The Death Rattle of America First

I’m noticing a familiar pattern.

Nick Fuentes and America First have been electrocuted for associating the America First brand with the optics of Hitler, the Holocaust and Neo-Nazism. There was a clear rise which began after Charlottesville when Fuentes rode the optics backlash against the Alt-Right. There has been a clear fall since Fuentes mixed up his image with Yedolf wearing the gimp mask and praising Hitler.

If that rings a bell, it is because the Alt-Right started out by criticizing the goofiness of WN 1.0, which occurred against a dreary backdrop of NSM and Klan rallies in the 2000s. By the end, the Alt-Right had become mixed up with the NSM at street rallies. There was a descent that went through flooding the internet with gas chamber memes, Heilgate, Charlottesville and mass shooters. The Spencerian climax of the Alt-Right was Richard Spencer screaming “I rule the f***ing world” in Charlottesville.

I saw how this plays out with the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South. Both organizations had a good run. The CofCC was torpedoed by Dylann Roof who cited our coverage of black crime in his manifesto. We had never heard of Dylann Roof until he detonated like a bomb in Charleston and unleashed a flurry of destruction of Confederate monuments. Similarly, the League of the South was gradually pulled into the Nationalist Front by Matt Heimbach. There was a change of tone and messaging and tactics around 2015/2016 and ultimately we ended up at Charlottesville with people like Richard Spencer where James Fields, Jr. plowed his Dodge Challenger into the crowd. None of us had ever heard of James Fields, Jr. before that day either but we ended up getting sued by association with him. Getting mixed up with the Nationalist Front destroyed our brand and weakened the League of the South.

Every few years or so the movement gets bored and forgets its history and for whatever reason decides to unfurl the swastikas and do the George Lincoln Rockwell trolling on a street corner act for the media again. It predictably gets electrocuted. Momentum crashes into a wall of cringe. Organizations collapse as the brand becomes toxic, donations dry up and people begin to abandon ship. The final act is always the remaining true believers becoming crypt keepers of the memory of Hitler and Rockwell.

The moral of story: the Nick Fuentes arc has demonstrated how far someone can rise as an edgy influencer in the rightwing populist sphere as well as the limits and the boundaries. If Nick had stuck to criticizing Jews, he would have been fine and his star would have continued rising. He made his allies uncomfortable though when he brought Hitler, the Holocaust and Neo-Nazi optics into the conversation and going off into this tangent of relitigating Hitler’s reputation and World War II history.

Hopefully, the next guy will learn something from Nick’s demise and the Alt-Right’s mistakes. It never works out for anyone who sails their ship into those waters.


  1. The National Justice Party might succeed in avoiding the descent into cartoonish behavior that has ruined so many other pro-White groups. They have what some might call Good Optics™.

  2. “Nazis are why we can’t win”

    – Every Failed Anti-Nazi Racist since WW2

    I get it, many who fly the Swastika in public aren’t worthy of it. This is a baby and bathwater situation. There are plenty of us who look at the Third Reich and see the Beautiful aesthetics, intelligent Worldview and healthy people and want something similar for our own Nation, not to parade around like the NSM.

    Rebel-flag waving, moronic modern “Klansmen” are to your Southern cause as NSM types are to National Socialism. We can attack low-hanging fruit all day….I’m not against the KKK necessarily but the ones I’ve seen aren’t the best representatives.

    • Hey, Kentucky, it’s a goddamn shame we have to defend ourselves at all because a miniscule number of Whites??? — feel that they have wave around Swastika flags. These incidents are very few indeed, and we don’t even know if on these recent occasions, the people who carrying these flags aren’t just antifa provocateurs. But, just the same, 1488!

    • > “Nazis are why we can’t win”

      I would say cowering from the accusation is why we can’t win. The “J’accuse” of “nazi” could be very easily flipped on its side rhetorically by pointing out that those making it are the biggest supporters of real nazis with deadly weapons over in Jewkraine, the bastion of “freedom” whose nominal leader just introduced a law to ban Orthodox Chrisrianity. Simply ask the accuser – after pointing out their own support of real nazis – why they insist projecting their own nazism on their opponents. Make the accuser define the term. Does this mean we should march around in Nazi uniforms, etc. Absolutely not. Let the zio-nazis parade around in them (most of those who showed up in Hugo Boss dress at places like Charlottesville were either Jews in uniform, shitlib shabbas-goys or government agents). They are the ones wearing swastikas, totenkopfs and black suns right now over in Zelenskyland. The ADL and its supporters are literally the most ardent supporters of nazism on the planet right now. Our enemies have handed us a very useful rhetorical weapon. Use it.

  3. I never took a side in The Great Optics War of 2018.

    For two main reasons:

    (1) Ultimately, and against the background of the stars, I don’t think that either side is that right or that wrong. I happen to think that you have to adjust the blend between the two based on time, place and circumstance.

    (2) But the bigger reason is that I thought that both sides were being disingenuous. What I mean by that is that the people screaming optics really didn’t believe in optics, they just had previously stored up contempt for the people screaming message, and cynically latched on to the optics argument out of spite. And vice versa.

    It would be if Hunter and I hated each other from way back. I found out that he likes chocolate ice cream, he found out that I like vanilla. So we go to war with each other over ice cream flavors. When neither one of us have ever eaten any ice cream in our lives.

    And now, with Nick, who was back then the biggest “muh optics” fanatic around, forgets all about optics and his previous preaching, and becomes everything he once railed against, that only proves my point. That Nick never cared about or believed in the optics case even when he was screaming optics.

    Note: One of the big lessons I learned from being in Paris back in April, and something that the rest of 2022 seemed to bear out, is that we actually do need to be more focused on and aware of optics. Like I said, time place and circumstance, not a religious sacrament.

  4. The Grand Old Politburo wing of the Uniparty won’t be impeaching comrade commissar Mayorakas (CCP) of Das Heimat Schutze.
    There is the government apparatchiks versus the people in Post America.
    A nation is the land and people, a country is what the occupational government rules over.
    That America we grew up is long gone never to return, be thankful you got to experience the real deal.

  5. I don’t agree with you, Brad. We’re losing because the jews have unlimited money, and control every platform where Whites need to get out the truth. They have shut down our ability to get out the truth. You might as well advise, never say “jew”. :rolleyes:

    There’s nothing cartoonish about Adolph Hitler or the Third Reich. Their mortal enemy is the exact same enemy Whites face today, the jews. Of course there is a problem that most Whites have been lied to so much and dummed down to a point where the truth means nothing to them. We can only soldier on. George Lincoln Rockwell was right!

    It doesn’t matter what you tell the normies — those who don’t want to think or know, the jews and their completely controlled media sources are going to lie, cover up, distort, over and over about any topic Whites bring up. Your criticism of praising Adolph Hitler, or the WW2 topic, is just a result of repetitive jew demonization of it. There is no proper approach to wake up the White normies. All one can do is keep telling the truth about what the jews are doing and have been doing since Rome.

    • Hard disagree.

      Fuentes was doing well, making waves and rising when he was criticizing Jews. He has been doing that for years. It was nothing new with him and people like Alex Jones were on his side and he has even made some inroads into mainstream politics with MTG and Paul Gosar coming to AFPAC. There is a greater degree of tolerance for that because everyone knows that Jewish organizations like the ADL are behind censorship and cancel culture.

      We saw what happened last week when he steered it into Hitler and the Third Reich. In his own words, everyone around him bailed when “the swastikas came out.” It is all coming crashing down for him now because many of his own supporters don’t want to be associated with that. There has always been a hard ceiling for that stuff. Time and again, we have seen people who have built a following outside of that core constituency of people who love Hitler and GLR rapidly crash back down after going there.

      • Well, the thing is, I don’t see where we’re going anywhere, wherever the conversation is directed. Of course, people who aren’t interested in WW2 aren’t going to delve into it, but people who are, will. The jew lies about it are easily discerned. Now, that’s not to say that alone is going to turn the tide, but the more people who learn about jews, no matter where they come at it, the better. The holocaust is an obvious jew fabrication. All one has to do is look into it. The Prager jew, the so called “conservative”, just made a big deal about holocaust denial for his Christian / conservative followers saying that those who don’t believe in the holocaust should go to hell. Holocaust, Hitler, WW2. These are all legitimate topics, that if looked into, expose the fact that jews do nothing but lie. That we Whites lost WW2 and the real winners of WW2 are rapidly destroying White America. It all fits together. It’s more puzzle pieces for the unthinking White morons to piece together.

        As far as Ye/Fuentes, we really don’t know where that’s going yet or how much the jews will be exposed. We can only wait and see.

        • Well you’re right, we aren’t going anywhere. Anytime anyone tries to do anything, they get constantly dragged over the coals, such as on this site. It’s like it’s some form of jealousy, that someone else got a lot of publicity and reps. They get called “fags”, “feds”, and “crazy”. It’s not the same with the guys the millenials look up to, and I never see them mentioned on here.
          The white movement, at least on here, has devolved into “normie” status. That’s what MAGAs are. More concerned about hedonism and being nice.
          I’ve seen people on here writing telling guys to date “Hispanic” women. Like they’re all from Spain, when they are really just Native Americans.
          It seems some of the “authorities” on the white movement are really more left than the average normie out there! So many of them are married to “other types”.
          The whole Kanye thing, if 90% of whites were behind it, would have been awesome. We are being crushed into a corner, and soon, there will be no hope, because all these guys care about, is being able to make a living off their radio shows, books, and websites. Grifting is now a real profession.

        • @DICARLO, Brad & company despise National Socialism because it is the only viable means by which to oppose jewry

          It is competition to (((christ-madness)))

          Almost the entire “German resistance” – who arguably were *the* decisive reason Germany (& all white Europeans by extension) lost WWII – were explicitly motivated by “their” christian “faith”

          P.S.-christianity comes from jews – & has always been, & will always be anti-white. christianity is the dividing line which separates true racialists from raycist republican/contard types

          Sicut judaeis non (dont molest the jews, official church policy for approximately 1,000 years). Pro Nazi stuff not allowed on radio, tv, etc. Pro christian stuff allowed everywhere.

          Also, its very dishonest to claim Dylan Roof to be responsible for what anti whites unleashed after his deeds. Jews & their christian collaborators are the ones pushing anti-white policies. And most of you “polite gentlemen” refuse to face that fact.

          • 1.) I’ve genuinely never had any interest in National Socialism. I have also always disliked the WW2 era. I have made it a point to spend my time focusing on other historical topics that interest me.

            2.) The idea that Neo-Nazism is “viable” is laughable. Quite the opposite. Every single time the White Nationalist movement goes there it loses traction and support. The implosion of Fuentes and America First is the latest example of this.

            3.) Attacking Christianity while embracing Neo-Nazism is twice as unviable. See what I said earlier this summer about the WN atheist ghetto. If you are only appealing to 1% to 2% of White atheists, you are literally wasting your time.

          • Under Nat Socialism, Germany had the fastest rising economy the world has ever seen.
            Brad, you use the word, “Naziism”, but only anti-whites use that term.
            NS was about living and producing for your homeland, because your people shared your blood. The opposite of diversity. It’s not about larping.
            It’s true that Christianity came from Judaism. That’s never been hidden.

      • Yup, we did see what happened there: 36 Million people saw it. Four times as many as the Oscars. According to Keem’s poll, who has a largely libertarian to lefty-liberal audience, almost 50% thought Ye was a genius. It forced the other side to react, up to the president, and for the first time in YEARS the right was on the offensive again. Instead of seething, bunkering down and selling black pills.

        But no, you’re right: we should lecture a global megastar on how to operate the media and manage publicity. Please, people with your 5k subscriber YouTube channels: poo-poo the billionaire who won over 20 Grammys. And it’s extremely important to conform to the views of people who meet with Mossad agents, shove dildos up their rectum to own the libs, or get hosed down by Ari Emmanuel. You know why MILO is mad as hell? Because he is out of the hottest thing since Trump 2016. And he knows it. To equate this to Patrick Little trolling on a street corner is the most disingenuous concern troll anyone could pull.

        I find it really revealing now and even a usually snobby philosophy phD like Greg Johnson gets it. The most you could say is: this is not for me. And it probably isn’t. Because you are not the target audience. The future of the West, especially the US, is multi-racial, of lower average IQ and authoritarian. Both on the left and right. Liberalism is utterly dead. The reasonable center is utterly dead. Respectable Conservatism is utterly dead. The future generations have no use for democracy. Dune, not Star Trek is the future. It’s late stage Roman Empire time with all that entails, the rise of Christianity and the Dionysian spectacles. I have to constantly remind myself of it, too, because my own believes are closer to NRX than all that zoomer stuff. But that doesn’t change the reality.

        Welcome to the American Empire

        So, let’s not forget the so called optics of the other side of Ethan Klein who wants to bring Jesus back, so he can murder him again. Judeo-Christianity, fam. If anything, it provokes everyone to spill their spaghetti and reveal their hand. I find that excellent. And for you Hitler and the 3rd Reich may be “crypt keeper” stuff, history of another country from a century ago, and you speak for American Southerners, not Germans. I get that. But when that history is used to literally murder my people and enslave my nation, to keep us occupied, it’s certainly not irrelevant to me. “I care, because you do.” I also read and listened to the arguments from David Cole. I do not agree. Less and less I find myself agreeing with the people attacking Ye. And Europe, Germany in particular, gets nothing from president DeSantis. Nothing.

        Ye2024 is not about actually becoming president; it’s about brand awareness. It’s a media campaign. And whether you agree or disagree with the message: purely in terms of self-marketing and hitting the mark of their target audience, it was the greatest thing the US right has done in years. Maybe ever. Everybody is talking about it, the nation is talking about it, the national news in European countries are talking about it. And if Nick and Milo did such a terrible job: well, why didn’t you advise Ye…? Give him a call!

        And one last thing: there are a lot of people, A LOT of people, who are totally above this dumpsterfire, who are actually deeply invested in wanting Ye to crash and burn. At the same time when people like Jacob Wohl and Ben Shapiro are publicly framing Ye getting Epsteined. I do wonder why. It really does make you go hmmm…

        • best post. most aware and understood on this thread, IMO.
          Most on here just want to criticize anyone on the right who isn’t a sheep.

        • Correct. Hunter doesn’t really see the utility in this because he’s a boomercon. Similar to boner pill salesman Alex Jones or dildo enthusiast Gavin McInnes, Hunter is focused on getting boomercons elected to office and trying to appeal to soon-to-be dead senior citizens. He understands that this will have a negative effect on the electoral chances of his favorite boomercon politicians, so from his perspective it is a failure.

          • Kanye is going down and taking Fuentes with him.

            The only people who are excited about this are Hitler stans and Third Reich crypt keepers who made up their minds years ago. The Alt-Right collapsed in 2017 due to similar circumstances. There is nothing really new about this. The cycle has been going on for over 50 years now

          • To Dart,
            I agree.
            I’m rather new here, but I thought HW was younger, not a boomer.
            But then I noticed the websites on the right panel of the webpage.
            Younger people are not in love with the boomer conservatives.
            They have more at stake than to just get excited about the next election.

            I think if the South wanted to secede and parlay the past into a new Confederacy, it should have been done long ago. That window is gone.
            There’s too many mixed race, black, and Latinos there now. They can’t even
            revitalize the South anymore.

            Now, it’s all about just saving what’s left of the white race and trying to throw
            off the shackles, or should I say, “shekels”?

        • If they are in fact, “the real deal”, then why is it that jew lovers in the US Congress are in support of them? Didn’t the “Nazis” gas 6 million jews??? By all accounts, the so-called, ultra nationalists and neo Nazis, in the Ukraine — read jews and people being paid by jews, are extremists with a deep, bloodthirsty, streak. They may call themselves National Socialist, but they are nothing of the kind. Their MO is the subjugation and/or slaughter of ethnic Russians, and by no means, jews.

          They do not follow, in any way shape or form, the tenants of true national socialism. Let’s be very clear that in modern Ukraine the sentiment of these so called “nazis” is profoundly xenophobic and anti-Russian, but not anti communist. Any group that has been propped up by the CIA should be seen as extremely suspect. They are nationalists only on paper, or should I say in the jewsmedia, but in reality they are fighting for the DC kikes and the faggotry they wish to force on Ukrainians. The very roots of their “nationalism” is pointedly anti-Russian, and hatred of everything that is Russian. It has nothing to do with “naziism” other than their claim to be Nazis.

      • I agree with Hunter as a general rule leave the Nazis out of it, but…DICARLO has a good point,

        “…the more people who learn about jews, no matter where they come at it, the better…”

        Not saying people with bad optics are a big win but look at our society. Even the most far out Nazi trooper is far less outlandish than the stuff the Jew pozz unleashes on us every day while demanding it be celebrated in Kindergartens. So in some aspects they are undermining their own optics and why not substitute our corrupt optics for theirs???

        The internet is killing them and they can’t do anything about it. If they end it, Women will crush them. And all the censorship they try has ways around it. It’s a constant drip of irritation to them.

        • I’d just point out, and I’m not criticizing you for mentioning it in your comment, that these people who cause what many feel are bad optics, are few and far between. We can’t say who they are flying swastikas or giving the Roman salute. They may very well easily be jews or antifa. We all know how deceptive the left is.

  6. I believe many of the people who embrace the Nazi stuff are extremely anti-social. I’ve been around what folks call the far right for about four decades, and I’ve noticed that the people who take up the swastika have a hard time getting along with others.

    One reason is that their ideology is extremely rigid. They tend to think they’re the only ones who’re right in their ideas, and as a result, they isolate themselves from others. This, and the baggage that Nazism carries, tends to push them away from normal social interactions.

    Mental illness can also play a part in their anti-social attitudes and actions. I’ve noticed over the years that people who join movements such as communism and Nazism, tend to be very extreme in their behaviors, to the point where it’s obvious some are mentally ill. They tend to be isolated from their family, neighbour’s, childhood friends, and the community at large. Then, a movement comes along that makes them a part of a community, and where any extreme behaviours can actually serve the cause of it. However, when the excitement dies down, they can’t settle down, and they’re usually purged from the group as troublemakers.

    • So you think right wingers are mentally ill? really! seems like the lines between the left and right have blurred.

    • @ Steven Dalton the true problem today is politically correct an gender stuff, those people are mentally ill

  7. As soon as you start mentioning Hitler in a positive light, you are doomed. ZOG loves it when you begin to praise Hitler because most normies are so brainwashed they get an actual visceral reaction to it.

    It’s not as if Whitey has no modern day existential problems to address, The Great Replacement being primary.

    I wonder what that jew rat Milo has on Fuentes, and maybe whether Harley Pasternak hypnotised Ye over time with this, as some sort of deep operation.

    Either way, ZOG has pulled a masterstroke here with this shitshow.

  8. “Milo Yiannopolous making psychotic threats to “hurt you in a way that will never heal” in this recording.”

    The malice in the kosher soul reveals itself.

  9. Love the meme/tweet about Tussauds wax museum removing Kanye but keeping a stern looking Hitler in wartime brown NSDAP uniform with armband.
    The hollow cost is what they intend to do to YT.

  10. … and our enemies just keep proving themselves to have projected their own nazism upon any who dare to question their narrative of lies.

    If nazis are so unmentionable, why has Time, whose high-standards of mendacity are right up there with Pulitzer-Prize winner Walter Duranty’s, feature nazis are their “man of the year” not once, but twice in the space of 84 years? The hate here is not really about national socialism at all – and it never was. Perhaps this more refined example of the two millenia hate will serve to illustrate.

  11. The sooner all these people self immolate the better. I don’t think a single one has been a net positive for Whitey and they gotta go.

    I’m especially glad Anglin jumped on the Ye bandwagon right as they collectively torched it.

  12. The yids WANT it to always default to Hitler. They love that. They push for it. It is a sure winner for them, every single time.

    Fat Alex said one thing I have thought for decades. These fags like Anglin and Fuentes and many others have a kind of homosexual attraction to Hitler. It is a mental illness. Or in Christian terms, it is a sin.

    The Third Reich died permanently in 1945. It is idiotic for those faggots even to be talking about it.

    There are a lot of role models in history for white folks. One I recommend studying are the Black Hundreds. The Tzars spent all their resources fighting the Black Hundreds on behalf of their wonderful jew bankers, and in the end the yids killed the Tzars off. Genicided them.

    The Black Hundreds were the cream of Christendom in their day.

    The best political group in American history was the American Party. Called the Know Nothings by the yids and their Masonic servants. If the South had joined with the American Party they could have sent the troublesome blacks all back to Africa and our entire history would be completly different, and world history, too.

    We have no such opportunities now. None. At best we can carve out some living space and struggle to survive the emerging dark age.

  13. Clown-politics is the Amerikwan way. Any attempt at mass appeal and competition in the media-system will always end in a circus. This has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler. Spencer and Fuentes have very little in common with respect to ideology (or past ideology) but clearly share a similar personality type. Both wanted to be famous and both are left holding the balloons as the clowns go marching on.

  14. no.
    keeping discussion of organized jewish power in the headlines is what we need.

    im sure you have good reasons to hate em but keeping normies talking about jews is desperately needed. im seeing lots of noticing out of people who couldnt be bothered with noticing before. they need to keep going.
    and you arent helping.

    • Yeah, these guys don’t do anything but complain. They call everyone “a fag” like high schoolers. They want everything to go back to the Republicans versus the Democrats.

  15. Fuentes will continue to be politically relevant long after the boomercons like MTG that this blog supports have gone extinct.

      • Only in your mind. The fact that the MSM attacks him, shows he’s doing something right. You’re constantly attacking him too. He’s a Christian. The enemy must enjoy this.

        • Yeah, the MSM also used to attack Richard Spencer. There was a time when Spencer was constantly in the news. He loved the attention and publicity. He couldn’t get enough of it as it steadily weakened him.

          The same thing is happening with Fuentes. We’re talking about it because we have seen it all before.

          • Is there anyone you do like?
            Do they have to be over 50?
            You said you like Baked Alaska, but most people think he’s not ok.

            You don’t give anyone credit for trying or risking anything.
            I’m sure you’d want others to give you credit for doing this site.

          • I didn’t say that I like Baked Alaska.

            Baked has always been a clown. AF has been falling apart for two years now. The process is clearly accelerating after this.

          • So you think they do what they do, just to get attention, and not for the white cause? I would think that’s a really risky way to get attention!

            So how can anyone try to do anything, without you pro-whites thinking it’s just for getting attention?

            You could say this about MTG or any of the other Repubs, too!
            Do you consider yourself to be a Republican?

          • I think that Nick thought that associating himself with Kanye’s presidential campaign was a big win which would create a lot of publicity for him and elevate him. He was right about getting the publicity. He was wrong about the publicity helping him. Instead, it has destroyed his brand and weakened him.

      • The difference is Spencer is a liar and has betrayed people who followed him. Liars are liars and only worthy of derision. Fuentes, on the other hand, didn’t have to go this route. Apparently, he’s a truthseeker and can’t help but say the truth. Now, I’ve only seen one video of him, but I really was impressed with his explanation of their screeches of holocaust and Hitler and how the jews use it as the basis for all jewish power, why Whites can’t do anything in their own interests because that would be “nazi”.

        • The reason that Fuentes became famous and gained traction in the first place is because he criticized this stuff. He wanted nothing to do with it for years. Maybe he was lying that whole time. Who knows?

  16. “. He loved the attention”

    That’s the thing with so many of these larpers, they’re just attention seekers, without a serious cause to advocate. That’s why so many go out into bizarre actions that gains more attention, Jones included. Like a drug, they need more and more to keep the high.

  17. I can see some value in rehabilitating Hitler’s image and revisionism of WW2/Holocaust narratives. It might even be of vital impoetance in the long run, I’m not sure. But I don’t see the urgent need for it now. Talking about institutional Jewish power, and its deleterious effects on society is much more crucial at this time, and it is (was?) finally picking up steam in a mainstream way that I have never before witnessed in my life. Anything that derails that is a flat out negative. Invoking Hitler and the Holocaust the way he did on Infowars is not helpful to anyone but the same Jews that would like to cancel any thoughtful and constructive discourse on Jewish influence.

  18. I semi-disagree about the Nazi stuff. I see it as more 1. How or what is being said 2. Who is saying it.
    If you talk like a normal person about the German side of how the war started , that is a huge difference from ‘loving’ Hitler etc..
    When you have goofballs like Baked Alaska, weirdos like Milo, various attention seekers,
    questionable characters etc. spouting off about the 3rd Reich,…this is when the problems grow.
    Certain pieces of info about that era needs to be presented; soft-pedaling in a calm academic manner is the way to do it. And that would not mean that one was a ‘Nazi’ either.

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