Steven Crowder: Alex Jones Breaks Silence On Ye Interview



Nick Fuentes is going down because of optics.


Beardson is a wignat now.

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In my view, Gavin McInnes conceded the real substantial issue in his interview with Ye, which is the reality of Jewish wealth, power and influence over our culture. Alex Jones is also conceding the real issue when he admits that a Jewish mafia exists that controls key cultural institutions.

Is every single Jew in the world plugged into a conspiracy against White people? Of course not.

Are Jews the sole cause of our racial and cultural decline? Of course not.

Do all Jews on the planet have the same political and cultural views? Of course not.

Is a network of powerful Jews who tend to be secular, leftwing and liberal Jews led by Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL leveraging their control of institutions to wield unbelievable cultural power to crush and silence their critics? Yes, absolutely. That’s what is going on.

Should it be taboo to discuss this and point this out? No, it is a real problem. Everyone knows it is a huge problem including Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes who have been literally destroyed by these people.

Everything that Ye said about Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust – all of that is history – is an unfortunate distraction from the real issue which is this Jewish mafia that exists in our own times and which flexes power to blacklist and destroy anyone who stands in their way whether it is Ye, Kyrie Irving, Elon Musk, etc.


  1. Who’s going to educate Alex Jones about Hitler, or for that matter, the hundreds of millions of Americans who know nothing? Is Jones still trying to suck in with the jews regardless of the fact they are behind his supposed destruction or is he just part of the whole conspiracy? I’d go with he’s part of the conspiracy to hold jew supremacists harmless from criticism. Jones claims he’s a Christian after all.

    • “Who’s going to educate Alex Jones about Hitler, or for that matter, the hundreds of millions of Americans who know nothing?”

      There’s a video called “The greatest story never told” but that might short circuit his brain and the many others that know nothing but lies.

    • Alex Jones has had two Jewish wives. He knows all about Jews. People mistake a lack of willpower for a lack of knowledge. Back in the day, he was known for commenting on the Jewish cabals. He decided he wanted to make money, instead.

  2. The jews always smear those who expose them as queers and pedophiles. I’ve read such smears made by jews against many well known White Nationalists. Of course, everything the jews say about everything is the inversion of truth. The jews have driven the homosexual, pedophilia, and transgender movements in America, but they know that the overwhelming numbers of people of all races find faggots and trannies repugnant, but what they don’t know is that jews are and have always been, behind all of it.

  3. Is every single Jew in the world plugged into a conspiracy against White people?

    Are Jews the sole cause of our racial and cultural decline?

    Do all Jews on the planet have the same political and cultural views?

    NOT SO!

    A good portion of jews’ tireless organizing goes toward encouraging confusion and self-deception among Whites. Jews actively repeat the blatant canards that jews don’t organize, that jews are “White”, and that jews are harmless victims (of Whites). Regardless of its untruth, their narrative is “good for the jews”. Jews tell it not because they can’t see reality, but because they well realize they are best served by promoting an alternate reality.

    The jews consciously organize to promote their lies and transfer blame for their harm elsewhere, and they do so with acute awareness of the importance of such activities to their collective identity and interests. Unfortunately, most Whites go through their lives as deluded individuals, uncaring about race, and unaware of how important race is, and certainly how important race is to non-Whites. The few Whites who awake at some point are shocked to realize that the jews, far from victims, are preying upon Whites. We lie to ourselves about what this race of liars and gangsters is doing either because we cannot imagine why else we ourselves might behave as they do, or because we literally fear to face the truth.

    The jews are the most extreme case of ethnocentrism. This is evident not only in their current power but their long history, their continuity over time relative to others. It is evident not only in their existing so long amongst others, but in thriving while doing so. So extreme is their ethnocentrism that they have been able to squelch criticism/discussion of their group, including their ethnocentrism. They have accomplished this in part by transferring the blame for the consequences of their parasitism onto their victims, the long string of hosts they’ve infiltrated, manipulated, and exploited, while ultimately driving them to ruin and extinction.

    Today jews pathologize and demonize “nazis”, by which they mean Whites generally, for being “racist”, by which they mean Whites who display any hint of White ethnocentrism or solidarity. Through relentless propaganda and indoctrination they have transformed the slightest sign of good and right and healthy racial consciousness, any awareness of White identity or concern for White interests, into something evil, wrong, and unhealthy.

    The racial animus, the disdain, the hatred with which jews regard Whites is of its own kind. It’s not easy for Whites to comprehend the jews’ collective compulsion to destroy the White Race, because as Whites would think, it’s not fair, equitable or sensible as far as our White minds can process it. But for jews, it’s connected to powerful emotions which are part of their ethos — jews being jews, creatures that think diffently than we do. Whether the destruction will serve the jews long-term interests is irrelevant, because it is simply a fact of their wired-in thinking and behavior patterns. Because of their nature, this is necessarily their goal, and organized jewry is obsessed with our destruction.

    Whites aren’t at all like jews. Whites aren’t ruthlessly deceptive parasites. Jews do what they do because they are jews.

    • @ DICARLO

      Everything in the above post is absolute truth. Summed up as ‘projection’.

      We are the sacrificial animal, onto which all sins are cast, then killed.

  4. Soon a Hundred years have passed and the enemy of our race still fear Hitler…..

    Some legacy that is

    • Yes, they do, but ultimately, the jews fear the truth, and that’s what the Third Reich was all about.

      If Hitler had done half the things that the jews accuse him of doing, there wouldn’t be a serpent jew living to cause the rest of us problems. The fact that Hitler and the Germans didn’t kill the jews is the reason why we have so many problems in this world today. Jews worship Satan and curse us gentiles in their Synagogues of Satan. The world would be a much better place, virtually unrecognizable, without the jews around to cause trouble.

      • I’ve thought that too. If Hitler had done exactly what he was accused of, there wouldn’t be the huge amount of them controlling the US now.

  5. > Whites aren’t at all like jews. Whites aren’t ruthlessly deceptive parasites. Jews do what they do because they are jews.

    Some whites are. Look at Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Bezos and numerous shitlibs. The Church of Woke serves as a kind of Zio-Nazi stormtrooper division for treasonous whites. You’re correct about the extreme ethnocentrism of jews. There were very few jews who voiced criticism of even Jefrey Epstein, and then only in the mildest way. I think the best analogy is that Jewish identity is akin to being in a massive organized crime family. Yes there are non-elite jews who don’t agree with the crimes of their bosses, but the bosses and their captains ruthlessly enforce the omerta code against any who spill the beans and will gladly toss non-elites under the bus at will.

    • These people you mention, that we can’t say for sure whether they’re truly Whites, and not crypto jews, are very small in number indeed. However, if they’re not jews, they don’t share their particular ethos. We’re all humans, of course, so some traits may be shared across races. And you can say that there are jews who don’t agree with their leaders, but really, you cannot know, because jews are congenital liars. Do you think jews would share their innermost thoughts about jew subversion with the goyim?

      Are there “good” jews? In other words, are there jews who support White nationalism? No. No. No. No, there are not, hence NO GOOD JEWS!

      • > Are there “good” jews? In other words, are there jews who support White nationalism? No. No. No. No, there are not, hence NO GOOD JEWS!

        I would phrase it a bit differently than you do. In light of the long historical record, no self-aware white can ever fully trust a Jew. The Jew holy book (Talmud) makes it very clear than lying and deception of all kinds are perfectly acceptable strategies to deploy against the goyim, whom they literally de-humanize and describe as mere cattle placed upon the planet by their god (Satan) for their use. How can one lie to a cow or a sheep? Just stupid beasts after all, nothing more. An argument made to deflect this fact is that relatively few Jews even read the Talmud. That might be true but it makes no difference because the mafia organization they’re born into certainly operates according to Talmudic principles.

        HW’s talk on White Rabbit Radio was pretty interesting in the way they discussed the process of being red-pilled on the JQ. Ye is acting very much like a guy who only recently found out about the tribe and their antics. It’s a stage we all go through. Very few whites are warned about Jews as youngsters. At some point, you come to realize that it’s who they are – basically hard-wired that way. They are always going to behave in the same manner with damned few exceptions. Like the grandmother in Grandmother’s Tale remarked: “It’s their nature!”. Much the same as the scorpion in the ‘Scorpion and the Frog’ story. Or, put another way: Every. Single. Time.

        WNs and CNs – all non Church of Woke whites really – need to get beyond this stage and start addressing the weaknesses within their own camps which Jews are able to exploit – because you can absolutely be certain that they will be exploited. The parasite literally never stops. Obviously one has to see reality before they can start thinking about taking steps to deal with it. Some WNs never seem to get past the initial stage and go off into a monomania, which does no good for them or for sane whites as a whole. To go back to the Grandmother’s Tale, the first step to sanity is to stop picking up shit that a Jew tells you is gold. It’s shit and it does not belong in your pockets. Unplugging from the endless stream of lies and shit they spew is the practical way to stop picking up shit and putting it into one’s pocket. After that, as Vox Day as remarked: Build your own platforms.

        • AGREED EC! We are clearly on the same page. But of course, it’s important to make it clear, to anyone who might doubt it, there are no good jews. They simply cannot be trusted at all.

  6. Blacks (including yall’s hero Kanye West) are the same as jews. They are playing hero and like white girls, just like the black Proud Boys leader. If yall cant see this then you are beyond pathetic and hopeless, or you are feds.

    His religion believes that whites are supposed to be their slaves too (not just jews).

    He know what he’s doing, he’s not stupid.

    • You had me up until “he’s not stupid”. He most certainly is stupid. That negro is a special kind of stupid.

      • This is a common trait among blks, to have some good sense in one factor and to derail into absurdity in the next step.

      • Of course, not our hero, but he’s shaking up our enemy and exposing them to many who never realized the truth of who’s running things in America and in the West. It may all come to nothing, but certainly there is no need for us to condemn him because we don’t care for blacks. We can speculate, but we don’t know where all of this is going. Hopefully, it will be a net positive.

        • Fair enough. Or, perhaps I should say: How white of you! In any case, contrast Ye’s accomplishment in terms of overton window movement with Herschel Walker’s senate clown-fart campaign going up in flames. The Repukes will spend untold millions in campaign funds in attempting to get negroes to vote for them oblivious to the hard fact that negroes will never do so. Warnock was a weak candidate and they could have put up a competent clean white guy who might have actually won the seat. This defeat should spell the end of Dump endorsements, but the only alternatives those who own the Repuke party will permit are Jeb Bush clones … so no point in voting. Denninger has an interesting overview of the intrinsic problem.

  7. Jonestein knows nothing about Hitler or the 3rd Reich except what he’s been told to believe by the jews. Here’s a guy that thinks the Nazis and the Chinese are controlling the media in the US.

    After how the jews tried to crucify him over Sandy Hook you would think he would stop protecting them.

  8. Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler. And he wanted to kill more. Stalin was poisoned by his Jewish doctor when that doctor found out that Stalin was preparing to round up the Jews and send them to the gulag.

    So Jew haters should be communists, not Hitlerites. It follows. Me? I am more live and let live. But we do need to seize the media from them and End The Fed and ban all usury (interest). It happens that this is only possible if we secede.

    • Stalin was one of the few gangstas in history to successfully double-cross the Jew-mafia. Lincoln tried it (paying pack the money borrowed from City of London with greenbacks) but they dealt with that rapidly. Stalin even married a Jewish wench and kept a couple of Jews in the Politboro after liquidating of their golden boy Trotsky. Leaving any in place was likely his fatal error. They seem to have arranged his demise after he’d established the “Jewish Okrug” in Siberia – a sign he was planning to address the JQ directly. That’s the problem with a one-man bad-ass. The J-mafia always plays the long game. The bad-ass gets old and weak and dies off eventually.

    • Rangewolf: The other commenters here would do well to follow your fine example of brevity, clarity and coming straight to the point. Yes, Stalin ordered more jews to be exiled, arrested, imprisoned and shot than Hitler ever did. But he defeated the Nazis and helped to defeat the White Army in the Russian Civil War. He signed a non-aggression pact with Germany in 1939 and openly admired Hitler and Mussolini. But he had a common law wife who was a jewess. But he always complained about the “yids” and how they couldn’t be trusted. So I think it’s safe to say the jews have a lot of mixed feelings about him. They definitely would have preferred Trotsky to succeed Lenin.

    • Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler.

      How many more millions than Hitler, do ya think? Was it close? There’s hardly a comparison.

  9. >In my view, Gavin McInnes conceded the real substantial issue in his interview with Ye, which is the reality of Jewish wealth, power and influence over our culture.
    Uhm No. Dildo man said the Jews who own Hollywood and the media aren’t real Jews at all, you shouldn’t drag the Jews in this under any circumstances. You know who you should hate? Liberal elite WHITES. It’s at the end the exact same line Julia Ioffe pushes, just for not-all-too-intelligent US “conservatives”. How did you like his gay French kissing abilities with MILO btw?

    >Alex Jones is also conceding the real issue when he admits that a Jewish mafia exists that controls key cultural institutions.
    Jones is pretty much always blaming every severe wrong-doing a member of the tribe commits and gets publicity on either gay Nazis, or some illuminati-Jesuit-Chicom-demonic-occultist-ThECliNtOnS nonsense. It’s been the line of Andrew Breitbart and any Sayanim for decades now. That George Soros was a Nazi was invented by Andrew as far as I remember. I am surprised it still works. Certainly we’ll soon hear how Chicoms and the Clintons are behind Bankman-Fried and he is one of those pesky liberal, atheist Democrats. Jones also said himself that he met with people from the Mossad several times and he also had people “formerly” working for Israeli intelligence on his show. I mean, dude, please. Jones is so ridiculously obvious.

    I don’t blame THE Jews either. In fact I have almost never experienced racial hatred from Israelis, in contrast to Poles and Czechs who to this day brag about their ethnic cleansing of sixteen million Germans. But it’s a very different story when it comes to the Galut in the USA, almost ALL of whom have been born AFTER the 2nd world war and many of whom may not even have been to Europe. How is it that Jews who actually lived through the 2nd world war like Ephraim Kishon never hated THE Germans and yet American Jewish people who grew up in total safety, privilege and much wealth engage in these activities? And why are our own political elites such utter useless cowards, too pathetic to just tell black-mailers like Herrn Grünblatt “No.”

    I don’t know what’s worse: Americans larping as the dead political party from another country from a life-time ago, or Americans spreading lies about my ancestors. I mean sure, if it was just contained to only Hitler… But movies like Hunters, games like CoD: Vanguard, or Schindler’s List, or haha “comedy” about Germans drinking the blood of Jewish children aren’t made by *liberal, elite white people*. Well, I think I actually know what’s worse. Since at least 25 years, Hollywood and the US media have spewed an unrelenting stream of bile and hate against THE German people. And a history consciously weaponized to transform my country so I no longer have a homeland, to hunt down the last German, so to speak, and to turn my own government into a mere extension of the US deep state, dictating our foreign and much of our interior policy, and jailing people for speech (!!!!) while Germans today are raped, stabbed and hacked to death, driven over by cars and trucks. As a DIRECT result of these policies, justified by a weaponized history which says “Germans have no right to exist as a nation, a people and deserve no homeland.” I am tired of being a slave in an American colony, a state which has also drowned the world in blood over the last quarter century and killed and tortured millions of people in its neocon wars.

    If the holocaust began not with actions, but words, then where must the following statements lead: “Your white DNA is an abomination.”, “Kill a white man on your way to work tomorrow.”, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”, “Germans drink the blood of Jewish children.”, or “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” What does “eradicating whiteness” mean here? White supremacy, white rage, white terror, white fragility. Who is addressed here? How did the whole Ye saga start? West said nothing about Hitler, or the Holocaust, or even Jews. He didn’t wear a mask. All he did was wear a White Lives Matter shirt. So saying that my life matters is such a hateful act to those people that they tried to crush Ye and ruin his life?

    There has to be another way to answer this problem than either extreme of 1488 larping or subversion. How about this totally unreasonable compromise: Americas Ashkenazi elite stops non-stop blood-libeling THE German people and inciting racial hatred against whites, while angered whites stop Heiling Hitler in return? How about also stopping to constantly push for open borders and not-so-secretly gloating about how whites will become minorities in their own nations and become “the past”? Like Paul Krugman did. “Eradicating whiteness”, you know. No? Too much to ask? How about no more wars lead by Victoria Nuland and John Bolton? Also no?

    Then this won’t go away.

    • @Arminius
      “Germans have no right to exist as a nation, a people and deserve no homeland.”

      Germans have literally spent their entire history crossing other nation’s borders since they were barbarians on the Roman frontier ( especially in the last two centuries they’ve been nothing but Europe’s downfall and real tragedy.)

      You, cringe imbecile, are even using as your moniker the very name of a
      sadistic savage “Arminius” who tortured to death thousands of Roman white civilians, women and children (who were accompanying the Roman legions) in the aftermath of the battle in the Teutoburg Forest.

      It is deep in the German DNA to be the destroyers of Europe. As soon as one attempt fails they begin on the next like diligent little destructive termites. They are the eternal curse of Europe.
      Germans and Jews are two sides of the same coin, and perhaps the Jews are right to keep you subdued and under their boot.

      Grow up, and try to spew less cringe nonsense next time playing the victim.
      In Poland there’s a saying “the German farts at the table then leaves the room.”

      • Donald Day was an author and a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. He spent 22 years reporting from Northern Europe from 1920 to 1942. This is his real-time reporting of the popular impression of Poland in 1942 …. He wrote:

        “If anyone is to be blamed for the tragedy of Poland, it is the Poles themselves. Not one of Poland’s immediate neighbors had a good word to say for this miserable country. The Rumanians detested the Poles, the Czechs hated them, the Germans despised them, the Lithuanians feared them, the Latvians loathed them, the Russians abominated them and the Ukrainians and Ruthenians abhorred them. During their short existence as a modem nation the Poles were unable to make friends, but they did make plenty of enemies.

        Poland was too ambitious. She was not satisfied with her frontiers which were fixed by the peace conference in Paris. She wanted additional territory. She took it through organizing putsches. She gathered behind her frontiers millions of Germans, Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Russians and Lithuanians. She tried to assimilate them forcibly and failed. She also failed to provide a higher living standard for her inhabitants. She failed to provide an efficient government apparatus to manage the affairs of the country. The intrigues and treachery which fill so many chapters of Polish history also dominate the latest chapter. In the end she double-crossed herself and once again vanished from the map.”

        Warsaw seethed with political intrigues. Poland wanted Danzig. […]

        “Conditions were made so unbearable for the Germans inhabiting the Polish corridor that a great migration developed. Almost 2,000,000 Germans left Poland and either settled in Germany or migrated overseas. This policy of terror, so typically Slav, continued until the German armies marched into Poland.

        It was also used against the Ukrainians, White Russians and Lithuanians. I knew the leaders of the persecuted groups and interviewed them many times over many years. I traveled extensively in Poland and had the opportunity to make first hand investigations. So when I say terror was used by the Poles I mean just that.”

        • “Grow up, and try to spew less cringe nonsense next time playing the victim.
          In Poland there’s a saying “the German farts at the table then leaves the room.””


          German-Polish relations are even today poisoned by centuries-old, deep-seated hatred on the Polish side. For centuries the Poles have been taught from early childhood that Germans were evil and ought to be fought whenever there was a promise of success. Hate on such a scale, as it was and still is promoted in Poland today against her westerly neighbor, eventually leads to a chauvinism that knows few constraints. In Poland, as in all countries, the respective elites use the means accessible to them to shape public sentiment. Traditionally these elites have been the Polish Catholic Church, writers, intellectuals, politicians and the press. For a balanced understanding of the forces which moved Poland inexorably ever closer to the war against Germany, it is essential to investigate the role these components of the Polish society have played in the past. And it is fairly easy to find abundant evidence for the above claim and to trace it from the present time back into the distant past.

      • “Germans have literally spent their entire history crossing other nation’s borders since they were barbarians ”

        Compared to Mongols, Turks, Aztecs , Germans are peace mongers.
        As if the Romans didn’t intrude into their lands.

    • “Americas Ashkenazi elite stops non-stop blood-libeling THE German people and inciting racial hatred against whites,”

      Never happen.
      They draw their energy from a limitless well of hatred, it must grow, it is the essential core of their being.

      Unending hatred is as essential to them as oxygen is to you.

    • Adam green gives endless examples of the ‘hatred of edom’ is a keystone of their doctrine. The destruction of edom essential to the realization of their utopia.

    • >where must the following statements lead

      I agree about the ‘statements’ and where such rhetoric has led and can lead; I’ve had some concern about this for a while — it is one reason I am a White Nationalist: I see absolutely no reason for white people to put up with the abuse or take a chance on anything worse.

      I posted a link to the following video more than once, and still recommend people take the time to watch it:

      The Ten Stages of Genocide

      >If the holocaust began not with actions

      You might want to look into whether the evidence for the planned extermination of Jews by the Germans, known as the ‘Holocaust’, is actually sufficient to prove the allegation to a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard.

      One suggestion: leave the Germans out of it unless absolutely necessary to specifically mention them.

  10. Just found out today that John Bolton is threatening to run for president. Woohoo
    Also found out that “shark week” is racist. I should start keeping a list.

  11. These distractions have grown stale and tiresome.
    Is there something more imaginative?
    Oh, the average 80 IQ of the FUSA says NO.

  12. I remember a few years ago David Duke was on the Alex Jones show and several times Jones was laying flat on his desk, holding his head in his hands and saying “my brain hurts.”

    It was obvious to me that Jones was trying to downplay Duke’s message to Jones’ followers. I believe this type of behaviour ranks Jones as controlled opposition.

    Regarding the Kanye/Fuentes/Milo shitshow, words fail me. Some feller once said that “all the world’s a stage.” This is especially true of the extremely distorted mediated reality we currently are living through aka clownworld.

    • Fat Boy Jones sounds like a 7th grade dropout. His understanding of history is almost retarded. He has zero credibility and has spent the last 20 years diverting his audience’s attention from jewish treachery and Zionist war crimes. So I must LOL six million times when the jews attack him anyway. As for that Crowder fellow, he is extremely boring and an intellectual lightweight. His show is devoid of substance and strictly for normie consumption. The Political Cesspool hosted by James Edwards is the gold standard for politically-oriented talk shows.

  13. I wonder. I don;t know anything about him but what if
    “Tim Gionet aka Baked Alaska hanging out with Ray Epps”
    is not really,
    “Ray Epps hanging out with Tim Gionet aka Baked Alaska”
    and this Alaska guy had no idea who he was???

    Se how this works?

  14. “…Is every single Jew in the world plugged into a conspiracy against White people? Of course not…”

    They’re not trying to stop it either, With all the lecturing and hectoring the Jews send our way they should do the same for themselves. That’s why I see ALL of them as guilty except for a few, maybe ten, that do speak out.

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