Poll Watch: Support Is Slipping For Indefinite U.S. Aid To Ukraine


This is what we wanted.

Republicans will control the House for the next two years .

Meanwhile, Republican support for aid for Ukraine is dropping like a rock and will likely plunge even further before the next Congress is sworn in, which will create problems for Kevin McCarthy.

Global Affairs:

“But, Republican support for aid to Ukraine has declined notably over the course of the year. A smaller majority of Republicans now support the United States giving military aid (55%, down from 68% in July and 80% in March) and economic assistance (50%, down from 64% in July and 74% in March). …

Last July, the data revealed sharp partisan divisions on this question, with Republicans more split than Democrats in support (see Appendix Figure G). In the November reading, six in 10 Democrats (61%) continue to favor supporting Ukraine even at cost to the United States, down from seven in 10 last July (69%). Republican opinion, however, has shifted more dramatically. Today, only a third of Republicans (33%) say the United States should back Ukraine for as long as it takes, down from 50 percent this summer. Instead, a majority of Republicans favor pushing Ukraine to settle for peace to reduce costs to American households (63%, up from 46% in July 2022).  …”

Barely half of Republican voters are “standing with Ukraine” now.


  1. Also please note that this poll was commissioned by a super-biased neocon outfit, the “Chicago Council Surveys.”

    • So support is likely even lower than they’re reporting. Still too much but moving in the right direction. Zero would be the ideal number.

  2. The Uniparty doesn’t care and they weren’t asking.
    The CPUSA wing of the UP bird has everything tied up in the Kraine and with their one or two topic hive brain, it is everything.
    Drooling duped dullard NPC normies have a new current thing and it should be painful to support it.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean and all 18 year olds must sign up for selective service.
    Bwahahah! Enjoy muh democracy and the 51st state Ukraine, comrades.

  3. 90% of all Americans were against the 2008 Wall Street bailout, too. I made a few calls to Congressional offices myself.

    • Banks always get bailouts, in some form. They are a critical link in the control structure. They help float the national debt and control tje markets.

  4. Blowback from the Ukraine war – the leader of the ruling government party in Poland, says out loud it might be civil war there if the left wins in 2023 Polish elections

    Poland tho divides well geographically. East is right wing, its west next to Germany is lib.

    Poland faces a hard winter, high energy bills and runaway inflation, and millions more refugee Ukrainians arriving as Russia destroys most of Ukraine’s electricity and water pumping ability … Ukies can’t flush their toilets now and are digging holes in the frozen ground outside.

    On the web you can see late 1990s media, happy about how Nato was bombing and destroying the electric grid in Serbia-Yugoslavia … now the Russians do it, tho, the West says it is Le Bad.

      • They’re like the criminals with their hand in the cooky jar. Constantly coming up with new ways (bills) to give themselves more money. It seems most Americans either haven’t figured that out, or they simply don’t care.

      • “The US gov is composed entirely of antiwhite hypocrites.”

        The US gov is composed entirely of antiwhite (((hypocrites))).


    • ” financial times has named the jew person of the year”

      With billions in US tax dollars, journalists only costing a few thousand, Zelensky can buy infinite good press.

    • The Financial Times does like their entrepreneurs. I’m just a tiny bit disappointed they didn’t make Sam Bankman-Fraud the man of the year though. SBF may have swindled even more money from the retarded goyim than Ze-dolf has, though we don’t really know the full extent of Ze-dolf’s operations yet. We know that 10 percent of something was going to the big guy but that was just a percentage of one small slice of the overall swindle pie.

  5. ZOG doesn’t care what we think. Kevin McCarthy has long had homosexual living arrangements. They are letting that pinko be Speaker for a reason. He will never attempt to interfere with the wars of ZOG .

    If we lived in a very different world, a world where Congress might cut funding for their war to create a new Big Israel, guess what? The CIA budget is around 300 billion or so. They would just fund it out of that.

  6. Not sure why they would willing give up that gravy train? Voting or the voice of the people does not matter to these crooks.

  7. O/T

    For people who still have a banned Twitter account you can get back on the following way. When I checked Tw still had me listed as banned. I wrote an appeal on 3 December stating I never engaged in spam nor have I ever made any death threats, therefore, I met Musk’s criteria in being allowed back on Twitter. I got a response today telling me I haven’t violated any rules and my account was fully restored. Indeed it is.

  8. I think you ought to prepare to be disappointed about this.

    Elsewhere (link), maybe also here (I don’t remember), I said that the Russian retreat to the east bank of the Dnieper was an opportunity for a negotiated settlement — but there was no movement there, and it looks like that window has closed: yesterday Ukraine used drones to attack strategic Russian airbases hundreds of kilometers inside Russian (likely with help from the West) — it must be clear to Putin by now that the war can only end on terms favorable to Russia if the Zelensky regime is annihilated.

    So I expect Russia to escalate the war.

    Once that happens, and it becomes clear what the Russian goal is, it will be far more difficult for anyone in Congress to oppose aid to Ukraine — how many of them will have the guts to withstand the accusation of being another Neville Chamberlain™? — you won’t need the fingers on both hands to count them.

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