Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democratic Party

Sinema doesn’t think she can win her primary. She is following in the footsteps of Lisa Murkowski.


  1. If I were an Arizonan I would consider this a good move.

    Though she is considerably to the Left of me, I consider her a good faith individual; one who is trying to steer the country common sense centrism.

    It’s a reasonable position that, just a few decades ago, made up the majority, but, which, nowadays, after all that has gone on, is actually something quite rarified.

      • Not being an Arizonan, Dear Michael, I do not know 1/1000th of what you know.

        As to what happened to the Meacham, Masters, and Lake candidacies I feel they were cheated.

        I take it that this is nothing new.?

      • Yes. Because Sun City was filled to the gills with retirees who fully believed the “War Hero” bullshit. They started to ask about the open borders later on, but he reassured them that the invading army of welfare sponges and Dem voters was economically needed to keep Social Security going. He didn’t really have to cheat because his base was that retarded. I have a close relative out there who knows all about how it worked. He despised Juan McStain (his favorite term) even more than I did. BTW, Juan’s daddy is the admiral who covered up the USS Liberty attack on behalf of his (((masters))). The rot runs deep.

        • @Exalted Cyclops…

          “He didn’t really have to cheat because his base was that retarded.”

          Fair enough, Sir, but, let me say this to you : most White Americans were, until recent years, very very proud to be citizens of such a country as this, and for most of us it has been a very very hard road to hoe to realize that not only are we NOT in a good country, anymore, we are in a country where the government targets us, just as it targets everyone else in the world.

          Moreover, I will say to you, as well, that this country is under the greatest thought-control system ever contrived in history, and, that so, it has been another long hard road to hoe for most of our countrymen to realize that they have been had, over and over again.

          • It’s just fine to be proud of your nation, if it’s something to be proud of. We were on the wrong side in WW2. It’s not okay for people to be ignorant.

          • @Fox Snooze…

            We were on the wrong side of WWII, because we were on the wrong side of WWI.

            Come to think of it, with New England Yankees in charge of The United States’ Government, one thing is sure : we will always be on somebody’s side.

            Yes, and though it can be argued whether that side is right or wrong, one thing cannot be argued : we will be on anybody’s side BUT our own…

        • They are Irish from SF and the Castro. Sinema is culturally liberal and fiscally conservative same as every worthless Goddamned Irish Mick, including Reagan, Hannity and Pat Buchanan. And why are the Irish so fond of the queers stuff and abortion? Because the Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline and Irish breeding practices produce an inordainate quantity of mentally ill, sexual deviants, homosexuals, trannies and pedosexuals. But they love that money, oh how they love that money. So they lower and lower taxes so the Irish can hold on to more and more and finance queer rights and transexual childrens rights legislation. McCain is not a Mexican name.

          • Thank you, Mr. Browning for your comment.

            Yes, I know you consider that Irish-Americans to be a major problem.

            I hope you know that I think our biggest problem is an unwillingness to do our homework and be honest with ourselves and others about what we really see.

        • Arizona GOP has lots and lots of LDS Latter Day Saint voters. They look good, but in politics they tend to really really suck.

          LDS Whites are as bad as the Js on immigration and Neo Con ZOG wars, The Js always like to use good looking, White wholesome LDS pols like Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney that Egg McMuffin to front for them and their evil

          Invade the world for Israel
          Invite the world – open borders immigration (hey we’re not racists)
          In hoc to the world – the Je* Fed Reserve banking cartel.

          So instead of just seeing, smelling and hearing loathsome, slimes New Yawk LA Jews like Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jeff Zucker they can feature some wholesome White LDS Mormon guys like Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake,

          LDS White boomers wave the flag, support the troops, want to be like John McCain and his beautiful blonde rich wife.


        • @Arrian…

          When I first took note of Senator McCain in the late 1990s, I thought he cut a very good figure.

          I liked how he thought and how he spoke.

          However, as with some you meet in life, my acquaintanceship with him did not improve with time, but, went down – considerably down.

          In the end, I would say that his view of this country, and it’s role in the world, was almost diametrically opposed to mine, and, I suspect, yours, as well.

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