• You’ll go with TRIBE at least, won’t you? Whites are a race, right?. Jews are not White. Jews do not share with White Europeans their ethos, culture, history, narrative, or identity. Jews are members of a distinct tribe with an identity, culture, and historical narrative separate from those of the world around them.

      • There’s a large racial component in almost all jwz, otherwise Israhell wouldn’t use DNA testing for citizenship.

  1. Wasn’t Netanyahu one of the first leaders who rushed to congratulate Biden after the 2020 election? The Jews threw away Trump like a toilet paper immediately after he creased to be useful to them.

  2. Such plaintive bleating from a man with further presidential ambition is pathetic — Trump 2024 was DOA, he and his Trumptard cultists are just too stupid to see it.

    linkThe JFK Records Act, a law Congress passed unanimously in 1992, mandated publication of all assassination-related files and documents held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) within twenty-five years. In October 2017, President Trump caved last-minute to the demands of the U.S. national-security establishment—most notably the CIA—to keep most remaining files obscured from public view for another four years. Why?

    Why? — because Trump is a fraud, a faux outsider and a narcissist with no real agenda, and too dumb and incompetent to see it through even if he had one — someone who wanted more than anything to be accepted by the Establishment so he could enjoy the trappings of office in peace — this is why he caved at every confrontation, although he gained nothing by doing so: his weakness just made them despise him even more.

  3. How bout that 4-D chessmaster!
    At least he bought us some time which is all I expected.
    Savior self because no one else is.

  4. You are dreaming if you think the Jew, Irish black Democrat coalition is going to hold. Just wait until Jew owned recreational reefer stores hit the black neighborhoods and you combine that with all the strange queer sex deviancy stuff the Irish and Jews are pushing on young black kids, it just is not recipe for political success.

  5. Oh I’m sure the Jews and all the White rich people are just in love with the Governor of Florida and bank rolling him so he’ll run for President against Trump in the Republican Primary. I don’t see that Governor winning against Joe Biden or any Democrat. I’ll make it known I have no use for the Governor of Florida and I don’t agree with his politics in general. I would have liked Donald Trump if he ran for President….Third Party on a pure Populist / Nationalist platform and dropped the word Conservative forever. I would have really liked him. So what will he do now? Will he run in the Republican Primary and possible lose taking many voters with him and all of them drop out of politics. Probably. Will he run Third Party…he should but people are brainwashed into thinking this country must be run by a D or an R. Trump should name of Jews but not just the Jews but the White rich class that only care about money and are the enemy of America, the South, and Western Civilization. Deo Vindice!

  6. Jews actually find it pretty insulting when braindead conservatives think that their main issue is Israel and you can buy them off with that bouquet of flowers. Trump who lived in NY should know better too. Anyone who grew up around real jews knows the leftist diaspora project is their main concern and are animated by a hatred of ordinary conservative white Christian culture. It’s the dolts who went to small town flyover country high school without a single jew within a hundred mile radius who imagine they all take orders from Bibi. I remember a friend in high school dated this jewish girl who while she was very intelligent and dominated the debate society, had some pretty radical views such as legalizing all drugs and everyone should engage in massive sexual promiscuity. It ended in college when he read her emails after she went off on a mysterious vacation to New Jersey. She was emailing some strange dude there she met online and wanted him to “handcuff her to the toilet, piss all over her, fuck her in the ass, and tell her what a bitch and a whore she is…” Her other Yenta friend was a big supporter of the ACLU and other various liberal groups. So I have zero expectation that they would have any attraction to any socially conservative average flyover type people and be fooled into supporting them just because they did this or that for Israel.

    • The average Jew is more likely to be secular than orthodox or ultra-orthodox; a leftist rather than a conservative; a supporter of Israel rather than a rabid Zionist.

      But the problem isn’t average Jews — the problem for the West is organized Jewry, as well as elite Jews (e.g. in academia and business), especially wealthy Jews, who use their money and influence to promote socially corrosive things like diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism, etc, in the name of ‘tolerance’ (or ‘openness’, i.e. Soros and his Open Society Foundation) — these activist Jews are also often Zionists and support Israel to the detriment of America, Jewish neocons being perhaps the foremost example here.

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