Nick Fuentes: Hitler Was Epic

This is how it always ends.

Every incarnation of the White Nationalist movement eventually reaches its final position: sieg heiling with the bros on a street corner in Illinois, holding a solemn candlelight service around the tomb of Hitler, nostalgia for the Third Reich, crypt keepers defending the memory of Nazi Germany and so on. Eventually, a kind of weariness sets in with present day politics and some people retreat to live in the past where they become enamored with the fantasy that the past can become the present.

I’m not sure how many of you remember Bill White and Von Bluvens. When I first discovered the White Nationalist movement in the early 2000s, it was toward the end of the WN 1.0 era. The National Alliance was still around and was about to implode after the death of Dr. William Pierce. Aryan Nations was still around. The NSM was holding street rallies. Hal Turner was still around. Craig Cobb was still around. Harold Covington and the Northwest Front were still around. Glenn Miller had recently gotten out of prison. Stormfront and VNN Forum were the epicenter of the movement. Billy Roper and White Revolution led a large march on Washington in 2002. There were about 300 people with swastika flags. To an outsider, it seemed like most White Nationalists were busy trying to pump air into the tires of the Third Reich and Americans were just not buying it and the movement needed to chart a more palatable course.

This was all in the wake of David Duke and Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns in the late 1980s and 1990s. Sam Francis was still alive and was publishing his articles at VDARE and the Citizens Informer. I was still too young to remember the mainstreaming phase of the movement in the 1980s and 1990s. I later read about people like Willis Carto, Liberty Lobby and the Populist Party. I came across the movement in the wake of all that in the 2000s. The whole scene had recently shifted online to the vBulletin forum. Stormfront spawned an archipelago of forums and later blogs around the mid-2000s.

I remember thinking to myself at the time watching all this as an anonymous internet poster … why are these people doing this? It makes more sense now after the collapse of the Alt-Right in the wake of Charlottesville and this recent turn of events with Nick Fuentes and America First. This is another negative, downward, contracting phase like WN 1.0 from 2002 to 2008 or the Alt-Right after 2017. The swastikas come out and “optics” are shelved when people get disillusioned with mainstream politics.

WN 1.0

Big Von and Bill White doing their best impression of the Black Panthers.

WN 2.0

Commander Heimbach at Charlottesville and Michigan State.

America First

Fuentes wearing his black jacket at an anti-vax street rally.

I see various people in our comment section asking why I don’t criticize Boomers.

The answer is that I came across the White Nationalist movement in my youth. This was over twenty years ago. I’m a middle aged Xennial dad now. I just turned 42-years-old. I wasn’t born yesterday and have seen a lot of shifts in strategy and tactics in the movement in my time.

When I was in my twenties, there were Baby Boomers and Gen Xers around who were saying and doing the exact same retarded things for which the Alt-Right later became famous. America First is now going the way of the Alt-Right which went the way of WN 1.0 before it which went the way of George Lincoln Rockwell’s original American Nazi party. GLR was born in 1918 and was Greatest Generation. There were people around before GLR who were in love with Hitler and who were trying to bring that to America going all the way back to the German American Bund, the Silver Shirts and Francis Parker Yockey.

This isn’t something that Baby Boomers do.

It is not something that Gen X skinheads or Alt-Right Millennials or Gen Z America Firsters do. If you believe that, you have the memory of a goldfish.

Nothing ever really changes. The history of the White Nationalist movement is an endless cycle of rebrands, attempts to go mainstream, disillusionment and returns to vanguardism, followed by rebrands and renewed attempts to go mainstream. “White Nationalism” itself was a rebrand in the 1980s from an earlier explicit Neo-Nazi phase in the 1960s and 1970s that grew out of GLR’s American Nazi Party. “Alt-Right” was a rebrand of White Nationalism from the image of the scene in the early 2000s. “America First” was a rebrand of the Alt-Right after its image became too associated with Neo-Nazism.

The sole novelty of America First is that it is gender fluid and multiracial. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that any incarnation of the movement has ever tried to rally around a bipolar black rapper. Previous generations of Neo-Nazis had higher standards and would not have approved of this!

Note: What would Dr. Pierce think of Fuentes and Yedolf?


  1. In the early 2000s Tom Metzger was still around too, HW. And he was warning against all of that foolishness. Matt Hale, the Pontifex Maximus of the WCOTC, looked very promising, though. He was intelligent, well-spoken, fiercely committed to the cause and even resembled GL Rockwell! But then ZOG framed him for a crime he had no intention of carrying out and he’s been in a ZOG Supermax dungeon ever since.

  2. Last year Nick was praising Stalin and even grew a big mustache like the Soviet dictator had. I think he just admires men of action who are ruthlessly determined to win power.

    • Bingo Spahn! That´s exactly it

      As the little pervert he is he is intrigued (And likely much more…cringe) by strong men in power

      He´s a complete weathercock where the wind goes he will

  3. There’s an idea about that Ye is wearing a mask to hide that he’s wearing an earpiece, and getting instructions during these video events

    There’s quietly a lot of eastern Europe in which Nazis are not ‘cringe’, tho it is generally understood not to talk about them in media in the current framework, dominated by the Western EU apparatus

    Father-to-son passed down history in many eastern Europe countries is that the Nazis liberated them from various oppressors, both small and large
    – Baltic countries from Stalin
    – Croatians from Serbia
    – Slovakians from the Czechs
    You had Hitler allies in Hungary, in Bulgaria, in Romania and elsewhere … and of course a bunch of pro-Nazis in Ukraine, who are now in that complicated situation under Jewish Zelensky

    In these old Hitler ally realms, there generally isn’t this larping to ‘bring back the Nazis’, like you see in the USA … but there are European local cultures quietly holding that a lot of anti-Nazi history is just one-sided bullshite, a standard theme in tavern-talk

    Very funny is that the Hitler theme pops up positively in Asia, given that for millennia the swasika has been a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, you see it on temples

    So in Asia you have things you can see in web photos, like Hitler brand ice cream, Hitler clothing stores, Third-Reich-themed cafés, Japanese Nazi cartoons, Korean girl group Nazi dress-up … the theatre of Nazi pageantry in the old films just seems cheerful to some of those folks not steeped in Western-Jewish ideology

    • “In these old Hitler ally realms, there generally isn’t this larping to ‘bring back the Nazis’, like you see in the USA ”

      @Balticus — Well, first there aren’t any sizeable movements, or even small movements, I know of to bring back the NSDAQ. Maybe it’s just that it’s not against the law to have conversations about the holocaust or the Third Reich, at least for now, in America. There used to be thousands of videos on jew tube that exposed the holocaust lie, and displayed the truth about WW2, that is, that the ALL-LIES weren’t the good guys.

      Now to this current controversy, I can understand why this black entertainer resented and was so incensed that he noticed it was jews parasiting his wealth, but I don’t know why, out of the blue, he started praising Hitler? Obviously, he’s not well versed on the topic. He’s a fucking rapper! I suppose he just wanted to piss off the jews, which, as we see, he’s succeeded. LOL!.

  4. I don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?

    Adolf Hitler

    • “How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” AH

      By the energies of it’s WHITE population combined with tremendous natural resources.

      The WHITE man can carry an excrptional burden before he collapses.

    • He was right. The more White America was willing to just become another “minority group” in their own nation, the worse it is.

  5. How does Wallace tie together his view that the populace is moving towards his political positions (populism) with his observation that these sorts of WN 1.0 tactics never “work” (however “work” is to be qualified)?

    Is it just an unexplained historical novelty that just now, out of the blue, the populace (supposedly) has more palatable political views? Are the wave upon wave of WN rebrands having some effect? (Maybe they’re “working” after all?) … or is there some deeper, spiritual, aspect of American racial identity that neither Hunter nor the WN 1.0 guys are taking into account? Some identity bred-in-the-bones of Europeans that refuses to die, even if various public clowns have failed in their attempts to manifest it properly?

    • The answer is that conservatism adapts and absorbs most of the grievances of these distinct waves of the movement:

      – Pat Buchanan channeled David Duke in his presidential campaigns in the 1990s

      – Trump harnessed Alt-Right grievances in his 2016 campaign.

      – The people who Fuentes was trolling in the Groyper War in 2019 like Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh adopted and sanitized his act.

      • But none of that changes anything. You’re just focusing on philosophy and not the real lives of people.
        Trump did address things in his first election, but never after elected, and never did a thing to help whites.
        Which is why talk doesn’t matter, and actions do.

        • Sure it does.

          Conservatism has embraced a bunch of causes which used to be associated with the Alt-Right which have gone mainstream. Meanwhile, Fuentes & Co. have been reduced to talking about Hitler, the Holocaust, Nazis, etc, which appeals to a far narrower audience. All of that stuff is purely historical and does nothing to improve the lives of people living in this country in the present.

          • Fox snooze is right! No matter who gets elected, they don’t do anything for White people. Following political charlatans is a waste of time. 1488!

          • You are exaggerating

            Politicians cater to constituencies. Why would politicians cater to people who don’t support them?

          • Ahh — but Brad, I’m not. They cater to their (((donors))) and obviously they don’t have the same priorities or issues as the politicians’ constituencies. Republican politicians couldn’t care less what their constituents think, or wants, and openly disdain the people they are supposed to be serving, guiding, and protecting. They’re even antiwhite but their constituents are too stupid to notice. They don’t have to say it while they’re doing all they can for nonwhites and bragging about it. The proof is in their actions. Don’t believe it? The proof is in the pudding.

          • Enough to fool them, which isn’t hard to do, because they (constituents) only take notice every 2 or 4 years depending on the length of their terms. Democracy is a total sham. The shills know it but the voters don’t want to come to grips with it. They don’t want to know. They can’t handle the truth. It’s too serious.

      • It sounds like you’re saying the far-right is pulling the mainstream right further right…then ridiculing the far-right for their antics.

        • I’m saying the far right goes through phases where it expands and contracts and whether it is focused on reaching a broader audience or a narrower one and the mainstream right deals with the far right by coopting causes that are gaining traction there. A good example of this is Fuentes trolling Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh during the Groyper War only for Fuentes to go full Nazi a few years later and Kirk and Walsh embracing a lot of his former message.

          • A good example of this is Fuentes trolling Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh during the Groyper War only for Fuentes to go full Nazi a few years later and Kirk and Walsh embracing a lot of his former message.

            I SEE A TREND HERE.

          • See? Matt Walsh is already trending toward Fuentes views. 😀

            Frankly, anything pro-White is smeared by the jewsmedia as nazism.

      • Maybe once upon a White America, but no longer. And, to be fair HW, The small Fuentes isn’t wearing any armbands, or tall boots. He merely is trying to De-Mythologize the Jewish DEMONIZATION of Mr. H.

        That MUST occur, before ANY WN party can step up to the plate. As long as the Christ-killers have AH in the ‘most eeeeevil man, EVERRRR!’ category, you can’t even begin to get through to normies.

  6. Oh those poor, poor, jews, and so, poor you. Everyone’s been picking on them for centuries, and, heaven knows, they didn’t ever do anything wrong. When do the jews screech the loudest? Whenever anyone reveals the truth about the “holocaust”, Hitler, or WW2? Undeniable proof that the truth being revealed about Hitler and those events that surround him are what the jews fear the most.

    • “If / When fascism comes to America, ”

      Not going to happen. America doesn’t have the brains and America has lost its WHITENESS.
      America is destined to be Venezuela 2.0, but worse.

  7. Okay, here’s my $.002 worth.

    Not wanting to go down too deep into that dark tunnel as to which European tribe is the most White (Aryan), BUT … the MAGA and America First crowd has been pretty much taken over by people who would not have been considered White about fifty years ago.

    In order for the authorities to charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, they had to expand the definition of White to White adjacent populations like the Mestizos (the group that most Whites mix with) and their Castizo children.

    Milo Yiannapoulos is a Greek Jewish homosexual who is probably a federal agent provocateur paid to put a spammer in the works and take down any rising White activists like he did Richard Spencer and some others. We should EXPECT a default to “Poor Optics” whenever he is involved.

    Any White activist who IS actually White with two working brain cells should steer clear of him and any other edgier “White” shitlords who I suspect are Jews who can present as White.

    Nick Fuentes as a Castizo is more problematic for the Usual Suspects. Years ago, I noticed a lot of benefits being shoved by the authorities to Hispanics because they saw them as a replacement population for White Anglos and wanted to lock in their vote. So many, that at the defunct blog Mindweapons I actively encouraged young Whites wanting to start their own families to “Latinize” their surnames and get proficient in Spanish to claim those benefits. You don’t even have to lie about your race/ethnicity to claim them as most Hispanics check the “White” box themselves.

    As an Hispanic minority, the Usual Suspects will be forced to handle Fuentes with kid gloves or be accused of White Oppression themselves and he is shrewd enough to KNOW this which is why HE is best suited to push the Overton Window into the Mainstream.

    The Pro-Palestinian Movement has been very successful at portraying the Jews as White European invaders of brown Palestine. They exploit every opportunity with cellphone technology to show the AshkeNAZI occupiers bullying and terrorizing helpless Palestinian women and children. They have been very clever about using every anti-White meme the Jews utilized to push the Holocaust and Snivel Rights narrative against them. Talk about Bad Optics!

    Last, but not least, Jonathan Greenblatt is an idiot taking on Ye formerly known as Kanye West. He is not dealing with a target whose fellow ethno-nationalist will scatter like frightened sheep, bleating about Bad Optics. He is dealing with a target from a race whose solidarity is just as strong if not stronger than the Jews.

    The Naming and Shaming does not work with Blacks. You can’t embarrass a bunch of people who like to be loud and twerk in public and sag their pants and be profane. Like David Cole at Takimag observed, the one N-word Blacks cannot abide is the word, NO.

    Ironically, Blacks buy into the Jewish-created narrative that any issue that makes Blacks look bad is the fault of privileged White oppressors and they see Jews as the most privileged of White people.

    Blacks totally buy into conspiracy theories and wait for it, it will be coming sooner rather than later, there will be a bunch of Blacks speculating and believing that Ye was drugged by some Mossad agent – probably Milo – to look crazy as a bedbug when he Spoke Truth to Power. Because Ye knows that the African-American is the true Hebrew Israelite and the AshkeNAZI Mafia want to shut it down.

    What should WE do about it? Just kick back, make some popcorn, pop a cold drink and enjoy the Jews Hoisted on Their Own Petards Show brought to you courtesy of Ye and Fuentes. Didn’t THEY giggle when they arranged to cast the Black as coal actor, Idris Elba to play Heimdall, the Whitest of the Norse Gods and later a Blactress to play Ann Boleyn and Joan of Arc?

    Let’s see how THEY like having the identity THEY claim appropriated when they pushed that appropriation by the same damned people on the Egyptians, the Greeks and now the rest of Europe.

    • ” Hispanics because they saw them as a replacement population for White Anglos”

      The effete overlords don’t understand the basic intelligence necessary to run an advanced technological society, everything will crumble.
      They’ll say “wtf nuthin aint workin, why elevators no go, lectricity don’t work?”

  8. Keeping Whites focused on Hitler instead of our own forced extinction has to be an Anti-White wet dream. If Hitler didn’t exist Anti-Whites would have to invent him.

  9. One of the things Dr. Pierce warned about was anti-social people attaching themselves to the white movement for some kind of identity. It’s no surprise that self proclaimed incels like Fuentes and Anglin become prominent in the movement, though it’s certainly a problem.

    • Is that before or after starting a skinhead record label and selling his skinhead records from his compound?

  10. No movement can get traction, and never will. It is because they are moving in the wrong direction. The chances of taking over the ZOG beast are zero, and always have been.

    If any movement ever did get traction, ZOG has thousands of trained and efficient assassins for a reason. Most now are employed overseas, but all are only a plane trip away.

    God has raised up some enemies. The spics have invaded and conquered whole states. Now China is contending on the strategic level, with their junior partner Russia. They will go to war soon. That war will shatter ZOG into pieces.

    I say just everyone calm down and let it play out. But sure, watching the Nazi faggot contingent self destruct is a lot of fun. And Hunter is of course right again, they always self destruct over their Hitler fantasies. It always comes down to that.

  11. People being Nazis in 2022 makes sense when you consider it religious more than simply political.

    Why are Bible stories about Hebrews squabbling in the desert „Holy“ but the story of Germany (A country many in America have ancestry from,) rising up against the International Jews is nothing but „irrelevant“ secular history? We should be inspired.

    Fuentes is mixed, it’s obvious he can never really be a „Nazi“

    • “Why are Bible stories about Hebrews squabbling in the desert „Holy“ but the story of Germany (A country many in America have ancestry from,) rising up against the International Jews is nothing but „irrelevant“ secular history? We should be inspired.”

      Bingo. But unfortunately, the crucial difference is we don’t have total control of media, academia & Hymiewood which was all used to brainwash the goy retards against their own racial survival for over 75 years.

      • “Why are Bible stories about Hebrews squabbling in the desert „Holy“ but the story of Germany (A country many in America have ancestry from,) rising up against the International Jews is nothing but „irrelevant“ secular history? We should be inspired.”

        YES! GREAT POINT! TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT and many find to be fiction, but it’s irrelevant to expose the truth about Hitler, WW2, and the holocaust which the jews themselves constantly lie about in the mainstream and academia, the easily provable lies they use to bilk billions of dollars from Germany and other countries — bullshit they use to make it appear they are the world’s foremost victims, which is a total inversion of TRUTH.

        So sorry you brought up something so counterproductive. 😮

        • As science advances, maybe in another thousand years, if whites still exist, they can throw off the shackles of the bible.

          • Many Whites are drawn to the supernatural for some reason. That’s why jews make millions from marvel comics movies.

        • “Many Whites are drawn to the supernatural for some reason. That’s why jews make millions from marvel comics movies.”

          I can understand children, pre-teens enjoying it, but adults ?

          There’s a theory, since Victorian times , children have been over sheltered from reality leading to immaturity into early adulthood.
          I think it has credence.

    • “People being Nazis in 2022 makes sense when you consider it religious more than simply political.”

      @Kentucky Rebel – I think you’re really onto something here. As I was looking at the above photos, I thought this represents something more to these people than larping about the past. Here was a human being, Hitler, who was striving for something eternal and seemed to actually believe in it himself. Compare that to all the phony fakes at all levels of government and politics who don’t have a single ideal or standard in their garbage culture heads. I don’t blame people for wanting to believe in something. If people want to worship Hitler, they should be free to do so without total persecution and mockery, and ZOG going nuclear on them with its full range of weaponry. It says a lot that one cannot even be a costume historic National Socialist without becoming public enemy number one.

    • “Why are Bible stories about Hebrews squabbling in the desert „Holy“

      Adam green goes into this in depth.
      The basic explanation is that jwz are using it as psychological conditioning to bring about gentile enslavement in their utopian olam haba.

    • Yeah, every other article on here is about trashing Fuentes, Kanye, Spencer, and Anglin. Lots of armchair critics.
      But they LOVE the philosemitic groups!

      • The whole country has been talking about Kanye and Fuentes self-destructing. Spencer and Anglin self-destructed years ago.

        • “Anglin self-destructed years ago”

          That’s just not true. The jews saw him, see him, as a legitimate threat to their hegemony so they used any means at their disposal to attempt to silence him. The jews can do this to anyone they fear, but, as you know, he’s still active, and is extremely popular, and his articles can be found on a number of websites other than just the Daily Stormer, such as Unz and Truthseeker UK. At least for the moment right now, he’s also commenting on twitter.

          • “Anglin still has a mass following among incels”

            Anglin touches on many good points, then grabs them and jumps off the cliff’s edge.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 11, 2022 AT 12:28 PM

            >but it is a niche audience

            Anglin is published on the Unz site (link), where his articles regularly attract over 100 comments (of varying quality of course) — I don’t think all of the people who read and comment are ‘incels’.

            While Anglin writes a lot of nutty shit, as nutty as Fuentes saying having sex with women is gay, I give him credit for recognizing and addressing (albeit often in a juvenile, pejorative way) the problems caused by the behavior and influence of women today — I have broached this topic here several times myself, e.g. by saying women are temperamentally unsuited to many of the roles they are now allowed to play in society (you touch on this as well, at least implicitly, by complaining about white ‘libtards’ and how they vote: that is largely a problem of white women).

            Speaking of which, BPS has a new video:

            COLLAPSE of MASCULINITY: Rise of the Nu-Male

            The ‘collapse of masculinity’ is due to the influence of women, and the unwise deference shown to them and their innate sensibilities — there are very good reasons why, in past eras, the allowed roles for women in society were de jure limited.

          • The Anglin-Fuentes audience are angry, alienated, terminally online incels. Both of them made it clear a long time ago that hating women is their thing, not the race stuff. Both are supporting Kanye West for president

          • >the problems caused by the behavior and influence of women today

            After posting the above, I should point out this story of a young woman with guts:

            Ex-Virginia Tech soccer player allegedly benched for refusing to kneel allowed to proceed with lawsuit: judge

            Kiersten Hening, who was a midfielder/defender for the Hokies from 2018 to 2020, sued coach Charles “Chugger” Aidair in 2021 on First Amendment grounds, which federal Judge Thomas Cullen announced on Dec. 2 can proceed to trial.

            This case is potentially important — there must have been a good number of players who didn’t want to kneel, and felt the politicization of sports was wrong, but were directly intimidated, or let themselves be intimidated, e.g. by peer pressure, into going along with this kind of ritual performance, which is a form of compelled speech.

          • >the problems caused by the behavior and influence of women today

            linkOne of the biggest missteps mankind ever made was allowing women to have authority of any kind over anyone or anything … They aren’t equipped to deal with authority, they have no idea how to weild it. Which is why, when given authority, they almost always abuse and misuse it … I swear I’m not saying that to be Edgy Misogynist Guy. It’s just how I feel after 42 yrs of life and observation of the human condition

            More people are noticing.

        • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 11, 2022 AT 8:04 PM

          >online incels

          Why repeat the same nonsense? — you’re like a broken record — in the same way, you call Whites who vote for Democrats ‘anti-White’ or ‘libtards’, and avoid looking at the larger problem more honestly — it’s tiresome.

          >angry, alienated

          You call them ‘incels’, but leave out that the vast majority (and I do mean vast) are white — are you now going to tell me that young Whites, especially young white men, or white men generally for that matter, have no reason to feel ‘angry and alienated’?

          And even without any Nazi LARPing, it’s hardly a level playing field for ideas, is it? — all that has to be done is label someone a Nazi, and most people immediately think about Jews and gas chambers — due to blanket ‘Holocaust’ and ‘never again’ propaganda, that’s literally all it means to them, which is the main reason Jews and their allies do it so often.

          • 1.) I’m sorry, but angry, alienated incels is an accurate description of the core Anglin/Fuentes audience. Anglin is also far more passionate about that issue than race which he largely moved away from years ago. The fact that he is supporting a black rapper for president shows how far away he has moved from White Nationalism.

            2.) Good luck debating the unfairness of associating Nazism with gas chambers and the Holocaust. It strikes me as a waste of time and a tar baby that distracts attention away from the issues that people care about in our own country and in our own times.

            3.) Finally, 87% of White Democrats were supporters of BLM last year, but I am sure you will be back to explain how supporting BLM and Antifa and voting for Democrats who support open borders and other anti-White policies doesn’t really make them anti-White.


          • ” angry, alienated incels is an accurate description”

            That was all in the (((design)), when integration and feminism were forced on our society. They knew the inevitable consequences of these anti-social forced policies. That’s the reaason that they so fervently pushed such concepts.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 12, 2022 AT 10:11 AM


            I’m not interested in ‘debating it’ — I just stated it as a FACT, because it is a FACT — among the intellectually curious and open, one could perhaps counteract it.


            Do you actually read the text at the links you post?

            … compared with 47% of White adults. About three-in-ten or fewer Asian, Hispanic and White Americans say they strongly support the Black Lives Matter movement.

            So 47% (less than half) of adult Whites expressed support for BLM (whatever that means), and probably less than 25% expressed ‘strong support’ (“).

            And what is a ‘White Democrat’? — is that a registered member of the party, or what? — or just someone who said they often vote for Democrats? — I have no idea, and neither do you — personally, I don’t know anyone who’s a registered member of any political party — that’s just not something most people do — and I have never voted just for one party; I also don’t think this is something most people do.

            So it seems pretty clear to me that you are still talking about a minority of Whites who support BLM (“) — and problematic Whites, those who have views that might fairly be described as ‘anti-White’, are a small minority.

            So yeah, I will state again: Whites who vote for Democrats are not necessarily ‘anti-White’, and you have produced no evidence that would change my mind — also, the real concern, i.e. problematic Whites, are a small minority of all Whites, and I have always talked about ALL WHITES, not just Democrats.

            Do you ever, you know, go out and meet and talk to people? — or do you just look at online, small sample size surveys put out by outlets like Pew (‘Everyone who took part is a member of the Center’s American Trends Panel’, i.e. they sample the same people over and over), and take them as gospel?

            How many members of what you label the PMC do you personally know? — as opposed to the ones you see featured in the media? — it must be very few, which considering you live in a small Alabama town would not be surprising.

          • To recap:


            1.) 47% of White adults supported BLM a year after the George Floyd protests.

            2.) 22% of White adults strongly supported BLM a year after the George Floyd protests.

            3.) 16% of White Republicans supported BLM a year after the George Floyd protests.

            4.) 68% of White Republicans OPPOSED BLM a year after the George Floyd protests.

            5.) 87% of White Democrats SUPPORTED BLM a year after the George Floyd protests.

            In other words, nearly half of all White people in the country including 9 out of 10 White Democrats support BLM after years of riots and the rise of Wokeism. They support an explicitly anti-White movement. They voted for Joe Biden who has implemented explicitly anti-White “racial equity” policies in every department of the executive branch. They DON’T identify with their own race. On the contrary, they identify with BLM and blacks. They support Joe Biden’s DHS, DOJ and FBI which has been ordered to crush White Nationalism.

            Let’s take a closer look at this “small minority of all Whites.”


            In 2020, 61% of Joe Biden voters were White, so 6 out 10 people who voted for him were from this “small minority.”

            This includes 46% of suburban Whites, 66% of urban Whites, 50% of White college educated men, 58% of White college educated women, 54% of White college educated voters and 44% of Whites in general. Yeah, a “small minority of all Whites.” This “small minority of all Whites” is represented by 51 U.S. senators and control nearly half the states in the country. Small problem to deal with, bro!

            BTW, the majority of White people in California voted for Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden. Keep telling us that is a “small minority.” It is not true. Quite the opposite. It is more like “a small minority of Whites” support White Nationalism and nearly half of Whites support BLM including nearly all White Democrats.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 13, 2022 AT 9:35 AM

            I read the link — I don’t need a recap.

            I still see you as misguided and innumerate — for some incomprehensible reason, you see a distinct minority of genuinely problematic Whites as more of a problem than a majority of non-whites — I will never see it that way.

            And speaking of election results, non-whites vote OVERWHELMINGLY for Democrats — this latter fact alone shows just how ridiculous your whole argument is, since a non-white majority population GUARANTEES massive majorities of Democrats.

            You say a majority of Whites in CA voted for Newsom like it’s some kind of gotcha, when it isn’t — I ask again: who was the alternative? — what do you know about him? — do you think that’s relevant? — as I said, Republicans have a serious image problem and put up a lot of unattractive candidates — also, how many Whites stayed home and didn’t vote, fed up with all of it? — I would estimate typically at least 40% of Whites don’t vote — I ought to know: I was one of them — far more white professionals than you imagine have given up on politics; they are disgusted with it and feel disdain for politicians — talking to people I know there, no one takes pretty boy Newsom seriously; they mock him, calling him an oily-haired faggot — unfortunately, he is governor.

            Turnout in 2022 was < 50%:

            2022 California gubernatorial election

            Turnout in 2006 (Schwarzenegger’s 2nd term after the recall of Davis, a Democrat) was only 33%:

            2006 California gubernatorial election

            Note: Exit polls showed Schwarzenegger won White people (63%–32%) and Asian-Americans (62%–37%), while Angelides won African-Americans (70%–27%) and Latinos (56%–39%).

            What did I say above? — ‘… a non-white majority population GUARANTEES massive majorities of Democrats.’ — even Schwarzenegger lost the non-white vote by a huge margin.

            One might say Schwarzenegger was more of a celebrity than a Republican — but he was a Republican, and more importantly one whom white voters found attractive, so they voted for him — that’s the point.

            Regarding turnout, HUGE numbers of people just don’t vote, and this is made worse by pre-election polls that show the election is more or less decided.

            But if an attractive conservative candidate appeared, the white vote could easily be energized and you would see a significant turnaround.

            Which is very unlikely with the current GOP — THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM, although I know you don’t like hearing it — white professionals are just not interested in turning up to vote for losers like Dr Oz and Herschel Walker — they also don’t want to support a party led by cucked beta simpletons like McConnell and McCarthy, who push a milquetoast, corporatist agenda.

            For a guy who seems to follow politics obsessively, you have an obvious forest vs trees problem.

          • Anglin writes some great articles.

            ” angry, alienated incels is an accurate description”

            Not that I agree with your characterization, but why shouldn’t they be angry? And you being married I don’t think are really free to talk about the severe detriment of marriage 2.0 and it’s near slavery aspects in the modern world. That you can not really freely talk about it without putting yourself at risk of entering servitude is part of the problem. It’s indentured servitude in all but name for a LARGE amount of the Male population. Very large. Marriage today means buckle down and “yes dear” or risk all. That you talk poorly about Men who object to this sort of slavery shows more about you than them. There’s no logical reason Men should not complain about a situation where you have no control over your life is your wife decides she doesn’t like nay more or at least enough to stay with you.

            With divorce at a 50% rate. Sure some Men have great marriages but it’s not many. Men should not have to “yes dear” themselves all their lives or be champion gamers to stay married and avoid divorce rape. It’s asking too much. And a great marriage to a great Women can make life fantastic but…if you are one of the statistics, 2.5 kids then work like a dog for no wife, no kids, constant undermining of you by your former wife. Someone else is fucking your former wife and you still get the bill. HOLY JUMPING DEATH SQUADS. That is infuriating.

          • @ Sam J. DECEMBER 16, 2022 AT 4:12 AM

            >but why shouldn’t they be angry?

            It’s a good question; I also asked it in a comment above.

            When you look at what was allowed to happen to the Rust Belt, as well as employment prospects generally for lower class Whites, who now must compete with millions of Hispanics, at the same time being lectured about their ‘privilege’, more white men ought to be angry.

            George Floyd dies in police custody and the country is turned upside down — literally tens of thousands of Whites die every year of opioid overdoses (‘deaths of despair’), and yet year after year you heard very little about it — even today you hear a LOT more about the rise in homicide rates after BLM than you do about the equally dramatic increase in opioid deaths.

  12. The swastikas, heil salutes and the rest are ridiculous for this time and place. The NSDAP sprung up at a particular time in Germany and couldn’t be transplanted back then to the USA and certainly can’t now.
    The other issue is the historical truth – the real positives and negatives of Hitler and the NSDAP, the origins of WW II and the JQ. Any attempt to only address the JQ (which has to be done because of the inordinate control the tribe has over the West and the USA in particular) will be dragged back to the lies of Hitler and WW II by the media, ADL, etc. So, what to do? What’s the answer? I really don’t know. IMO, shifting of parties or candidates, etc. for a possible election resolution of our problems won’t happen. And with the tight control of the media, there won’t be a grand reawakening.
    And boomers? I’m a boomer, so you can discount what I’m going to say, but I don’t think they are much different than the other generational groups when it comes to these issues. The majority of all the generational groups are normies. And when you look at antifa, red haired feminists and male transvestites, the vast majority are not boomers. There can be a tendency to believe there are way more people (especially of your own generation) who have similar beliefs like you do because that’s whom you mainly associate with. That’s even more true these days because the impression is reinforced not just by like-minded acquaintances but also like-minded people in forums.
    I knew Dr. Pierce and had a few discussions with him in a small group of NA folks. He did not go for the swastikas and the rest (my first paragraph above) but did not shy away from the truth (my second paragraph). He also felt that White Americans were too comfortable to do anything. Over 40 years later, they are also too fat – fat, dumb and comfortable. Nothing will change unless they aren’t comfortable anymore. If our ruling elite can keep the bread and circuses going, things can be strung out for many more decades.

    • Good stuff! But I don’t think nazi regalia is out there much. People like to pretend it is so they can put down the whole idea of exposing the holocaust for the lie it is, and, for whatever reason, they don’t like Hitler. Probably due to a lifetime of anti-Hitler propaganda. Also, as far as knocking boomers, everyone in every age group shares just as much responsibility for the dire straits Whites find ourselves in. America was America 25 years ago, so it’s just these last years things have gone so obviously off the rails, but we see that only a small minority of Whites have noticed, whatever age group they happen to be in.

      • “So, what to do? What’s the answer? I really don’t know. IMO, ”

        Education first, like Adam Green, david duke, ryan dawson, HW etc.
        We need a wider distribution of facts and coherent commentary.

    • “Over 40 years later, they are also too fat – fat, dumb and comfortable. Nothing will change unless they aren’t comfortable anymore”

      Again, my basic thesis, it will take natural forces of crisis to alter the course of this nation. And those forces can burst onto the scene very rapidly.

      Collectively, WHITE ppl are too stupid.

  13. Not a National Socialist! but still this is the first time i and Nick the spic actually agree on something!

    Death to the Union! Death to America!

    God will vindicate us both now and in our eternal struggle

  14. All those names you brought up in the 1.0 era bring back so much nostalgia. Many of those men and people lived on in the 2010’s only to fade by the end of them. I remember fondly about Craig Cobb’s antics in Leith North Dakota (I think it was North Dakota) in the early 2010s. I remember the concept of the PLE and of course the North-West Front.

    It’s hard to imagine some mongrel Zoomer in America First would be familiar with anyone past Richard Spencer or any of the books that were written in the 20th century, let alone the Catechism. What even is the tradition of America First anyway? 1980’s action movies? What are they even trying to return to?

    The only obvious thing I can figure out would be acting as a direct enemy to Feminism, since that seems to be the only consistent enemy of theirs. Oh and censorship. Everything else that’s wrong with the West they seem A-Ok with.

    • AF is Christian first and foremost and hold a race realist perspective similar to that of Patrick Buchanan I would say. But yes feminism and the Jews are the main target, for good reason I would say.

  15. Forgot to mention one other thing in my long winded reply. Not being able to face the truth results in all sorts of logical inconsistencies. Those inconsistencies can be exploited by the media and ruling elite. For Americans, there’s the JQ and it always being linked back to the holocaust.
    Another prime example is Putin. He’s really stuck in a corner – tighter than the USA regarding WW II.
    What I mean is this. Assuming everything I’ve read in alternate news sources is true, Putin went into Ukraine because of the red line being crossed by NATO and also because Russian ethnics were being persecuted and bombed. Hitler did the exact same thing for the same reasons but in reverse order. He invaded Poland because of Polish persecution of ethnic Germans in Poland. He ordered the invasion of the USSR because his intelligence org had proof the Soviets were going to mount a massive invasion of Europe.
    Forgetting about the West or the Jews, Putin could never point out the similarity of the causes of the Ukraine operation and the causes of WW II. Why? Because his people are totally propagandized as well. But I find it amusingly ironic. So, of course, since Hitler was wrong, Putin is as well. They both did the same thing without any examination of the reasons behind the actions.

  16. The problem isn’t that he thinks this, the problem is he told the world.
    It was funny while it lasted. Hoped to get thru into the new year with the entertainment, but alas.
    Nothing last forever except the Earth and sky.
    And roaches.

  17. It’s not Whites who are focused on Hitler, it is the jews who are focused on Hitler and the holocaust, but just in case some White, or anyone else doesn’t demonize Hitler and prostrate themselves to jews over the holocaust, and knows what actually happened during WW2, the jews are always ready to screech and scream, and denounce the truthteller, as they have done over Ye’s comments. It always works. Oh GOD!! Don’t talk about the holocaust or Hitler! The jews will be extra mad! 😮

    In reality, it’s the jews themselves who repeatedly bring up the holocaust and demonize Hitler to re-enforce their falsely but widely accepted claim of their “victim status”. And though I understand that Hitler was the greatest public figure and leader of the 20th Century, have some basic knowledge about WW2, and that the so called “holocaust” is an event which never happened, I am not ,focused on that great man, WW2, or that alleged event.

    Whichever path Whites have taken to refute jew lies, or push back against jew subversion to bring ourselves into a stronger position hasn’t worked, so evidently, it doesn’t matter what we choose to focus on.

  18. “The sole novelty of America First is that it is gender fluid and multiracial. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that any incarnation of the movement has ever tried to rally around a bipolar black rapper. Previous generations of Neo-Nazis had higher standards and would not have approved of this!”

    America was much more homogeneous in GLR’s day. There are a lot more people on the racial edge today, light-skinned Hispanics, Arab Christians, half-Jews, Eurasians, etc. Many grow up in the same conditions as their White neighbors and develop the same ultra-right views. For instance, I knew a guy in college(this would have been around 2012) was a half-White half-Korean who came into college with anti-White views. He couldn’t get a girlfriend and blamed this on White racism. But soon he realized that the reason Asian men are at the bottom of the dating hierarchy is because the Jews dominate American culture and use their position to valorize thuggish behavior.

  19. What would the extreme of the Southern nationalist/ Neo-confederate movements be?
    The Ku Klux Klan? Seems like every movement has it’s extremes.

    • BlackKnightYrre, Only Southern Nationalism, Nothing extreme about it period, Loving your people, Loving the land of your people, is quite normal , we are about Self Preservation, We are about the Southern Republic, costumes, neo this, neo that, other people have their own idea’s, we don’t speak for them, the philosophy of Southern Nationalism is honest and public and is spoken by many voices…..

  20. “Nothing ever really changes. The history of the White Nationalist movement is an endless cycle of rebrands”

    Why, then, does neo-Nazism continue to appeal to generation after generation of dissidents? I think there are two answers.

    First, waving the swastika is a big “Fuck you” to the Establishment. The Left does the same thing with the hammer and sickle and their Che Guevara t-shirts. Of course, the Establishment is now Leftist, so nobody cares about the communist imagery, but they freak out over the Nazi imagery.

    Second (and more profoundly) fascism was the only nationalist, patriotic ideology of the past century. it competed with mass democracy and with communism, both of which are globalist and egalitarian ideologies. Both communism and democracy pronounce everybody equal. Fascism does not. People should pay more attention to the fact that the U.S. allied itself with the communist Soviet Union of Josef Stalin to defeat fascism. Communism and democracy have a hell of a lot more in common than we are led to believe.

    Somewhat related to this, the U.S. was founded as a white nation by white patriots who wrote the constitution for their own people and excluded Indians and blacks. We restricted immigration to whites in 1790. We had Manifest Destiny, under which whites would rule the continent. Nearly all antebellum whites thought blacks should be repatriated to Africa.

    Today you have to be a “Nazi” to think like that. In fact, you had to be a “Nazi” to think like that all the way back in 1960 when Rockwell was doing his thing. But Rockwell was really born a century too late. Almost nothing he believed would have been considered controversial in America of 1870.

    The Wilsonian/Four Freedoms/global human rights/global imperialism of the 20th century that fought Nazism was a departure from the America’s founding as a white, patriotic, English-speaking republic by and for white people and a regional power over primitive savages.

    • Why, then, does neo-Nazism continue to appeal to generation after generation of dissidents?

      Explaining and exposing the lies that the jews have been spewing about WW2, Hitler, and the holocaust, is not embracing neo-nazism or becoming a neo-nazi. National Socialism was a natural reaction of White people to jewish subversion. It’s one thing for the jews and their media to object by using smear and namecalling to those who would out their lies and make the obvious connection with what the jews are doing today in formerly White countries, that the very same jews did the very same thing in 20th Century Germany, but it’s quite another to be smeared as neo-nazis or mocked for simply exposing these facts, ASSHOLE!.

      waving the swastika is a big “Fuck you” to the Establishment.

      I’m pretty sure no one here advocates doing any such thing. These sightings are so few, it’s not worth mentioning other than the ubiquitous jew shreeking. And of these very few, how many are actually pro-White activists or White Nationalists? People who do this can be anything including, and probably more apt to be clandestine jews.

      • Jews know that uniquely white symbols and followings are a threat to their dominance over money and power in the world. That’s why they are so easily “offended”.

  21. The yoohoo is probably symbolic for black on white intercourse (hence milk chocolate).

    Ye is a huge fan of the BLACKED porn site.

  22. @Black Knight, to paraphrase the half a jew Barry Goldwater, “Extremism in defense of the European Race is not a vice.” It is seeing what needs to be done without remorse, shame, or guilt.

    By the way, who’s definition of “extremist and extremism” are you allowing to define those words?

  23. Yeah, because southern christian-nationalism is the real ticket, see? MTG and E. Michael Jones have the in-road to restoring this country to its previous glory. NOT.

      • Two faced jew lovers like her and the rest of the antiwhite shills in the US congress are a waste of time to follow. There is no there, there, with any of them. They’re never going to do anything for White people.

      • She and others like her get support from those longing for some or any semblance of opposition to the regime — in that sense I have sympathy for them.

  24. I’m usually loathe to overestimate the Internet’s impact on culture, but this is where you might be unduly underestimating it. If you go on 4chan, it’s full of youthful folks who praise Hitler. Isn’t being edgy rather cool and in vogue these days? The libtards seem to have gone so far that a sufficiently-extraordinary pushback might well be in order finally. The real issue is that the youth may wage culture wars, but the politics is made by the boomer mass (until the fridges remain full, that is).

    • Conservatives still back people who won’t do anything. Younger people know they will be left with the struggle to survive because of this.
      The boomers aren’t going to have to deal with living in a world full of brown, hateful, violent people.

      • “The boomers aren’t going to have to deal with living in a world full of brown, hateful, violent people.”

        They just move to some whiteopia.

          • Yes they are, by (((design))).

            Anymore it means buying a couple of rural acres or buying into an exclusive gated community. We effectively have segregation by wallet.

  25. They use National Socialist symbolism, because the bland, generic culture of the North, and especially Puritanism and Quakerism, are not very inspiring, or appealing. The have no identity beyond “American.” Or White. Which are nondescript, for the most part. Especially in the majority White Northern States.

    Which is also why some of them try to adopt Southern symbols, which are at least American, and certainly more colourful.

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