1. It’s a shame that you become a Fuentes A-Log. I get that you don’t like Catholics, but we should be able to put aside our differences to fight the Jew. As far as I’m concerned, anyone attacking Ye and Nick at this point is an enemy and should be treated like a Jew.

    • C.F., it bothers me that you equate the most ridiculous public performance art with “fighting”.

      For the sake of argument, accept the “democracy-is-a-scam” paradigm, then re-evaluate your analysis. Under this view, it’s those of you who insist on government-school herd-morality (which only works within a democratic political atmosphere) who are the true “goyim” and deserve to be treated as such…

    • I agree with Catholic Fascist. Fuentes is a Christian and pro-white. It’s like no one is ever good enough for the people on here.
      E Michael Jones is not pro white.

  2. These things happen when shekels are involved.
    Alex needs some bullhorn money after the shellacking in court for wrongthink.

    O/T-Just read about new speech laws in the glorious people’s republic of New York and the goal is to get rid of blogs and comments.

    • Jones was always a jew lover and always a “nazi” hater. You have to wonder about people who can’t see through the jew horse shit.

  3. Kanye had a decent run but it’s about over. I have a suspicion that the reason he did all this was to diminish his ex-wife’s brand. And he accomplished that. He has run out of platforms and completely depleted his own brand. The clownish way he comes across is getting exponentially worse with each appearance. Time to move on and get back to more pressing issues, Hunter.

    Fuentes is done, Anglin is more foolish than ever prostrating himself at the feet of Kanye. Definitely time to get off this train wreck. Hopefully it has resonated with many, but it is to a point where Kanye is causing more damage than exposure.

    At the end of the day Kanye is simply a mentally deranged rapper negro that has recognized jew power and subversion. But that’s as far as this goes.

    • This is just a blip on the radar. Will it develop into more? At this point, we still don’t know. There’s nothing Anglin or any of us can do is just watch where it goes.

  4. Alex has a very consistent philosophical position longitudinally of republicanism.

    Meanwhile, can we talk about the loss of Georgia? And the need to move into a New Nation Now mode?

    What lies ahead will require Founding Father level men, not bomb-throwers and snake handlers.

  5. Today, Dec. 6, 2022 is the 17 Anusvershitty of the Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies knocking out five of my front teeth taking me illegally to the Fulton State Nuthouse.

    As a result I hate lawyers, judges, politicians and police and would gladly exterminate every single last one of them along with theys’ entire families in retaliation. But in order to gain power I must take it on a case-by-case basis.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. Who really cares what Alex Jones things?——for the record there is a substansial list of people with a public voice and power who have failed to denounce and condemn——

    Congress Black Caucus
    Morgan Freeman
    Lauren Boebert
    Eric Adams
    Denzel Washington
    Chris Rock

    Why isn’t Maxine Waters getting up on her soap box and condemning the “the vile morally repugnant anti-semite”?? Because the blacks know the jews, know how they are and know Kanye is telling the truth in a very mild gentlemanly way and he is being attack mercilessly for it. And it just does not sit right with them.

  7. Militia-type attack on power substations in North Carolina, knocks out electricity for 100,000 – the attack shut down an LGBT drag queen show

    US gov Homeland Security had warned about such attacks a few days earlier … people ask if this is
    – lone-wolf military veteran ‘Christian radicals’ starting a new phase of USA civil conflict, or
    – false-flag government operations

    Re North Carolina –

    ‘Emily Grace Rainey, a former U.S. Army psychological operations officer and conservative activist who has been vocally protesting drag shows, wrote on Facebook shortly after the electricity failed: “The power is out in Moore County and I know why.”

    She then posted a photograph of the Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines, where a drag show was scheduled for Saturday, and said: “God will not be mocked.”‘


    ‘Controversial Drag Show Ends Early Following Power Outage’

    “Downtown Divas drag show, which was scheduled for 7 p.m. but did not begin until 7:40 p.m., was scheduled as a fundraiser for Sandhills Pride, the local nonprofit supporting the LGBTQ community. The show originally allowed for children and teenagers to attend, but following angry protests online, the Sunrise and Sandhills Pride announced that only individuals aged 18 and older would be admitted.”

    “Just three days before two electrical substations were shot up, causing tens of thousands of customers to lose power in North Carolina, the federal Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning ‘lone offenders and small groups’ could be plotting attacks and that the nation’s critical infrastructure was among the possible targets.”


    ‘“The grid is massive,” said Erroll Southers, a former FBI official and professor of homeland security at the University of Southern California.

    Protecting substations against a long range rifle shot is “extremely challenging, if not impossible,” he said.’


    US military vets know that the way to defeat an advanced urban society is destroying the electrical power grid, as US-Nato did in Iraq, in Serbia, in Libya, and now as Russia is doing in Ukraine … shutting down electricity and thus also water-pumping

    This creates humanitarian disaster but because it is militarily significant it is ‘legal’ under standard law of war

    Alleged US gov insiders have said that the USA knows it cannot win a civil war, as lone wolf military vets would shut down the power grid, disabling government logistics, society collapsing into hunger and chaos within weeks, the government would not ‘win’

    • The only problem is that vets will do nothing and everybody knows that. In the Army, this thing is called “invisible factor”. Invisible factor is deeper nature and psyche of the enemy and also our troops.

      Participating in low risk political activity and taking control over local municipality, then local county, then state and then country is much easier than collapsing civilization and fight apocalyptic civil war. Yet those useless farts cant even put their own guy in the local office and they want to win a civil war.

      The Donald, Nick, Kanye, Milo, Elon and Q behind them is your best chance. Like we had Yeltsin and other clowns.

      Forget vets and gun owners. Stalin never owned gun, he owned Red Army. Also Mr. Soros does not have most fanciest body armor and satellite phone. He is completely happy controlling entire NATO.

      If those vets become restless then The Squad feminists will take their guns away and their former buddies in the Army are more than happy to shoot those poor bastards like they did in Ruby Ridge and many other places.

      I worked in the army 10 long years, then I moved to the private military and then was fierce fight because of well paid jobs. British Special forces vets defended their jobs against Eastern Europeans back in the 2009.

      We did not fight martial arts against 260lb British Royal Marines and British SAS .best fighters. We got them all fired because of racism and homophobia. They picked up fight, they got one and now they enjoy their unemployment and homelessness.

      Real War is about winning not demonstrating pointless stunts to other peasant.

      Afghanistan does not have gun owners and no second amendment. But they have guns men who dare to do something when someone tries to take away their rusty AK47.

      Other courtiers do not have first amendment but they have men who dare to say that you piece of shit is not the person who decides what other people can say.

      So don’t count on those scared waxed sheep’s. called vets. .One obese lesbian finish them all off.

      • “…The Donald, Nick, Kanye, Milo, Elon and Q behind them is your best chance. Like we had Yeltsin and other clowns….”

        I agree with this also as absurd as it seems. Any, truthful, attacks on the Jews and their Deep State brings about doubt and with a little looking around people can find that the so-called lunatic utterances they are making are actually true. It undermines them. Constantly. I was a big fan of Patrick Little. No matter what you think of Little, he was truthful and I’m willing to bet he made quite a reasonable number of people begin to have doubts about the legitimacy of our government. Especially since they keep doing such stupid and perverted things while pretending it’s all normal. At some point, even the dimwits start wondering.

  8. Meanwhile the third term of Fundamental Transformation continues.
    The hyper demographic change will insure that there will never be another Nationalist, even a fake carny barker one.
    MC Yedolf and clown car comrades will be rewarded for their kabuki distraction.
    Locally tens of thousands of replacements are swarming like locusts but the Ponzi must keep going by any means necessary.

  9. There’s just been a roundup in Germany of over 25 people said to be involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the German state.

    Pity they cant round up the mud infestation and the traitors facilitating this. There would then be no need to contemplate destroying the state.

  10. The Turner Diaries phase is going live.
    Going to war with several adversaries will mean purging and final solutions to the dissident question in Das Homeland.
    That is so cute how an emasculated eunuch society has visions of just being left alone.
    Almost as funny as the useful idiot comrades thinking that communism means smoking dope, (c)rapping and video games.

  11. “…Participating in low risk political activity and taking control over local municipality, then local county, then state and then country is much easier than collapsing civilization and fight apocalyptic civil war. ..”

    I applaud this with all my heart. I have said this so many times. I feel like one of those stupid windup toys you pull a string and it utters phrases like, “Moo-this is a cow”. I have also tried to reason ways we can use choke points in the law that are compatible with American civilization and instead of fighting it out with them. There are ways built into the US Constitution that we can dominate them and control THEM. We can beat them at their own game by taking over choke points in government and kicking them out of them. Trump could have done this but either because he was fake all along, fear for his life or because he got bad advice did not do so.

    The real problem we have is the fake and illegal court decisions that have turned our Representative Democracy into a Democracy which it was never meant to be. The people who wrote the Constitution were very clear on this, even pointing out the perils of having the cities control the country. Very clear, but here we are. We now live in a Mobocracy with large city centers governing the whole country and ignoring the law and the mores of the people NOT in the city centers. This can be changed with only a majority vote. Absurd detail on how to do it in this link and links from it.


    • I have tried to encourage our people to keep a lower profile and to get involved in local politics. I keep recommending it. I see a lot of reasons to be encouraged that we can make some breakthroughs in this area.

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