …

Why is the media focusing on Kanye coming out as a Nazi?

BREAKING: Proof that Hitler popularized the microphone.

Little Molly & Co. are eagerly awaiting the release of MILO’s blackmail on Fuentes and MTG.

Who was that guy who was with Nick in the In-N-Out? Sneako? You can find his gay photoshoot with dick pics on Twitter.


After giving much thought to this issue, Beardson and other Cozy.tv streamers are no longer allowed to cuss. New official policy straight from Yedolf.

Where is Kami?

We’re off to a good start this morning.

After Ye’s official Twitter account with tens of millions of followers was banned from Twitter by Elon Musk for posting a Raelian swastika, the official Ye24 War Room account is sticking with the Neo-Nazi optics. This is classic GLR trolling the media on a street corner stuff.

Good morning, everyone.

What embarrassing thing do you think will come out of the #Ye24 sideshow today?


Yesterday, MILO was fired and accused Ye of trying to have gay sex with him. Ye also speculated on Instagram that Elon Musk is some kind of half Chinese genetic experiment.

I’m waiting to see how MILO returns fire and retaliates against Fuentes and the Groypers. The leaks to the press have already begun. How long will it be before Catboy Kami resurfaces?


  1. @Brad No reason why West can’t hire you as a consultant for $15,000 a month plus expenses and insurances. You would be a bargain, and West would be a real contender. You could pay for my advice out of your expenses.

  2. The YE24 circus is the modern day equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show KKK of the 1990s. This is here to discredit our ideas on the Right by running this clown show.

    • I’m sorry Shane but from my perspective what you’ve provided indicates a government-schooled materialist and a democrat:

      Govt-Schooled because of your reflexive appeal to herd-mentality (presupposed in your commentary), materialist because of your narrow-focus on “savvy political technique” without any consideration of spiritual realities, and democratic because democracy is the ostensible intellectual justification for your entire paradigm.

      Consider a few questions in reply:

      “Discredit our ideas…” discredited to whom? That is: who is going to think less of these ideas? So-called “normies”? Liberals? You? Do you think less of race-realism and analysis of jewish political power because of Kanye’s hijinks? Are you that shallow of a person that your deep political convictions ebb and flow because of media narratives? If you’re not, then how are you superior to the “normies” you’re referring to?

      Moreover: do you think political opinions ought to be held or rejected based on their appeal to “normies”? Do you think that your being white and able to use proper English makes you, also, a discredit to ideas on the Right? In other words: do you think you and your mere existence are any less objectionable (or any less subject to propagandizing) than the wildest thing Kanye has ever said or done?

      Think about these questions, please…

  3. This is too much of a clown show to ever discredit anything on the right. 99 percent of normies aren’t even paying attention. It’s more entertainment than anything else. WE know who these jokers are. Most people don’t know, or care. Don’t inflate their importance in the big scheme of things.

  4. Ye could be a psyop/gayop to discredit ‘the far right’, or he could be autonomous.
    Either way, the public may not take him seriously and he may fade, but what if a large % of people do take him seriously, regardless of how crazy he may be?
    Does this ‘movement’ of his have potential to grow, and if so, what would it look like, what would be its implications?

    Of course Ye can’t be a Nazi in the traditional sense because he’s black, so what would American Nazism lead by a black hip hop artist look like?
    Perhaps it would be based less on race and more on a Christian national socialism.
    Perhaps it would be about blacks and whites uniting around antipathy to Jews and the Jew World Order.

    I’ll be interesting to see how this thing develops, if it develops, what directions will it take?
    Does Ye and whoever he surrounds himself with have the competence to lead a successful movement?
    What a bizarre movement it would be, real twilight zone/outer limits type stuff.

    Also, is Ye a (former) MK Ultra zombie?

    • Why would a guy who has billions go and sign up to do shilling? He doesn’t need the money. Why would he?

      • People say the same about Elon Musk. Why would multi-billionaires need to do shilling? It makes no sense. What makes sense is…they can say what they want.
        Kanye West just proved himself right, because they took those contracts from him, and so much merchandise in the stores from him is gone.
        If he was wrong, why would they go to SO much trouble to censor him and ruin him?
        Think about it, if you were a multi-billionaire, and someone approached you and asked you to shill for them, would you?? Heck NO.
        I’ve noticed a trend online. Anything left standing is compromised. Take that anyway you want.

  5. It’s gonna be tough without having a jew on board. In the case of Milo, Ye will already be losing the LGBT vote.

  6. I don’t want to laugh, but I can’t help it. What the hell is going on? This goofy timeline just keeps on getting crazier and crazier.


  7. A collection of short and succinct pro-White talking points from Bob Whitaker’s Twitter account.

    Cuckservatives are indispensable to anti-Whites. They change the subject from one the enemy cannot deal with to one that it can deal with.

    I used to write speeches that drove my opponents to shrieks of rage. And all I did was to repeat the nonsense they had said the year before.

    Every authoritarian state always begins by silencing all criticism of its doctrine but it’s never just to be mean. It ALWAYS gives a Reason.

    Political Correctness is a religion of “tolerance” in the same way that Islam is a religion of “peace.”

    It is HILARIOUS to hear anti-Trump people bitch about people criticizing THEM.

    The Plan to Make a Million is an obvious fraud. The Plan for Gaining Power is too. The Mantra is what needs doing now.

    Not one member of the Greatest Generation ever had the guts to contradict someone who said “We fought WW2 for open borders.”

    The only war crime is LOSING.

    Taste is a matter of taste.

    No war hero ever made the slightest difference in real human history. Those who used words have made real history.

    A White gentile who attacks his own race is considered an Idealist. For some reason he is not considered a traitor.

    Nothing I advocate is even vaguely radical. It is common sense for everybody except the eternally defeated conservative.

    It never occurred to the Founding Fathers that they were writing a Constitution that told the rest of the world what it should do.

    Social science is primitive. Applied primitive science is a disaster. The diversity and rehabilitation they preach is insane.

    The one thing the Founding Fathers agreed on was blind loyalty to King and Country, to a flag, was treason. It still is.

    At the time of the Constitution, “we the people” had a higher percentage of native-born Whites than we have ever had before or since.

    Are we just here to provide “the other side” in the standard debate liberals set up? No. We want to replace them completely.

    In 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed at. Push the anti-White system hard and it will fall to pieces.

    The only leaders who won ANYTHING in World War II was Stalin.

    Whites are soon going to have to take on spokesmen. Not spokesmen for protecting the border and a melting pot. Spokesmen for WHITES.

    A revolutionary is exactly like a surfer waiting for his wave to ride. He can’t create the wave. But there will be a wave.

    The whole point of free speech is to let people speak unpleasant truths. If you punish people for that, free speech is a joke.

    Can anybody name a single label that the media doesn’t ENCOURAGE people to use against Whites?

    Professors are nasty little tyrants who foist lies on young people under their charge because they’re accountable to no one but themselves.

    Our job is not to show we are not “haters” or whatever other label the other side makes up. Our job is to make OUR points. Stay on message

    America is the first country in world history to declare that our armed forces have no right to defend their country’s borders.

    Loyalty to “We the people of the United States of America & OUR posterity” is the exact opposite of loyalty to made up “abstract principles”

    Political Correctness DEMANDS total obedience from everyone. There is no middle ground. Everyone is either Politically Correct or a “hater.”

    Both sides of my family got here in the 17th century. Not one was an immigrant. We did not request a visa. America was here and we took it.

    When you accept the premises of Political Correctness by accepting their language and morality, you’ve already lost the battle.

    Anyone who lets someone call the country he was born in “a nation of immigrants” has given away his birthright.

    An undocumented worker is an undocumented citizen.

    Proud when an idiot calls me a racist.

    Mexico is poor because of Mexicans.

    We will win because a few of us realize this is a war, not something some instant formula or exposure of an Evil Conspiracy will deal with.

    What are the statistical odds that between 90 and 100% of the people who are qualified to be college professors are liberals?

    Someone once asked Senator Fulbright what it took to be a great senator. Fulbright replied, “First, you have to be a senator.”

    Repetition takes incredible discipline. A politician would rather show you how smart he is, but if he doesn’t repeat & repeat, he won’t win.

    If you want to influence world affairs, you have to make your point. You have to use every possible opening to make your point.

    Hispanics in the United States have left countries ruled by Latinos. Now they want the United States to be ruled by Latino voters.

    The snobs denounced our White genocide campaign. But #Whitegenocide is what made the Duke for Senate campaign go, the media have admitted it

    Jon Stewart’s show was a plain, old-fashioned REVIVAL, a group of Believers shouting that all Unbelievers are Evil and Damned.

    Whether Trump wins or loses, we have to go right back into attack mode.

  8. When they need it, some version of my advice will occur to people. It has happened many times before.

    Sean Hannity says Christ died on the cross for interracial dating. If it promotes Pol. Correctness, what’s wrong with a little blasphemy?

    These anti-Whites say “me no understand” and that’s supposed to be some argument. We have to make our answers as simple as these people are.

    Anti-Whites never get tired of repeating racist Nazi. The reason we got in this mess is we didn’t deal with these people on their own level.

    Today worrying yourself sick about liberals and conservatives is just as stupid as worrying yourself sick over the Whig Party in 1853.

    A sense of humor is a sense of proportion, and activists can only make a living by having no sense of proportion or human priorities at all.

    Every day, as minorities grow in power, they are becoming tired of their role as Tonto to the liberal Lone Ranger.

    In “Why Johnny Can’t Think,” I describe a liberal as somebody who never outgrew his college education.

    When Bill O’Reilly says that Political Correctness is secular, he is handing the professor-priesthood the 1st Amendment on a silver platter.

    Religion is a set of beliefs based on faith. Political Correctness is a set of beliefs based on faith. Like “Diversity is our strength.”

    Almost all real world gun incidents are just show and tell. A citizen shows his gun and it tells the thug to move on.

    Heredity sets the UPPER limit on what a person can do.

    If you want an academic job or academic grants or prizes, you not only have to swear that Whites do not exist, you have to hate Whites, too.

    Politicians lie to the voters but not each other. If you get a reputation for welching on political deals with other politicos, you are dead

    The Wisdom of the Orient consists of Wise Men saying silly things that sound obscure but are actually meaningless.

    Once you accept the idea that potential terrorists cannot be profiled, you have declared that you should be treated as a potential terrorist

    If illegal aliens are just undocumented workers, that means that you and I are here only at the pleasure of those who issue those documents.

    “But, Bob, under the Constitution, illegal immigrants have rights, too.” ‘Fraid not. COTUS applies only to “Ourselves and Our Posterity.”

    People who violate our immigration laws are either criminals or we shouldn’t have immigration laws.

    We sent our soldiers to die in Vietnam, but we never decided to make it a real war. You can’t get more immoral than that.

    Hard scientists must say anything social scientists want them to say. Many in the hard sciences are getting sick of this oppression.

    Today most Thugs wear coats and ties

    It’s Hate Speech if the Thugs don’t like it.

    Blacks don’t really vote. In any close election, the Black List comes out. Blacks have NEVER varied from rigid adherence to their Black List

    The greatest truths in any society are the ones no one is allowed to mention.

    To be anything but a “racist” in today’s America is treason against the truth

    The word “independence” means “We take care of our affairs and you take care of yours”. The Preamble to our real Constitution states that.

    Until Americans learn to criticize Europeans for sending people who say the wrong thing to PRISON, we cannot seriously discuss freedom.

    I rewrite an idea 100 times taking it down to the absolute minimum. Fund-raising pro-Whites develop an idea into a 20 page sleeping pill.

    Any weapon or ban they use against what they call “HATE” Speech will be used – not CAN but WILL be used – to suppress YOUR opinions Freedom

    To the media, choosing who they allow on the other side is just a matter of who is “reasonable.” The term useful idiot never occurs to them.

    Today, calling chasing down Whites what it clearly is, ChasingDownWhites, is banned as a violation of “community standards.”

    The press is a multibillion-dollar industry with enormous power. But everybody in the press agrees that the press is practically perfect.

    What stands out to me is that someone reading up on the 2016 contest could get the idea that it’s the 1st, last and only election in America

    When the Black Panthers started off with violence 50 or 60 years ago, force used by the police against them was instantly labeled “genocide”

    The establishment says that we must find any place that has “too many Whites” and use immigration and “diversity” to make them less White.

    Trump says we must question immigration. The establishment says that we owe the world immigration for the immigrants’ sake.

    I have yet to see one single establishment article even mention the rioting at Trump rallies by anti-Whites. VoterIntimidation ThugRule

    The Establishment can not survive any true open discussion

    The immigrant vote: Nobody wants a guest who demands that all the doors be left open.

    America is Americans, Mexico is Mexicans. A nation is its people. Not its dirt.

    In 1932, President Hoover got more votes than anyone who had ever run for president, with 1 exception. In ’32, there were a lot more voters.

    Ignoring their base for the media is the way Republicans spent a GENERATION as “The Minority” in both Houses of Congress.

    Reporters believe their job is to tell people what to think. They have no idea what the average person thinks and they’re proud of that.

    All that leftist doctrine we pay professors to teach boils down to “professors should rule the world.”

    All cuckservatives agree that the right must “appeal to minorities” in order to win. Liberals agree. They want two anti-White parties.

    HATE means talking about anything our Ruling Class does not want discussed.

    There is a worldwide program to send non-Whites to any area that is “too White.” We name that program what it is: #Whitegenocide.

    The word “genocide” is thrown around by anti-Whites for damned near anything unpleasant done to any race — except the White one.

    We cannot allow the few brave young people who have dared to call this genocide by its name be quietly ruined by any informant. carriebowe

    Trump backed down on immigration as I predicted and his base started raising hell. Then Trump did what no Republican ever does. He LISTENED!

    When the gov’t targets a population by race then pledges all its resources to find anywhere there are “too many Whites,” that is GENOCIDE.

    The Christians who preached Love and Brotherhood and were persecuted were burning heretics alive when they took power. Wordism

    Lawyers, bureaucrats, and academics, these are the people who rule us. All of these people produce only one thing: Words.

    Those provincials who espouse one of a million forms of Wordism are not laughed at when they claim to be Universal. Yet ChasingDownWhites

    If we do our work, a good proportion of Whites will become aware of their right to survive and Antiwhitism will go the way of Prohibition.

  9. The sole purpose of the United States is to assure the blessings of liberty to OURSELVES and OUR descendants. ConstitutionDay2016 Preamble

    I hate traitors. I can understand a jew being anti-White. But a White being anti-White -I really couldn’t punish them enough. treason

    We have a war here between what is accepted and what is reality. History is all about people talking about reality and people denying it.

    Every word you utter that goes the easy way of economic “overwhelming” or “they don’t speak English” is traitorous to the pro-White cause.

    Abortion is the perfect loser’s issue. It raises big money and expends almost all the emotion that would be directed toward saving our race.

    If something may cause harm, Europeans immediately start talking about whether it should be ALLOWED. That kind of thinking is for children.

    The curtain has been pulled back, and there is no great and powerful Oz among the Anti-Whites. The Anti-White system is fragile.

    All revolutionary ideas begin by being ridiculed. #Whitegenocide ChasingDownWhites

    You who promote important ideas are not replaceable. But all of the famous people you know about and read about have no importance.

    When you impose a True Faith like Pol Correctness, the only person who can say exactly the right thing all the time is an absolute sociopath

    White holdouts are, as all White governments say, denying colored folk their right to White people. ChasingDownWhites AFFH

    Integration has nothing to do with “the races”. It is ONLY intended to be used as a sledgehammer against the White race. ChasingDownWhites

    In the real world, that principles crap is an excuse to shoot your own guys in the back or destroy your own race in the name of Americanism.

    Pro-Whites always seem to make the mistake of letting the other side frame the question. If you do that, you are lost before you even start.

    A country with too may Whites is ordered to bring in colored immigrants. A community with too many Whites is FORCED to become more colored.

    Rejecting Reagan Democrats was always Republican policy and it was always inexplicable in any standards of sane political thinking.

    How can you do studies to find concentrations of White people so you can chase them down with non-Whites and then say that is not genocide?

    Liberalism is a religion of guilt & self-hatred. Liberals say that the White race is the cancer of history & the cause of all human problems

    Nature calls you to put your efforts in your genes, Wordism in a book, one of thousands of Universal Truths. Wordism is pure parasite.

    Trump may be abandoning his anti-immigration stand. No one can point at one single vote he is likely to get by doing this. Dumb! Trump2016

    The media had to let in some non-liberal commentators especially after Reagan was elected & most reporters didn’t know a single conservative

    To the Founding Fathers, freedom meant ALLOWING ideas rather than stopping incorrect ideas. This makes them impossible to understand.

    My approach to getting minority votes is to buy them. If a minority area votes our way, it gets money, real money, not filter down money.

    Lenin referred to what we now call cuckservatives as “useful idiots.” Liberals pick conservative spokesmen who make them comfortable.

    There is a COAST to COAST ban on using the term “Chasing Down Whites.” Shove it in every chance you get.

    I don’t want fame. I don’t want money. All I ask is to rule the world! And you rule the world by getting your message across #Whitegenocide

    Lenin referred to what we now call cuckservatives as “useful idiots.” Liberals pick conservative spokesmen who make them comfortable.

    Reporters regularly tell each other, in public, that they have the only realistic view of life. And nobody laughs. media trump2016

    When professors tell freshmen who have just left home for the first time that professors should rule the world, they believe it.

    Black lives matter a hell of a lot more to Americans than they do to Africans. BlackLivesMatter USA

    The people liberals who control the media choose to label “respectable” conservatives are the ones who make liberals feel comfortable.

    Any White person who does not want his race abolished is a “racist.” “No room for racism” means “no room for Whites”

    We need and can get the White vote, so naturally all cuckservatives want Republicans to be for open borders & integration and ignore Whites.

    “Appealing to minorities” has become a code term for giving away everything a REAL conservative would fight to conserve.

    Politics will be an entirely different thing as Whites come to REALIZE that they are a threatened minority. That is what is happening now.

    Political Correctness is our national religion. Some opposition, some discussion is allowed, but only within the limits of our imposed Faith

    No one should fight crime except a uniformed representative of the government. That is the liberal solution. No liberal solution ever works

    In a free country a person is not required to APPROVE of laws. In a totalitarian society you must BELIEVE what the state tells you.

    A person who is loyal to everything is loyal to nothing. Every traitor claims that he is not being disloyal, just Idealistic and Objective.

    According to the Religion of Political Correctness, only bad things were done by the White race. Any good thing was done by “Humankind.”

    Liberals don’t like science. They want all our problems to be solved by things like rationing that mean giving more power to bureaucrats.

    You know you have an established religion when nobody even notices that everyone who is not Of The Faith is put into a single category.

    FreeSpeech means the right to state the facts and ANY honest opinion.

    In nature, groups of social animals hold territory against other groups of their own kind. Nothing is more unnatural than the Family of Man.

    We win wars because our planning for war makes sense. We lose the post-War because our planning for the post-War period is always ridiculous

    Early Americans took “isolationism” for granted. “We are the friend of liberty everywhere, but the guardians only of our own.” ~John Q Adams

    I think America would be safer if every honest citizen were allowed to carry weapons when and where he chooses.

    Our nation is obsessed with compromise. But truth is not a compromise. What works is not a compromise.

    Popular, & illegal, joke in the Soviet Union: “Saudi Arabia just went Communist. The gov’t has announced that they have a shortage of sand.”

    The Queen says any former colonial regardless of color can be English. Her birth means everything. A White Englishman’s birth means nothing.

    Moderation does not work politically. There are very few people who are actually elected to Congress who are not on the right or on the left

    Real freedom can only be limited on a case-by-case basis. There is no easy-to-use general recipe that will make a free society.

    When the Medicogenetic Institute of Moscow did the mother of all identical twin studies and found that heredity is vital, Stalin killed them

    I am a tough customer. That is only way you will get results. A tough customer makes a good economy. A tough voter makes a good government.

    The day Americans realize that leftist hate is not Fashionable Opinion or Constructive Criticism, it is just hate, the left will be doomed.

    Liberals can’t defend their policies on practical grounds, so all they have left is guilt or moral righteousness.

    We kept the Soviet Union going for 70 years with free food, from the Hoover Commission to the end of the Cold War. Now we do it for N Korea.

    By definition, a melting pot is nothing specific Anyone who can be deeply loyal to nothing specific is in desperate need of psychiatric care

    For you to have clean water and products that work, you have to live among people who will accept nothing less.

    A conservative spokesman has to say that if we give our country away to the 3rd world, we will still have it. That’s retarded

    Afrikaners voted to trust their respectable conservative leaders. Everything the “alarmists” said about black rule has come true & then some

    “Open borders would be fine if there were no welfare.” You import tens of millions of bloc voters for socialism and there is no welfare?

    The only way the British beat the Boers was by imprisoning their women and children in a new invention they called “concentration camps.”

    To be a professional futurologist you must make predictions that sound right to the people who control the grants that finance futurology.

    I am careful using words like “never” or “always.” But I would rather use those words and make my point than not use them & win an argument.

  10. Cuckservatives never point out that all those liberals who predicted a blood bath if concealed carry passed have been proven wrong.

    No liberal prediction ever comes true, but no respectable conservative ever reminds them of that. That’s how you become respectable.

    Every single judge I know of who ordered busing had grandchildren in PRIVATE SCHOOLS.

    A major reason the right loses is this: The left repeats whatever hurts the right. The right never repeats anything that hurts the left.

    Thomas More gave us an invaluable lesson on the best weapon to use against Evil He said, “The Devil, Proud Spirit, cannot bear to be mocked”

    Liberals oppose mandatory sentences for crimes against persons or property but demand mandatory sentences for violations of Pol. Correctness

    Switzerland has millions of privately owned guns and no more gun crime than any other European country.

    “The internet is racist.”<–What they mean is that the internet allows dissent on a scale that was not dreamed of in the days of network TV.

    As soon as Bush took office in 1989 he got rid of every single Reagan presidential appointee, top to bottom.

    White majority countries constitute what is called "the race problem." Solving the race problem is a euphemism for solving the White problem

    It's time to tell adherents to the Religion of Political Correctness: "I am not of your faith." Or the equivalent: "I don't believe you."

    If you actually LOOK at the voting records of people who get ELECTED to congress, almost none of them are ever in the middle of the road.

    Can you tell me one opinion that is accepted today that was not extremist at some time?

    Police work largely IS profiling Profiling IS discrimination Everything I predicted in the 50s antidiscrimination would lead to is happening

    To the Founding Fathers, freedom meant ALLOWING ideas rather than stopping incorrect ideas. This makes them impossible to understand.

    Political experts concentrate on winning the next election while patriots concentrate on moving the country in the right direction.

    Fascists and nationalists tend to identify their "nation," not by its race, but as their government.

    "A Government of Law and Not of Men."<–Funny It is impossible for there to be a law which is not the opinion of men, not enforced by men.

    All traitors have to say that something is more important than loyalty. Traitors always have SOMETHING BETTER. #Whitegenocide

    As soon as Europe had a tiny minority of non-Whites, Hate Speech Laws were imposed. Freespeech and diversity cannot exist together.

    The Dallas sniper's grudges against Whites are probably all somewhere in SPLC literature. So can we assume the SPLC is responsible?

    Nationalism is a matter of birth. Wordism is a matter of opinion. A country that is based on opinion cannot allow a diversity of opinions.

    If someone who looks like me commits a crime and the police stop me, I don't blame the police. I blame the felon.

    The reason police suspect blacks of committing more crimes is because blacks commit more crimes.

    The people make the country, not the words. There lies the fundamental error of Wordism.

    Nothing is more unnatural than for ANY social animal to be at peace with other groups of its own kind #Whitegenocide

    Why should it surprise anyone that intellectuals believe intellectuals, rather than businessmen or working people, should rule the world?

    To a Wordist, an American is not someone who was born in America. To a Wordist, a True American is someone who BELIEVES in the right WORDS.

    Diversity and freespeech cannot exist together.

    Karl Marx, the left's Champion of the Working Class, never did a day's labor in his entire life. Same with Lenin.

    Nature is only interested in 1 issue, the issue of one’s own type in competition with other GROUPS. Nature is the opposite of Class Struggle

    If an enemy is coming at you and you sound the alarm, and the guy beside you says "Why should I care?", you do not debate him. You SHOOT him

    A constitution is a contract between honest people. A Constitution is 5 of 9 people in dresses and a president willing to follow orders.

    It is useful to point out to people that the reason Hitler failed to take over Germany in the 1930s was because they had Hate Laws.

    Until I wrote my first book, no one even THOUGHT of applying "follow the money" to the Human Betterment Industry.

    "Under capitalism, we are expected to work for money. Under socialism, we are expected to work for words." ~Eric Hoffer

    A lot of noise is made about how vicious war between different nations or races can be. But the worst wars in history were wordist wars.

    All wordists claim they love everybody and that their words unite everybody. Then they proceed to kill real people by the millions.

    The Wordist is a person who denies all ties of blood. His greatest enemy is race. This was true of Lenin, the Pope, and also Reverend Moon.

    It is only a prophet who looks the King straight in the eye and tells HIM he is violating basic decency like any other human being.

    The acid test of a country is whether people want to live there. Communist countries failed that test. Apartheid South Africa passed.

    Anti-Whites say they are offended by being accused of advocating White genocide, but they then go on to describe White people as a pure evil

    A man who has to explain his freedoms is already half a slave.

    CS Lewis said, "Prophets come among us, not to declare new truths, but to remind us of the old ones." #Whitegenocide

    Once you start asking people why they have the freedom of speech, you have put them in a subservient position.

    Elections are substitutes for something a whole lot nastier – CIVIL WAR. #Whitegenocide

    One statement I keep trying to correct is "Justice is for sale." Acquittal is certainly for sale, but acquittal is not justice.

    All nations are created by immigration; all nations are destroyed by immigration.

    Every word anti-Whites say in response to the charge of #Whitegenocide is a justification for that exact policy.

    Christopher Hitchens said apartheid South Africa was as bad as Stalin. But SA needed no walls to keep people in like Communist countries did

    Wordists believe they're above provinciality. But there's nothing more provincial than loyalty to one of millions of Universal Truths.

    Environmentalism is The Shortage Industry. It is no more interested in the environment than socialists were interested in working people.

    Keep the talk on immigration and they might let you talk. It is the "assimilation" in the Mantra that makes them really go ape.

    The education-welfare establishment dreams of a Kyoto world where there is a shortage of everything and bureaucrats make the choices.

    Something that belongs to everyone belongs to no one. In EXACTLY the same way, someone who belongs to All Mankind is part of NOTHING.

    Japan and Taiwan and unused areas of Africa are not exempted from mass immigration because of their CULTURE. It's because they're NOT White.

    People on the right say "Islam" when they mean colored immigration. It is the European code-word for third world immigration. #Whitegenocide

    Islam? A majority colored is a majority colored. Period. It makes not a jot of difference what religion they claim to subscribe to.

    To win the war, the Declaration of Independence had to appeal to two groups: anti-war politicians in Britain and French liberals.

    Wordists are enormously powerful, but their assumptions about social animals having no territory or wars or class systems are dead.

    Saying something must be done is the equivalent today of saying the choice is between a liberal policy or doing nothing.

    It is VERY important to me that when the Mantra takes hold, you will NEVER let them forget the anti-White campaign. #Whitegenocide

    "Arabic" numerals and Chinese aquatic rice are actually from White India.

    If you ask any terrorist one thing he really wants, his answer will include making sure no one else is armed.

    The tiny United States Army is given all the credit for Winning the West. But the West was taken primarily by buying the Indian chiefs.

    To be progressive means you are accepted as a prophet who knows exactly how history is going to turn out.

    A European's whole outlook is obedience. Those who cease to obey their Uppah Clahss instantly obey Intellectuals and become socialists.

    Leftists make policy, then respectable conservatives endorse it in 20 years. National Review worships everything it opposed in the 1960's.

    The word "progressive" means that thing can only go one way. And if you think that things can only go one way, you’re always wrong.

    Labor unions have never thrived as they did after the 1924 Immigration Act stopped the flood of immigrants pouring in for over 40 years.

    The labor movement joined the "America is a Land of Immigrants" Movement. In terms of economics, it is hard to imagine a stupider move.

    Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have never made a dime anywhere but in supporting causes. Our president is one of them.

    Occupy Wall Street showed that there is a huge protest apparatus which just bursts forth from time to time.

    "The staff of National Review doesn’t believe anything until it is published in the New York Times." ~William Rusher, former NR publisher

    People who urge you to "Follow the Money" never ask how thousands of leftist social activists earn a living.

    Every former Soviet working at their Embassy said plainly after the fall that all of his time had been spent "recruiting."

    Libertarians want open borders. How long would an elected Libertarian Party last if the third world poured in?

    I worked in a prison, and I have yet to find a single prisoner who is not all for gun control.

    Usually one of the greatest signs of success in a political system is when people don’t bother to vote.

    No matter whether they are called monarchies, anarchies, democracies, or dictatorships, all real governments are oligarchies.

    As the USSR went down, every single professional pro-Peace, pro-Soviet, whatever term you want to use, became an Environmentalist.

    The cops really enforced gun control because they wanted to be the only high-school graduates who got to walk around with guns.

    Anti-Whites talk about All Mankind and A Global Point of View. Then suddenly they are only talking about one country, so it isn't genocide.

    If a non-White country cut off all immigration, no one would object. If a White country did that, anti-Whites would scream "Racist Nazi!"

    If any European professor said the same things about blacks, Orientals or jews he routinely says about Whites, he would be in prison.

    Looked at one country at a time, immigration and assimilation is a policy. Looked at globally, it is genocide. #Whitegenocide

    Integrationists and Communists enforce what real people don’t want. #Whitegenocide

    Conservatives posit a theory that everything liberals did until about Jan 1, 1970 was dead right, but then it all went unaccountably wrong.

    We use facts everybody knows to fight a mindset it takes thousand of hours of dog-like training in school to implant in people.

    In all social animals, even those not allowed to breed will fight to the death for their clan. White cucks are morally below meerkats.

    Neo-conservatism concedes history to the political left. That is the DEFINITION of NEO-conservatism.

    Leftism is still based on the early 20th century view that animals have no class system, no wars and no territory. That nonsense is SHOT.

    Communist countries had to shoot escapees. The more your philosophy deals with economics, the worse your economy is going to be.

    When Alger Hiss was NOT found after a quick look at the KGB files, it was front page news. When he later turned up extensively, silence.

    The REPUBLICAN Ohio legislature tried 3 times to get rid of my Republican boss, John Ashbrook, by changing his district to include Democrats

    The "threat of violence" ALWAYS comes from the anti-Whites. #Whitegenocide

    When New York jews in the 60's screamed at the Weakest Generation, they instantly backed down. Just as they had done with their sergeants.

  11. Respectables everywhere call it everything but what everyone knows it is- racial genocide. #Whitegenocide

    The Greatest Generation “fighting for freedom” gave 1/3 of humanity to Communism

    The entire theory of basic training in WWII was to make the recruits into the submissive females and the sergeants into the dominant males.

    Speech, diplomacy and war are different ways of handling disagreement. So what happens when anti-Whites shut down speech? #Whitegenocide

    You deal with the traitor shooting you in the back FIRST. #Whitegenocide

    Mao would have laughed out loud at Hitler’s paltry death rate. Wordism is a horror. It’s the reality of what Wordists accuse racism of being

    I invented the term “Wordism” to provide a direct counterpart to “tribalism” & all terms used against any kind of loyalty to one’s own kind.

    Liberals use “racist” all the time because it WORKS. Whenever they use it, conservatives soil themselves and go into a fetal position.

    Respectable conservatives always change the subject from one the enemy cannot deal with to one that it can deal with. #Whitegenocide

    I am amused by people who talk about Islam taking US over while simultaneously arguing that there IS no US. #Whitegenocide

    The Trump Message can be put into simple English. The Trump Message is four words long: “We don’t LIKE you.” #Whitegenocide

    Don’t reward traitors who are doing so much damage now when they repent. When the time comes, judge them and reject them. #Whitegenocide

    Nietzsche said “God is dead” because the churches had taken on Galileo and every new theory in the 18th century and lost. #Whitegenocide

    We need publicity. If the SPLC gives us publicity, they raise money. This is an introduction to how complicated real power can get.

    When any big movement goes out to crush every trace of some problem, it will itself eventually go so far as to create an opposite problem.

    Sociology rests on the belief that in a natural state, there are no territories or classes. Modern animal studies have destroyed this belief

    Marxists are famous for dealing with their uninterrupted series of disasters with the words, “They just didn’t do it right.”

    You have to deal with anti-Whites on their level. They’re a bunch of monkeys screaming. Don’t answer as if they’d said something.

    An anti-immigration group in Germany insists that assimilation is the solution. They mean it is the Final Solution, but they can’t say that

    If you woke up in a strange country, how would you know what kind of country it was? You’d look at the color of people’s SKIN.

    Mao said “power comes from the barrel of a gun.” Actually, real power comes from what we’re doing, from convincing people, from repeating.

    Wordism cannot deal with races and real nations, so it denies their existence. #Whitegenocide

    Marx stated that all history is a history of class struggle. On earth, every social animal’s history is a struggle between leaders marxism .

    State the basic assumptions and you destroy all of the complicated philosophical systems that are based on those first erroneous assumptions

    The number of grant givers who are not ruled by leftists can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a hand that has been in a shark’s mouth.

    If you believe your land is stolen, don’t point fingers, get the hell OFF of it! #Whitegenocide

    In the particular subject we deal in #Whitegenocide there is no middle ground. You are either Pro-White, or Anti-White.

    No one is as provincial as a big city rube who thinks he’s sophisticated.

    The only reason you have enough to eat is because the “racist” countries feed you.

    If the only factor you had to go on was the color of the skin of most of the population, where would you put your investment money?

    Dysgenics is sick. #Whitegenocide

    Using a term like social progress means you believe in predestination.

    Freedomofspeech today means that you should be allowed to say anything Mommy Professor decides you OUGHT to say.

    The beginning of wisdom is irony.

    Holocaust denial laws are not to prevent DENIAL of Holocaust, they are aimed to prevent DISCUSSION of the Holocaust.

    One thing Politically Correct people do not allow is a sense of humor about their doctrine. This is a direct result of it being a religion.

    The Tea Party is the last rebellion that insists “it’s not about race”. The Tea Party is the last gasp of the assumption of White supremacy.

    To a Marxist, a libertarian is a schismatic, not a heretic. They worship the same god, but in a different way.

    The day Political Correctness allows arguments against it to go public will be like the day it collapses as thoroughly as the USSR has.

    One thing the left never mentioned during the Cold War was the fantastic amount of environmental destruction under every Communist regime.

    The Mantra is a computer virus in their program. Insert it, it changes the whole anti-White & pro-White world view as it quietly multiplies.

    On every University campus is a resident group of thugs who will shout down the Mantra or anything that Mommy Professor wants suppressed.

    Eastern Europe is a hell of a lot poorer than Japan, but the world asks regularly “is Eastern Europe ready for immigration?” #Whitegenocide

    The person attacking Whites is simply acknowledging the fact that there IS #Whitegenocide going on. He is justifying it.

    Heresy is asking about basics, like the Mantra or supply & demand or heredity. Heresy is prohibiting someone from saying that 2 plus 2 is 4.

    Someone must take up the job of arguing that Marxists are mistaken, not idiotic. That is what libertarians and neoconservatives are for.

    The Katyn Forest Massacre was blamed on Nazis. Then they found Soviet bullets in the skeletons. I haven’t heard Katyn mentioned since.

    Rousseau saw a state of nature as classless and without violence. Animal behavioral science has made the Rousseauvian world view laughable.

    Anti-Whites’ world view is threatened, not by exposures of Conspiracy Theories, but by someone saying their basic ideas in plain English.

    There will always be an enemy to exploit your weaknesses. If all you think about is how mean they are, that enemy will soon take you down.

    If you are “Hispanic”, you have over ten million square miles you have turned into poverty row. STAY THERE! #Whitegenocide

    Social science is all lecture because any test of its theories always discredits them. Bobs Underground Graduate Seminar is a lab course.

    There is no law anywhere on earth against underestimating the number of Ukrainians Stalin killed.

    It is HILARIOUS that our established religion’s idea of futuristic power sources is WINDMILLS! But no one is allowed to laugh in church.

    I’m running for President so I can have freespeech almost like an American citizen. #Whitegenocide

    The rule is that Orientals can copy & equal the West. White countries without Communism will naturally rise to be like other White countries

    You cannot deal with a problem until you have STATED the problem. We want the planned extinction of our race to be RECOGNIZED as a PROBLEM.

    Treason is the greatest crime any social animal can commit. #Whitegenocide

    Those who attack us are NEVER doing it to DISCUSS #Whitegenocide, they are ALWAYS demanding that all discussion of it be SUPPRESSED.

    Crying for tolerance locally while ignoring #Whitegenocide globally is a provincial point of view.

    It is critical to remember that the Mantra is not a debating tactic. The Mantra is repeating back to anti-Whites what they say all the time.

    Loyalty to institutions is no longer moral when our race is literally being obliterated. That is the ONLY MORAL consideration #Whitegenocide

    If you outlawed discussion of anything that had been horribly misused in history, every cross would to taken from every church.

    Whites as a majority are dead meat, but they will be the most powerful minority in American history. That is just arithmetic.

    Anti-Whites who talk about “true love” aren’t sophisticated enough to see we’re talking about something bigger than 1 country or 1 marriage.

    America was very specifically dedicated to one thing: “Ourselves and OUR Posterity”. Lincoln replaced it with “All men are created equal.”

    People can take being out argued but being exposed as a mindless repeater is unbearable to people who’ve been trained to think they‘re smart

    A paycheck conservative says, “We are in a national catastrophe today, but every single step that led to it was wonderful.” #Whitegenocide

    The White race has enemies on every front. We are in a battle with everyone whose only loyalty is to an institution. #Whitegenocide

    I can’t begin the count of “Christians” who have given me their word and then reneged on it and quoted some scripture. #Whitegenocide

    Anti-Whites talk about minorities in exactly the same way that the ASPCA talks about puppies. #Whitegenocide

    In Red countries the goods were ugly and shoddy and useless. They showed Mommy Professor’s Dream Economy in ACTION. economics

    We are always being asked why we worry about our race. The QUESTION, for any other people, would bring a person under suspicion of genocide.

    They cannot allow #Whitegenocide awareness because once you allow one heresy to be expressed, ALL heresies get a new hearing.

    A fundamental of Mantra Thinking is refusing to agree on anything where discussion is limited. A cuckservative gets paid to do the opposite

    One of the requirements to be on the respectable right is that you are a coward. No establishment will tolerate people it cannot cow.

    Anything bad a non-White does is the result of some evil thing a White person, a real person responsible for his own actions, did to them.

    I don’t know what is wrong with it, but something is wrong with any proposition that requires you to arrest people who DISCUSS it.

    No Sovietologist lost his job over the fact that, without warning, his subject disappeared from the earth without his having a hint of it.

    If you see millions of people starved or killed, the killers will be shouting: “Peace, Land, Bread!” All three words capitalized.

    What the 14 Words ignores is all the policies today are aimed specifically at Whites. The 14 Words got no results. The 14 Words don’t work.

    We refuse to discuss what will be done about #Whitegenocide until the other side stops using intimidation against us for talking about it.

    Anti-Whites avoid answering the Mantra by waiting awhile and then declaring, “But we ALREADY answered it!” #Whitegenocide

    We are told that “Hatespeech is not freespeech.” Throughout history the motto has been “Heresy is not free speech.” #Whitegenocide

    If anti-Whites drive people into the totalitarian camp to save our race, that is their doing.

    We can’t even put up a billboard. If that isn’t extremist, nothing is. #Whitegenocide

    Today’s intellectual is a sleuth, an interrogator. His job is not to collect information, but to sift the truth out of the deluge.

    The whole #Whitegenocide movement is based on the assumption that if there is any White community anywhere, all Whites will go there.

    Minorities are throwing out their White Champions. As the White vote becomes less necessary to them, they are demanding minority candidates.

    All Anti-Whites see any disagreement with them as a criminal act. Every country ruled by Anti-Whites makes disagreement a criminal act.

    Communism is unique in that it died, not from outside pressure, but from its own silliness. You can’t run an economy that way.

    All through my political career, those who genuinely believed they might get a good point of view into the mainstream have disclaimed me.

    Everybody loves multiracialism, and any escape is illegal. #Whitegenocide

    Saying a pro-White discussion of race is Nazi is exactly the same as saying that any discussion of income distribution is Stalinist.

    When everyone knows the system itself is failing, NOTHING IS WORTH SAYING THAT IS NOT HERESY. #Whitegenocide

    Everybody who borders on anybody else is a Traditional Enemy, France of Germany, Germany of Russia, Turks and Greeks.

    Something is WRONG with any proposition that has to be protected by law.

    Economics will be bullshit until someone faces the one critical economic indicator: All brown skinned countries are poor.

    Aleksander Solzhenitsyn pointed out that, “No one in the USSR takes Marxist theory seriously. The only people who do are Western professors”

  12. Freedom of speech is always suppressed with the excuse that it might cause trouble.

    This is what anti-Whites say we must all agree on: What is non-White belongs to non-Whites. What is White also belongs to non-Whites.

    It is Brazil that is destroying its rain forests. Brazil, a brown country with an exploding population, can’t afford not to.

    It is not the first world but the third world that destroys its native life forms and dumps pollution into the air.

    Tyrants always say that freedom is dangerous. They are perfectly correct. “Freedom” which involves no risk is not freedom.

    When someone asks what a White country is, you tell them it’s a country they insist has an obligation to import huge numbers of 3rd worlders

    Tiger Woods would never marry a girl who looked the way his mixed-blood children look.

    It’s humorous watching someone who has converted to one of a million Wordisms declare that he has abandoned division and become Universal.

    If you outlawed discussion of anything that had been horribly misused, anyone who talked about the distribution of income would be in prison

    Like the Bourbons, the PC priesthood forgets nothing and learns nothing. Which is why today most people don’t know who “the Bourbons” were.

    I was picking up my wife at a beauty shop and a woman getting an expensive treatment said, about miscegenation, “Looks don’t matter.”

    All nations are created by immigration, all nations are destroyed by immigration. Papers have nothing to do with it. #Whitegenocide

    Wordists claim their form of Wordism will UNITE Mankind. But when mankind is divided into Wordist camps, he is at his most vicious.

    A totalitarian today makes as few open martyrs as he can. The modern tyranny ruins or commits people, it doesn’t smash their door down.

    Our two sides were not developed to solve problems. They were developed to represent two points of view that can be SOLD.

    A Multiculture is not going to put the “common good” above “parochial interests.” Almost by definition a Multiculture has no common interest

    Historically, everything that government has sent people to jail for questioning has had something horribly wrong with it. #Whitegenocide

    Solzhenitsyn was sent to the Gulag for writing private letters critical of Stalin, 1 of many cases where Soviet Free Speech had an exception

    The only people who said “Better Red than Dead” were Reds themselves. They never asked the Soviets to follow the same logic.

    Loyalty to a race has stability. A person loyal to a set of words can and probably will change his words, his beliefs a number of times.

    Anti-Whites accuse us of tribalism, but nothing is more provincial than loyalty to a set of words, one of many millions of Universal Truths.

    Gun control just means you get a permit by buddying up with police dept. big brass. Police big brass are always demanding strict gun control

    BIG movements, MONEY movements, are almost ALWAYS pointed toward a different, and usually worse, version of the Evil they denounce.

    America was very specifically dedicated to one thing: “Ourselves and OUR Posterity.” Lincoln replaced it with “All men are created equal.”

    The fight is still over what I fought for 40 years ago It is STILL about Republicans refusing to go for the dirty old working White vote!

    One of the fundamental things a Mantra Thinker must insist on is that he refuses to agree on anything where discussion is limited.

    The Baptist preacher who says All Mankind has the right to be in all White countries is as much my enemy as any screaming Maoist Commie.

    The Screaming Industry is able to hammer reality back by screaming its religion and demanding Punishment for all who disobey #Whitegenocide

    Those who seek #Whitegenocide prefer mixing to displacement. Their object is not to SUBSTITUTE, their object is to DESTROY.

    Mao’s slaughters and starvation make Hitler look like a piker. But The Sayings of Mao are not criticized the way Mein Kampf would be.

    Potemkin Patriotism diverts natural loyalty to khaki uniforms that represent loyalty to nothing, a flag dedicated to “post-racial America.”

    The truth of a rule may be shown by it having no exceptions but it’s more often demonstrated by how desperate the search for an exception is

    Murder suspects and anti-Whites being interrogated say “You already asked that” and “I already answered that”. #Whitegenocide

    No generation has ever heaped such praise on itself as the one that gave Stalin and Mao Tse Tung a third of humanity.

    The 1st Amendment is not just a right to free speech. It is a right to hold meetings, ESPECIALLY meetings of people labeled “extremists.”

    Now you are not a hero because you can recite facts. In the Google Age, facts are wholesale. In the Google Age, concepts are the rare item.

    If you are dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, what is good for the people already here doesn’t mean a damned thing

    Forcibly shutting off discussion of an important issue doesn’t reduce violence as the left claims, it causes violence. #Whitegenocide

    We are bringing up things that are like kicking people in the teeth. I am going to fight for my race. I don’t care if someone gets upset.

    Worrying about how you look is one major means by which anti-Whites get you to wobble off the real subject which is #Whitegenocide.

    Anti-Whites LOVE it when you get off #Whitegenocide and use something like displacement or change the topic to religion.

    There is absolutely no difference between Mommy Professor’s Marxist drivel and the drivel of an ILLITERATE religious fanatic. #Whitegenocide

    Respectable conservatives get all girly and giggly when a liberal tells them they are not like the other conservatives they have talked to.

    The oldest treaty in existence is on clay, and it was country A and Country C forming an alliance against Country B, which was between them.

    Pro Whites accuse anti Whites of #Whitegenocide They say 1)Whites r evil & deserve it 2)They dont want to end the White race 3)No White race

    Not one single anti-Trump Republican has criticized the thug riots at Trump rallies. Trump could use that to discredit those cuckservatives

    Changing history is NEVER done by a person seeking popularity with any “in” crowd. This makes my approach totally uncool.

    In a war of survival for the White race, the value of information is whether it WORKS. #Whitegenocide

    If Political Correctness needed frogs to have hooves, a thousand PhDs in any field would line up and swear that frogs have hooves.

    I did not criticize William Buckley’s use of “untranslated French.” I called it “The Miss Piggy Complex.” He HATED that!

    I am a master of meme. I figure out what is fundamentally silly about Philosophies other people get paid to Analyze. #Whitegenocide

    To prove that a system is run by thugs, listen to them when it falls. Their motto is always, “Now just anybody can say just anything!”

    Under the semi-Marxist regime in post-war Britain, professors were quoted AND OBEYED by the left the way clergy had been in the Middle Ages.

    Bernie Sanders is supported by Mommy Professor worshippers, which in Liberalese translates to “younger voters.” #Whitegenocide

    “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”<–Lie. Space travel is the epitome of the Aryan Ideal. Mankind doesn’t want it.

    The side that takes its politics seriously wins. #Whitegenocide

    There is, officially, no group of people who are Americans. The words "patriotism" and "melting pot" are like oil and water. #Whitegenocide

    Anyone who has spent a lifetime in political battles will have a lifetime full of doctrinal battles and organizations collapsing from them.

    History has nothing to do with Class Struggle. The battle after Lenin’s death was over whether Stalin or Trotsky would be the new Czar.

    The entire anti-White tower is built on the integrationist idea that "desegregation" will collapse if one single White is allowed to escape.

    Emma Lazarus was a Zionist. What if Bob Whitaker wrote something inviting the whole world to her Zion? These anti-Whites have no shame.

    Everything we say is true. Anti-racism is entirely anti-White. #Whitegenocide

    The biggest problem we face is the kooks and basket cases who try to make our obvious truths into Titanic Secret Conspiracies.

    Pol Pot killed a third of his own population and abolished its cities. Mao Tse Tung’s death totals dwarf even Stalin’s. Wordism is a horror.

    Censorship always blocked progress in the past. Is this the first society in history where censorship is NOT blocking progress? hatespeech

    Trump's campaign is choked by leftover conservative Republican advisors Get FreeSpeechAdvisor who sees past this old conservative nonsense

    Not one single anti Trump Republican has whispered any criticism of THUGS rioting at Trump rallies

    Communism is he first system that failed purely because it was silly. The EuropeanUnion is collapsing for exactly the same reason.

    The more lawyers anything requires the more powerful those who can afford them become. So the very rich favor more regulations.

    Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, these huge White homelands were developed precisely because they REJECTED the Propositional State.

    My victories went down the Memory Hole. But I wasn’t after memory, I was after the reality. The USSR is down and the Hubble Telescope is up.

    Europe is now operating under the theory that the people who inhabit a country have nothing to do with the nature of the country.

    Global Warming Experts are STILL baffled by what a big scandal it was when they cooked the books to find what bureaucrats paid them to find.

    One who argues that race does not exist, or the only race is the human race is stating that genocide has never occurred and cannot occur.

    Wordism is silly. Students can actually believe that people can replace their gut feelings with a book and the Words of Mommy Professor.

    Paycheck conservatives ratify each policy they once denounced. Everyone agrees that "both sides" have agreed and all opposition is extremist

    A right means nothing, be it a right to life or liberty or property, if anyone who is offended by it can take it away. hatespeech

    "When thugs riot against Trump's right to free speech, the GOP backs the thugs."

    Anyone who asks "Why should I care about my race‘s survival?" is proving they are a sociopath with no loyalties. You can't explain loyalty.

    Political reality is human consciousness. Reality exists independent of human consciousness. POLITICAL reality does not.

    Allowing heretical views and extremist views AND THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE despite thugs was PRECISELY the reason for the first amendment.

  13. I keep reading about how “racists” are taking over the Internet, which is a complaint I did not hear when only the Names ran our movement.

    A respectable conservative would say that Communism fell because it was “not viable.” A BUGSer would say it collapsed because it was Silly.

    When you anti-Whites scream Hate or racism, a.k.a. HERESY!, it says nothing about the point we heretics make. But it tells us ALL about YOU

    We have to repeat and repeat and repeat. We’re living in a world where people can’t face reality. That’s what revolutions are made of.

    Have we finally caught on to the idea that someone who says “I will take care of you” is the worst enemy imaginable?

    Silence is the anti-Whites’ most effective technique precisely because it WORKS. It works because no one on our side listens to the silence.

    The minute “multiculture” became a Harvard and New York credo, centuries of monomaniacal obsession in Paris with “French Culture” evaporated

    Almost every anti-White would like to see us in prison or worse. #Whitegenocide

    An anti-White thug uses the “Nazi!” label and he uses it only to incite violence. #Whitegenocide

    If a state’s existence is based on a proposition, it cannot allow that proposition to be seriously questioned. It cannot allow freespeech.

    All wars have been won or lost on the basis of a very, VERY simple strategy: Everybody shoots at the enemy. Cut the crap and JUST SHOOT!

    The Mantra puts the genocide charge on anti-Whites where it belongs. It uses their suppression against them. #Whitegenocide

    When they say, “We should love all mankind,” tell them they are using decency as a weapon of #Whitegenocide. It is exactly like blasphemy.

    The left is so silly that only our refusal to laugh it out of existence keeps it alive. Its shadow, respectable conservatism will go with it

    No ten thousand medal winners even claim to have the effect that well-placed and disciplined words have on the real world #Whitegenocide

    Racism is this generation’s word for Heresy. #Whitegenocide

    No one on our side sees what we are doing, but professional respectables and leftists cow away from it like a vampire does before a crucifix

    You can’t demand an open society and at the same time insist that there must be stringent laws because some nut might do something.

    Permit holders have once and for all destroyed the illusion that guns are not safe in the hands of responsible citizens who have no costumes

    The name of the Genocide Treaty shows that saying “race does not exist” is no defense against a charge of genocide. #Whitegenocide

    They still call our numbers “Arabic Numerals,” though an educated person knows our numbering comes from White India. #Whitegenocide

    They chuckled at us for saying integration was aimed at intermarriage and for saying that a country which has no race soon has no borders.

    Respectable conservatives serve as ratifiers of Political Correctness. When “both sides” agree, the Thought Police have a license to kill.

    If we fight for free speech, you will come forth when you can. The shame is not with you, but with the tyrants who make samizdat necessary.

    A “propositional nation” is a dictatorship. Whoever controls the “proposition” and can change the “living constitution” is the dictator.

    “This repetitive mantra stuff won’t work, it’s too simple”. Of course. Just like repeating “racism” and “Nazi” didn’t work to silence YOU

    All nations are nations of immigrants. #Whitegenocide

    You know the standard of living and average income of any country simply by knowing what color its people are.

    Political Correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion.

    If a person cannot find a single mate among the billion members of his own race, he doesn’t need integration, he needs therapy.

    Like “the melting pot” translated into “multiculturalism,” almost every concept that Europe lives by is American. #Whitegenocide

    To declare itself a “nation of immigrants” a country must demand sovereignty over every potential immigrant on earth.

    If I had said in the 50’s we wouldn’t be able to put up a sign, all the uppah clahss intellectuals would have called me a redneck alarmist.

    The object of immigration is to have “diversity” in countries that are too White. #Whitegenocide

    We’ve been denied access to billboards because they supposedly violate community standards. That’s the same reason used for the Inquisition

    Both Communists and professional anti-Communists hated the idea that Communism is discredited by the simple fact it had to shoot escapees.

    Remind anti-Whites that they you don’t have to justify genocide unless you are committing it. #Whitegenocide

    Don’t worry about dropping The Mantra anywhere for courtesies sake. Marxists insist that EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL. Let’s take ‘em up on that.

    The difference between US freedom of speech and British, The Truth is No Defense, is a breach that never healed and makes us non-Britons

    Anti-Whites who say there is no such thing as White pick the countries that must allow immigration and assimilation by that exact criterion.

    Bush’s first act as president was to get rid of EVERY Reagan appointee. In 1992, as a good moderate, he lost.

    Our routine has changed the language of politics enormously already, and nobody notices it but us. #Whitegenocide

    You can be a Wordist, or you can be a nationalist. A Higher Principle is, in fact, the very first thing every traitor claims #Whitegenocide

    Bureaucrats say global warming exists and can only be cured by bureaucrats taking over the world economy. What do you EXPECT them to say?

    “The Truth is no Defense” was rejected by Americans by means of jury nullification as early as 1735 in the trial of John Peter Zenger

    My aim is to legitimize the argument for White survival. #Whitegenocide

    Until we can freely discuss racial matters, we are not obligated to, nor should we, discuss our approach to the problem of #Whitegenocide.

    The fate of every nation depends on two things: 1) The people who are INSIDE that nation; and 2) The people who are OUTSIDE of that nation.

    Fundraisers only want to beat the same old drums to get the same old checks from the same old people. Political warfare is very different.

    Most of us are recovering conservatives and jewaholics. All it takes is one little sip of that Traditional Values and you are risking it all

    We had slavery. WOW!! The only people who didn’t have slavery were stone age people. Slavery was abolished in Saudi Arabia in 1964.

    The White race has never committed a unique sin. Anti-Whites say “White people did this or that and therefore must disappear from the Earth”

    We keep repeating. That’s what revolutions are made of. Let’s see if we can find a non-White country that needs immigration. Repeat.

    For God’s sake, if someone is shooting you in the BACK, you wipe them out LONG before you worry about the enemy in front #Whitegenocide

    The Boers gave away the country they built so their soccer team could play internationally. Stupidity has always been a capital offense.

    A sociopath has no loyalties, as a psychopath is incapable of guilt. You can’t explain to a sociopath WHY he should care about his own kind.

    1st Amendment says the right of the people to peaceably assemble. It does NOT say “the right to assemble for a politically correct purpose.”

    When it comes to mass killing, Mao Tse Tung has no historical rival. Yet his book is legal everywhere and he is a hero to most of the world

    Mommy Professor has always been wrong about everything. Mommy Professor makes himself look as childish and stupid as he is. #Whitegenocide

    Paper constitutions don’t make countries. When a country changes fundamentally the paperwork necessary to suit the new country is no problem

    Megafauna disappeared from America at the very time the Indians appeared here. The “nature loving” Indians obviously killed and ate them.

    Indians studying here had 2 topics of conversation: 1) how superior Indian civilization is, and 2) how they can keep from having to go back

    There is no “Hispanic vote.” There are Mexicans Living Abroad, Central Americans Living Abroad, but no “Hispanics.” #Whitegenocide

    All freedoms offend. It is only a matter of time before someone says “You have a right to live unless someone wants you dead” #Whitegenocide

    Now that the Western world is turning brown, we have become accustomed to there being no increase in the standard of living since the 1960s

    One who plans and implements and cheers on the destruction of his own race is not treated as a hero if he switches sides when the heat is on

    The Ninth Circle, the Circle of Ice, the worst place in Hell, was specifically reserved for TRAITORS. No other crime comes close to Treason.

    Anti-Whites scream racist and White supremacist. The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell!”

    When we repeat the Mantra, most of the reaction is FEAR. You don’t go to pieces when somebody disagrees with you unless you are scared.

    In our Screamocracy, you are routinely yelled down or physically assaulted if you say anything Politically Incorrect. #Whitegenocide

    With the center collapsing, we need to make it clear that we are a new generation. We are simply pro-White, not pro-right! #Whitegenocide

    The 2012 election made it clear that whatever the political process is, it has everything to do with race. Paycheck conservatism is a corpse

    Suicide by assimilation has been official Catholic policy for centuries. That’s why no Catholic country has ever founded a White country.

    All of Europe’s miserable little welfare politicians will be forgotten before they are buried. They do nothing anybody cares about.

    As an American, I was raised to believe that anything any government requires you to believe has something wrong with it. #Whitegenocide

    The MSNBC types are already worrying about the simple fact that minorities very soon won’t need White traitors. #Whitegenocide

    Paycheck Futurology is easy. You find out how the powers that be want the future to be and you predict it. A lot like paycheck conservatism

    Every time you look at the ruins of a civilization that went down and STAYED down the people there have brown skin ie they are Diverse.

    Someone asked me to “abandon my racism” in the Name of Christ. I replied: “I don’t believe in human sacrifice.” And I don’t commit blasphemy

    Until we have rightful access to the media and the right to present our side, we will force our views on the public any way we can.

    My method of perpetual, repeat, PERPETUAL punishment of anti-Whites is to get $trillions out of the estates or the living remainder of them.

    Anti-Whites say there is no White race or White country, but Whites stole America and Australia from the natives. #Whitegenocide

    Paycheck conservatives have evolved perfectly to suit the media. Anyone who says anything that truly hurts our rulers is frozen out.

    Not one single person on our side has pointed out that Love and Brotherhood in the name of anti-racism has become a terror campaign

    A country is rich or poor, not because of its territory or pieces of paper like the Constitution, but because of the PEOPLE who inhabit it

    Almost every person accused of being a Communist by Senator McCarthy has been found in the KGB files.

    Reagan had to put, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” back in his speech THREE TIMES because his staff kept cutting it out behind his back

    AMPW’s love to quote one Pol. Correct study to refute another PC study. Any 10 yr old knows not to quote people who consistently lie to you.

    Conservatives make their living by fanatically declaring that today is a disaster, but everything that led to the situation today is holy.

    What’s funny is the unreality of those who for 2 generations went after old Nazis and ignored the fact that 1/3rd of the world was a prison

    SPLC’s research is below scorn, starting with the fact they searched all over the country for me and I was on their mailing list.

    The White man’s world is the first place in all of history where there simply are no statistics for starvation. There are none.

    Most pro-Whites’ time is spent on Exposing the Hidden rather than pointing to the obvious. #Whitegenocide

    Our position is that all ideologies are meaningless when our racial existence is threatened: “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”

    When Dante reserved the worst eternal punishment for traitors, and only traitors, it was so deep a value that no one questioned it.

    The Church’s only genetic morality is against incest, a level of evolution already reached by meerkats. #Whitegenocide

    Everything segregationists predicted and integrationists denied in the 1950s is now reality. #Whitegenocide

    Loyalty to All Mankind is an oxymoron or there is no such thing as loyalty. #Whitegenocide

    In ALL race-mixing propaganda, one of the mixers is ALWAYS White. So it’s really White mixing propaganda. #Whitegenocide

  14. Every tyranny has its justifications. The best illustration that something is pure tyranny is the flood of justifications that come with it.

    Any society based on a set of words rather than a common identity must eventually defend those words from heretics by force. #Whitegenocide

    Supposedly, free speech does not include the right to shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. But what if there IS a fire in a crowded theater?

    Whites have never committed a unique crime, but they have an infinite number of unique achievements. #Whitegenocide

    Anti-Whites act like any felon faced with charges he cannot deny. They shout insults, say their accusers are stupid, mean and ugly.

    “Economics is Soviet leadership and electricity.” ~ V.I. Lenin. Here in a single sentence is the key to the success of Communist economics.

    Freedom IS dangerous. Freedom is NOT the right to do anything no one else disapproves of. Every slave has always had THAT right.

    No longer do monks whip themselves and all that. It is time we outgrew the idea that God is a great excuse for self-hatred and for treason.


    “Diverse” means formerly White. #Whitegenocide

    To me, one is loyal or a traitor because of one’s attitude towards one’s OWN people, not one’s attitude towards The Enemy. #Whitegenocide

    When I am president, any university violating its tax-exempt status by restricting speech “cause it might cause trouble” will be BANKRUPTED

    #Whitegenocide is not a Theoretical Debate, It is a Criminal Charge

    Soviet and now British “free speech” outlaw honest opinions and factual statements with slogans like “Hate is not Free Speech”

    Where are all those chest-beating libertarians when a demand for free speech is rejected? Hiding in the bushes wetting themselves.

    The REAL war is a series of words like “racism” “diversity” and series of phrases anti-Whites scream because genocide has no justification.

    Every news story uses the word “racist” to condemn any dissent, any protest, any DISCUSSION. We all KNOW this Isn’t it time we MENTIONED it?

    A pro-White is told there is no such thing as the White race, and then he is told that the White race owes the rest of the world reparations

    White flight=Whites escaping from diversity and this is considered a problem just like it was to the Communists who shot escapees. affh

    If Important People made any difference to our form of government, they would not be so perfectly interchangeable from system to system.

    Anti-Whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    The only weapon anti-Whites have is their screams. It is past time that we disarmed them. #Whitegenocide

    One Race Diversity is Genocide. #Whitegenocide

    We all know that the only answer anti-Whites have is to silence us or change the subject. Those tactics ARE answers if you allow them to be.

    Hey Donald Trump, tell Great Britain “I do not want to visit a country where people can only come if they agree with me.” #Whitegenocide

    Hate is a Hate Word: It just says “Shoot the messenger.” #Whitegenocide

    Must Whites be destroyed by immigration to get old folks the benefits they voted themselves? What is Japan doing without? #Whitegenocide

    All the priests and the prophets and the intellectuals demand punishment for those who point out a reality they don’t like. #Whitegenocide

    As soon as Europe had a tiny minority of non-Whites, Hate Speech Laws were imposed. A multiracial society cannot be free. #Whitegenocide

    In my experience, every person who used the word “liar” freely was himself a liar. #Whitegenocide

    Academia, law enforcement, bureaucracy, every one of them rots until it we analyze it from the bottom, and clean it out TOTALLY.

    Mommy Professor’s non-Whites are as helpless as any other animal. No one blames a baboon or a hippo or a nonWhite for anything.

    Jews are no excuse for treason. #Whitegenocide

    Anti-Whites never discuss whether anything we say is true. All they have is labels. A label is the weapon of one who has lost the argument.

    Every bloody handed tyrant routinely calls those he is killing “extremists.” #Whitegenocide

    The one big truth the Web has taught is that what used to be Authority is and always has been laughable. #Whitegenocide

    Switzerland has guns in millions of private hands and no more gun crime than other European countries with fanatical gun control.

    The idea that professors ie, “intellectuals,” should rule the world is wildly popular on every campus. Why? Well, DUHH #Whitegenocide

    Power goes to people who won’t shut up! #Whitegenocide

    “Diversity” means chasing down the last White person. #Whitegenocide

    They got Al Capone for tax evasion. It wasn’t flashy, but it WORKED. When fighting #Whitegenocide, do what WORKS.

    When over the years #Whitegenocide became fashionable, all the little people suddenly developed “A Loyalty to All Mankind.” They’re Rats.

    Calling disagreement “hate” is childish. #Whitegenocide

    COMMUNISM: A system that has to kill anybody who tries to escape.

    “Equality” is only claimed by those who feel inferior. #Whitegenocide

    The 1st obligation of any American who believes the US was stolen from the Indians is not to point fingers but TO GET THE HELL OUT!

    A multiracial state must be a propositional state, based on words rather than natural identity. Such a state cannot allow freedom of speech.

    How can you be a White supremacist and White separatist at the same time? #Whitegenocide

    Anything the government REQUIRES you to believe is not true. Anyone who needs the government to outlaw a dispute is a liar. #Whitegenocide

    If there is no such thing as race, how can we have “diversity?” #Whitegenocide

    The US Constitution states only 1 purpose for the US: to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” “Our Posterity”

    Huey Long said he figures out where people are going then gets in front of it. I’m interested in what makes people go somewhere.

    All anti-Whites are my enemies, but I reserve my HATRED for White traitors. #Whitegenocide

    Hillary Clinton’s whole personality is Ice Station Hillary. She makes the Republican cuckservatives look real and warm by comparison.

    All nations are created by immigration; all nations are destroyed by immigration. #Whitegenocide

    9 lawyers in dresses claim to be The Constitution. When I’m President I will immediately announce that they are not!

    The SPLC say what we say could cause trouble so pro-Whites must be silenced. Every tyrant has been saying that since speech was invented.

    The fall of the Soviet Union discredits the Leftist Intellectuals and is therefore militantly forgotten.

    There’s no such thing as a harmless FREEDOM Use it, or lose it #Whitegenocide

    Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti White Diversity is a codeword for #Whitegenocide

    • That’s quite a list of aphorisms, Sam J. You should send it to the Ye2024 campaign. If they even just took a few of the more bland ones, they might actually get some real traction. You can be damned certain the Repukes would toss them all into the trash in favor of Karl Rove’s latest epistle.

  15. That is so cute how the Kwannies thought that destabilization and nation wrecking would never come home to roost.
    The bankrupt world is about to be burned down to build the CCCP back better.
    You’ll own three pieces of clothing and eat bugs in the smart city as you are allowed to travel 800 meters on foot or you can pull a rickshaw cart for a Chinese VIP.
    Plan and prep accordingly.

  16. I think there’s a chance Kanye may snap sometime and kill Kim and her Jewish beau. Maybe a setup, if you want to go down the conspiracy hole.

    • I expect Mr. Pasternak could make that happen very easily. Ye-dolf needn’t be involved at all. He might even join OJ in the endless search fo the ‘real killah’ – though I doubt he’d beat the rap like the Juice did.

  17. Re Sneako.

    Real name: Nico Kenn De Balinthazy. DOB: 9/8/1998.

    He started out as a teenager doing gaming streams. He eventually transitioned to adolescent/coming of age life vlogs. Then transitioned to sort of the red pill manosphere community. And now he seems to want to transition over to Nick’s world, catboy nation.

    He’s sort of a Tiger Woods type, a “tan everyman,” with a lot of “junk in the trunk,” so to speak. However, according to him, his two defining ethnic heritages are Filipino and Haitian.

    I noticed out of the back of my eye a few months ago that Sneako and Nick suddenly became BFFs. At first, I thought it was because Nick was getting ready to reinvent himself and schlep over to Sneako’s world, the red pill manosphere. But then I had to realize that that theory was silly, because the flagship personality of that sector is Andrew Tate, and he and Nick are the total antitheses of each other. That and Nick would be “starting at the bottom,” when he wants to be the center of attention.

    Now I think the reality is more so that Sneako wants into Nick’s world. Especially now that Nick means an “in” to Milo and Kanye.

    So here you go: Kanye, Milo, Nick and Sneako. The Fantastic Four that’s going to save us. When you put it that way, though, I’d rather lose. And call dibs on a top bunk in the gulag.

  18. Scott Adams has also endorsed Ye-dolf for Prez, just to make sure the clown-train keeps a clackin’ down the crazy-track. Damn these Murikan Nazis are getting strange when their most famous members are a black rapper and Dilbert.

  19. When someone spams a website like this, it’s really annoying and pompous, and I don’t take them seriously. I don’t “have to listen to” them. It’s not their private blog.

  20. When he was calling out the jews, it was entertaining but now it’s just becoming more ridiculous, especially when he wore that full face mask on Jone’s show.

  21. The rumors that of Kanye being a closeted homosexual are probably true. So far his entire campaign team have been sodomites. It seems he feels more comfortable around them then he does with regular heterosexuals. Milo is also claiming that Kanye was trying to entice him into anal sex.

    I think Kanye and Anglin are going to hook up in the coming weeks as well. It would fit his current trend of operations. Associating with homosexual anti-semites. As long as he keeps exposing the jews I don’t care about his sexuality.

  22. Ye is going to come to dominate the market in anti-semitic merch. Picture the winner of the mens 100 yard dask in the 2024 olympics wearing a pair of Ye’s Hitler speed running shoes. Picture the look on Bibis face.

  23. Brandon must sign an executive order to stop Hitler.
    I nominate Anthony Hopkins in the 1980 Das Bunker for the most hitlerist hitler of all Hitlers ever!
    Only an order can stop this plague of Hitlers everywhere.

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