Jonathan Greenblatt Explains Why Jews Had To Get Kanye

Kanye is bipolar.

He doesn’t appear to be a liar though.


  1. Meanwhile esteemed Grand Old Politburo party member Thom Tillis has struck a deal with the CPUSA wing of the Uniparty bird for amnesty.
    Cue the vote moar harder sad trombone, always so sad.
    Remember the quote about who you cannot criticize to find out who rules the roost.

  2. The ADL was never a once venerable civil rights organisation. It was set up to defend jewish child rapists and murderers.

    During, I think the 1980’s the ADL was raided and taken to court for harassment, and building up a massive database of targets. This was done by bribery and blackmail.

    Regarding Nosferatu’s interview, saying if we dont get him the myth spreads. I just dont understand his logic. If they do nothing to Ye then his claims are disproven, but going after him shows he was talking truth.

    The simply cannot help themselves.

  3. Searches for Hitler and NSDAP Deutschland skyrocketed after Ye’s performance on Alex Jonestein.
    Will there ever be a shelf life on the plague of Hitler-SS Nazi Gestapo Fuhrers lurking behind every corner?

  4. Beyond all the personalities lay an interesting set of questions…

    #1. Is it legal that a small tribe of people take over the American system?

    #2. Are vast numbers of other Americans bound to accept and respect that?

    #3. If not, what will be the remedial action?

    No answer to any of these questions do I have, for, although I have a great admiration for the system The Founding Fathers set up, the reality is that the system was largely dependent on a majority tribe of men who held the same basic values.

    Such a group of men no longer have power, and, as well, the system they set up is somewhat eroded – very purposefully so by New England Yankees, starting in the 1860s, and furthered, in the 20th century, by the very minority in question.

    Even if both criteria of this last remark were untrue, the result is that the Constitutional Federal system clearly had holes in it, for I am unaware of their having addressed this matter.

      • @English Tom…

        Yes, there is a high probability of that, and yet Organized Jewry seems unconscious of the fact that they are recreating yet another length of the same pattern that is now way over a millenia old.

        Was it not somebody famous who said? : ‘Pride goeth before a fall.’

  5. How do the Christ killers deal with an innocent man who did no wrong? How do they deal with some one who say things they do not wish to be said and refuses to shut up?

  6. >He doesn’t appear to be a liar though.

    Mistaken is better than ‘a liar’ here.

    >The myth of Jewish power cannot be allowed to take root

    Well, the ADL really can’t return to its founding purpose of defending Jewish child murderers, can it? — that would be unseemly.

    But why bother posting something like this if you think the one topic that is mostly responsible for giving Jews moral sway over Gentiles, and society generally, is not worth your time to investigate (link)?

    You ought to join the GOP (if you’re not already a member) and run for office — if elected, you could hold hearings and issue strongly worded press releases to ‘own the libs’.


    I just happened to notice this announcement from 01 Dec 2022:

    UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Removes GRE Requirement

    They cite proof of ‘systemic bias’ in the GRE, as well as other schools doing the same, as justification.

    Of course the GRE is not ‘systemically biased’, and the real reason is that with pending SCOTUS rulings likely to reverse earlier decisions that affirmative action is compatible with the Constitution, schools are trying to get rid of quantitative measures of student ability and performance so they can more easily continue giving preferences to non-Asian minorities at the expense of Whites and Asians.

    • Jewish wealth, networking and control over key cultural institutions in the United States like news, entertainment and the universities is responsible for Jews having “moral sway over Gentiles.” That’s the difference between how the Holocaust is treated compared to, say, the Armenian genocide or Pol Pot’s Cambodia or famines in India or the death of millions of people in the wars in the Congo or the Rwandan genocide or Bosnia or the victims of communism, etc. In the twenty years that immediately followed the war, the Holocaust didn’t overshadow World War II. It only became what it is today from the 1970s forwards.

      Jews are able to push their own cherished narratives over alternative narratives because Jews are in positions of power to do so. The same was true of the Civil Rights Movement. All sorts of destructive fads have been pushed by Jews because of their control of institutions. CRT, BLM, gender fluidity and social justice are the most recent examples. Focusing on the Holocaust puts the cart before the horse. Trying to debunk the Holocaust misses the point which is that it matters because Jewish elites have the power to define what matters.

      Look at the death of George Floyd. Why did the death of one drug addict in Minneapolis become such a big deal? George Floyd’s death mattered because Jewish elites and political elites determined that it mattered. The narrative around the death of Trayvon Martin was debunked. The narrative around the death of Michael Brown was debunked. BLM only continued to gain steam because it was promoted by celebrities and Jewish media elites who are able to determine what matters at a mass scale.

      • “control over key cultural institutions in the United States like news, entertainment and the universities ”
        ………..Madison Avenue.

        (Advertising has a very powerful influence, often in subtle and subconscious themes.)

        • It’s massive. Psychological manipulation which was originally used to get people to spend money, has now turned into getting them to behave in unnatural, civilization-wrecking ways.

  7. I think it’s important that we call out anti white behaviour whenever we see it. It’s also important to keep speaking up without the fear of silly labels stopping the conversation.

  8. Here’s what I suggest you tell your Jewish friends and acquaintences: “All Greenblatt & the ADL are accomplishing is the breeding of more Bowers”.

  9. I’ve had modest suggest comparing current ADL ethnic Jewish media mafia to the former Italian American mafia families. J Edgar Hoover America’s top FBI law enforcement official reassured the American public that there was no such thing as organized crime, no mob, no mafia.

    Everybody who wasn’t an idiot knew there was organized crime and it was dominated from the 1920s-1980s by Italian American organized crime families.

    Why did J Edgar Hoover say there was no mafia mob?

    The answer is:

    J Edgar Hoover was a homosexual and a cross dresser at a time in the USA where a high government official couldn’t be those things. The Mafia black mailed J Edgar Hoover and others to not oppose the Mafia families.

    The ADL and other ethnic Jewish power groups like AIPAC do the same.

    There, that was easy.

    • ” The Mafia (Mickey Cohen) black mailed J Edgar Hoover and others to not oppose the Mafia families.”

      Once organized crime is exposed, it’s impossible to avoid finding that most of it is kosher.

    • @ jaye ryan

      Everybody who wasn’t an idiot knew there was organized crime and it was dominated from the 1920s-1980s by Italian American organized crime families.

      Or so the “idiots” thought. There are no English jews, German jews, or Italian jews. There are only JEWS who happen to live in England, Germany, and Italy, or wherever. The most common way the jews blend in and hide under the radar in America and other English speaking countries is to take on unremarkable and common names of their hosts, think of all the Goldsteins and Bergmans you know of. These are historically and linguistically German names. However, such individuals in our times are invariably jewish. Well, if you think about it, there are jews in other non-English speaking countries, aren’t there? What do you think jews do to blend in in those locales? What common Italian, Spanish, or French names do jews appropriate to hide themselves as jews so often do?

      All we think we know about the socalled Italian Mafia is what (((Hollywood))) has shown us. Think of the literally thousands of gangster movies that the Hollywood jews have produced which have burned into our psyche the specter of Italian criminals when the truth is the Sicilian Mafia is in fact Converso Crypto jews. Having an Italian sounding name is no more proof that one is of Italian descent, then having a German name makes one German. The Colombo crime families were jewish because Bonnano and Colombo in Sicily are jewish names. In order to be a “made man” in the Mafia, you must be Sicilian. Why wouldn’t any “Italian” do? Look up the photographs of Gambino, Genovese and the rest of them and you will see the jewish blood. Meyer Lansky one time joked that he and Lucky Luciano got along together so well because Luciano thought like a Jew. Look at Luciano’s photo he was likely a Crypto Jew. Jews are not White Europeans. Jews are not Italian. Jews, are jews!

      The Pope’s policy of Forced Conversion led to thousands of jews who settled in Italy and Sicily to convert to Christianity. Jews lived in Sicily from the days of the Persian Empire. Sicilians for the most part have a drop or two of Jew in them. The Mafia is made up of Sicilian jews converted by the Spanish. Mafia rituals are mirrored in jewish tradition.

      You must remember, Southern Italy and Sicily until the 1400s about 30-50% of the entire population was JEWISH!!!! Say that again until 1400 30-50% JEWISH. Jews have lived in Italy since the days of Ancient Greece in small numbers and the reason Southern Italians and Sicilians look like that is from their Jewish forbears. The Muslims had a minor almost insignificant contribution to the population as they were only there for 200 years, by the time they took Sicily in the 800s jews had lived in Sicily for 1000 years. Just as in the story with the Sicilian kid graffiting the Synagogue if you look at him the guy is obviously Jewish heritage. Mafia familes the Bonnanos, Colombos, Gambinos, Genovese and Luchese, Ray Romano, Alyssa Milano Danny Aiello, all these famous ITALIANS and SICILIANS are in fact jews. Their surnames are jewish.

  10. Greenblatt was never asked about the Bolshevik revolution which killed tens of millions, or the daily racism and crime against whites by non whites, which is many times that of the reverse scenario.
    These sorts of interviews are often noted for what ISN’T said or asked.

  11. Overdoing the dumbing down is so that no one would notice the repeat of the Bolshevik revolution in Amerikwa.
    People never learn from history because the masses are stupid.

    “What good fortune for governments, that the people are stupid!”

    Adolf Hitler

  12. Well, well, well, johny greenhole, just what qualifies you, too have the moral authority, that you presume to have, I can only imagine the darkness, that lurk’s in your black heart……

  13. Why is all of this happening now? It’s because in 2020 Black Lives Matter targeted Confederate Monuments, looted / burned businesses all over America, and destroyed the public safety of pretty much every big city and town in America that was around. So what happened after all that? What changed in the black community? Nothing positive at all. Now crime is even worse in the Black community because Law Enforcement is afraid of enforcing the law of fear of being fired and arrested. Every Black citizen is less safe now and everybody knows it. So who keeps African Americans down? It’s not the old dude on the Confederate Monument but instead of the rich….Jews and so called “White” People who think like them. They love money and are focused on keeping the gap between the rich vs the middle class vs the working poor that way forever. So somebody in the Black community named the enemy and now many people will know it in the Black community, the White community, the Hispanic community, and so on. Deo Vindice!

  14. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Either Kanye is a crazy person to never want to to associate with or listen to, or he’s a reasonable person who speaks truth. Which one is it?

    • I don’t think this is an either/or choice.
      Crazy people can speak the truth but couch their ideas in an off-putting way that diminishes the value of their message. Wearing a gimp mask while praising Hitler during an appearance on a program that is produced by someone who comes across as crazy at times. This isn’t the most effective way to garner respect.

      It isn’t the message, it’s the delivery.

      • “Saying that bad people talked about a fact doesn’t make the fact go away.”– Gregory Hood (Amren)

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