Axios: House Sends Gay and Interracial Marriage Bill To Joe Biden’s Desk

The passage of the gay and interracial marriage bill which will be proudly signed into law by Joe Biden sums up where we are at today in American politics.


“Driving the news: The bill passed the House 258-169 with one present vote. …

The bill got support from 39 Republicans — a drop off from the 47 who voted for it in July. Two flipped from “no” in July to “yes” on Thursday: Reps. Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc.) and Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.).

The backdrop: The bill passed the Senate 61-36 last month with support from a dozen Republicans. …”

Every single House and Senate Democrat voted to codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The only reason that this happened is because Democrats control Congress. Similarly, every single House and Senate Democrat has voted to support every single arms package sent to Ukraine. The Democrats are the party of faggot and interracial marriage and endless war in Ukraine.

In the Senate, 12 Republicans voted to break the filibuster to enable this abomination to pass in the lame duck session. 3 Senate Republicans who voted for it are retiring. 38 out of 50 Senate Republicans voted against it though including Richard Shelby and Tommy Tuberville in Alabama.

In the House, 47 House Republicans voted to pass this in July and 39 voted to pass it again this morning. 39 out of 213 House Republicans in the current Congress voted to support this. Every Republican congressman from Alabama voted against it.

Who is to blame for this?

Well, it isn’t the fault of my congressman Barry Moore or Tuberville or Shelby who to their credit voted against it, which is what I would have done. Nearly every single House district in which White evangelical Protestants are demographically dominant is represented by a Republican congressman who voted against legalizing faggot and interracial marriage. Nancy Mace and Tom Rice are exceptions to the rule.

Note: Contrast how the White evangelical Protestant South voted on this issue with the White Catholic East. Every single House district in New England is represented by a Democrat who voted to support faggot and interracial marriage.


  1. This is for the best, as it will further provoke Red States into taking sovereign measures that will be held up by The Supreme Court.

    Nevertheless, if the high court forgets it’s place in the scheme of things, as it did so often in recent decades, this, too, will further provoke states to make further sovereign moves.

    Many people are quite vexed at this, but, for me, I just see it as the latest in a long line of tyrannical anti-American measures of a once great though now failing American republic.

    I look at this backwards from the standpoint of 2050 – just like watching a History Channel program not yet made.

    • Everything from forced integration to “civil rights” to “feminism” to “gay rights” to forced 3rd world immigration is aimed at hurting Whites. This is the latest in a long line of tyrannical Anti-White measures.

      None of this would be happening without the connivance of White traitors in high places.

      • @More…

        Yes, sad to say, but, since we have been deracinated, oh, so, many many politicians climb up their career ladder with the best of intentions (admittedly some not), only to succumb to the temptations of graft, this so that they can have the best house with the best hedges in town.

        It is precisely because most of us have almost a god-like reverence for our individual selves and our own individual creative dreams that there is not much in the hearts of most of us to stand in the way of individual ambition.

        My entire life has been witness to this, and it has only gotten worse – much much worse.

        • Secession and a White, Christian Ethnostate. The USA is not only dead, THIS IS A COVENANTALLY DAMNING MOMENT. JB deserves God’s wrath.

          • @Fr. John…

            Yes, Sir, if anything about our faith is right, then this nation has chosen a highway to hell.

            Hell, seems like we already arriven, as living in this country, such a joy in my early years, is now become more like a task.

            Very sad.

            Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • What an abomination. Yahweh has long been mad at the US and his anger grows day after day. This shows how immoral and evil this country is. Both parties got this passed because both parties are in rebellion against God. Gay Marriage and Interracial Marriage are sins and pure evil. Any country that allows it will be judged by God. If I had it my way Christian Nationalism and White Nationalism would be the law of the land and all sin would be Illegal. Deo Vindice!

      • @Brain…

        Yes, Mr. Pace, if there is anything at all to our faith, the Lord cannot be pleased with us.

        Before we even get to the subject of addressing our political system, we, as a society, have a long road to hoe.

        Problem is, as you well know – not only are there many who have no idea that there IS a good road to hoe, many say that the good road is actually the bad.

        Because of all this, I’ve made my peace with this being a long drawn out process that will continue on long after I am back with The Lord..

    • American “democracy” is gay anal. The jewS gov is completely out of control. When the US gov and their spokespeople say “national security,” they’re talking mainly about “gay sex.” US is warmongering over are gay sex and feminism. The antiwhite US gov has a very special interest in war in the Ukraine, since this war ultimately comes down to the US gov forcing gay sex, including gay child sex and child trannies, ultimately onto the people of Russia.

  2. I presume that if Obergefell is overturned, this can be challenged as a federal usurpation of authority that ought to be left to the states, since there is no ‘right’ for homosexuals to marry in the Constitution — so the goal must still be to overturn Obergefell.

    • You’re right, this is exactly the kind of issue that should have been left up to the individual states to decide, like abortion and the death penalty. I now consider the liberal Democrat Northeast and Upper Midwest a hostile foreign country. Imagine the effrontery of naming that legislation The Respect for Marriage Act, when it is anything but that!

    • Sorry eah, this shit is like a ratchet, it only turns one way. Everything the Left imposes is a universal, natural, self-evident “right” that is inviolable. Progress is when age old ways of living and arranging society, especially common sense things, like true marriage and Christianity are buried six feet under. New universal, natural, self-evident, inviolable “rights” become the yardstick used to measure society and therefore must and will be imposed first in the U.S. then the rest of the world.

      Under this standard the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and Obergefell vs. Hodges must itself be overturned and miscreant judges punished To Encourage the Others. States cannot be allowed to go their own way and outlaw homo marriage and abortion, these are “universal rights” now. Democracy is when the Institutional Left imposes its draconian agenda, at bayonet point if necessary. .

      In their eyes, there is no going back once they have achieved a victory. So far the Left hasn’t retreated (permanently) one inch on any of their misbegotten victories in the last 80 years or so. What they have done is make the Left Wing Establishment hard and tough, but ultimately brittle like the old USSR. When they wreck the money and the economy and probably suffer a defeat over Taiwan they will crash the whole rotten system and something new will arise. We aren’t voting our way out of this and the Republicans are simply worthless.

  3. > Every single House and Senate Democrat voted to codify gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The only reason that this happened is because Democrats control Congress. Similarly, every single House and Senate Democrat has voted to support every single arms package sent to Ukraine. The Democrats are the party of faggot and interracial marriage and endless war in Ukraine.

    In the Senate, 12 Republicans voted to break the filibuster to enable this abomination to pass in the lame duck session. 3 Senate Republicans who voted for it are retiring. 38 out of 50 Senate Republicans voted against it though including Richard Shelby and Tommy Tuberville in Alabama.

    In the House, 47 House Republicans voted to pass this in July and 39 voted to pass it again this morning. 39 out of 213 House Republicans in the current Congress voted to support this. Every Republican congressman from Alabama voted against it.

    That would presumably include the two “maverick” D-jerseys Manchin and Sinema. We know what the Democrats are. They carry their rainbow flag openly. They openly boast of the great replacement.

    Most who vote for them are well aware that these (and the endless war for zio-nazism) are the top D-jersey priorities. There are some retarded white union folks in the upper midwest who still think Repukes are the party of the “rich” while the Dems are the party of the “little-guy” – an utterly laughable notion that the Repuke establishment buttresses from time to time with more Reaganite tax-cuts for the rentier class (most of whom are big donors to the D-jerseys).

    The repuke party needs to be replaced, if it were actually possible. Denniger is probably correct though. The die is cast and even though the old south still elects Repukes who will now and again (or even most of the time) vote as their supporters want them to, the open borders and low white birthrate means the best southern whites could hope for is secession – which is only empty talk at present. Strategic votes to weaken the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac would be a decent defensive strategy – gridlock leading to regime collapse would open the door to secession, much as the gridlock over the 1876 election led to the end of occupation and southern whites establishing control over their own states. All else is mere deck-chair feng-shui.

  4. Southern Baptists have their own very serious shitlib infestation. Russell Moore’s departure does not solve the problem, though it’s a start. Those who preach Church of Woke dogma need excommunication. That means you don’t even eat dinner with them – even if they are family members.

      • The only two internet e-celebs I still find interesting are the Pharaoh of West Memphis, aka, Ethan Ralph and the Prince of Chicago, Castizo Nick. M.I.L.O., “Doctor” Peterson, Britni, Baked, et al have no substance, they are just attention whores.

        • The whole fucking corrupt US gov is drama. I am proud to say, however, I’ve only heard of this guy, “baked alaska”, and unless he ever does anything noteworthy, I’ll be keeping it that way.

  5. I can think of a guy and a political system that never had to worry about jewish, liberal, and communist subversion making gay and interracial marriage acceptable…

    Ah well. Lets keep trying the GOP.

    • Yes, let’s light a candle for the corpse of Hitler and the memory of a regime that ceased to exist over 75 years ago and focus on the past which retreats further into the past every year as the people who lived through that time die off.

      • If we don’t take similar measures as he did we’ll be just as dead. A people that know its history and takes it into account when making decisions is stronger for it. Or we can keep trying the same solutions we’ve seen in our lifetime that we know don’t work.

  6. The Democratic Party is the White traitor of the year for 2022.

    From destroying the economy and ushering in 1970s level inflation to promotion of pedos, homos, trans and interracial relationships to the suppression of speech, endless war with Billions to Ukraine and theft of elections. I’m sure I missed a few.

  7. None of this sexual deviant stuff gets passed without black support.

    That is why the Jews and the Irish, the people behind the sexual deviant push, have done everything possible to please blacks and gain black support. Here is a quick rundown.

    The Brittany Griner deal. The Irishmen Paul Whelan, still in Russian custody, sorry Paul.
    Hakeem Jefferies Democrat party leader.
    South Carolina will be the first Democrat primary state. SC has a large black electorate.

    There is more coming. And Ye’s is planning to throw a monkey wrench in to this whole scheming Jew Irish sexual deviancy operation. Go Ye Go.

    You do know Brain Tyler Cohen is a Jew Irish hybrid don’t you?

  8. This day has been a long time coming. This is the next conservative position. Whatever ZOG passes today becomes the conservative position tomorrow. And ZOG has gone full Sodom.

    There are a number of people, thankfully a small number, that glorify the German NAZI pigs, because they replaced the Jewish Weimar Sodom in Germany, and cleaned it up a little bit. Truthfully, only a little bit. Most of the filth remained.

    But what these Neo-NAZI Larpers don’t realize is that when God’s judgment came, it came in the form of NAZI lunatics. A dim witted corporal with one ball and no military or strategic knowledge, and this damn fool corporal got Germany into a three front war that it coukd never win, and got Germany wrecked. Prussia ceased to exist.

    As God’s judgment comes to America it will come via war and destruction. The lead in might be some kind of war mongering MAGA movement.

    One thing I can guarantee. When the missiles fly and ZOG’s Navy and Air Force are destroyed, and when the grid goes down, many millions will starve to death. These will be big city and suburban people, the people of ZOG, of Satan, who support this Respect For Marriage Law.

    In that day, stick to your own. We all know to avoid niggers. But also, Remember The Alamo. They are NOT friends

  9. The Democrats are sure enough the party of perversion, but the fact remains the most of our cultural abominations are the work of Republicans. It was Republican Earl Warren who gave us integration, Republican Harry Blackmun who wrote Roe v. Wade; Republican Lewis Powell who gave us “diversity,” Republican Sandra O’Connor who upheld affirmative action, and Republican Anthony Kennedy who gave us the “constitutional right” to sodomy and faggot marriage.

    We need new parties to replace the criminal scum in both parties today.

  10. Blaming “the white Catholic East” for this is too much, but it’s what I expect from election fraud deniers. What about the Northwest? You’re going to blame the Catholics for the Yankees there too? Culture in the Northeast isn’t dominated by Catholics. Catholic culture has collapsed everywhere in the world since Vatican II. Southerners who’ve imbibed the “high prestige” values of their Yankee conquerors, who’ve gradually absorbed the degraded culture of Appalachia, blame Catholicism because they’ve absorbed a version of Christianity that came from Yankee land. And when push comes to shove they won’t even elect Roy Moore (well actually they did, but it was stolen, but hey, you deny election fraud, then Alabama needs to own the Doug Jones victory).

  11. Screw you, Don Bacon. I knew you were filth when your campaign commercials featured the oh-so-typical WF/BM couple.

    • Which makes no sense. Why would God create different races if he just wanted them to mix each other out?

  12. Again, Gregory Hood – a fine writer who presently works for AR so he can’t mention the part about how the orc-golem of the usual suspects came about and are controlled – gives a superb overview of what diversity thinks of YT. The ongoing gaslight media campaign helps to whip this fervor up, while this chart describes what the low-end of the bell-curve is getting all lathered up about. All those smart college-edumacated professional pale folks just can’t figure this out, though if you look at where they actually live it suggests they might be aware of it on some level.

  13. Lol!

    They’re desperate to get people focused on these dead-end culture war issues. Whatever happened to “It’s the economy stupid!”? It comes down to money. Follow the money and you’ll find the puppet masters. Why aren’t people in Europe marching in the streets to oppose an obscure regional conflict that threatens to drag them all into poverty, hunger and misery? Why were “activists” in U-Haul trucks distributing bricks and organizing rioters during the BLM crap?

    Follow the money.

  14. OT

    Twitter/Andy NgoExclusive: Bari doesn’t name too many names but the head of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team when secret actions were taken to stifle conservative accounts happened under Jeff Carlton, who worked for both CIA & FBI. He just deleted his LinkedIn. But I have an archive.

    Speaking of the national security state octopus and its tentacles, recall a former FBI lawyer (James Baker) involved in the Trump Russia collusion hoax also worked at Twitter and was recently fired by Musk.

    It appears Twitter was run by and full of obsequious statist bootlickers — it seems safe to say that while Twitter was not a profitable company, it served other purposes.

  15. ‘Progress’ always means having leftist causes signed into law. It never means anything beneficial for us being enacted.
    Progress, human rights, hate speech, diversity, enrichment, tolerance……… these words and phrases ever help us? They’re used as a cover to disguise our path to extinction.

  16. People are not understanding the trade of Bout for Grindr Griner, who Wanglin, by the way, is calling “a woman”.

    Russia never offered to trade the Marine who was caught with a usb drive stuffed with Russian state secrets, for this basketball tranny.

    Russia’s only offer for Bout was the tranny. I suppose the reasoning was, neither one was important or had even done a criminal act. Bout certainly did nothing criminal.

    Russia offered the marine spy for a KGB Major that ZOG has in prison, convicted of murder. That is their only offer for the Marine/spy. ZOG has not taken that offer yet.

  17. Well, this goes to show how the process of forcing strange new religions on society works. The original exposure doesn’t actually expect the converted generation to actually believe it, just force them into keeping their heads down and grudgingly go through the motions. However, their children grow up in a different environment where true believers all around hammer the new faith into their fresh minds along with quiet doubts from their parents. As time goes by the older generations die off and younger generations come to age with less and less memory of the old ways and eventually a society has completely forgotten it’s old ways and now fully embraces the new faith. Due to the failure of America to truly root out the left in the media in general during their last chance with Joe McCarthy, the left took over all the institutions and have successfully coopted the culture and maladaptive behavior patterns are now the celebrated new norm.

    • Since before this she was a Democrat, and as I understand it, to date Democrats have voted unanimously for every Ukraine aid package, the significance of her leaving the party is not entirely clear to me — ? — we will see I suppose, but it might be interesting to review her voting history, and then compare it to what she does in the future — to her credit, she did actually mention the people in Arizona in her announcement — imagine that.

  18. So is loyalty to the United States now a sin since Congress passed federal support for Gay marriage? In Old Testament times God called up other nations to invade and subdue Israel when they broke the moral code.

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