Andrew Anglin Officially Endorses Ye for President of the United States

In this crowded field of candidates, only Ye has the optics and the message and the resume to secure the total political marginalization and defeat of the Dissident Right.

We’re burning all political bridges, bros. We’re alienating all normies and sympathetic conservatives by convincing them we are clowns, bros. We’re obliterating everything we have previously said about optics and messaging, bros. We’re abandoning all of our racial beliefs to support a mentally ill black rapper in a gimp mask who was the biggest fan of, bros. We’re never coming down from this high of pure clown troll meme energy, bros!

Hail Yedolf!

Hail our people!

Note: I’m not sure about you, but my main takeaway from the 2018, 2020 and 2022 elections is that we need even more clown energy and self-sabotaging, unelectable buffoons as candidates. We need to double down on that with Pulp Fiction gimp masks with zippers! LOL!


  1. I suspect that he is doing all this on purpose to ruin the dissident right. As i said here many times: we don’t need to rebrand continuously our message or our ideas, but we have simply to mantain them and stand for them through the difficulties, for our entire life. Instead, not all but a lot of right-wing americans, continue to rebrand themselves and their ideas….. This is not the solution. Be consistent is the solution, look for example at Jared Taylor or David Duke, they have been making the same speeches for years but at least they’re consistent and not a buffoon who is constantly changing or modifying his ideas. Change something is good, make self critic is also good but continue to rebrand ourselves like an item for sale is not good.

    • Both Taylor and Duke are still labeled as “Nazis” by (((gaslight media))), which is apparently the only source of info for normies. No matter how reasonable and articulate you are, you’re a “nazi”. The same goes for HW and anyone who disagrees with Schlomo’s agenda. There’s no point rehabilitating the Austrian painter or the NSDAP regime of 1933-45 because the present situation is not really the same. That does not mean we should avoid discussing national socialism. Israel is a good example of a contemporary national socialist state.

      The (((gaslight media))) and all of their PMC supporters have already jumped the shark on the whole nazi label. They obviously have no problem with either Nazis (like running the giant self-licking ice-cream cone run by Ze) or with national socialism (Israel being the one nation-state they support). They act as if they own the copyright to the “nazi” brand and to the idea of national socialism, but both are public domain. The point here is to render the label meaningless. By now, calling someone a “nazi” is no more of substantive criticism than calling them a “poopyhead”.

    • You said, ” Be consistent is the solution, look for example at Jared Taylor or David Duke, they have been making the same speeches for years but at least they’re consistent and not a buffoon who is constantly changing or modifying his ideas. ”

      Speeches, you want speeches, saying the same thing for decades??

      • Man, if you say the same thing for decades it means you are at least consistent and then if something is right why change it, just because you have been saying it for so long? The example of Jared Taylor and others like Michael Hill is just to make the point that these people have never rebranded like Richard Spencer or Nick Fuentes did, i.e., those who say one thing one day and another thing the next. I can also give you the example of Par Oberg from the Nordic Resistance Movement who has been saying the same things consistently for many years. The rebrands at Spencer, Milo, Fuentes are not useful because they give people the idea that they don’t really believe in anything but keep changing their minds about things and wearing different armor. Would you follow someone who keeps changing their mind about things?

  2. Don’t worry, they won’t ever let in anyone who would try to stop the tribe. You’ll have your “normal America” forever.

  3. “Defeat of the Dissident Right” Mr.YE has no effect, on the message of Southern nationalism and the coming SOUTHERN REPUBLIC period…….and neither does Congress woman GREENE…….

    • You’d better hurry it up, and figure out what to do with all of the blacks and latinos you have there.

        • Fox snooze, yes, “Satanic White’s”, I could not be more clear, on whom I am referring too, I don’t have too name, names, their actions speak for themselves, if you work, war and struggle, on behalf of satan, you are a satanist…..The strife, discord and discontent, blatant Evilness, that infect’s this land, has an origin, a power in control, that would be the devil….laugh and scoff, all you want, heap as much scorn, on the believers, too your heart’s content,……….but you all need us, we really don’t need Alliance with athiest’s and we will not be led by them, when the Wall’s finally come down, their will be a living Southern Republic, that Walk’s close, with the living God….

  4. The most famous Nazi in Murika now is a black rapper. Think of that concept for a minute… Next time some (((gaslight media))) stooge starts screeching at David Duke (or HW) for being a “nazi”, they should just reply that he doesn’t know much about nazism, and suggest their stalker speak to Con-Ye, the black rapper who just proclaimed he’s a nazi, or perhaps someone from the Azov battalion, who proudly wear nazi insignia. The nazi label has now reached its reductio ad absurdam. Intentionally or accidentally, this is a very useful rhetorical weapon if deployed correctly. What the hell is a “nazi”?

    • The nazi label has now reached its reductio ad absurdam.

      Yes, the hyperbolic slander of ‘nazi’ may have lost much of its sting.

      “You’re a nazi”
      “No I’m not, go talk to ye.”

  5. For whatever it is worth, I do not think that Mr. West is mentally unstable, as many have been suggesting.


    What he is, however, is tired of the !@#$%!, and,. being an artist with less filters, he has done these past weeks what has made him rich – speak his mind.

    Oh, but, wait : maybe speaking your mind is ‘mentally ill’, in a society that does not want to hear the truth.

    Given that Southern Nationalism will not be on the national ballot, I remain open to voting for Mr West, particularly if he is running against the crop of candidates that normally crop up.

    No way the presidency of Mr West could be worse than G.W. Bush or Barack Obama, or Bill Clinton, for that matter.

    Hell, he might even be considerably better.

    Would be amusing to see Mr West running the Jew England Yankee World Order, and watch the CIA/MI6 try to fanagle him, and his sure to be Secretary of State – Mr. Louis Farrakhan.

    Yep, that would be something, wouldn’t it.

    Definitely humour for a Confederate to appreciate.

  6. It was a gamble. Ye is eloquent but mericuri and probably suffering a breakdown from js taking his family and money and fair weather friends.

  7. Dissident righters: noooooooo you cant just come out and say you are a nazi, omg and you are black too? Noooooooo you destroyed our reputable movement again!!

    Also dissident righters: politics are so fake and gay, nobody in power ever does anything to help the situation.

    Me: shits just gonna happen, i dont have to endorse or disavow it, but i will laugh at it if its funny. Fourth turning, kali yuga, serenity prayer, love 4 all… especially Hitler

  8. … we need even more clown energy and self-sabotaging, unelectable buffoons as candidates.

    You seem a little bit out of touch — all of this is just a freak show — a circus of self-promotion — believe me, few take it seriously, and as far as elections go, it is not going to have a significant effect on either of the two major parties (a nod to those who think we have a Uniparty: there are nominally two major parties).

    While the name Andrew Anglin was familiar to me, his 2020 article about you on the Unz site (link) was the first thing by him I had ever read — at the time, the same was true of e.g. Stormfront and Daily Stormer — the names were familiar, but I had never been to those sites.

    As I told you before (link), Whites in the PMC are largely apolitical — by voting they expect they are hiring ‘public servants’ (a quaint notion, I know) to competently manage the government — they would really strongly prefer not to have to pay so much attention to all of this bullshit — trust me.

    Also, as I tried to point out to you before (link), Republicans, the party you tend to favor (perhaps largely due to the ‘culture war’), are seen as ‘unelectable’ for other reasons, which I have urged you to spend more time thinking about.

    So I wouldn’t worry too much about all of this nonsense — instead, you should think about why the GOP does relatively poorly among educated Whites — this is the key issue — because as I have said more than once, it is not because they are ‘anti-White’, or ‘want to make things worse’ by voting for Democrats.

  9. >I’m not sure about you, but my main takeaway from the 2018, 2020 and 2022 elections is that we need even more clown energy and self-sabotaging, unelectable buffoons as candidates. We need to double down on that with Pulp Fiction gimp masks with zippers! LOL!

    Unironically YES. I want to be entertained. I want to laugh at retards on the internet. And boy does this all deliver. I want a Fettermann vs. Yedolf debate. And I want Carl “it depends on the child” Benjamin in a suite moderating it. And I want the Proud Boys dancing and singing YMCA as break entertainment, followed by Lady Maga bringing in the black Yitler Youth. Yedolf Yitler, leader of the Aryan church of the creator.

    • I hope Kanye West does get elected Mr. President although of course, that is just not possible. Think of the entertainment value though with Ye in the Oval Office hopefully wearing his gimp mask. The U.S. is the world’s largest and longest running circus so why not crank up the clown act to 11?

      The Deep State is running things anyway and they aren’t moving one inch away from power until the roof caves in because the dollar has gone bad. Until then it’s balls out clown show, like it or not.

      Here is their theme song, soon to be the Nation Anthem of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire:

      • @12AX7….

        That’s basically what I post above, Dear 12 – for not only do I see no reason why Mr West is less qualified than recent presidents, it would be terribly amusing trying to watch the establishment try to deal with him as prez.

        One thing is for sure – they could not bamboozle Mr West out of his opinion.

        He has shown that he has the courage that, sadly, most current White politicians lack – a willingness to be hated, and not have it effect his inner sensibilities.

        • Fash the Nation has had far more intelligent and analytical podcasts outlining the strategies of Kanye and the Jewish Hegemons, than this site. Idiocracy is right here at OD. Has it ever occured to you that, by mainstreaming what it MEANS to call one’s self a National Socialist, you break the Hegemon’s hold over us all?

          No, I suppose that doesn’t work for you kosher conservatives. Pity.

          • I don’t see it happening.

            I just see Kanye and Nick Fuentes losing support. National Socialism isn’t being mainstreamed. Fuentes is just being zapped like everyone before him.

    • >I want to be entertained.

      Then go watch a fucking movie.

      Politics is done at the expense of hardworking people who are stuck like pigs by the coercive tax system — I’m tired of it being a game played by effete, unserious, self-interested, good-for-nothing trash — and I’m far from alone.

      • Kanye as President just might upset the whole apple cart. Until now, it’s just the same thing over and over.

      • A lot of people don’t care. They aren’t affected by the high inflation and various schemes of the present regime.

        • Yes, a lot of greedy Whites, greed inculcated into White society by the jews, are just amused by the clown show. They have their’s so could care less about other Whites who are struggling and take comfort at looking down on them.

      • No, not at all. If that’s the case than “trolling” for Dump was a parody? He is a the type of phony that re brand’s himself according to what’s popular at the time. He has no real ideology and changes or modifies his ideas according to the times and who’s happens to be popular.

        • Who could take Ye as POTUS seriously, except Ye, perhaps? And, I guess, why not? He amassed a formidable fortune, somehow, so why shouldn’t he think very highly of his abilities? It’s crazy world, I know! I like Anglin and all, but I don’t endorse Ye for Pres, LOL, but as long as he is allowed to speak, understanding the jews fucked him, he’ll be exposing the jews, which works in our favor, for whatever it’s worth. Running for President is merely a ploy, maybe not to West, but certainly, to everyone else.

  10. Andrew Anglin Officially Endorses Ye for President of the United States

    Well, Ye is always praising Christ, and so does AA on the Stormer. Let’s have a little Christian nationalism on here. And there’s no doubt that Ye has a really good shot at becoming POTUS, if he could figure out how to get on the ballot. Just the kind of guy the masses are looking for, so who can blame Anglin, the devout Christian, for endorsing YE-SUS. This, of course, is a serious question.

  11. The American political system and right wing in general is getting crazier and crazier. This is what happens when Donald Trump ran for President and became President for 4 long years. People who cared nothing about politics supported him and when he lost the election….now few still believe that elections are real. So people are going all out and Uncensored on every political subject we could possibly think of. Free Speech at it’s best is how I look at it. Anybody that mentions the Jews and gets that much attention is educating so many new people (of different races) that I could only guess what the future will look like. It’s very interesting. Deo Vindice!

  12. And the worst thing about you wignats is you claim viruses exist. There was no virus, no Covid, I read it from Wanglin yesterday, there was no virus, so that settles it, you Wignats are virus hoaxers.

    The only problem fo me us in January of 20 and April 21 I came down with the nonexistent thing that is not a virus, and it dang near killed me. But I trust Wanglin, he is the Science, so obviously my lungs feeling literally like they were on fire, and the constant struggle to breathe for a full week, that was all in my head. I just have to trust the Science, which is Wankoff Wanglin.

    • My gosh, glad you got over the flu. It’s been going around, I understand. I hope you adhered to government warnings and protected yourself. I remember about 25 years ago. I was sick as a dog with the flu — never more ill in my life, but thank ya, Jesus, it finally passed.

  13. Now I’m going to say something that will get me in hot water but..,We need people like Ye. We need people to straight out attack the Jews. Constantly. I used to get in arguments about Patrick Little with Hipster Racist. I was all for Patrick Little. In fact Little was far more effective than Ye because no one could prove anything Little said was false. Everything he said was true. That is the key. And what I don’t think HR understood was now that we have the internet even the most outlandish things said about the Jews, and they are true, anyone can look around for 3 or 4 minutes and find lots of collaborating evidence that everything said about them,.. no matter how horrid, is likely to be true. There’s vast amounts of evidence that they are nothing but a parasitic tribe of psychopaths that can not stay anywhere for long without driving the people there nuts with their evil and hatred. What we need is a Patrick Little in every single House and Senate race in the country.

    And furthermore we should stop denigrating the whackos on the right. Most of the time they are telling the truth, but in a rough and ready way. Instead, we should blame the Democrats for their behavior.


    Reporter”Senator Blah Blah were you at a dinner with “whatever Nazi” WN”

    Sen,. Blah Blah, “yes I was. There is a rising extremism in the US due to the Democrats stealing of elections. People feel like they have no voice.”

    Reporter. “Sen Blah Blah did WN group so and so send you money.”

    Sen Blah Blah, “yes they did because the extreme Democrats want to replace all Whites in this country with aliens.”

    Reporter. “Sen Blah Blah WN group said the Holocaust was a Holohoax.”

    Sen Blah Blah, “yes they did. Is there any evidence that they’re right? The press lies so much that no one believes anything you say”

    See how this works? No matter what, it’s their policies driving extremism.

    Wouldn’t hurt to say that the total Jewish control of all media drives extremism on the right. Over and over and over and over.

    But never, ever, ever, disavow the right. Only say that they are being driven that way from oppression and that if they had a voice they would not be that way. It’s all the Democrats fault.

    I have a copy of Bob Whitaker’s Tweets. A huge gem of knowledge and wit. The very first one applies.

    “Cuckservatives are indispensable to anti-Whites. They change the subject from one the enemy cannot deal with to one that it can deal with.”

    We need to do the opposite.

    I’ll try to post the whole list here. It’s big so it may get canned. If you see it, make a text copy and look it over from time to time. It’s brilliant stuff.

  14. As Dr Hill said we need to get out before it kills us all by dragging us down with the ship!

    America is the #1 funny farm of the universe

    • No. Cheetohead is in a class unto himself. He’s raised grifting to a kind of kayfabe art-form. The grift extends beyond the mere grab for money and into the grab for ever-more fame and celebrity. It’s a kind of cult of personality. The best thing that could happen for him would be if Grand Inquistor Garfinkel ordered his arrest.

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