Baked Alaska’s Sister Speaks Out


I now have a reason to repost this from the trash folder.

The funniest thing about this is that Baked Alaska is one of the least gay people who are associated with America First. Ralph isn’t gay. I don’t think Beardson is gay either.


  1. There was always something so preposterous, so over the top with this individual that it screamed out “agent provocateur”. The fact that “Baked Alaska” is a confirmed federal snitch should serve as a warning to everyone: Who else in the current clown car might be snitching? Could it be mercurial Milo? Assclown Dickie Spencer? Once fame fades and freedom is at risk, the temptation to snitch becomes irresistible. Does anyone remember the saga of the “crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell?

  2. It worked for the shemale baller now back in the place it hates.
    Join a group or front?
    All groups are always infiltrated by GLOW worms.

  3. Baked is gay, Nick is gay. AF is a gay op. The only one who may not be gay is Ye. He has a bunch of mixed race children.

    It is shocking what we have become.

  4. The only conceivably interesting or valuable part of this is 1) that Baked Alaska (a fucking clown who never had any political gravitas, the internet equivalent of a vaudeville performer), may have been an informer, which is a good reminder to be careful whom you associate with, and 2) the tactics the government uses to intimidate and maliciously prosecute people.

    So as I recall from the comments, you took a post down because you were ‘tired of the drama’, or something like that — now you put this up (perhaps the same post, I don’t know).

    You should avoid tabloidish content.

    By the way, it’s not entirely unprecedented for nationalist movements to attract homosexuals — look into e.g. the ‘The Night of the Long Knives’ — however, strangely enough that does not appear to be seen as a mitigating factor by Jews, who otherwise love homosexuals; they still revile nationalists and nationalist movements — I guess they have their priorities — I suggest you develop some as well.

    • They are probably already doing that, it’s just that giving each other STD’s isn’t enough for these attention whores.

  5. Milo, like a bad stench, always appears to be in situ when any White nationalist ideas or personalities are being shown in a negative light.

    Wonder why?/sarc

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