The Twitter Files

I didn’t bother to cover the first installment of The Twitter Files.

We have known for years that Twitter has been censored and rigged by progressive activists against the Right. Virtually everyone I know has been banned and shadowbanned at some point. They weren’t subtle about this. They banned the sitting president of the United States from the platform!

Last night, the second installment of the Twitter files revealed what we also already know, which is that even the most mainstream conservative accounts like Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino were shadow banned and had search bans on their accounts to limit their reach. Libs of Tik Tok was also doxxed on the platform and nothing was done about it. This is hardly news to the hundreds of people in our community who have been doxxed by Antifa on Twitter or who have lost their jobs because the platform has been used by progressive activists to whip up mobs and coordinate targeted harassment in real life. The “rules” were always a joke and were used as a smokescreen to censor one side of the political spectrum.

Are you surprised to learn that Anthony Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter or that the ADL was a “trusted flagger” with censorship powers or that there was a revolving door between Twitter and CNN and the FBI or that the Biden campaign and other prominent people could request to have their critics censored on Twitter and the “Trust & Safety” team handled it? Are we really surprised to learn that Yoel Roth was brainstorming reasons to justify more censorship of his political opponents on Twitter?

The main takeaway that I have from the Twitter Files is that the platform is still rigged against the Right even after Elon Musk bought it. Charlie Kirk still has a shadow ban on his account. Libs of Tik Tok was still on the Trends Blacklist. There are tens of thousands of people who were arbitrarily banned under the old regime who were censored for political reasons who still haven’t had their accounts restored in spite of Elon Musk’s promise of a “general amnesty.” There are undoubtedly even more people who are still shadow banned on the platform. My own Twitter account still hasn’t been reinstated.

We already know that Twitter is rigged. We already know that the GOP is going to hold hearings in the House and bloviate about the subject and do nothing about it for the next two years. The thing we need is for Elon Musk who owns Twitter now to unban our accounts and get rid of the shadow bans!

Note: Jason Kessler covered the release of the first installment of The Twitter Files. He is probably on the “Do Not Amplify” blacklist. Follow his Odysee channel.


  1. Twitter is stupid and only serves the faggotous whims of the most degenerate impulses people have to share their opinions of every little thing.

    I hope that the platform withers and dies. I’m sick of seeing tweets embeded in every article of every site like they are meaningful because some person we are supposed to assume is important made them.

    Twitter makes journalists and bloggers lazy and stupid. Makes readers and commenters more stupid. Lowers discourse and encourages the worst excesses of the bandwagon effect instead of encouraging critical thought independent of the herd. Weimar tier media.

    I don’t want it to be a public square free of censorship. I want it to implode and be unused.

    • @Ironic…

      I agree with you that the Twitter platform serves to reinforce the culture of celebrity (vanity) and the inability of many Americans to articulate more than a one part thought.

      For that reason my wife and I never were there.

      That said, untold gazillions of people have incorporated Twitter into their lives, and so, it is important, as are the reforms and revelations being set forth and brought forth by Mr. Musk.

      • @Ivan — See you’re working hard commenting today. Yesterday, after watching the Hoess video you directed at me, which you thought somehow discredited those who know the holocaust is bullshit, I responded to it, but got no response. I must apologize for shattering your belief, since the 1970s, that the holocaust actually happened.

  2. We are up against The End of History.

    Only History can change this, meaning a Discontinuity with the current social order.

    • That’s why Whites should have supported Kanye West. A real change won’t happen through voting for some Republicans.

  3. >Are you surprised to learn

    Since you asked: yeah, I was a little bit surprised by the extent and brazenness of it, especially the ‘revolving door’ aspect.

    Seeing how easily the well-connected move from position to position, never having to worry about their qualifications being too closely examined, instead relying on their toady-ness (what the Germans today call Haltung), I thought about the parents who had to sue their way to the Supreme Court, trying to get their kids a fair shake.

  4. I know that Mr. Musk has taken a lot of criticism at this site, for, ostensibly, being a no-account scalawag, but, in my view, he is doing a lot of good.

    No, he does not have an A+ understanding of Free Speech, BUT … he certainly has the courage to buck those of The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, with whom he has collaborated, but, now, is exposing.

    Lest you think this nothing, I call your attention to a certain gentleman by the name of McAfee; he a former enterprising industrialist who had a similar career trajectory as has had Mr. Musk, and, for his willingness to buck the Jew England Yankees with whom he collaborated, he wound up dead.

    Another suicide, no doubt – which is why, just the other day, Mr. Musk duly noted at his own Twitter site that he was not ‘suicidal’ and that, if something were to go awry, it was no accident.

    So, thank you Mr. Musk, for giving my sonnambulistic fellow Southerners the opportunity to see what is what again.

  5. The NPCs are shouting “nothing burger!” in unison at the release of these files, but they’re getting ratioed into oblivion because any idiot can see there’s nothing insignificant about gaslit “conspiracy theorists” being right all along about shadow banning, Jack Dorsey lying about it to Congress, woketards like Yoel Roth and Vajayjay Gadde making excuses to secretly limit the reach of news and accounts they didn’t like, and, most significantly, the U.S. Government engaging in an end-around attack on the First Amendment.

    Further to that last point, the case, Missouri v. Biden, is starting to heat up. Some are calling it the civil rights case of the century. Plaintiff seeks to bar the Government from interfering with constitutionally-protected social media activity and seeks to depose very high level Biden Administration officials to make its case. Defendant motions say low level officials would suffice, but, so far, the Judge isn’t having it.

  6. NYpost:
    “Coinbase CEO slams media for treating Sam Bankman-Fried with ‘kid gloves'”

    Tribal nepotism, anyone ?

  7. A bunch of red nog tech ranger Pajeets support communism?
    What a shocker.
    Some people knew that drool media was alphabet soup from day one.
    Others enjoy their slave chains and licking boots.
    Evil always pounces on stupidity.

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