Alex Jones Responds To Salacious B. Crumb

It is a tar baby.

Nick himself became famous for insisting it was a tar baby.

The correct answer is that Hitler and World War II and the Holocaust is all ancient history and something that ought to be left to historians to argue about and figure out. It happened on another continent in the last century long before most of us were born. It was a tragedy that led to many of our present day problems. We don’t care about it. We are sick of hearing about it. We live in our own times.

This answer won’t satisfy the Hitler stans and the crypt keepers which is a niche audience with a very hard ceiling, but it will satisfy most people who have more pressing problems to deal with than World War II historical trivia.


Note: This is my honest answer.

Years ago, I briefly tried to research the Holocaust, but I quickly abandoned the project because it was something that interests other people and something that other people care about. As much as I love history, I genuinely have no interest in the subject. I felt like I was wasting my time reading about it. I returned all the books that I checked out and went back to my own interests.


  1. For how many shekels?
    How about a Thunderdome wrestling chair match with only one leaving. (snicker)
    I wonder what is going on with the other hand while this is distracting.
    Don’t forget to leave a Snickers on the nightstand.

    • Dr. Phibes, HW is self-proclaimed “small r” retardican now. It is pretty obvious that Hunter has become a judas goat for the GOP, but Frank Luntz isn’t getting his shekel’s worth out of his normie republican schtick and counter-signaling National Socialism.

      His own crypt keeping of antebellum Dixie and the Confederacy do not even sell to contemporary Southerners that reside in the 11 states of the Anglo-jewish Confederacy.

      If y’all want to listen to a real Southerner without bias checkout Dingo’s Den on Telegram and Southern Dingo AF on Odysee. My buddy Southern Dingo is one based Carolinian.

      My guess his marching orders were to sell “Christian Nationalism” to his small group of acolytes, but that rocket didn’t clear the pad. Who wants to bet that if Kanye was shilling for Christian Nationalism and Trump, Wallace would be breaking out the pom poms?

      DICARLO, Arrian, and Artemis, you all have been posting solid comments on this internet backwater. Some of the usual HW kissers seem to be vying to be the first segment to the Hunter Wallace Human Centipede.

      Well, back to the “ghetto.” Hahaha.

      • No, I actually have the same view on that subject.

        I borrowed the term “crypt keeper” from Southern heritage and neo-Confederate types who get so wrapped up in the 1850s and 1860s nostalgia and fighting those old battles which are long over that they lose all interest in the present. The same thing happens with Hitler stans and Third Reich crypt keepers. Obviously, I am full of nostalgia for the Confederacy, but slavery is a moot issue and the country is no longer divided in the same way it was in the 1860s. I mentioned that on my last podcast.

  2. If we destroy the holocaust lie, we destroy Jewish power in this country, and perhaps in Germany also, where the modern Weimar government still pays reparations to so-called holocaust survivors and where they jail anyone who questions the lie, even imprisoning elderly Germans who question it. Just today, we read the German government arrested 25 of their citizens who they accuse of plotting to overthrow the government. Yawn. I ain’t buying it. The liberal democracy in Germany is famous for destroying any right wing dissent. A large part of this country is of German ancestry, and we recognize that as Germany goes so goes the west. This is bigger than the USA. Jewish influence in Britain, Germany, and in our own country threatens western civilization. MAGA. MBGA. MGGA. MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN.

    • You are absolutely correct. Whites are guilt tripped to believe it is true because it has been ingrained into our collective consciousness by all manner of print and electronic media. Why should we lay down and allow the jews to get away with this incredible and extremely destructive lie. Any reasonable empathetic human being would be appalled and sickened by these atrocities without some kind of context or counter argument. But, not only has credible evidence come to light in recent years to substantiate that the “Holocaust” is a calculated myth told by jews, but there is absolutely no physical, forensic, or scientific evidence to show or prove it ever happened. Do you hear me? NO EVIDENCE. The six million figure is certainly bogus and is totally discredited, but you’d have to look for yourself, because the omnipresent jew sources of information will never tell you, and they continue to repeat the 6 million figure over and over. Many inmates did die in the work camps, almost 300,000 over the entire course of the war, perhaps half of them were jews, but most of them died from Typhus and many more died through starvation towards the end of WW2 caused by relentless Allied bombing which destroyed Germany’s ability to supply food to the camps, or anywhere else, for that matter. It wasn’t just jews who died, either, at the very least, why should they hold a monopoly on suffering?

      • @DiCarlo…

        Here is a brief snippet of Sturmbannfuhrer Höss on film.

        I gave this one to you, because it has English subtitles.

        If your German is good, you can watch his whole 2 hour testimony at YouTube.
        It goes under the following title – Nuremberg Trial Day 108 (1946) Rudolf Hoess Testimony (Complete)

        That said, it is a very sad thing to hear – how people were systemically evicted, deported, and then, in most cases, executed in German occupied Europe

        • @Ivan ……. This is the kind of propaganda the jews put out there. In this case, lies by ommission. There used to be thousands of videos on youtube that debunked the holocaust narrative. Now there are only videos that omit the truth.

          Here’s the thing, Ivan. At the Nuremberg kangaroo court, Hoess was quoted at length in support of the jews’ the extermination HOAX. Yet, Sergeant Bernard Clarke, British Intelligence, described how he and five other soldiers brutally tortured Hoess (4/5/46) to obtain his “confession”, in which Hoess states:

          “JEWS were being exterminated as early as 1941 in three camps: Treblinka, Belsec and Wolzek; and 2.3 Million JEWS perished at Auschwitz.”

          Rudolf Hoess: “During the first interrogation they beat me to obtain evidence. I do not know what was in the transcript, or what I said, even though I signed it, because they gave me liquor and beat me with a whip. It was too much even for me to bear. The whip was my own. By chance it had found its way into my wife’s luggage. My horse had hardly ever been touched by it, much less the prisoners. Somehow one of the interrogators probably thought that I had used it to constantly whip the prisoners.”

          Author Rupert Butler (Legions of Death) on the capture and interrogation of Rudolf Hoess

          The prisoner was torn from the top bunk, the pyjamas ripped from his body. He was then dragged naked to one of the slaughter tables, where it seemed to jewish Sgt. Bernard Clarke he blows and screams were endless. Eventually, the Medical Officer urged the Captain: ‘Call them off, unless you want to take back a corpse.

          While under torture, and threatened that his wife and children would be deported to Siberia, Hoess invented the name “Wolzek” so people would come to understand that his “confession” was false: the extermination camp “Wolzek” never existed. In addition, Hoess stated before they hanged him: “Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half million JEWS. I could just as easily have said five million jews. There are certain methods by which any confession may be obtained, whether it is true or not.”

          No valid confession can be extracted by torture and no one claimed that in this concentration camp there was ever a gas chamber in which people were gassed except for [former Auschwitz commandant Rudolf] Höss, who was tortured so terribly that he afterwards said, “I would have signed anything.”

          The hoaxters like to point out the testimony of Germans themselves at the Nuremberg Trials, like Auschwitz Camp Commandant, Rudolf Höss, admitted to exterminating jews, but what they don’t tell you is that much of the testimony has been “proven to be unreliable and grossly exaggerated”. So how can this even be offered as proof of anything? For example:

          The postwar testimony of camp’s commandant, Rudolf Höss, presented at the Nuremberg trials of 1946, was therefore also proven to be unreliable and grossly exaggerated FOR REASONS UNKNOWN. [emphasis mine]

          For reasons unknown? Yeah, unknown to people who don’t know that Hoss had his testicles bashed in with a hammer along with other forms of savagery by his jew jailers, and told these torturers exactly, whatever they wanted to hear.

          • After saying below that I wouldn’t go into it here, I will comment:

            >Hoss had his testicles bashed in with a hammer

            I’m not sure what forms of abuse/torture Höss suffered, but he was physically mistreated, and his family threatened — here is a foto of Höss after his capture (foto), which clearly shows he had been beaten — here is another where he fearfully stands before a British officer (foto) — of course these fotos alone are enough to impeach anything Höss said at the trial or claimed in his affidavit — you cannot admit evidence obtained thru abuse/torture.

            In the so-called Höss affidavit submitted as evidence at the IMT, Höss asserted he was responsible for killing 2.5m Jews — he left Auschwitz in Nov 1943, i.e. before the alleged murder of 500k Hungarian Jews in 1944 — today a plaque at the site says (only) 1.1m died — earlier a plaque at the site claimed 4m died; it was changed to 1.1m in 1989 — yet still the most common figure named is 6m — that did not change.

            What many don’t know is that after the prosecution at the IMT submitted the Höss affidavit (in English) as evidence, they did not call Höss as a witness — instead it was the defense (the lawyer for Ernst Kaltenbrunner, as I recall) who called Höss to the stand.

            It is reasonable to ask: why was Höss so wrong about the number of deaths at Auschwitz under his command? — he ought to have known, right? — taking the current official total of 1.1m and subtracting the approx 500k Hungarian Jews allegedly gassed in 1944, the total under Höss was a maximum of 600k, less than 1/4 of the 2.5m he claimed in his affidavit — and why didn’t the prosecution want to put him on the witness stand to testify about his own affidavit?

            Obviously, there are problems with the official Auschwitz story.

            >and then, in most cases, executed in German occupied Europe

            Like I said: people have been indoctrinated to believe the extermination narrative.

        • @Ivan T,

          Almost ALL of the Nuremberg defendants showed signs of heinous trauma to their testicles. Those were tortured confessions perpetrated by American jews, and most likely their Protestant Southern cannon fodder.

          Sell pastrami and mustard on rye bread, not holohoax lies and distortions.

          “Ultimately the key to bringing down the phenomenon of the jewish hoax will not lie in the exposure of single incidents or historical events, but in the conclusive elimination of the narrative of jewish victimhood.”

          – Dr. Andrew Joyce Occidental Observer

          by the way, Reinhard Heydrich did nothing wrong.

        • AGAIN DEAR IVAN — WHERE ARE YOU after posting that jew propaganda that people who aren’t interested in Hitler, the Holocaust, or WW2, and therefore may believe it’s true? This is the net result of jews lying ubiquitously when no one is around to dispute their lies, uninformed people like you believe the lies and even unknowingly
          spread them , and those who would set the record straight are smeared as neo-nazis.

          Rudolf Höss Affidavit

          On March 14, 1946 two days after his capture, at 2:30 in the morning, Rudolf Höss signed an 8 page typed text document written in German. The document lacked any form of formatting, headings or printed administrative references and was littered with hand written corrections. The document was also signed by two witnesses – British sergeants and a captain of the 92nd Field Security Section, who certified that the prisoner made his statement voluntarily. The captain dated his signature March 14, but one of the witnessing officers dated it March 15. The document does not bear any indication of place where it was signed. Remember the dates – March 14 or 15.

          Then on April 5, 1946 Rudolf Höss signed a 20 pages long affidavit written in English – language he did not speak. He signed the affidavit under oath, even though it was written in the language of his captors, not his own.

          In order to hide that Rudolf Höss had signed an affidavit in language he did not speak, the original text was recast and presented as “translation” into English from German. However during the hasty attempt to hide the deception, mistakes were made so the handwritten addition to paragraph 10 was mistakenly added to the end of paragraph 9, rendering the paragraph incomprehensible. It was the forgery that was used before the Nuremberg tribunal.

          • One has to wonder why that stuff is allowed on here. It’s not even basic “disagreement” about what we all agree on. I doubt any zion site would allow our views. So why is he posting on here?

    • Jewish power in the United States and Europe predates the “Holocaust” lie by generations. They didn’t need the “Holocaust” lie when they had the “Inquisition” lie. A lie still beloved by people from Appalachia who are still getting the contemporary version of Ulster Plantation arsonists. Those people now dominate “Southern culture.” Still hearing the feds and other retards blaming Catholicism for the Democratic Party becoming the party of Communists Jews. You Southerners were once in the same party with the Catholics, and understood better Yankee propaganda.

  3. The correct answer is I don’t care about that.

    But your ability to frame that is also important. So you have to be able to have cared enough to do the research, but not to the point where convincing other people what happened is your focus.

    “I picked up books from a library but got bored because it’s not my thing is childish.”

    Simply put: i am not going to base my world view or draw conclusions about what I can and cannot say (or should not be able to say) based on what some losing side allegedly did during a war. Nor is it fair to elevate their suffering when millions perished with around the clock bombing raids on cities. Nor is it fair to punish the descendants by forcing them to decide all political moves based on the sort of world view argued to be antithetical to a caricature of how people acted in the midst of a war that nobody really truly sincerely did anything to end, except for maybe Rudolf Hess. Nor am I going to base my understanding of an event or it’s forced relevance to the present when no counterargument can be considered.

    • I’m not interested in Cambodian history either. Lots of people died there too. It is not something that has any relevance to what I am doing though

      • Christ, simply, Cambodians are not White nor does their actual murder by their dictator have anything to do with the jews. On the other hand, the holocaust never happened, and it’s a total fabrication, but the jews claimed it happened in order to bilk Whites out of billions, and also use it as a batter ram to take away our freedoms, and they’re succeeding, but you don’t want to expose them for the ghouls that they are. In your limited research into the holocaust myth, were you able to ascertain that it did not happen? Hey, Greg Johnson agrees with you. He thinks we should just leave the holocaust alone.

        • @DICARLO…

          “the holocaust never happened, ”

          The filmed testimony given by countless concentration camp commanders, guards, female, attendees, and survivors, not to mention those who were in the Einsatzgruppen or the German railroad records, are at odds with you.

          Clearly, Dear DiCarlo, you do not take German Nazis at their word.

          • @ Ivan ……….Clearly, you haven’t looked into the topic with any sort of open mind, and I believe you know nothing about it, but I hope you will look into it. You’re way off base here. The jews have fooled you. Testimony is only the first step when making allegations. If you can’t prove it by producing physical evidence, what is one to believe? There is not one iota of physical, forensic, or scientific evidence that proves jewish allegations of premeditated mass murder. It’s a fairy tale.

            Can you explain why that so far we have after almost eight decades of studying and research as what jews say is one of the most important events in human history, there are:

            – No documents or recordings of Hitler or any Nazi official ordering an extermination of jews
            – No documents or recordings ordering the use of homicidal gas chambers to kill lews
            – No diagram or blueprint of a homicidal gas chamber linked to a known gas chamber from a specific camp
            – No documents or recordings suggesting Zyklon-B be used for criminal purpose
            – No significant measurable chemical residue from gassing in what is alleged to be homicidal gas chambers but massive quantities of residue in those chambers used to delouse the clothing of inmates.
            – Not the name of one single jew, with proof, that was killed by a gas chamber
            – Multiple failed attempts to excavate and uncover alleged mass graves in allegedly precisely known locations
            – Multiple contradictory statements, lies, and inconsistencies by eyewitnesses when compared to physical and documentary evidence
            – Camp survivors including jews who claim there was no mass killings or gassings
            – Evidence that Nazi “Confessions” were procured by the use of torture, threats, and intimidation
            – Up to years of imprisonment and heavy fines for doubting a point in history in 20 countries

            Billions of dollars have been spent promoting this idiot hoax, while not a single cent has been spent trying to provide evidence that it actually happened.

            All of these stories involving jews being masturbated to death, jews being forced to walk up the stairs carrying boulders until all their bones broke, jews being put into a cage with an eagle and a bear, Jews being electrocuted in chambers with electrified floors that turned their bodies into ashes, jews having their skulls bashed in with pedal-powered brain-bashing machines, Jews being raised by wolves, dogs being trained to punish jews for playing the piano wrong, Nazi scientists changing the color of people’s eyes – they have all disappeared from the public mind.

            The one story that stuck was the gas chamber story. But it is no less ridiculous than any of the other idiot atrocity hoaxes from World War Two. They just had to keep something, and after they’d pruned away so much of this nonsense, they were left with fake shower room gas chambers.

          • The Holocaust® is a myth that was invented in the late 1970s. It was named after an NBC TV miniseries called Holocaust, which starred Michael Moriarty, Fritz Weaver and Tova Feldshuh. Holocaust was a fictional drama which was used as propaganda to justify the existence of Israel after Yassir Arafat condemned Zionism as racist in a 1975 speech at the UN.

            We must keep in mind that the jew has a profoundly different view of “the truth” than White people do. For them the truth is anything that helps their tribe and hurts their enemies.

          • @Ivan T

            British Intelligence had cracked the Ultra codes and were listening to everything the Germans were doing and, amongst all their copious records, nothing about the holocaust.

            As someone mentioned upthread, those Germans were tortured into confessing. Viscount Montgomery of Alamein said putting the Germans on trial was akin to making losing a war a crime.

            There is much more that disproves the hollow cost, including the scientific work of Rudolph Gemar and Fred Leuchter. Leuchter was the expert who designed gas chambers for the US penal system to carry out executions. Leuchter also believed the fable, till he did a study of the Auschwitz chambers for the Ernst Zundell trial.

    • “The correct answer is I don’t care about that.”

      Well, you’re just flat out wrong. You should pick a more accurate username because you don’t seem to be interested in the truth. You don’t have to read books about the “holocaust” to understand it’s a hoax. It’s not all that complicated. There is not one bit of physical, scientific, or forensic evidence that proves that it happened. But the damage this jew lie has done to White people is astronomical. So just let it stand?

  4. I see you aren’t publishing my comments. That’s disturbing.

    Almost as disturbing as Alex Jones. What really is disgusting is Alex Jones acting as a gatekeeper when he was already bad news because of all the other retarded stuff that spouts out of his mouth.

    Why someone should be happy about somebody who takes some of your talking points but mixes them a sludge of dumb goofus stuff reeks of desperation. Associating with Alex Jones for his audience was always a risk. Now he’s acting just like any other CNN-MSNBC puppet as he more or less adopts this condescending, adult-talking-to-child demeanor.


  5. ” won’t satisfy the Hitler stans”

    H was an answer to a time of mass hunger and freezing. Americans are neither freezing or hungry, his solutions don’t have any traction in the current situation.

    Sheeple will continue to graze until the the slaughter truck arrives.

  6. The Hitler fanatics are humorless monomaniacs. For them the world began in 1933 Germany and ended there 12 years later, nothing of importance happened anywhere else before or since then.

  7. You should be really interested in the Holo$hoax lie because despite what you think it actually affects you personally and also affects the interests of the South, a region you claim to care about. As somebody before me already explained, If we destroy the holocaust lie, we destroy Jewish power in this country.

    • In my experience, the whole issue (Hitler’s reputation, National Socialism, the Holocaust, etc.) is a tar baby. Once you start talking about that and become identified with that, you quickly find out that you can’t talk about anything else. You end up surrounded by Hitler stans, Third Reich crypt keepers, WW2 history aficionados. It is an echo chamber that appeals to a small swath of the White Nationalist community. It has a very hard ceiling. It has no appeal to anyone else.

      This is what is happening to Fuentes. He isn’t destroying Jewish power by hitting the Hitler tar baby. Instead, he has made his allies uncomfortable who are abandoning him en masse. He is becoming less of a threat to Jewish power. He is burning bridges, alienating normies, weakening his own movement. He isn’t moving the Overton Window or gaining strength when he is being denounced by the few members of Congress who were bold enough to associate with him.

      • No one is a threat to jewish power. Fuentes was never a threat to jewish power. The TRUTH is the threat to jewish power, and for anti-jew pro-Whites advocating to silence themselves instead of exposing the most significant jew lie of the 20th century, jsut because the jews fight so furiously to silence those who would expose it, is totally counterproductive.

        ITZ not rocket science. The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the dumbest, most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. Only lies require censorship. Jews use their control of information to force people to accept a grotesque lie for the express purpose of completely demoralizing them, and therefore to convince them that all resistance is futile, exactly what they did as they slaughtered White Russians in Bolshevik Russia.

        Once you realize that a whole ethnicity, thousands of jews, got together to formulate a lie on this scale, the holocaust tale, with only the odd exceptional jewish witness telling the truth about some small part of it, it should become clear to all non-jews that none of these people can be trusted.

        This colossal lie is not just about the Germans or WW2, it’s about demonizing and vilifying all White people. The magnitude of this crime against the Germans, and all of us, as we see today, is incomprehensible — to falsely accuse an entire nation of a most horrific and horrendous genocide, such is the cruelty and unconsciousness of this lie, it is as alien to the White man’s consciousness as it would be for White people to even contemplate doing it. It has to be the greatest injustice of all time. There is nothing worse than someone pretending to be a victim in order to gain sympathy they used to extort billions of dollars from White nations they alleged committed these atrocities, especially when they are deliberately placing the blame on the real victim, the Germans, and by extension, all Whites. And we should just skip it?

        Exposing the jews collectively as a people has to start with the holohoax. Investigation of their other many and varied crimes all hinges on exposing the one that gives them their false ‘victim’ status. When I hear about miscarriages of justice and about people imprisoned on false evidence, just one person is bad enough, but a whole race of people are being punished here, White people, for something that never happened. This was not a mistake, but a carefully thought-out deception.

        There isn’t even a word capable of describing just how much of a crime the false accusation of the holocaust is. It’s like when an innocent man is accused of rape by a vindictive psycho-feminist, but literally “6 million” times worse. It should make everyone’s blood boil when they realize how their emotions have been manipulated into blaming an innocent party for imaginary gas chamber atrocities, how children have been shocked into being ashamed of their own flesh and blood, and generations have lived with the guilt of being descended from a people capable of such inhuman behavior.

        Once you get over the realization that an entire ethnic group could be so consumed with hatred for White people, vindictive and deceitful, you then discover that many of the crimes they accused the German people of actually parallel real crimes committed by the jewish Communists against the Christian Russians after they took control of Russia during and after the Boshevik Revolution. The jews projected their own vile nature onto the German people in order to transform themselves, in the public mind, from wicked murderers of the Russians into poor, innocent victims of the Germans. The faked holohoax shows everyone that jews operate as a unified group.

        It’s not just some jews, it’s ALL THE JEWS!

      • Hunter, who DO you look up to?
        I never see you bash the boomers who have J wives or accept J’s into their groups. There’s quite a few of them in the “White movement”.

        You only go after the younger people like Fuentes, Spencer, etc.

        • You are free to read through the archives.

          All of the Boomers who I used to criticize have either died (Harold Covington) or self-destructed and died (Glenn Miller) a long time ago. Those who are still around and active after all of this time like Peter Brimelow or Jared Taylor are those who are productive and doing good work. The retards were culled.

          • “Producing good work”?? So it’s just about articles and journalism for you?
            Those people don’t do anything. Especially if they are in bed with the zionists!
            Now, I don’t really trust you.

          • Yes.

            VDARE has always focused on immigration. Amren has always focused on race. Both organizations have been around for nearly thirty years. Immigration restriction is now fully mainstream and White advocacy is more and more so. Meanwhile, clowns come and go without accomplishing anything.

    • @German Fan…

      The holocaust history is very definitely a part of systemic Jewish manipulation in this country.

      It, however, is not the basis for Jewish power.

      The basis for Jewish power is, as erstwhile Grand Dragon Louis Beam stated at Butler’s annual Aryan Nations’ meeting 25 years ago – ‘White Gentile weakness’.

      • Ivan Ivanovich is right, if whites were racially conscious, organized and vigilant the jews would have no power over them.

  8. O/T-Just read about a great response from Tom Cotton to WOKE grocery giant Kroger who is trying to merge with Albertsens.
    The CPUSA branch of the Uniparty bird (Warren/Sanders) give it a thumbs down.
    Cotton said best of luck with that.

  9. If a certain ethnic group would stop talking about Hitler it might go away.
    Some people like the disciplined order of 1929-1945 Germany and the snappy uniforms designed by Hugo Boss.
    The Bank for International Settlements had Nazi ties but no one ever talks about that.
    IG Farben and Mengele Farm Equipment is still around and IBM made the concentration camp punch cards.

  10. So loudmouthed kike-fucker Jones disavows “pedo” Hitler…lol.

    Once more: Hitler was a very great White man. He clearly saw what the jew is and what it was/is doing to Germany, Europe & the White race as a whole, and bravely acted.- unlike his jew-whore race traitor scum opponents Churchill & FDR. They and not him are the reason we’re all up to our noses in the jewshit today. His only “crime” was losing.

    As for the Hollowco$t, it must be debunked because:

    1: It’s the foundation for the jews’ phony guilt-based “victimhood” tyranny over us. It justifies it all in minds of stupid people, from the establishment of Pissrael, its $3 billion per year welfare check & all of Uncle Golem’s wars for its benefit, to the total kike control over what they “forbid” us to say on pain of complete personal & financial ruin.

    2: It’s full of more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

    I’m not saying that this is an easy or desirable task. Far from it: it’s a huge & tedious pain in the ass to fight the uphill battle of trying to awaken pig-ignernt patriotard normies brainwashed from the cradle to believe the jew garbage about long-ago events specifically designed to keep them cattle to be milked by Farmer Shmuel when what you really want to do is focus on the life-or-death issues facing Whites here, today. But both can and I think must be done, if done carefully.

    And besides: all the necessary criticism of what today’s jews are doing to Whites is inevitably boiled down to Hitlah; the kikes themselves see to that.

    • >1: It’s the foundation for the jews’ phony guilt-based “victimhood” tyranny over us.

      There is true and more than enough reason for anyone who’s ‘pro-White’ to seriously look into ‘Holocaust’ revisionism: what hard evidence (forensic, documentary) actually exists.

      >I’m not saying that this is an easy or desirable task.

      The research can be done quietly.

      But one should be cautious and strategic when talking about it — I don’t casually discuss the topic with just anyone, but should it come up, I will say something if I feel given the situation or context the risk/reward is acceptable — I know enough about the evidence to confidently say that for me personally there just isn’t enough of it to convince me, to the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard employed in an adversarial court proceeding, that the Germans planned and attempted the deliberate extermination of the Jews — unless directly asked, I do not feel the need to go beyond that, and normally don’t.

      • There isn’t any scientific, forensic, or physical evidence jews can use to prove that their holocaust narrative is true. NONE! Most people who have never looked for themselves into the jews’ holocaust narrative, just assume and believe there is mountains of evidence proving that the socalled holocaust happened, that Hitler premeditatively ordered the extermination by ‘gassing’ of 6 million jews. But the truth is that there is absolutely no physical, forensic, or scientific evidence that proves these allegations to be true. When these believers in the holohoax are made aware of this fact, that there is no evidence, they say there are thousands of eyewitnesses who made these claims and their oral testimony and written affidavits placed in the record at the notorious Nuremberg Trials.

        Yes, there were many, many, eyewitnesses, conveniently, mostly jewish eyewitnesses, and they created hundreds of thousands of affidavits. Here’s the thing. Any jew, who was either was a camp inmate, or even deported from Germany, could make any revengeful allegation that he pleased. Most incredible of all, perhaps, was the fact that lawyers for the defense at Nuremberg were not permitted to cross-examine prosecution witnesses. That’s right. The Defense was not permitted to question witnesses. What kind of a trial is this?

        More facts that some say totally discredit the socalled Nuremberg Trials, in fact, might label them as Kangaroo Court is the fact that The Rules of Evidence, developed by British jurisprudence over the centuries in order to arrive at the truth of a charge with as much certainty as possible, were entirely disregarded at Nuremberg. It was decreed that “the Tribunal should not be bound by technical rules of evidence” but could admit “any evidence which it deemed to have probative value,” that is, would support a conviction. In practice, this meant the admittance of hearsay evidence and documents, which in a normal judicial trial are always rejected as untrustworthy.

        That such testimony was allowed as “evidence” is of profound significance, because it was one of the principal methods by which the extermination legend was fabricated — by fraudulent “written affidavits”. Although only 240 witnesses were called in the course of the Trials, no less than 300,000 of these “written affidavits” were accepted by the Court as supporting the charges, without this evidence being heard under oath and with none of it questioned by opposing counsel. Incredibly, this is the “evidence”, absurd by any standards, that the existence of a jewish holocaust promoters hang their collective hats on.

        • >NONE!

          I know — but this isn’t the/a blog for that, so I don’t want to get into it.

          I just wanted to agree that it is a main source of Jewish power, and suggest 1) doing your own research/investigation, 2) coming to your own conclusion, and 3) exercise discretion when/if the subject comes up, because it is sensitive, and most people have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe the extermination narrative, and that ‘Holocaust deniers’ are bad people to be shunned — but if you do discuss it, be matter-of-fact and present your views as a conclusion, as I suggested.

          • Yes: this most taboo of all issues must be handled very carefully indeed when dealing with brainwashed normies. The White “deprogrammer” must be calm, low-key – definitely no howling about “the kikes” as we do amongst ourselves…lol. Maybe a few facts to plant seeds of doubt; the recommendation of a website or 2 to encourage further study, then let it go at that.

            If they do decide to investigate further, they’ll make it known.

          • >… but this isn’t the/a blog for that, so I don’t want to get into it.

            Despite having said that:

            The Shrinking ‘Holocaust’

            ANOTHER ‘DEATH CAMP’ HAS BEEN QUIETLY REMOVED from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) website’s pages on the “Final Solution.” …

            So apparently the USHMM finally accepts the longstanding revisionist claim that Majdanek was not a ‘death camp’, and without fanfare, or any announcement at all, has updated its website to reflect this — archived pages confirm the change.

            Keep in mind the Soviets captured Majdanek in Poland, and in the immediate aftermath of the war, including at the IMT, claimed the Germans killed 1.5m people in gas chambers there — revisionists have long disputed this; for years now no historian, revisionist or otherwise, could credibly claim Majdanek was a ‘death camp’.

            The Soviets were brazen liars who wanted revenge against the Nazis, as well as propaganda to cover their own subjugation of eastern Europe — Carlos Whitlock Porter painstakingly reviewed evidence submitted at the IMT by the Soviets, and has a page detailing all of their ridiculous nonsense and lies:

            The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter — MADE IN RUSSIA — THE HOLOCAUST

            At the IMT, the Soviets even insisted on blaming the Germans for Katyn — private communication between the Allies shows the outrage of the Western powers about this, since it had long been proven that the Soviets murdered thousands of Polish intelligentsia at Katyn.

  11. The power of money is awesome. It can destroy a man. Even a fag like Fuentes knew that when the swasticas came out it was time to disassociate. But….but…. the money.

  12. Alex Jones wanted to “educate” Ye. And judging be Alex’s blue face, Ye said no. We don’t need no education.

    All Nick Fuentes is doing is giving Ye a foot in with alternative media. Fuentes knows these people and is making arrangements for Ye to appear in exchange for money. Do you understand Fuentes is neither an ideological nor moral person, he is a person who is ruled by money. Ye on the other hand is an honest moral person who is using his money to fight evil. Ye’s point has been made, why can’t the Jews forget about Hitler, what is wrong with forgive and forget? Because it is the way of the goyim not the Jew. And the Jews are nothing like us.

  13. Just as Whites are starting to realize what’s happening to them, along comes Hitler and it’s all about the Holocaust and six million Jews. I always knew this Ye thing, et al had a bad smell to it.

  14. “Russia is an Orthodox Christian country with traditional social values and for that reason it must be destroyed no matter what price U.S pays for it.” – US congressman Jamie Raskin (D)

    • I wonder what someone who ran for office in a state like Kentucky could do just by using that single quote from a Democrat. They might even be able to win a seat as a Democrat in heavily Christian districts by repeating that quote on Christian TV and radio. Another advantage of running the quote is that it would quickly reveal who among the owners of “Christian” media outlets are in the pockets of the (((usual suspects))).

      As for Nutella, Ye-dolf (Murika’s most famous nazi) has now cornered the market.

  15. Civil rights happened before many of our lifetimes. Should we then not care about it and not address it and act like it doesn’t effect us?

    Communist Revolution began in Russia long before anyone was born, and we are still dealing with the effects of that…again, is that not relevant?

    How can anyone say that the outcome of the Largest War in history that our modern world order is based on and only ended 77 years ago…is irrelevant? How can people notice we have the same exact problems Hitler had on STEROIDS and not come to the conclusion that the solution will look very similar, and we can learn from him?

    Whites who appreciate the history of our civilization may celebrate Ancient Greece, Rome, Napoleon, etc…The founders took a lot of inspiration for their vision of America from ancient history….but Hitler is a step too far for some reason.

    • No, federal civil rights legislation is the law in this country and has a major impact on our lives today across a whole range of areas from employment to education. In contrast, arguments over how many Jews died in WW2 or whether Hitler was really the goid guy is a purely historical question. Both are distractions from dealing with problems in our own country and in our own times

      • Not distractions because it is the jews who are responsible for all the problems White people suffer, and Hitler brought the subversions of jews to the forefront. So, it is a very important part of White history, that jews have spent very much effort to obscure. Why have they done that? Because mass knowledge and understanding of Hitler, WW2, and the jews, is extremely detrimental to jew power in the West.

      • I’m fairly convinced that Schlomo really likes the endless kvetching about an Austrian painter who died in 1945. The reason being that it always leads to discussion of their very favorite subject – themselves. They get to live rent-free like maggots in the brains of those who suddenly become aware of what they’ve been up to and fall into the monomania trap of Schlomo being the one-ring which rules them all. That way many who could potentially do things to break free of their power will remain listless, enslaved, depressed and miserable – something which gives old Schlomo the warm-schmaltzies every single time. Many of the painter’s fan-club lose sight of the most important of the many historical takeaways: He failed.

        Vox Day has an interesting observation about this phenomenon, which surfaced within his own Gab circle as a result of the simple historical comparison made here.

  16. what you’re saying hunter is pretty much what ye was saying at the very end of the gavin interview. something like “jewish ppl, forgive hitler. stop taking out your hate for him on the rest of us. let it go.”

    • Ye is going to find it impossible to change the subject now.

      The only issue that anyone will talk about now is his views on Hitler, the Holocaust, Nazis, etc. The whole subject is going to define his campaign. That’s assuming he even bothers to officially run for president in 2024 which seems highly unlikely to happen at this point. It would take millions of dollars to get on the ballot in all 50 states and he can’t even win over someone like Alex Jones.

      • That, I think, is the whole point. Going on about Hitler, Jews and the Holocaust is the perfect distraction from focusing on White Genocide, aka The Great Replacement.

    • autismo, they don’t control us, because of the hollowcost, they control us because they want to control the world. They have that megalo mindset.

    • > jewish ppl, forgive hitler. stop taking out your hate for him on the rest of us. let it go..

      The hate is not about Hitler. It started long before the Austrian painter’s six-times great grandparent was even conceived. To borrow a bit from Orwell: It’s a two-millenia hate. Once they are done exterminating the first groups who embraced Christianity, they’ll dispatch the remainder using duped goyim. Christianity is basically vanishing from the middle-east and if the Evil Empire of Lies run by Jews manages to destroy Russia (where it has somewhat recovered from the Soviet era), the rest will fall soon enough. Most of what refers to itself as Christianity in Kayfabeland is bogus. Even in the south many Evangelicals worship Scofield’s Judeo-Christ idol – which is how white boys end up carrying out orders to slaughter Christians in Iraq and Syria. There is little Christianity remaining in EUSSR, just remnants here and there. Churches are being converted to mosques in all of western Europe as the natives scarcely ever darken the door.

      The whole shitstorm over Hitler is indeed a massive distraction.

  17. What are actually distractions are these crooked elections and the antiwhite candidates and other flunkies in the gov that we waste so much time talking about. If the entire US congress was 100% Republican, nothing would change, because the jews are in control of each and every one of them. Certainly, censoring ourselves is exactly what the jews want. They want to use the holohoax to their advantage whenever they feel like it, and hear silence and groveling in return. Only exposing the jews to as many Whites as possible and their subsequent action can change the trajectory of this jew tyranny we call the US gov.

        • The third world is now invading our homelands to the degree that we no longer possess our own homelands. We allowed the jewish parasite to buy its way to the top of our food chain to have total control over academia, media, government, where all the power resides, and now the Internet. The US gov is entirely antiwhite, and you think America is a White homeland?

          White people have been disenfranchised. White people have collectively been denied all forms of representation in our elected governments. We are not allowed to discuss what is in our interests. We are not even allowed to believe that we have interests. White interests are never discussed in the media. It’s not permitted. In fact, we’re not even allowed to believe we exist as a distinct group of people. White people are never mentioned in any positive manner, only negatively. The people who control our countries, the jews, have unilaterally decided to flood them with infinite amounts of third world brown people who have disrupted social cohesion to the point where our countries can no longer even be described as “societies.” Well paid and traitorous antiwhite politicians tell us that having turned the once White Northern nations into mixed race cesspools of racial tension is OUR strength.

          And the thing is: you are not even allowed to acknowledge that any of this is happening without having your entire life destroyed. Even saying “well, maybe we should talk about this…” is a social death sentence, as the culture-manipulators have turned White women and feminized men into social police who monitor all normal White men for signs of thinking about maybe talking about the fact that the White population is being displaced and replaced in front of our eyes, were watching our neighborhoods turn unsafe and alien, and the jews, through their media, is openly celebrating the fact that we will be minorities in our own “homelands” relatively soon.

  18. How has 20th century Germany NOT affected us? If USA had Allied with Hitler, we may have stopped communism. It’s completely relevant, but I agree that it’s not a good Red Pill for normies as it invokes decades of emotional trauma based mind control. Just simply tell people local news and show them who produces Gansta culture, porno, pharma poisons, big white wars ,etc.

  19. The reason for defeating Hitler was the same as the reason for defeating the Kaiser, viz., the Allies did not want to share their control of the world with a strong, unified Reich. So they invented a bunch of wartime atrocity tales to justify their destruction/occupation of Germany. SIMPLE AS.

    • Yes, the mask is off these kikes with the Ukraine war. They must really think we’re helpless to react to them now.

  20. “Allies did not want to share their control of the world with a strong, unified Reich.”

    As one old brit explained, in the 1910s the english docklands were filling up with cheap, high quality german goods. The brits couldn’t compete in any industrial products, they could see the trajectory. They had to have a war.

    Much similar in 1930s, german technology was racing ahead of the world. Before sep 39, English spies discovered that germans were producing commercial power from an experimental nuclear pile, that sealed the need for a war.

  21. >As much as I love history, I genuinely have no interest in the subject.

    You don’t necessarily need a high enough level of interest to motivate you to extensively research the subject — there are many other competent people doing that and publishing their findings in easily accessible form, e.g. videos, books, short articles — one of the best sources of the latter is Inconvenient History.

    >I felt like I was wasting my time reading about it.

    If you have an interest in the JQ, i.e. you understand that Jewish influence is important, then you ought to at least recognize that the ‘Holocaust’ plays a huge role in maintaining Jewish victimhood and moral sway over the goyim — so to that extent it is not a waste of time — don’t take my word for it: I filtered Greenblatt’s Twitter timeline for the word ‘Holocaust’ (link) — scroll down to see how often he uses the word.

    >I returned all the books that I checked out and went back to my own interests.

    I’m not sure how many revisionist books you’ll find at the local library; they are what you need — not only do they fairly present the accepted evidence for the extermination narrative, i.e. what you will find in any conventional book about the ‘Holocaust’, they also critique it; they subject it to critical evaluation — see my comment above about adversarial court proceedings and the ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ standard of proof.

    CODOH publishes a series of books called the Holocaust Handbooks — all are available for free download, e.g. in PDF format.

    You can watch the first hour or so of the video One Third of the Holocaust, which does a good job of showing how shoddy the footnoted references are in even well-known and respected books about the ‘Holocaust’, e.g. The Destruction of the European Jews — its author, Raul Hilberg, was humiliated on the witness stand by Ernst Zündel’s lawyer Douglas Christie during the first Zündel trial — in fact, it was so bad that he refused to testify for the state as a ‘Holocaust’ expert in the second Zündel trial — but if you look at the Wikipedia page on Hilberg, there is not one word about that.

    • This was in the early 2000s.

      At the time, several people were debating the Holocaust on my old forum. I remember checking out like twenty books about the subject from the Auburn library. I was going to make up my mind about the issue once and for all. After a few days of researching the subject, I gave up and admitted that I just don’t care about the issue because I hate the whole World War II era. I returned all of those books and checked out several new books about the Roman Empire.

      • I agree that since your interests lie elsewhere, as well as for general ‘optics’ reasons, you should not turn your blog into a discussion forum on the topic; there are other places for that — per one of my comments above, for this reason I was reluctant to say anything at all about it.

    • >Jewish victimhood and moral sway over the goyim

      Why is there still a bust of this antisemite in Rockefeller Center? — Monuments to other problematic historical figures have been removed in the U.S., yet Charles Lindbergh remains in a prime NYC tourist spot

      Why is being antisemitic so terrible? — because it can lead to the next ‘Holocaust’.

      Why is Hitler so reviled? — because he (allegedly) ordered the extermination of the Jews — otherwise he’s just a revanchist nationalist leader who lost a war, not much different than a 20th century Napoleon, who now rests in a magnificent tomb in Paris (link).

      This is why it’s important to look critically at the evidence for the ‘Holocaust’: to weaken the moral sway Jews hold over Gentiles.

      Organized Jewry is really foul — it reduces the worth of every goy to the thing that matters most to Jews: whether the person is antisemitic or not — and it’s Jews who decide who’s antisemitic.

  22. Why is Hitler so reviled? — because he (allegedly) ordered the extermination of the Jews

    I understand completely you offer this as an example of why the jews insist we should all hate Hitler. And of course, we both know this order by Hitler, to exterminate the jews, did not happen and evidence of any such document does not exist. The problem is, most people don’t know that, simply because they take the word of the arch liars, the jews, as truth, as they do the entire contrived event, without ever looking into it themselves.

    It’s useful to know, 1100 tons, of documents were seized from the German High Command, that’s 1100 TONS by the ALL-LIES at the war’s end, and though the Germans were known to be notoriously meticulous record-keepers, embracing orderly bureaucracy like no other people, there are no documents or written orders by Hitler or anyone else, to exterminate anyone, much less jews. No blueprints or plans for alleged gas chambers have ever been found. Ground that was alleged to be the location of mass graves by the jews were found to not have been disturbed, ever. Testimony of lampshades, soap, and shrunken heads, have been proven to be jew lies.

    On the other hand, there is only tons of evidence to the contrary, millions of sprightly jewish survivors, some of whom were allegedly held in half a dozen different “death camps”, where the notoriously demonic, notoriously thorough, that is, the notoriously efficient Germans somehow failed to kill them.

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