Senate Republicans Poised To Pass $1.7 Trillion Porkulus Spending Bill

It is the end of the year.

Most Americans are wrapped up and distracted by Christmas. I’ve been too busy with Christmas shopping and family to pay much attention to the news.

As we have seen so many times in the past, the lame duck session of Congress is the season when the Senate, especially defeated or retiring Republican senators who have their ticket punched to become lobbyists, loves to gather to screw over their own voters when they think we aren’t watching. It is when the last election is safely in the rearview mirror and the next election is two years away.

Roll Call:

“The Senate took its first step Tuesday toward passing a nearly $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package needed before Christmas Eve to avert a partial government shutdown.

Senators voted 70-25 to adopt the motion to proceed to a shell bill for the long-awaited measure, a 4,155-page behemoth that encompasses the dozen annual spending bills for every federal agency, plus supplemental aid for the war in Ukraine and natural disaster victims. …

The final numbers include $858 billion in defense-related spending, a nearly 10 percent, or $76 billion, increase over the previous fiscal year, which Republicans celebrated. That figure includes a 4.6 percent pay raise for military servicemembers and Pentagon civilian employees. …”

$1.7 trillion?

$858 BILLION for “defense spending”?

Didn’t the GOP cynically run against inflation in the last election? Wasn’t that their top issue? Supposedly, we needed a Republican Congress because Democrats were spending too much money. The whole pitch that the GOP made to voters less than two months ago was that a Republican Congress was needed as a check on Democrats. Inflation was also the top issue on the mind of Republican voters.

The Hill:

“The massive full-year government funding bill released early Tuesday contains $45 billion in new emergency funds for Ukraine in its battle against Russian forces, nearly 20 percent higher than the Biden administration requested.  

The final amount, included in the year-end, must-pass omnibus bill, means Ukraine will get $8 billion more than the $37 billion President Biden asked Congress for last month. …”

I’m not going to mince words.

This is why people hate the Republican Party.

This is why people don’t bother to vote in important elections.

What is the point of voting for a Republican House if Senate Republicans are going to give Joe Biden an even bigger blank check for Ukraine than the one he requested?

The Hill:

“A child tax credit (CTC) expansion is not included in the $1.7 trillion omnibus funding bill that congressional lawmakers expect to pass this week, despite Democrats listing it as a top priority during negotiations with Republicans.

In exchange for a renewal of expanded child tax credits, Democrats had offered a deal to GOP lawmakers that would have awarded tax credits for big business. …”

This is a perfect illustration of why the GOP loses elections.

The same performance art deficit hawks who REFUSED to fund Trump’s border wall because it was too expensive in 2017-2018 and who refused to support the $2,000 stimulus check because it was too expensive in the lame duck session in 2020 are willing to spend nearly a trillion dollars on the Pentagon and another $45 billion dollars on Ukraine. The child tax credit is where they draw the line!

If that were not bad enough, Senate Republicans are busy congratulating themselves for their “maturity” and wisdom in alleviating the incoming Republican House of having any real power or responsibility in governing. These are the same people who dropped a Senate seat in the midterms.

The Hill:

“It’s not [good]. … I mean, really? If you just think about what they’re suggesting, it flies in the face of maturity and the ability to lead,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), who plans to vote against the omnibus spending bill. “The reality is this kind of chest thumping and immaturity doesn’t instill confidence in their ability to lead. Now, maybe it helps Kevin get elected Speaker — I hope it does. I hope he becomes Speaker. I want him to become Speaker, but it’s not a good start to leading.” …

“That doesn’t sound like a recipe for working together in the best interest of the country, so I think this is just words spoken during the heat of passion,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), an ally of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who is an “aye” vote for the omnibus. “Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail.” …”  

Richard Shelby of Alabama is the ringleader of this awful bill.


“Richard Shelby is leaving the Senate after 36 years with arrows lodged in his back — by his own party.

Shelby is coming under heavy fire from conservatives for cutting one last deal with Democrats on a massive year-end spending bill, an effort supported by both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Joe Biden. Yet the Alabamian’s fellow Republicans are calling him a fiscal sellout for trying to fund the government for much of next year before a chaotic GOP House takes over in January. …

He even thinks his work will help save the House GOP majority from itself next year, staving off months of bitter infighting over federal spending bills. Not that Shelby expects a gift basket from McCarthy and his allies.

“If we’re successful, we’ll have probably done them a favor,” Shelby said. “There probably won’t be much thanks for it.” …

Shelby’s role taking the heat from his party “goes with the business. You know, like being a head coach,” said Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.). When asked whether Shelby’s work helps Republicans avoid trouble next year, Tuberville answered unequivocally: “Yes.” …”

There will be nothing of real substance for House Republicans to pick a fight with the Biden administration about because Senate Republicans will have given away all of their leverage by funding the federal government and Ukraine for an entire year. They will just hold pointless hearings and do nothing like usual. They will hold office as a kind of ornament with their hands tied before they are even sworn in.

This is considered a brilliant strategy by Mitch McConnell & Co. It was McConnell who came up with the cynical idea that Senate Republicans should run on nothing but pure backlash politics in the midterms and offer no plan to address any major problem. McConnell’s plan to retake the Senate was premised on delivering the gun control bill, making Juneteenth a federal holiday and giving Joe Biden a much needed win on the Inflation Reduction Act. Rolling over on codifying gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law and the Omnibus will only inspire further confidence in his leadership.

Meanwhile, our own border is in shambles because Senate Republicans refused to work with Trump to do anything about immigration when Republicans had full control of Congress. We are mired in another endless war … this time with Russia. The national debt is worse than ever.

Note: As with so many issues, our views are so mainstream that there is plenty of opposition to this WITHIN the Republican Party. Half of Republican voters already think we are spending too much money on Ukraine. Republican voters have a negative view of Mitch McConnell. In fact, that is why McConnell and Senate Republicans are doing this now because they know they are rapidly losing support.

UPDATE: Here is a list of the Senate Republicans responsible for this.

  1. Roy Blunt (Mo.)
  2. John Boozman (Ark.)
  3. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.)
  4. Susan Collins (Maine)
  5. John Cornyn (R-Texas)
  6. Tom Cotton (Ark.)
  7. Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
  8. Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
  9. Cindy Hyde-Smith (Miss.)
  10. Mitch McConnell (Ky.)
  11. Jerry Moran (Kan.)
  12. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  13. Rob Portman (Ohio)
  14. Mitt Romney (Utah);
  15. Mike Rounds (S.D.)
  16. Marco Rubio (Fla.)
  17. Richard Shelby (Ala.)
  18. John Thune (R-S.D.)
  19. Tommy Tuberville (Ala.)
  20. Roger Wicker (Miss.)
  21. Todd Young (Ind.)

I take back everything I said about Tommy Tuberville. I’m glad I didn’t vote for him now.


  1. I remember hearing a well known Alabama governor saying that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between national Democrats and national Republicans. I think he was being charitable.

  2. >Senate Republicans Poised To Pass $1.7 Trillion Porkulus Spending Bill



    linkMcConnell: “Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans. That’s how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment.”

    Most dissidents have heard of acceleration, and have an idea of what it means: to move faster toward some kind of political or societal Armageddon, a crisis which will be the catalyst for change akin to the American Revolution (in this context, I could also mention the secession of the southern states, although unfortunately for them that was ultimately unsuccessful).

    I have always regarded the destruction of the GOP as crucial to acceleration, and literally every day there is something to remind me of that.

  3. So looks like the removal of the Reconciliation memorial from Arlington will be funded. Every day and in every way, a new reason to hate the United States and its political class. The collapse of this vile, degenerate Satanic nation cannot come soon enough. America delenda est.

  4. I’m personally wrapped up and distracted at the moment over worries that my water pipes might freeze and burst in the balmy Bama temps hovering around 12 degrees over the next few days. I’ve taken all the precautions possible, but still…

    • TW,
      Run one of your cold water faucets at a low stream overnight.
      This should prevent any freeze-ups.
      Just a friendly tip from an experienced Northerner!

      • Thanks. I’ve heard that the plumbing codes in the North are stricter, which of course makes sense. When I was an older child, my family spent a winter each in Nebraska and upstate New York because of my father’s job transfers. Never heard about frozen pipes in those places.

    • >water pipes might freeze

      My mom, the last of nine children, was born and grew up near Florence Alabama (which she called ‘home’ her entire life) — this was before TVA and the wide availability of electricity in that part of the South (many of her relatives later found employment on TVA projects) — her family was poor: no inside toilet, no central heating or indoor plumbing — but there was a pipe going from the well to the kitchen — my mom told me how on freezing winter mornings she would fetch water from the well, and her mom would heat a big pot of it on the wood stove in the kitchen, and then soak towels in it — my mom would then take the steaming hot towels outside in a pail and drape them around the pipe bringing water from the well into the kitchen so they could have running water in the kitchen.

      I have some fond memories of our visits to Florence when I was a kid: fishing for bluegill from a dock on the Tennessee River, walking up the street with my uncle to feed chicken bones and watermelon rinds to the neighbor’s hogs.

      • My father was born in 1929 on a farm in Geneva County, Alabama. It was about a stone’s throw from the Florida line. He told me he remembered seeing ice in their well some winters.

      • My father’s parents in the hills of SW Va. never had running water or indoor plumbing until the late ’70s, when Dad installed both for them.

        DEATH to the privileged vermin who run this cuntry.

    • @TW – Balmy, indeed. My HVAC is running 24/7 to keep it at a balmy 61 degrees in my home, and I can’t afford even that energy usage. Meanwhile, these fat-ass pieces of garbage that pretend to run this country are sucking up every last vestige of White America to shit it out into the sewers of DC. I. HATE. THESE. PEOPLE.

      • I’ve been making do with an electric heater until now, but I’m finally going to turn on the wall-vented kerosene heater later today.

        Somehow I doubt that those fucking Senate GOP scum are worried about the price of keeping their race traitor asses from freezing.

  5. The only solution is for Americans to oust guys like Lady G, Mitch McConnel and Mittens Romney and replace them with Hicks like Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert.
    When the republic party is majority hick, then it will be in sync with the American people, but as long as the country club wing dominates, nothing will ever change.
    Elect people from working class backgrounds and small business owners from rural areas with little-no education.
    Elect conspiracy theorists and people who believe in alternative medicine.
    Elect anti-Semites, ‘Xenophobes’, as the left calls them, ‘gun nuts’, and born agains.

  6. The system allows for this treasonous betrayal. It’s the same in the UK. Most politicians are worthless maggots, the utter dregs of the universe.

    They make me sick.

  7. Didn’t Trump sign a similar spending bill five years ago, late 2017? At the end of his first year in office?
    He first said he would veto it, then signed it stating he would never, never, never, sign another? Then he quietly signed off on all the rest.
    This is why I haven’t voted since 2016.
    Including not voting for Todd Young (R?-IN).

  8. Yes, war in Ukraine is going so well, they need another 37 billion for mercenaries and Zelensky’s offshore retirement fund

  9. This is fucking theft. I won’t utter what fate I think these criminal scumbags deserve but boy oh boy the worthless federal establishment needs to be extremely limited in power and size (definitely remove it’s power to tax) or outright abolished all together. I’m for the latter.

    • “The jews bribe the burgermeister with 10,000 marks
      And they extort 50,000 marks from the people”
      Martin Luther

      True 500 years ago, true today.

      • Excellent quote. It just so happens in our rigged election president’s public fellating of zelensky, he tied the fight in Ukraine and their victories to jewish solidarity in Ukraine, which is just a coincidence of course

  10. Welp, back to being blackpilled for me. The American public voted for more abortion, Satanism, and the cultural nihilism, and the Republican insurgents who did enter congress are undercut entirely by Mitch McConnell who gave everything away to Biden. Ultimately the GOP favors deficit spending just as much as Democrats only in a different direction, or at least it used to be as Democrats are now just as war mongering as the GOP. The only “spending cuts” the GOP wants is to hollow out Social Security and Medicare while offsetting those reductions with increased budgets for the Pentagon and Intelligence Services. I doubt they would dare touching Medicaid post-Floyd for fear of being considered racist. They won’t even pretend to repeal Obamacare anymore for that reason.

  11. The solution is don’t vote for country club Republicans, only vote for red neck Republicans, and if there are no hillbilly Republicans on the ballot, vote 3rd party or don’t vote at all, there is no meaningful difference between country club Republicans and woke Dems, one is arsenic the other strychnine, vote for ultra nationalist small town working class small business owners or don’t vote, that’s how you get revenge on the miitens Romneys and Lez Cheynes of the world

  12. Yes, the reconciliation statue will be gone. And at the end of this month, Confederate names will be removed from military bases. Our so-called representatives hate us. And it gets worse. According to news I just read, there is a provision in the omnibus bill that awards millions of dollars in “family planning” to areas where population is destroying “biodiversity”. AND a provision that prevents any funding of a border wall or any other barrier. They intend to kill us and replace us.
    In Germany, the so-called “coup” plotters turned out to be 25 geriatric Germans. They recovered, if I remember right, 2 rifles, a pistol, some swords, and crossbows. Certainly a threat to Germany’s clown government!
    That is our future. Killed, jailed, and replaced.

    • ” Our so-called representatives hate us”

      That’s the nature of USZOG.
      As the power of jwz increases, so will the level of hate.
      We are past the point of jwzish overload.

  13. There won’t be a Ukraine in a few months. The jews and the US gov is thrilled with the hundreds of thousands of deaths they needlessly caused.

  14. I didn’t notice Our Greatest Ally on MTG’s foreign aid list, they should be at the top. Officially they get about $3 billion USD per annum. This excludes use of U.S. spy satellites for recon, new and nearly new equipment including ammo, aircraft, fuel etc. being declared surplus and donated to them, loan forgiveness and a thousand other things not accounted for in the budget. No doubt the same crooked things are done for other countries too but it should all be accounted for, publicly listed and cancelled.

    Let Bloomberg, Soros et al. peel billions off of their bloated fortunes and send out the checks, not the beset American taxpayer who has no say in the evil the corrupt U.S. Government does. The Republicans are worse scumbags than the Democrats.

    • “Let Bloomberg, Soros et al. peel billions off of their bloated fortunes and send out the checks, ”

      Haha Haha

      That’s not how jwz get rich.
      They get rich by bleeding the gentiles.
      Always has been, always will be.

  15. This is the looting and stripping phase.

    Get as much out of the system before it collapses. Maybe buy a nice farm in New Zealand where you can raise some sheep. These people have given up all hope of salvaging the country because they are weak, compromised and morally deficient.

    Evil, weak men bring bad times.

  16. Going to have to vote for many more Libertarian and Consitution Party candidates next time to punish the Stupid Party.

    • Instead don’t vote at all — low turnout will help delegitimize the system more than voting for third party candidates.

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