Herschel Walker Loses In Georgia

Herschel Walker took the L last night in Georgia.

I don’t have much to say about this for the following reasons:

1. There was little to recommend Herschel Walker as a candidate for the U.S. Senate aside from the fact that he wasn’t Raphael Warnock. The best case for Herschel Walker is that he was another Tim Scott who whatever his personal flaws could be counted on to vote the right way most of the time.

2. This is the latest example of Trump endorsed candidates being hard to swallow and going down in flames. Dr. Oz is another example. Who was excited to vote for Oz or Warnock?

3. Donald Trump has always been unpopular in Georgia and the same people who voted for Kemp refused to vote for Walker twice. We have already been over this.

4. The only reason that Herschel Walker became the nominee in Georgia is because of a personal relationship that he had with Trump which goes back to the New Jersey Generals in the 1980s.

As a result of this, Raphael Warnock will have a full six years to represent Georgia in the Senate, which is going to have all sorts of disastrous ramifications for federal court appointments. He is going to vote for every awful thing that Democrats put in front of him whether it is an endless war in Ukraine or federal hate crime legislation or a massive amnesty for illegal aliens or codifying gay marriage.

Anyway, the people who voted for Kemp, but who refused to vote for Herschel Walker have made their statement and now we are going to have to deal with the consequences. It sucks. It doesn’t come as a surprise though given the pitiful state of Georgia politics.


      • @Arrian…

        I really do not think that Mr. Walker’s loss changes anything.

        If it means anything, it means that Populists have thus far failed to capitalize on President Trump’s surprise upset in 2016 and build from there.

        Another thing that has not changed is that Rural and Smalltown Whites continue to be sonnambulistic about where this country is and what it will take to get anything better.

        That said, the recent secession of 5 Eastern Oregon Counties does show that there is an American heartbeat left somewhere in this land.

  1. Many things could be said.

    Only a few are of utmost importance :

    #1. White Men have to stop deluding ourselves, and our wives, that The Republican Party, or, at least, the current manifestation of it, is the answer.

    That said, there are those, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Massie, Lorraine Boebert, and Matt Gaetz who are trying to represent the constituencies who send them there, but, they are outlyers who have no real power., beyond that of moving the Overton Window.

    Kudos to those who, like Matt Gaetz, are resisting Congressman McCarthy’s would-be leadership.

    Personally, as unpleasant as it is, I think it would be best to have Democrats in control,. so long as Senator McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Ronna McDaniel are in charge.

    Yes, particularly Miss Ronna needs to go, as only a complete nincompoop could lose in this cycle of events.

    Why? Because they are all for endless wars, LGBTQ things, government spying on you, endless White Replacement, at the top of a long list of bad things.

    What the Average Joe still needs are more anti-American unpleasantries so that he can pull his head out of his &*^%$ to take the necessary steps.

  2. We simply can’t elect many/any more responsible Black Conservative Republicans for state, local or national offices.

    We’ve tried and tried and tried and pretty much always failed.

    When we waste time and$ money running some Black Conservative, pro Life pro Second Amendment Black Republican like former Radio Talk Show Host Alan Keyes against a then unknown half Black community organizer Barack Obama of US Senator for Illinois or last year atoner Black Conservative talk show host Larry Elder fro GOP Governor of California it comes off as “virtue signaling” to the anti White Lib Media (js) or pandering to Blacks like Amren 2012 traitor of the year Rand Paul speaking to Black students at Howard University or taking the Knee for Black Opioid drug dealer BLM martyr George Floyd.

    Blacks, homosexuals and Js know the Democrat party is Their Party and sticking it to White people party – all important positions in Chicago, Crook County Illinois Governor and US Senator are now monopolized by White hating Blacks, Js LGBT – with J political consultants like David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel behind the scenes. It’s only what Blacks at the top mouth off to Js that there is any break in this anti White Gentile Cis White man co-alition and this is always just “talk” like Jessie Jackson back in the Day Saying US should do to Palestine Israel what was done to White Rhodesia and South Africa.

    So what needs be done is to just concede we can’t ever elect more responsible Black Conservative GOPs, decent Blacks like former sports stars JC Watts, Hershal Walkeror that Black woman who ran for mayor of Nashville TN Carol Swain should run as Christian Democrats and try to break up J, LGBT pervert, Communist, Critical Race Theory open borders, Neo Conervative Zionist war mongering like Telsi Gabbard.

    There are clear signs some Hispanics are challenging Black A American BRA rule, monopoly of political power here in Chicago, Southern California, South Florida.

    I hate the Bushes – their immigration, pandering, Zio Neo Conservative wars, anti Whtie worker policies, but they do have a winning strategy marry Hispanic women, cultivate Hispanic voters.

    Hispanic voters will vote against Black criminals, Black BLM riots, looters, homo LGBT extremism and if done the right way, vote against open borders immigration – appeal to Hispanics as something like Italian Americans who now all vote anti Black criminals in places like Long Island NY.

    Nobody likes Black criminals or those who pander to them.

    The Democrat party in the South is now the Black Party with alliances from Communists (js) homo perverts, the Liberal Left Media.

    How about we take down that terrible J US Congressman outside of Memphis TN – run a Black Democrat promising to end $ trillions for Neo Con wars against Iraq, Syria, Palestinians use that money to invest in Black Memphis, jobs, homes for Homeless instead $ Billions in direct aid to Israel?

    Wow, I said a lot.


    • You think ‘hispanics” are on our side. I don’t agree. You seem to favor “Hispanic” women.
      i guess this is not a white site at all.

      • Never said that. There are better and worse types of Hispanics. Spanish language TV is overwhelming presenting White European looking actors and actresses, though there is lots of talk about ending that and Soros J money is going in to acquiring Spanish language radio stations that dare to air conservative commentary.

        I think George Soros and his evil J son read OD and other Dissident Right blogs.

        Most dark clouds have a silver lining. Mass Hispanic immigration is obviously bad, there are opportunities however to push out much, much worse Black gangs, Black underclass, hate White people Black BLM, BRA groups people. This is happening in Southern California and some murmurs of that here in Chicago.

        Hispanic gangs and Hispanic cops have pretty much knocked down, pushed out Black street gangs in Southern California – Hispanics now dominate California prisons and do form alliances with White inmates.

        Blacks are definitely the top pets in the anti White, anti traditional Christian, homo, J national Democrat party. These groups will and are fighting over power, $ money and just attention. A few Blacks are getting “uppity’ to the Js. This happens every 30 yers or so, and so far it’s just been talk.

        Palestinians and other Arabs backed Jessie Jack As8 Jackson’s presidential campaign in the 1980s as Jessie and the Palestinians were making talk comparing Israel to White South Africa. Nothing came of it. And everyone went back to just hating White people, shaking down White people. threatening, insulting White people.

    • Is there a detailed poll breaking down who voted for Kemp vs did not vote for the dimwit running back in this election? Is it white women? Is it “racist” white men who didn’t show up? Do we know what was the determining factor? I can see white women and their pseudo-cerebral reasoning that “Warnock is the adult in the room” not understanding that it’s really about the team the way black voters will vote for that yellow dog knowing that empowering the democrat machine that elevates them beyond their natural rank in America is far more important than any damage from having someone like crack smoking Marion Berry, or catatonic Fetterman moping around in such a position.

      Of course when white men abandoned the patriarchy and “empowered women” the die was set for the inevitable downfall of the nation. Handing them the franchise men should have already known from bronze age wisdom that they would take their voting advise from the serpent in the garden. Could all this crap about race be just a symptom of a greater lax in judgement by western man from not controlling their females properly and getting the bitter fruit from such a cultivar? Until most white men accept the a “new religion” in their hearts that feminism is an illegitimate abomination and usurped their rightful position in life, that their life would be far better in an alternate reality where patriarchal norms were still extant. The idea that we are living in a feminist “Pottersville” and there is a patriarchal “Bedford Falls” that could have been really needs to filter into the heads of all men in the West today. Don’t know if it’s ever possible with females allowed to vote and permanently empower the politicians the Serpent in the Garden tells them to through the idiot box and smartphone social media apps.

      Large numbers of unmarried white women have joined the black underclass as basically existing as wards of the state. The “Hispanic Strategy” of the Bush’s fails to realized that even if they fully integrated into the mainstream of American life, a lot of Hispanic Women are quite involved in that single mother thing and reliably vote for democrats. Working part time service jobs with no health care for minimum wage is not going to inspire Lupe to go out and vote for Rick Scott who talk about getting rid of social security and medicare simply because rich people don’t want to pay for it. It’s not really unsustainable, they just have to raise the limit of withholding from ridiculously low levels to applying that SS and medicare tax to all income no limits. Let the billionaires pay for old people to have a decent retirement as a reward for not showing up at their McMansions with pitchforks like the Villagers in Frankenstein. Disregarding the fact though that Hispanics associate the GOP with anglos who resent their presence, they as a group tend to be less well off and I don’t see much appeal for the party of Paul Ryan and Reaganomics outside some exceptional circumstances.

  3. >the pitiful state of Georgia politics

    I guess you meant to write Georgia demographics, but wrote ‘Georgia politics’ instead.

    Per the 2020 census, among states that gained population (16 lost population) Georgia was in the top 5 — but the ‘white alone’ population fraction of Georgia fell by 4% (link) — a general rule is that a lower ‘white only’ population fraction means more difficulty electing Republicans — that’s just the way it is — as I said earlier (link), the most obvious way to keep Democrats out of office, the way that gives you the best chance, ‘is to maintain a large enough white majority’.

    And what was I saying about unappealing GOP candidates?

    • White suburbanites and Independents in Metro Atlanta who dislike Trump sunk Herschel Walker. Twice. Every other statewide candidate won easily. Black turnout wasn’t anything to crow about in the midterms or in the runoff. The same thing happened with Trump in the 2020 election. Then Perdue and Loeffler lost their runoffs because Trump voters stayed home.

      • >White suburbanites and Independents

        I see you’re intent on going down with that ship.

        What I said here is obviously true: if the white population fraction in GA declined by 4%, and the state was among the top 5 in population growth 2010 – 2020, then obviously even if their numbers grew (?) Whites are not growing nearly as fast as non-whites, and the ‘browning of America’ means greater and greater difficulty keeping Democrats out of office — there will simply not be enough white voters to counteract the bloc-voting habits of non-whites.

        But good luck with that — and be sure to tune in when McCarthy begins reading the entire US Constitution on the House floor; it’s going to be can’t miss viewing, I’m sure.

        Simple (mostly rhetorical) question: how do you think intelligent, well-educated white professionals, people who are, as I said, mostly apolitical and view officeholders as a necessary evil, as public employees who ought to do their fucking jobs (and not occupy positions), react when they hear something like that? — I can tell you because I know; I work with such people, and have known and worked with a representative sample of hundreds of them over the years, mostly in California — the answer is they laugh at such nonsense — they would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to vote for a goober like Kevin McCarthy (who’s a leading figure in the GOP) — they call him a patriotard, and would have done the same in the past to people like him too, had the word been in vogue.

        The GOP has an image problem; I would go so far as to say a deserved, very serious image problem — it is seen as fossilized and low status — it puts out bombast and puts up unappealing candidates — blaming intelligent Whites for how they react to this is not going to help fix it.

        I think Barry Goldwater said the income tax had made criminals out of more Americans than any other law — the GOP has probably turned more citizens into non-voters than any other party.

        Like I said (link), it’s ‘not called the Stupid Party for nothing’.

          • > Simple (mostly rhetorical) question: how do you think intelligent, well-educated white professionals, people who are, as I said, mostly apolitical and view officeholders as a necessary evil, as public employees who ought to do their fucking jobs (and not occupy positions), react when they hear something like that? — I can tell you because I know; I work with such people, and have known and worked with a representative sample of hundreds of them over the years, mostly in California — the answer is they laugh at such nonsense — they would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to vote for a goober like Kevin McCarthy (who’s a leading figure in the GOP) — they call him a patriotard, and would have done the same in the past to people like him too, had the word been in vogue.

            HW you are correct. This is really a class division amongst whites. The Darwin award contenders eah describes as intelligent (meaning they got advanced degrees in bullshit at some Church of Woke seminary) absolutely despise other whites (goobers and trailer-trash) to such an extent that they are indeed literally voting to turn the entire country into a minority-white entity. These same type of shitlibs (that is what they are) – who revel in their virtue-signaling like pigs roll in shit – are what brought about today’s whitopia of South Africa. Their entire notion of morality is to stick it to the goobers and deplorables, just like the Carpetbaggers of the reconstruction era did. Their virtue-signaling to moral luminaries like Pope Noseferatu is literally more important to them than their children’s survival (if they even have children). Another way to think of such whites would be as the ‘ultimate boomers’ (It’s all about them).

            Such “intelligent” whites who are too damned retarded to figure out that the D-jerseys are openly calling for their extermination and openly celebrating the great replacement. They’re so stuck-up in their “intelligent” virtue-signaling that the only R-jerseys they would consider voting for are those whose sole agenda consists of tax cuts for billionaires – like Mittens Wormney, because a “patriotard” like Keven McCarthy (who is about as far from a being patriot as Juan McStain) is a “goober”. Yes most here know the R-jerseys are a total fake-and-gay opposition whose only choice of candidates are goober whores like MTG and McCarthy or slimy “professionals” like Wormney, DeSantis, Jeb Bush, whose “conservatism” (as Dabney noted in 1871) consists of conserving advances made by their alleged opponents on the patch to slavery.

            However the “brights” described above cannot even figure out that the diversity replacements they advocate and vote for openly call for their extermination – and will actually carry it out. Their whole credo is “race does not exist”. The goobers who fall for the conjobs of Cheetohead et al are at least dimly aware of being targeted, even if they fail to see that they’re being conned by grifters.

    • I’d say though that it’s the type of whites. My mom talks about her old friends from Wisconsin growing up and I know a bunch of them relocated for employment to metro Atlanta so large numbers of northern transplants are in GA. A state with similar demographics on paper is Mississippi, however, unlike Georgia, Mississippi attracts very few northerners so the 60% white is not full of ditzy snowland born white women who “vote for the best person” not understanding the political dynamic at play, nor where both teams stand and what team D (NYC) really wants to do to the country.

    • Me too. I don’t trust the electoral system at all. If the government is untrue about most things, why wouldn’t they control this, too?

      • That will be Whites’ only choice when they become totally outnumbered. Separation, or subjugation…the choice is yours.

    • @John Holmes…

      Though it is reasonable to suspect that this senate election was stolen in Georgia from Republicans, as it was recently in Arizona, in this case it was the Georgia Republican Party using a lot of hanky panky in order to get Walker this close to Warnock.

      If the Georgia State Republicans had not been doing everything short of disallowing Democrats from entering the polls, Warnock would have beaten Walker 54-46, 55-45, or perhaps even 56-44..

      If you cannot believe what I have said to you here, go to YouTube, and listen to Thom Hartmann’s videos with investigative journalist, a political specialist, Greg Palast.

      Though I do not much agree with eithger Thom Hartmann or Greg Palast, I have found both of them to be dependable over the years about Republican election-engineering.

    • Dear Cyclops – Though I know many are frustrated with President Trump’s endorsements, because, in particular, the failure of Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania or Mr. Walker in Georgia, I heard that the president endorsed 235 candidates, of which nearly 220 were a success.

      In light of this, do you still feel Trump did poorly?

      Do you not think that the problem lies with McConnell and McDaniel – they who have done nothing to adapt to the new Democrat tactics, or, in some case,s working to subvert and sabotage some Republican candidates?

      • Yes his endorsements for House did much better. The God-Emperor of Grift should have stuck to the house. Both Oz and Walker were totally worthless candidates – shitlibs in a Repuke skinsuit. Most of those who Trump endorsed were part of the GOP establishment with secure seats.

        • @Exalted Cyclops…

          No, I was terribly unfond of the candidacy of Dr. Oz, as he is fully vested into the human vivisection industry.

          As to Mr. Walker – I do not see why some Republican Georgians had a problem with him, especially after the numerous RINO senators they have had in recent years.

          To me, Mr. Walker held every prospect of being better than that.

          That he is not a Rhodes scholar is not important, for we had that in President William Jefferson Clinton and you see what that got us.

          President Trump seems to have a particularly difficult time in Georgia politics, and in Pennsylvania, as well, though, in the latter, I think their elections are utterly excrable.

          God himself could not win in Pennsylvania, if he were on the Republican ticket.

          Merry Christmas!

  4. I do blame Trump for making Herschel Walker politically “credible.”

    However, I do NOT blame Trump for Walker winning that primary with close to 70% earlier this year.

    That’s the fault of the football cult, the opiate of the white Southern man.

  5. People voted for Kemp but not for Walker. I hadn’t thought of it that way. That’s very discouraging. To think people with enough clarity to vote for a Republican governor would be so deluded as to allow a Democrat like Warnock to be elected to the Senate. Hard to have much optimism for white people who are so deluded and so morally and intellectually confused. No good ever comes from electing Democrats, not today.

  6. I think when you see Jews returning to internecine persecutions of eachother like this, in this case secular vs. Zionist Jews, its a clear signal they have nothing they are concerned about and that their establishment janissaries are firmly in control.


    Basically, nothing good is going to come from DC or national politics in the next 6 years.

    We should be looking at the state level.

    • You can vote for any color you like as long as its black. Yassah, another “Model-T” election, this time brought to you my Cheetohead the Clown. At least if he’d put up Ye-dolf we’d get a better minstrel show.

  7. This demonstrates that Republican voters are less willing to vote for someone who is mentally deficient (Walker) than the Democrats (Fetterman).

  8. I knew Warnock was going to win from the beginning. That’s what GA is now. Like VA, GA is very much a purple state, quickly turning full on blue as the Old Whites have been dying off.

  9. If Trump has always been unpopular in Georgia (and I get that) then why did Walker win the GOP nomination? He didn’t run unopposed I presume or Trump’s endorsement would have ben null.

  10. Guess the GOP didn’t hit that ol Party of Lincoln/Dems are the real rayciss idea hard enough.

    It’s pretty amusing to observe GOP sites like Instapundit wet themselves over muh Black Republicans.

  11. Hi,
    Me again. Its been a very confusing couple of days. It took quite a while for me to understand what was happening, and the hurt I caused the way I left. I’m autistic at the best of times, and certainly don’t articulate my thoughts well, but that’s no excuse. So I want to apologise for my last post at Occ. Observ. If I was that demoralized, I should have just stopped posting entirely. Lastly, I want to say we all need you to win, and you will.

  12. Herschel Walker is a semi-retarded ape whose only accomplishment is running with a football under his arm. He’s hardly Senate material, more like janitor or bus driver material. That’s not saying Warnock was any better, but this was a Negro pawn vs. Negro pawn election. White voters, and the GOP in particular, need to stop trying to find some Negro to be a front man for them and run on their own merits and their own agenda.

    Of course, the problem is that Atlanta has devolved into a Negro-controlled jurisdiction, and the white population is not growing sufficiently to counteract that.

  13. I too, agree with Hood’s article. A former classmate of mine lives in Marietta and she was a poll worker frantically pulling for republicans to vote. I told her a basic problem is Walker is stupid. Really, that was the best Georgia could come up with? he was embarrassing to listen to. Well, so is Warnock.
    I think it’s an indication of the urban centers ruling the rural areas. The blacks have been culled as a ruling class in the new, global America. Look at all of them as politicians, police chiefs, etc. The asians were being equally culled to take over as the technical class. Whites? Why, we’ll all be multimillionaires like Gates, won’t we? Them of us that ain’t deplorable.

    In St. Louis, it’s hopelessly blue in city and county, and I am not happy that my voice in Congress is Corri Bush. It simply is what is happening, from hatred of Trump to simple demographic replacement, and, like here, the robotic union types who vote D even if it means electing a potato. As Victor Davis Hanson remarked, parts of the country are simply separating and will vote for whoever is on the party, regardless of their abilities.
    Leave St. Louis and you might as well be in another country.
    another country…now there’s an idea. As the Quebec separatists said, to be masters in our own house.

  14. The funny thing is that thirty years after his so-called revolution, Newt Gingrich couldn’t get elected in his old district, and it probably wouldn’t be close. I’ve yet to figure out how Republicans support a republic, or exactly what conservatives have conserved.

    • Probably.

      There is a big statue of him outside one of the new buildings.

      A silver lining of the midterms though is that Lee County voted more solidly against Democrats than in recent elections. So all of that activism from the shitlibs at Toomers Corner and all the virtue signaling yard signs in Auburn hasn’t brought about the shift in local politics that I thought was happening. Maybe those people still voted absentee in the states they came here from though.

  15. Let’s work hard not to turn on each other.

    This Hershal Walker GOP defeat in Georgia is hardly surprising. As was Larry Elder’s non campaign for Black GOP Governor of California. Armenians and Mexicans and ex Soviet Union swarthy types in California will never vote for a Black GOP candidate, neither will government workers except maybe cops and fireman.

    Our side, our people tend to do rather poor in identity politics. We might want to hang out, study how Whitest Arab Maronites do in Lebanon or how Arab Maronite Christian Carlos Slim got to network his way to being the richest main the world pre internet by somehow cornering the phone industry in Mexico.

    These Lebanese Arab Christians really get around the world, usually fly under the radar – very J like.

    Arab Maronite Christian Tony Rezko was a early sponsor of then unknown Chicago community organizer Barack Obama, let him the money to buy the Obama’s first mansion in Kenwood Chicago 2 blocks from where I grew up.

    But, again, let’s not turn on each other over these defeats. They were to be expected.

    In such times, look to White Southern and other culture for escape from bad racial politics, bad SEC and NFL , NBA Black sports.

    White Southern college SEC baseball is excellent, so is college hockey.

    Hunter, you Southerners should start recruiting well like Southern baseball stars, coaches to run for politics. How’s Dale Murphy doing these days?

  16. From what very, very little I watch, SEC baseball is almost lily white. Perhaps nationwide as well. Btw, in the most recent Pro World Series, there was not a single American born black on either team (Houston and Philadelphia). A few Dominicans. Go figure.

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